1. WIN | Combined Installer | 5000K | Chris B. | Mar 11/15 |
    You can install the basic Euphoria package and try some simple DOS or Windows console programs, but eventually you should get Win32Lib and the Interactive Development Environment (IDE) so you can develop and run Windows GUI programs.
    Chris B. has provided this combined installer of Euphoria 3.1.1, Win32lib and the IDE to save you time.
    [Local Download: Eu3.1-Win32Setup.exe].
  2. WIN | Edita | 3200K | Pete Lomax | Aug 28/13 |
    A full-featured Euphoria-oriented editor written using Arwen. Aug 28: url has changed
  3. DOS | EE Editor | 160K | David Cuny | Jan 29/00 |
    An excellent full-featured Euphoria editor that many people are now using instead of the standard ed editor. He built his editor using an impressive text-mode GUI library that you can use in your own programs. Irv Mullins has a port of EE to Linux (see Archive). Jan 29: bug fix: INI file is now stored in euphoria\bin
  4. WIN | Windows Editor (32-bit) | 328K | Mike Carroll | Apr 24/99 |
    a 32-bit Windows editor for Euphoria programs, written in another language. It contains a Windows help file for Euphoria version 2.1, context-sensitive help and color syntax highlighting. Apr 24: updated for Euphoria 2.1, and now has color preview and printing
  5. WIN | M Editor | 437K | Pete Lomax | Sep 2/04 |
    A full-featured editor written in Euphoria: Multiple documents, auto completion, automatic backups, run program, automated error processing, file and directory compare, find in files, macro, context sensitive help, routine and section list, reformat (re-indent) program to find missing end statements, detailed manual, and more. Originally inspired by Mike's meditor.zip Sep 2: fixed mousewheel crash, win32lib 0.60.0
  6. DOS | The EE:CS Editor | 354K | Carl White | Jul 16/00 |
    An enhanced version of David Cuny's EE editor. Jul 16: bug fixes, improved error-handling, executable .ini files
  7. WIN | Nexus Code Editor | 167K | Don Phillips | Nov 9/02 |
    A program editor with syntax highlighting, undo/redo, bookmarks, configurable toolbar and edit window, automatic alignment, and more. Needs Win32Lib 0.57.9. Nov 9: looks for pcre.dll in current directory - nothing to set up; autocompletion and many more improvements
  8. WIN | Syntax Highlighting Editor | 25K | Don Phillips | Jun 2/02 |
    An edit control and an editor that support color syntax highlighting of Euphoria programs. Text of almost any size can be edited.
  9. GEN | Euphoria Syntax-File for TextPad | 10K | Tommy Carlier | Nov 24/04 |
    Syntax-file for TextPad. It has all the keywords of Euphoria 2.5 alpha, EDS and Win32Lib 0.60.6, divided in 6 categories. Each category can be assigned a different color. Nov 24: Added the word 'crash_routine' from Euphoria 2.5 alpha.
  10. WIN | Nexus 2.4 pre-beta | 44K | Don Phillips | Feb 11/04 |
    The newest editor in his Nexus series. It should be noted this is a pre-beta. Some things haven't been coded yet (such as the ability to make changes to word lists/colors, print, execute, etc). Other than that, and some other additions he plans to add, it should be fully functional and bug free to this point. (no source)
  11. WIN | Windows Editor | 157K | Mike | Jul 30/01 |
    A new Win32Lib-based text editor with support for Euphoria programming. Jul 30: several small bug fixes and enhancements
  12. GEN | Euphoria 3.1.1/4.0.5 support for Vim editor | 9K | Shian Lee | Apr 12/14 |
    Syntax highlighting of Euphoria 3.1.1 and Euphoria 4.0.5 for Vim editor. Also includes filetype.vim, industry.vim color scheme, and INSTALL.txt. Apr 12: industry.vim updated. Vim's runtime files web address added.
  13. WIN | Rich Editor | 144K | Jason Mirwald | Oct 5/02 |
    An editor based on rich edit. It includes some specific support for Euphoria.
  14. DOS | Polyglot Editor | 398K | Igor Kachan | Jul 17/02 |
    A graphics-mode editor that supports many different languages. A large number of fonts are included. Jul 17: now supports Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan and PRC), and Korean characters
  15. GEN | Files for ConTEXT Editor | 2K | Jiri Babor | Sep 4/01 |
    A syntax highlighter file and a template file for the popular ConTEXT editor. The highlighter is a simple modification of an original by Mark Bloedel.
  16. WIN | Syntax Files for Crimson Editor | 4K | Andrew Hall | Jul 22/04 |
    Syntax files for Crimson Editor 3.60, based on Euphoria 2.4. Syntax for Win32Lib 0.60.1 routines is also included.
