1. WIN | Euphoria Database Browser | 595K | Matthew Lewis | Aug 25/04 |
    A utility that allows viewing, editing and creating EDS and EuSQL databases. It has user defined forms, including customizable, scriptable events. Aug 25: v1.26.5: Includes EuGrid v1.3, plus documentation on patching Win32Lib v0.60.4, properly updated edbform_ui.ew
  2. GEN | EuSQL | 300K | Matthew Lewis | Oct 6/06 |
    An SQL (Structured Query Language) front-end for the Euphoria Database System (EDS). It parses and executes a subset of SQL statements. Oct 6: v0.79.1: bug fixes, small enhancements
    [Local download, November 2019].
  3. GEN | ODBC Database Connectivity | 36K | Matthew Lewis | Mar 10/05 |
    A library that wraps the ODBC API for Euphoria, allowing Euphoria programs access to almost any type of database. Mar 10: v1.34: Connections can now be properly closed.
  4. WIN | Tsunami Record Manager wrappers | 293K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    Database: Tsunami Record Manager wrappers for use with Euphoria. A Win32Lib demo is included, documentation to follow. Visit for other Tsunami info. This is a very powerful, very easy to use record management tool for commercial applications. Jan 21: Smaller download and partial update to documentation
  5. WIN | EDS GUI | 331K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A nice-looking graphical user interface for viewing EDS database files (file type .edb). June 7: field name support, and some other minor improvements Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  6. GEN | wxEDB | 10000K | Matthew Lewis | May 10/13 |
    Euphoria Database Browser ported to wxEuphoria. Works on both Windows and Linux, 32 and 64 bits May 10: v1.29.1 Includes all binaries and source required
  7. GEN | Enhanced Interface to EDS | 116K | A.C.Harper | Feb 26/03 |
    Additional functionality for EDS, plus manipulation of databases from the keyboard. Includes a simple text adventure browser. Includes a GUI interface that uses Andrea Cini's EuWinGui library. Feb 26: bug fixes, and has been updated to work with 2.4 alpha, including a new command to rename tables.
  8. WIN | EDS/Net | 211K | Jonas Temple | Aug 16/01 |
    This package enhances the Euphoria Database System, allowing multiple-user access to database.e functions across an ip network. It also handles record locking. Aug 16: documentation corrections, plus a fix to server handling of db_delete_table
  9. WIN | ODBC Library | 269K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    With ODBC you can manipulate many database formats, including Access .mdb files. This library lets you loop through selected records of a table and quickly get and/or change fields. A lot was learned from odbc.ew by Matthew Lewis. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  10. WIN | UUID (GUID) win32 api functions wrappers | 4K | jacques deschênes | Jul 21/06 |
    Wrapping of a few functions in rpcrt4.dll related to the generation of UUID (GUID), comparison, conversion. UUID can be used to create unique keys for database records.
  11. GEN | .DBF file (dBase) access routines | 5K | Daniel Berstein | Nov 4/96 |
    a set of routines for accessing .DBF files
  12. WIN | Archive Reader | 77K | Tony Steward | Feb 17/02 |
    A viewer for the Archive database. This one will also download any file that you select. You'll need archive.edb. Feb 17: many useful improvements and better looking
  13. WIN | Sequence Viewer | 167K | Andras Szabo | Apr 20/02 |
    A nice graphical viewer for EDS databases (file type .edb), as well as sequences saved to disk. Supports drag and drop, and right-click. Apr 20: Recognizes EDS magic byte 77 at start of database file, can reload the currently-open file.
  14. WIN | Table Database Manager | 596K | KittenAB | Aug 25/06 |
    Complete setup included. This is a table style database manager with HTML export built in and a few new features such as topics. Uses the MyWindows library, included, and a database extension library.
  15. WIN | MySQL for Euphoria | 100K | Fabio Ramirez | Jul 20/02 |
    A library that lets you build and access databases using MySQL. Jul 20: More examples. Better comments.
