1. GEN | šŸ†• Jubilation by cklester | 29K | Shian Lee | Sep 10/19 |
    A copy of Jubilation ebook. A single HTML page for learning Euphoria, simple and straightforward. By cklester.
  2. GEN | Euphoria Help File | 2459K | Dan Everingham | May 9/14 |
    A Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.5 that's designed to be used by editors with context-sensitive F1 help keys. You can also use it just by double-clicking it. All keywords and library routines are covered. Mike's editor is also included. May 9: euphoria manual
  3. DOS | Beginner's Guide to Euphoria | 463K | David Gay | Aug 1/97 |
    An excellent tutorial program. No previous programming experience is required. David's program teaches you Euphoria programming in a series of easy lessons, complete with example programs. Unzip with WinZip, or use: pkunzip -d
  4. WIN | Help File | 526K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    A compiled HTML Help file for the complete Euphoria 2.3 documentation based on Adam Weeden's old version in the Archive. This one includes Win32Lib and lets you view the RDS web site. Dec 24: Updated for version 2.3. Includes Win32Lib and many other files
  5. GEN | Euphoria 2.5 Documentation as Compiled HTML | 425K | Brian Broker | Mar 10/05 |
    Euphoria.chm is a compiled HTML help file (CHM) for the Euphoria 2.5 documentation. Includes updated HTML titles for more meaningful search results and syntax-highlighted listings of most standard Euphoria libraries. Mar 10: Updated with docs from 2.5 final release. Includes simple demo using HTML Help API for Windows.
  6. GEN | EuDoc - Euphoria Documentation Generator | 11K | D. Newhall | Oct 8/05 |
    A program that takes comments from a file and generates HTML documentation that looks like the RDS HTML documentation. Designed mostly for documenting libraries with emphasis on usability for the Euphoria Standard Library project. Version 0.4 Oct 8: Added "Notes" and "Disclaimer" tags, added command line arguments, and fixed a few minor bugs.
  7. WIN | Euphoria 2.4 Documentation as Compiled HTML | 394K | Brian Broker | Oct 14/03 |
    A compiled HTML help file (CHM) for the Euphoria 2.4 documentation. Includes updated HTML titles for more meaningful search results and syntax-highlighted listings of most standard Euphoria libraries. This is now obsolete - see his new version for Euphoria 2.5.
  8. WIN | Win32Lib Keyword Lookup | 3K | Andrew Hall | Aug 7/04 |
    A command-line utility for looking up a Win32Lib keyword (function, procedure, constant, etc.). Requires Win32Lib 0.59.1 or higher. Can be used to provide instant context help in editors that support user-defined tools (Crimson, ConTEXT, TextPad, etc.).
  9. GEN | Guide to Object Oriented Programming | 662K | Alex Caracatsanis | Sep 11/03 |
    A guide to object oriented programming in Euphoria using Mike Nelson's Diamond Lite. It has lots of examples and a very detailed, well-written manual. Sep 11: Now uses .pdf format instead of .doc
  10. GEN | Euphoria Book | 29K | Mike Sabal | Jan 15/03 |
    The first three chapters of a new book about Euphoria. He'd like to get feedback as he writes additional chapters. Jan 15: added chapter 3
  11. WIN | Euphoria 2.2 Documentation as Compiled HTML | 358K | Adam Weeden | Mar 24/00 |
    He took the RDS HTML documentation and made a compiled HTML file with a table of contents, index and search capability. Mar 24: additional links to all the library routines.
  12. GEN | A Beginners Guide To Euphoria (HTML) | 112K | Jules Davy | May 16/07 |
    An HTML version of David Gay's tutorial. May 16: Fixed broken ToC links.
  13. GEN | wxEuHTHelp | 8K | Kenneth Rhodes | Mar 2/06 |
    wxEuHTHelp 1.3 is a version of Juergen Luethje's yet to be released EuHTHelp 1.2, modified to optionally support the wxEuphoria programming library. It is the author's hope that Juergen might employ some of the modified code or concepts in his next release of EuHTHelp. Mar 2: Minor bug fix and changes in naming conventions.
  14. GEN | Euphoria Encyclopedia | 249K | Travis Beaty | Dec 14/00 |
    Euphoria documentation in the form of a Windows Help file. He has the RDS docs, and he's in the process of including other important documents for Win32Lib etc.