  17. WIN | Generic Gameboy IDE | 97K | Russell K. Davis | Feb 15/00 |
    A small multipage editor that he plans to turn into an IDE for the Gameboy, and eventually other platforms. It uses the tab control feature in the bleeding edge Win32Lib.ew (included).
  18. WIN | Windows Editor | 23K | Pete Eberlein | Dec 4/14 |
    He used riched32.dll to produce this complete Windows text editor, written in Euphoria, and including Euphoria-specific programming features. Dec 4: Bug fixes, added cursor position, recent files list.
  19. DOS | GUI/Editor Enhancements | 27K | Pete Eberlein | Jul 24/97 |
    enhancements to an old version of David Cuny's text mode GUI and editor. Note: David has now incorporated many of these enhancements, so this code is obsolete.
  20. WIN | ED.EX: edm with named macros UPDATE | 45K | James Cook | Jan 26/18 |
    UPDATE: Now has international keys. ED.EX from Euphoria v4.0.5 modified for recordable macros. Unlimited named macros. Use option 'n' to input names for macros. -- ESC, j, n -- accesses the macro menu, view/record/stop-record/select-current-macro from the macro menu, F12 plays the current macro. Be careful to save your work, and use -- ESC, m -- to compare changes. example: ESCAPE,'f',CR,ARROW_RIGHT,BS,'e' Jan 26: updated url
  21. GEN | edu editor (v1.00) for Euphoria 3.1.1 | 21K | Shian Lee | Dec 27/17 |
    edu.ex is a Unicode/UTF-8 version of the ed.ex editor, suitable for UTF-8 encoding systems such as the Linux Xterm terminal. It provides the very basic Unicode/UTF-8 editing features, and allows you to embed Unicode strings in your program. (Please download also the file 'utf8' by Shian Lee).
  22. LNX | Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting for GNU Emacs | 4K | Shian Lee | Nov 20/17 |
    This file adds Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting support for the GNU Emacs (emacs) editor.
  23. LNX | Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting for Midnight Commander | 3K | Shian Lee | Nov 17/17 |
    GNU Midnight Commander (mc) is a Visual shell for Unix-like systems, which has an internal file editor (mcedit). This file adds Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting support for mcedit.
  24. GEN | Euphoria 3.1.1 Syntax highlighting for Geany editor | 4K | Shian Lee | Oct 20/17 |
    Support for Syntax highlighting (coloring) of Euphoria 3.1.1 files in Geany editor. Geany is a fast and lightweight cross platform IDE. (this file supports build commands for Linux).
  25. GEN | Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting for nano editor | 2K | Shian Lee | Oct 13/17 |
    Euphoria 3.1.1 syntax highlighting file for GNU nano editor. nano is an enhanced free Pico clone; a small, free and friendly editor. Oct 13: minor fixes
  26. LNX | WEE 0.48m | 5572K | Kenneth Rhodes | Feb 16/17 |
    A modified version of Pete Eberlein's WEE full featured GUI editor for Euphoria 4.1, or better, Linux 64-32 bit. with improved EuGTK Widget HTML context sensitive help, routine written by Irv Mullins. Place cursor on a command containing "Gtk" and press F1. An article will be displayed from the included Gtk.html help docs. Streamlined F1 Key context sensitive help: if *.html help is not available for the current word the view declaration routine is called automatically. Extended color syntax support for most std library "words". Starting Glade tutorial and "Run Glade" option added to Help menu. The User must install Glade using a package manager, but GTK *.html help files are included in the WEE 0.48m download package. Feb 16: 32 bit support added.
  27. WIN | A Better Text Editor | 1018K | llamedoso | Aug 17/16 |
    A text editor for .txt and .rtf files. Has a number of unique features, including a Secret File routine for opening financial sites with login data instantly available.
  28. WIN | Mr | 753K | Eric Randall | Apr 27/16 |
    A text editor exploiting the Windows GUI. Programs can be tested whilst editing continues.
  29. LNX | WEE Editor v0.47 modified | 4354K | Kenneth Rhodes | Mar 12/16 |
    Extended context sensitive help for GTK widgets (thanks to Irv Mullins) and euphoria keywords - If html help is not available, the view_declaration routine is called automatically. Much improved Backup with timestamp routine options for current file, directory, or project list. Run Glade from Run menu. Irv Mullins' Getting Started with Glade html help tutorial available from Help menu. Several files have been renamed with the prefix "x" (ex:"xwee.exw", ".xwee_conf") so your official wee installation will not be overwritten. GTK/Glade help files are included. Simply Unzip the xwee.tar.bz2 archive into Home directory. Mar 12: Updated with Pete Eberlein's WEE v0.47 bug fix for "loop...until" case statements.