  16. WIN | Archive Search | 6K | Roland Stowasser | Feb 23/02 |
    An off-line search tool and viewer for the Euphoria Archive. It lets you select platform, category, author, keywords etc., and search for matching entries. It displays the full description for each entry. You'll need archive.edb. Feb 23: you can specify updated/stamped plus other minor improvements
  17. WIN | Converting .DBF files to EDS | 173K | Sergio Gelli | Apr 2/08 |
    Open a Dbase database, and show the content in a ListView with headings, showing the names of the fields and columns with data from the database. You can use keyboard or mouse to navigate between records and optionally copy the database from a .DBF to a Euphoria EDS database. Sample .DBF files included for test. Apr 2: Changed download address
  18. WIN | F.R.O.G | 1730K | Jonas Temple | Dec 3/07 |
    A Windows-based database browser specifically built for the IBM iSeries. Executable only. Dec 3: A minor release with a few new features and bug fixes.
  19. GEN | Simple EDS Editor | 69K | cklester | Nov 15/03 |
    A simple text-mode EDS database editor. Simple and fast for those quick database maintenance tasks. Tested and working in FreeBSD and Windows 2000... will probably work on all platforms supported by Euphoria. Nov 15: Major update! Automatic and manual backups. Scrolling lists. Bug fixes. More! See change_log.txt for all the info.
  20. GEN | Strong Typed Database v0.5 | 15K | Jean-Marc DURO | Aug 1/09 |
    Full working database manager with strong typed fields. Uses CChris's sort_by_nth_field. Demo included. Added a function to search a record within indexed fields.
  21. GEN | random.e (v1.00) | 7K | Shian Lee | Mar 23/17 |
    random.e provides random access file routines for Euphoria 3.1.1. Random access (or Direct access) files can be used for almost anything: configuration files, help systems, dictionaries, account managing, databases, etc. The library supports 15 simple data types for fields of records. Includes standard user manual.
  22. GEN | EuSQLite update | 500K | Chris Burch | Apr 19/16 |
    Euphoria wrappers for SQLite, updated from Ray Smith's contribution. SQLite home page says it's faster than other databases. Apr 19: Duplicate entry. Files moved to
    [Local download, November 2019].
  23. WIN | euSQLite | 100K | Ray Smith | Feb 26/16 |
    A wrapper for SQLite. SQLite is an easy to use embeddable SQL database engine which uses a subset SQL query language. Chris Burch placed the code at, along with other documentation, Linux libraries, and Windows dlls. Documentation is also a good resource for SQL Feb 26: Alternate depository, additional documentation.
    [Local download, November 2019].
  24. WIN | Database Visual Control Library | 145K | Jean-Marc DURO | Mar 24/13 |
    Database VCL on the model of Borland Delphi: a TTable component that updates linked components when current record changes. V0.5: Class library completely rewritten. Underlying controls are now defined within classes. TDBListView added. Code has reached beta state.
  25. GEN | Scavange | 197K | Fred Mangan | May 9/10 |
    A EuWinGUI program to maintain a searchable EDS database of the *.e, *.ew include files in your Euphoria installation; can print to file. Executable only supplied.
  26. LNX | zipsearch | 1017K | Jim Pishlo | Jan 20/10 |
    Linux command that allows you to search a database of over 47,000 records for any given zip code, or city and/or state. Before you run it, you'll have to change the db_open command to point to the zip_codes database on your computer.
  27. WIN | Firebird Server ODBC | 179K | Steve Baxter | Jan 14/10 |
    Demonstration program for Firebird Server ODBC access using odbc.e and wxEuphoria with two-tone flexible datagrid. Uses the EMPLOYEE.FDB example database that comes standard with Firebird install.
  28. WIN | MCatalog | 173K | Fred Mangan | Nov 5/09 |
    A neat database program for storage of text; source code uses EuWinGUI - includes a handy 'TODO' include file.