  15. GEN | Euphoria HyperText Help | 2K | Juergen Luethje | Feb 5/06 |
    A command-line utility that displays the appropriate section of the Euphoria HTML documentation for keywords, routine names and other important terms. Can be used to provide context-sensitive help in editors that support user-defined tools (PSPad, ConTEXT, Crimson, TextPad, etc.). Feb 5: Fixed and elaborated cross-platform functionality (thanks to Kenneth Rhodes).
  16. WIN | Euphoria Help | 176K | Al Getz | Feb 16/03 |
    A Help program for the standard Euphoria library routines, with additional information on Win32Lib and the WIN32 API.
  17. GEN | Windows Help File | 428K | Euler German | Aug 18/02 |
    A Windows help file for Euphoria 2.3. It has a table of contents and an index, and you can search it. Aug 18: Browsing facility now includes library routines.
  18. WIN | toRU | 291K | Wolfgang Fritz / Igor Kachan | Sep 8/09 |
    An expanded English to Russian ( Cyrillic ) dictionary for computer programmers, based on the 'Multilingual' contribution. Includes EXE, source code, and Borland bilingual demo. Sep 8: expanded vocabulary
  19. LNX | How to run Euphoria 3.1.1 on 64-bit Linux? | 1K | Shian Lee | Dec 9/17 |
    When you try to run Euphoria 3.1.1 on 64-bit Linux you may get the error message: bash: ./exu: No such file or directory This is because Euphoria 3.1.1 needs the 32-bit libraries for 64-bit Linux system... Dec 9: New: how to compile a c file into a 32-bit shared library for open_dll().
  20. WIN | Documentation Helper | 428K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 10/16 |
    Two programs to help document source code. doc_helper scans source code and adds documentation tags. Manually add more details then launch html_builder on modified file to get a help file (HTML). - Bug correction
  21. WIN | Win32 Error Codes | 459K | Jean-Marc DURO | Aug 18/16 |
    Pretty exhaustive list of Win32 error codes as of August 2016, from 0 to 15818 (including Internet Errors). Sorted by numerical value, hex value and description in comments. v1.2: added Internet error codes resolution in FormatSystemError()
  22. GEN | Russian docs for EU3.1.1 | 218K | Igor Kachan | May 11/16 |
    The complete HTML docs in Russian to learn EU3.1.1 off-line.
  23. GEN | HTML documentation for Euphoria 4.0tip | 524K | Shawn Pringle | Mar 8/16 |
    HTML documentation for Euphoria 4.0tip in HTML
  24. WIN | Tutor2 | 1590K | Fred Mangan | Feb 26/16 |
    This is Wolfritz's old Win32Lib tutorial, with instructional code and demo programs' code modified to run under Euphoria 4 + Win32Lib. Place the Tutor2 folder in your Win32Lib folder and run file WinTutor.exw or Tutor.exe. Many things that were a 'problem' for Wolfritz and needed special coding are now quite easy to do with new commands in Win32Lib. Even so, I have as far as possible NOT re-written Wolfritz's tutorial, because it often provides insights into how the API actually works.
  25. WIN | wdemos | 25K | Fred Mangan | Feb 26/16 |
    This is Dan Moyer's 2000 "Gateway" Tutorial for Win32Lib, updated to run under Euphoria 4 + Win32Lib. Put the wdemos folder in your Win32Lib folder. You may have to change the coding of some of the file paths used in program WDEMOS.EXW to make the "Gateway" work fully on your system. Fred has altered it as little as possible, though he has completed answers to some questions in Dan's FAQ.html.
  26. GEN | Porting from win32lib to wxEuphoria | 10K | Jean-Marc DURO | May 13/15 |
    A small cheat sheet to help porting win32lib-based programs to wxEuphoria and gain portability.
  27. GEN | Design Patterns in Euphoria | 13K | Steve Baxter | Apr 16/15 |
    An article showing design patterns for procedural languages, and the unique pattern Euphoria 4.0 offers. Euphoria on the largest scales.
  28. GEN | EuHelp | 20K | Kenneth Rhodes | Feb 4/13 |
    Universal Context Sensitive Help for 1400 Euphoria Standard Library keywords and ENUMS. Easy installation instructions for editors such as as Geany. A 3rd party library *.html help file, can be used, if no match is found in the Euphoria Standard Library index. If multiple matches are found, the number of articles to be loaded can designated by user. Feb 4: Automatic Browser selection for Linux. EUDIR constant set without using gentenv("EUDIR").
  29. WIN | Modern OpenGL Tutorials | 715K | Steve Allen | Jan 2/13 |
    Euphoria conversions of the first 6 tutorials from Great place to start for learning modern OpenGL in Eu. Shows how to write simple OpenGL shaders, render 2d/3d shapes, texturing. Rotations/Scaling/transformations. Uses and includes Mark Akita's SDL lib, Mics EuGL wrapper.