  30. WIN | Modified ed.ex | 18K | T-Duke | Apr 21/15 |
    Original ed.ex was enhanced, to usage of function keys to do hot jobs, like saving file, searching texts and running programs. Save file now - F2, load file - F3, search text - F7, replace text - Ctrl+F7, starting eui with pogran currently on the editor's screen now is F9. Clone window - F6, switch to next window - F10 Also added support for scancodes for cyrillic layout (usualy swithed by Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift). Now russian symbols can be typed in editor under Windows 7. Also that symbols can be used in "search/replace text" comands.
  31. WIN | Wackoze Euphoria Editor | 22K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 27/14 |
    Pete Eberlein's Wackoze Euphoria Editor adapted to OpenEuphoria 4 (code and syntax coloring). Added view_subroutines, two display fonts and fixed a bug. Words for syntax coloring copied from Shian Lee's support for Vim.
  32. GEN | wxEditor | 3682K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 14/14 |
    Greg Haberek's wxEditor v0.2 updated with wxEuphoria 0.16 for Euphoria 4 and up. Tested on Windows x64 and Linux x64.
  33. GEN | mdx.ex Euphoria console editor | 90K | Kenneth Rhodes | May 2/14 |
    This is the stock Euphoria editor, "ed.ex/edx.ex" with over 50 modifications including word/command auto-completion, and context sensitive help for virtually all Euphoria keywords, builtins, and std library commands as well as backup and restore file routines, selectable EDS database and table functions via scrolling top-line message bar menus and more. May 2: Deleted Control_key commands which were not available under Windows.
  34. GEN | Gedit (gtksourceview) Euphoria language file | 2K | Dirk Lorenzen | Jul 11/13 |
    From the readme: This file allows you to do syntax highlighting of the Euphoria Language, for the Euphoria 4.0 Language specification, as of writing (01/16/09).
  35. GEN | EuGeany: Euphoria support files for the editor, Geany | 31K | Kenneth Rhodes | Apr 7/13 |
    Color Syntax support files and context sensitive help for the entire Standard Euphoria Library. EuHelp.ex now included. Project management, execution of source code file, Eu2C code compiling, binding, shrouding can all be done from within the editor. Instructions are contained in the file as comments and on the openeuphoria.org forum. Apr 7: Now supports Irv Mullins EUGTK library: http://sites.google.com/site/euphoriagtk/Home
  36. DOS | QE Editor version 2.3.9 (final release) | 735K | Shian Lee | Oct 1/12 |
    The last release of a bi-directional, multilingual, powerful and flexible Quick Euphoria Editor for DOS (up to Windows-XP). This is a Qbasic styled editor and very easy to use. No source available.
  37. DOS | Advanced DOS Source Editor | 299K | Tom Janes | Dec 27/11 |
    A full graphical DOS source editor. Made specifically for FreeDOS. Uses the new VESA, and FONT drivers. Includes the help file. For assistance, write the author at portals@verizon.net
  38. LNX | Euphoria support file for the Geany Programming Editor | 4K | Kenneth Rhodes | Oct 27/11 |
    Color Syntax support and context sensitive help for the Geany Programmer's editor. Project management, execution of file, Eu2C code compiling, binding, shrouding can all be done from within the editor. At present this must be done by substituting filetype.euphoria for one of the filetype.language files currently supported by Geany. Instructions are contained in the file as comments.
  39. GEN | plist file for TextWrangler for Mac OS X | 6K | MacUser | Jan 1/10 |
    For syntax highlighting on Mac OS X.
  40. WIN | Edita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File | 9K | GSAC3 | Sep 7/09 |
    This is a copy of Greg Haberek's (Sept 4/09) Edita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File, ZIPed with WinZip version 11.2 SR-1. (outdated)
  41. WIN | Edita Euphoria 4.0 Syntax File | 9K | Greg Haberek | Sep 4/09 |
    An updated Euphoria syntax file for Edita that supports highlighting and auto-complete for Euphoria 4.0 keywords. (outdated)
  42. LNX | Midnight Commander syntax highlighting | 1K | prickle | Jul 31/09 |
    This archive holds files for syntax highlighting for the Midnight Commander file manager. See Readme for instructions on how to install.
  43. WIN | Executor of euphoria files for SciTe-ru | 5K | Mike Manturov | Feb 10/09 |
    A tool for the SciTe-ru text editor. Executes ex/exw files and shows filtered ex.err file in the SciTe output window when necessary. Feb 10: Fixed one silly bug
  44. LNX | GEdit Syntax for Euphoria 4.0 | 2K | Mario Steele | Jan 16/09 |
    This archive holds two files for syntax highlighting for the Linux Gnome Text Editor, GEdit. See Readme for instructions on how to install. Corrected README installation instructions.