  29. WIN | MySQL 5.0 for Euphoria from Fabio Ramirez | 953K | MC Wong | Sep 26/09 |
    Fabio's "libmysql.dll" does not support the new password hashing from MySQL 4.1 onwards. This new dll is from MySQL v5.0's. Uses Fabio's wrapper program with 1 or 2 lines modified and file renamed to avoid name conflict. Demo program also modified from Fabio's.
  30. WIN | Sample odbc.e cursors connection to AS/400 (iSeries) | 1K | MC Wong | Sep 26/09 |
    Sample code using Matthew Lewis' odbc.e to access AS/400 tables (2 tables). Matthew's demo program uses wxWidget so this may be helpful to someone. This demo program uses cursors to read the entire file. Same DSN setup from sample1
  31. WIN | Sample odbc.e connection to AS/400 (iSeries) | 71K | MC Wong | Sep 25/09 |
    Sample code using Matthew Lewis' odbc.e to access AS/400 tables (2 tables). Matthew's demo program uses wxWidget so this may be helpful to someone.
  32. GEN | Contact Keeper | 172K | Ryan Mann | Aug 23/09 |
    Contact Keeper is a console program that lets somebody save people's contact information into a Euphoria database file. Somebody can edit or delete contacts after they are entered.
  33. WIN | edbEditor prebeta | 6K | Algorythm | Dec 30/08 |
    This is a prebeta version of a Euphoria Database Editor. It requires Eu 4.0. It is a GUI wrapper for EDS. Only for testing! Dec 30: Forgot something
  34. WIN | LSD v0.3 | 15K | Jean-Marc DURO | Apr 18/07 |
    Light Structured Database is a holdall database. No fields declaration. Records can have different field numbers with different types. Comes in two flavors: LSD which needs to indicate a type for each record field, and LSD_LW (lightweight) which automatically detects the convenient type. A backup file is always created. Demo included.
  35. GEN | DBTSV | 13K | András Szabó | Apr 30/06 |
    An original database system that uses TSV (tab-separated-values) text files for storing information. Slow and unstable, but it was fun to write. It may serve you well in case of a simple CGI message board. (Or not even there.) The author says to give it a try, see the demos, and then use EDS instead. Apr 30: Bug fixes in the routines and the demos.
  36. GEN | JetvetSQL | 190K | Chris Burch | Feb 11/06 |
    A veterinary database / management system, 90% complete, just went live at one of his branches. Requires sqlite3 (wrappers included) (download .dll or .so from, and datetime (Carl White, included). Works unaltered on Windows and Linux. Very very fast - searches a 40 mb database in 3 seconds (and that's not optimised, and before it caches) Feb 11: Included the missing compress.e
  37. WIN | PostgreSQL8.1 wrapper for Euphoria | 91K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 23/05 |
    A mostly complete wrapper for PostgreSQL8.1. Dec 23: Fixed more bugs, changed the documentation, and the demos.
  38. WIN | FormBuilderwx | 11K | Jim Smiley | May 22/05 |
    Forms are generated from the EUSQL EDB tables in wxEuphoria. All fields are placed on the form and the logic for new, add, delete, and simple find. A link can be shown and placed in the appropriate field. A form can be recreated when a table is changed.
  39. GEN | ZIP Code Database | 1745K | Greg Haberek | Dec 19/04 |
    A Euphoria database of over 42,000 ZIP codes in the United States. Includes standard, P.O. Box and Military ZIP codes, along with latitude and longitude of most ZIP codes. ZIP codes can be used to determine city, county or state.
  40. GEN | KJV Apocrypha | 23K | William Heimbigner | Jul 25/04 |
    This is a program which will compile the King James Version apocrypha into a Euphoria DataBase file. The apocrypha is a set of (disputed) books of the Bible, written between the Old Testament to the beginning of the New Testament. So far, it includes only Esdras I.