  30. GEN | Euphoria 4.1 function List | 431K | John Salvi | Sep 9/12 |
    Euphoria 4.1 Function List in various formats for Windows, DOS, DBF TXT etc.
  31. LNX | Euphoria 4.1 standard functions | 32K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 7/12 |
    A small ODS calc sheet to find quickly where a Euphoria 4.1 routine is declared and which routines are available. Routines are listed by Unit and by Name. He needed this to port DOS Euphoria 3 source files to Linux Euphoria 4.1 ones.
  32. GEN | Euphoria Tutorial | 1K | Mohtashim | Jun 23/12 |
    Euphoria is simple, flexible, easy to learn, and interpreted high-level programming language for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and more. Euphoria's first incarnation was created by Robert Craig on an Atari Mega-ST and it was first released in 1993. It is now being maintained and enhanced by a group of open source developers. This tutorial gives a complete understanding on Euphoria.
  33. GEN | ABGTE tutorial annotated for OpenEuphoria | 2029K | Tom Ciplijauskas | Apr 18/12 |
    Written by David Gay, ABGTE is the 'classic' Euphoria tutorial. This is a PDF version annotated for users of OpenEuphoria.
  34. GEN | Euphoria 4 API Documentation | 1496K | Tom Ciplijauskas | Apr 18/12 |
    A sorted version of the std library documentation.
  35. GEN | How To Program Computers | 907K | Steve Baxter | Feb 16/12 |
    A tutorial for beginners in Euphoria. This book is an early attempt at a work in progress. It applies to Euphoria 3.1.1, but is perfect for beginners. His email is scdbaxterii at He regrets any errors, but takes no responsibility for the results of such errors. Use at your own risk.
  36. GEN | Euphoria 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian | 154K | Igor Kachan | Dec 24/11 |
    Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian. You can see these documents on-line in Russian section of the RDS site. Use 7z for unpacking.
  37. GEN | UnOfficial Euphoria version 4 chm Help file | 1372K | ne1uno | Jun 30/11 |
    A help file in chm format, searchable with F1 from many editors. This is a totally unofficial version based on the official docs. The index has some minor format errors. Some section numbers may not exactly match the Official docs. Jun 30: updated to 4.0.3
  38. GEN | BitAboutEu | 45242K | Fred Mangan | Jun 9/11 |
    BitAboutEu.htm describes Euphoria 3.1 rather informally, with links to demo programs and listings. It is for people who don't use Euphoria but might like to. Anyone is free to redistribute this to where it might do some good.
  39. GEN | Standard Library Routines Needles in Haystacks | 8K | Shawn Pringle | Jun 8/11 |
    Documentation. A comparison of routines that take some notion of a needle and haystack as arguments organized in a table.
  40. DOS | Euphoria Norton Guide | 239K | Pablo Alvarez GonzƔlez | Apr 14/11 |
    This is the complete Euphoria documentation in a single .NG file. The original .DOC files of Euphoria 3.1 package compiled to the Norton Guides format. Includes a freeware viewer (AXGDE.EXE), wich is compatible with the original Norton Guides viewer (NG.EXE).
  41. GEN | pdf documentation svn3379 | 2912K | Tom Ciplijauskas | Aug 27/10 |
    Pdf documentation for 4.0 svn3379 contains updated Euphoria Documentation. Also, an experimental pdf containing only sorted constants and routines. Aug 27: Latest version. Fixed some formatting issues. Second pdf with only sorted constants and routines.
  42. GEN | UnOfficial Euphoria version 4 CHM Help file beta | 1600K | ne1uno | Jul 3/10 |
    with doc changes since the last official eu4 release, for anyone using eubins or compiling euphoria from source. PSPad editor syntax and context INI files included. you can find a new zip from time to time listed on the download list at
  43. GEN | Euphoria 3.1.1 Documentation in Japanese(Offline edition) | 529K | RDS / Ninetailfox Software | Feb 24/10 |
    Japanese translated html documentation (includes original html documentation)
  44. GEN | Euphoria Documentation in Japanese(Online edition) | 900K | RDS / Ninetailfox Software | Jan 17/10 |
    Primary documentation Japanese translation of Euphoria 3.11 He asks that reports of mistranslation be sent to
  45. GEN | Logo based on { } | 15K | Tom Ciplijauskas | Sep 29/09 |
    An svg, { } based logo, for experimentation.