  41. WIN | Bible Browser | 170K | Greg Haberek | Feb 22/04 |
    Another utility for browsing through the databases provided by C.K. Lester. It saves favorites in a separate database and sorts them by version. It displays Book, Chapter and Verse information, and allows browsing verse-by-verse.
  42. GEN | Cars Database | 13K | Greg Haberek | Feb 3/04 |
    An EDS database of all cars made since 1984. Includes makes, models and years. A Win32Lib demo is included.
  43. GEN | Bible (ASV) as Euphoria Database | 1839K | C. K. Lester | Sep 26/03 |
    The American Standard Version of the Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!).
  44. GEN | Bible (KJV) as Euphoria Database | 1755K | C.K. Lester | Sep 26/03 |
    The King James Version of the Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!). Sep 26: removed redundant data items. viewer now available separately.
  45. GEN | Bible (WEB) as Euphoria Database | 1733K | C. K. Lester | Sep 26/03 |
    The World English Bible in a Euphoria database file. Composed of two tables: "BOOKS" and "VERSE_TEXT." Indexed with {book,chapter,verse} which allows for extremely fast retrieval of text (index {1,1,1} is Genesis 1:1!).
  46. GEN | Bibler.e for Euphoria Database Bibles | 4K | C. K. Lester | Sep 26/03 |
    Bibler.e is a cross-platform include file you can use to access Euphoria EDS bible databases (below). This zip file also includes a Win32Lib-based program for a demonstration.
  47. GEN | Another Database.e wrapper | 4K | Dave Davis | Sep 11/03 |
    Updated wrapper for database.e, with error messages, and dos32 error output through message_box() Sep 11: bug fixes
  48. WIN | Database Manipulator | 3K | Philip Deets | Jun 14/03 |
    A utility for creating and manipulating EDS databases. It uses Win32Lib.
  49. GEN | Safe EDS Wrapper Library | 3K | Jordah Ferguson | May 22/02 |
    Some routines that Jordah has found useful when using EDS, especially with multiple databases. His routines provide enhanced functionality and/or enhanced safety.
  50. GEN | Archive Database in Russian | 222K | Igor Kachan | Feb 5/02 |
    Tools that convert the Archive database, plus Russian HTML files, into a Russian version of the database. Run htm2edbr.ex, then run dumpdosr.ex or dumpwinr.ex to view the contents of the Russian database. You'll also create plain text versions of the Russian HTML files.
  51. GEN | Enhanced database program | 6K | Art Adamson | Aug 16/01 |
    Enhancements to the simple database.ex demo program. Aug 16: after 5 years, a major bug was found and fixed. (This program was one of the very first user contributions back in June 1996!)
  52. GEN | Simple Database | 5K | David Mosley | Jun 15/01 |
    An enhanced version of mydata.ex in euphoria 2.2. Jun 15: more enhancements
  53. WIN | SQL Utility | 5K | Jonas Temple | Mar 12/01 |
    Inspired by Matt Lewis' ODBC wrapper, this utility allows entry of SQL statements and displays the results in a dynamically built list view. requires: Win32Lib 0.55.1 and Matt's ODBC wrapper. Mar 12: Only return first 100 records of a set. Uses latest version of Matt Lewis' ODBC wrapper.
  54. GEN | Load/Merge Files into EDS | 18K | Larry Gregg | May 24/00 |
    A program to load external files into an EDS database. You can also merge two tables by a common key.
  55. GEN | EDS Toolbox | 26K | Buddy Hyllberg | Apr 8/00 |
    A collection of programs to help manage an EDS database. It includes database creation, table add/drop/list, SQL export, HTML report generator, and CSV import/export programs. Also includes a tool to report the database version. Apr 8: minor bug fixes, includes EDS 0.5
  56. DOS | E-Rolodex and E-Notes | 18K | Matt Arriola | Dec 13/99 |
    A simple database program that works in English, French, German and Spanish. Good for recording personal contacts. Dec 13: new: E-Notes