  46. WIN | toJP | 312K | Wolfgang Fritz | Sep 18/09 |
    An expanded and enhanced English to Japanese ( shift-JIS ) dictionary for computer programmers, based on his 'Multilingual' contribution. Sep 18: corrections, additions, source included.
  47. GEN | Euphoric Mysteries E-book | 6786K | Bill Aitken | Jun 5/09 |
    An excellent E-book for Euphoria. Note: This version runs fine on Windows XP, but maybe not Vista.
  48. GEN | Think Euphoria | 342K | Tom Ciplijauskas | Feb 21/09 |
    An introduction to programming with Euphoria. First Draft.
  49. GEN | Euphoria 3.1/3.1.1 Help in chm format | 864K | txj2000 | Apr 17/08 |
    Euphoria 3.1.1 documentation in CHM help format.
  50. DOS | Kolibri OS and Euphoria for DOS | 3303K | Igor Kachan | Oct 15/07 |
    These are bilingual (English/Russian) HTML instructions with illustrations - how to set up the Kilibri OS and run on it DOS32 Euphoria using DOSBox, ported to the Kolibri platform.
  51. GEN | Euphoria 3.1 CHM documentation | 427K | DominiqueB | Jun 16/07 |
    Here is the latest release in .chm format of the Help files for Euphoria 3.1 Jun 16: Final release . . .
  52. GEN | Compiled HTML PDF for Euphoria v3.0 | 1302K | Dave Bunch | Jun 13/07 |
    Brett Pantalone's compiled HTML help manual (CHM) for the Euphoria 3.0 language and libraries packed into a single PDF file. Contains all documentation included with the RDS download. All keywords indexed and bookmarked.
  53. WIN | Compiled HTML help for Euphoria v3.0 | 285K | Brett Pantalone | Jan 21/07 |
    Compiled HTML help manual (CHM) for the Euphoria 3.0 language and libraries. Contains all documentation included with the RDS download. All keywords indexed. Jan 21: Recompiled to fix broken links (oops)
  54. WIN | MakeDoc | 12K | Derek Parnell | Dec 18/06 |
    This tool generates HTML documentation from encoded documentation text. This is usually embedded in source file comments. This tools extracts the documenation comments and formats and indexes them into a number of HTML files. This is the tool that generates the docs for Win32lib. It does not require win32lib to run and can generate docs from any text file, not only Euphoria source code.
  55. GEN | Euphoria .chm file | 414K | Dominique Bodin | Nov 4/06 |
    Here is the new help file system build to .chm, updated to Euphoria 3.0.1
  56. GEN | EuWiki backup - 2006-10-13 | 651K | Aku | Oct 13/06 |
    EuWiki database backup. (Aku and RDS have the password) Oct 13: backup on 2006-10-13.
  57. GEN | EuWiki backup - 20060916 | 344K | Aku | Sep 15/06 |
    EuWiki database backup on 2006-09-16. (password required)
  58. WIN | Adapting the Registry to Work Better with Judith's IDE | 14K | Shawn Pringle | Jun 19/06 |
    Instructs the user to instruct Windows to use Judith's IDE to open .PRJ files.
  59. GEN | An introduction to Euphoria Programming | 227K | Charles Newbould | Mar 15/06 |
    A readable introduction to Euphoria with easy examples. The description assumes a Windows environment but could be followed by a DOS or Linux user with only slight adaptation. It covers the basics, but also incorporates simple windows programming. Intended to encourage more users of this "splendid language".
  60. GEN | EuDoc revised | 10K | Andy Drummond | Sep 15/05 |
    This is an updated version of Derek Newhall's very useful documentation-generator. Two bugs have been sorted - the alphabetic listing is now truly alphabetic, and the See Also: references now do jump to their reference entries.
  61. WIN | Help File Maker | 630K | Greg Haberek | Mar 19/05 |
    An easy-to-use program for making simple help files for your Windows-based programs. Includes a Help File Maker and a Help File Viewer (dll file) for use in your apps. Should work with any Windows library (Win32Lib, Arwen, EuWinGUI, etc.). (no source). See Readme.txt for more information.
  62. WIN | Step-by-step guide library | 3K | Alexander Toresson | Apr 9/04 |
    A library which automates the most common tasks in a step-by-step guide. Uses win32lib, but is easily adapted to any other gui library.
  63. WIN | Euphoria 2.4 - DocumentaciĆ³n HTML en espaƱol | 257K | Fernando Velo | Oct 21/03 |
    Spanish translation of the HTML documentation files of Euphoria 2.4.
  64. WIN | Euphoria 2.4 - DocumentaciĆ³n en espaƱol (PDF) | 655K | Fernando Velo | Oct 21/03 |
    Spanish translation of the HTML documentation files of Euphoria 2.4, but in PDF format.
  65. WIN | Euphoria Help File Maker | 55K | Virtual B / Roland Stowasser | Jan 23/03 |
    A system for easily creating and maintaining help files.
  66. GEN | Euphoria Messages in English and Russian | 13K | Igor Kachan | Sep 26/02 |
    The complete set of error messages and other messages that the Euphoria interpreter produces, in both Russian and English. If you have the Euphoria interpreter source code, you can use these files plus Igor's slightly modified Euphoria source files, to build a Russian version of the interpreter, or even better, translate the messages into your own language. Sep 26: fixed one bug, added a message for FreeBSD
  67. GEN | Refman in Spanish | 37K | Ricardo Forno | Aug 21/02 |
    A translation of the Euphoria 2.3 Reference Manual into Spanish. Carefully and accurately done.
  68. GEN | .PDF Help File | 676K | Euler German | Aug 3/02 |
    A help file in .PDF format for Euphoria 2.3. It's based on his Windows help file.
  69. GEN | Modified Library Documentation | 92K | Rod Hicks | Aug 1/02 |
    Rod reformatted and extended library.doc to make it more convenient to print and work with.
  70. DOS | CauseWay Manual | 144K | Igor Kachan | May 12/02 |
    This is the manual for the CauseWay DOS extender used by the ex.exe interpreter, and by Euphoria programs that are translated to C and compiled by Watcom. CauseWay is open source and free. Igor collected all the CauseWay manual pages from Michael Devore's Web site.
  71. GEN | Euphoria Documentation in Russian | 248K | Igor Kachan | Apr 23/02 |
    A complete translation of the Euphoria 2.3 language documentation into Russian. Choose from: code page for Windows, code page for DOS, or code page for Linux. Apr 23: updated for the FreeBSD release
  72. WIN | Tutorial | 10K | Don Phillips | Dec 31/01 |
    A tutorial to show how using one windows message you can create skinnable applications, drag windows around by the client area, much more.
  73. WIN | WIN32 Header Files | 148K | Hendrik Mundt | Aug 29/99 |
    C include files containing declarations for most of the WIN32 API functions. The code was developed for the CYGWIN UNIX to WIN32 porting project.
  74. WIN | Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.1 | 231K | Fabio Ramirez | Aug 7/99 |
    The Euphoria documentation converted into a Windows help file.
  75. WIN | Windows Help File for Euphoria 2.1 | 246K | WOLF InI Software | Apr 12/99 |
    the Euphoria 2.1 documentation as a Windows Help File. Click on the .hlp file to view it.
  76. DOS | Documentation in HelpPC Format | 276K | Detlef Reimers | Oct 22/98 |
    REFMAN.DOC, LIBRARY.DOC and some other useful documents in HelpPC format for easy browsing. The HelpPC reader and TSR program are included.
  77. GEN | Euphoria Article | 21K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | May 6/98 |
    an informative article about Euphoria.
  78. WIN | REFMAN.DOC in MS Word Format | 42K | John DeHope | Aug 15/97 |
    REFMAN.DOC in MS Word format for easier viewing. You can't view it with WORDPAD on Windows 95. You need MS Word 8.0 or higher.
  79. GEN | REFMAN.DOC in Spanish | 27K | Carlos Gonzalia | Apr 17/97 |
    Euphoria v1.5 REFMAN.DOC in Spanish. el manual de referencia de Euphoria en EspaƱol!
  80. DOS | Euphoria Docs in Norton format | 63K | Claire Anglehart, Francis Bussiere | Apr 9/97 |
    Euphoria 1.5 documentation in Expert Help / Norton Guides format
  81. WIN | WIN32 API Documentation | 7962K | Microsoft | Jan 1/95 |
    This is a very large help file, win32.hlp for the WIN32 Application Program Interface. It describes all the C functions in the standard .dll files on Windows. You will need this information to call C API routines from Euphoria. This is a link to Borland's FTP site. For a huge, up-to-date set of API documentation (266 Mb), go to Microsoft's site.
  82. WIN | WIN32 API On-line Description | 10K | Microsoft | Jan 1/95 |
    Microsoft's on-line description of the WIN32 API. It gives you an overview, then it leads you into the full set of functions and data structures.