  45. WIN | Bilingual EU 2.5 Syntax file for the HippoEDIT | 4K | Igor Kachan | Nov 29/08 |
    The Euphoria syntax definition file for the HippoEDIT editor, 1.4 beta version for NT, XP, Vista (Unicode) - free automatic registration for xUSSR. Visit the editor site.
  46. WIN | Jens' File Editor for Euphoria 3.x | 473K | Alex Antypenko | Nov 28/08 |
    Jens' Windows-based File Editor - The Ultimate Editor for programmers with support for Euphoria programming. See: Site of Editor
  47. WIN | Bilingual EU 2.5 syntax file for the AkelPad editor | 4K | Igor Kachan | Nov 27/08 |
    This is the syntax coloring file for the free open source AkelPad editor - small and fast. Visit english page or russian page. The package is in 7-zip format.
  48. WIN | The SciTE-RU Editor for Bilingual EU 2.5 | 446K | Igor Kachan | Nov 12/08 |
    This editor is recompiled with the VC Russian build of SciTE editor, Revision 850. It works with Igor's bilingual EU 2.5. Right click on the link and take the "Save linked content as..." option to download the 7z file. Pre-alpha version. Readme.txt is in Russian (just for the first time).
  49. GEN | wxEditor | 16K | Greg Haberek | Jul 8/08 |
    A cross-platform Euphoria code editor written in wxEuphoria. Supports basic editing and Euphoria syntax highlighting for now. More features to come later.
  50. WIN | ConTEXT Editor files | 3K | James Cook | May 7/08 |
    Euphoria (3.1) Highlighters and Templates for the ConText Text Editor (v0.98.5). Features "A Windows Scheme" and Insert Code From Template Descriptions. Download ConTEXT from www.contexteditor.org
  51. WIN | EDITA (By Pete Lomax) as a .zip file | 934K | don cole | Apr 9/08 |
    A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This contains everything you need to install Edita 0.3.0 yourself. (no source). (outdated)
  52. WIN | EDITA (By Pete Lomax) automatic installer | 1069K | don cole | Apr 9/08 |
    A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This will install Edita version 0.3.0 for you. (outdated)
  53. WIN | EDITA (By Pete Lomax) with source | 1581K | don cole | Apr 9/08 |
    A backup for Pete Lomax's files. This will unzip the same as edall.zip, but also has source code. (outdated)
  54. GEN | Edita Manual (By Pete Lomax) | 1212K | don cole | Apr 9/08 |
    The Manual for Edita. (outdated)
  55. GEN | Corrections on ed.ex | 63K | Marco Achury | Apr 6/08 |
    Patched ED.EX. When working on Windows, it can now read Num Pad / and Num Pad Enter. Apr 6: Uses Rob's SVN Revision 205. Now the code is clearer to read.
  56. WIN | Edit Euphoria Files with DevStudio | 88K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    Support for Euphoria in Microsoft Developer's Studio. Syntax coloring, registry setup, run .ex and .exw files, see Euphoria routines in current document in DevStudio, go to error file and line when you press button. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  57. GEN | Euphoria syntax file for Vim | 17K | Jason Gade | Nov 21/07 |
    Syntax highlight file for the Vim editor, written by Travis Beaty. Also included is filetype.vim so that Vim recognizes Euphoria filetypes. Only tested on Windows.
  58. WIN | EU syntax coloring for FAR, N++ and PSP | 11K | Igor Kachan | Mar 12/07 |
    This package contains the Euphoria syntax coloring files for the built in editor of the FAR file manager and for the popular programmer editors - Notepad++ and PSPad. FAR can work with the bilingual Euphoria code. Mar 12: Added the syntax ini file for the PSPad editor.
  59. WIN | MyEditor | 1401K | Allen Ashby | Jan 21/07 |
    MyEditor is a rich text editor that can read and write in rtf format. You can open or save a file with the extension of .rtf or .mye (the default). MyEditor has the features of most rtf editors including undo, cut, copy, paste, delete, indent, bullets, font formating, text color, find, and text alignment. It also has typewriter sounds that can be turned on or off, and a button that opens up MyMusicMachine (included in this package), a small audio player that he created that plays mp3 or midi files. Jan 21: He made the toolbars movable and took out the find function which he could not get to work.
  60. WIN | Checkpoint | 5K | Pete Lomax | Jan 16/07 |
    Edita addon. Reset an entire project tree to start of selected "edit session", and put everything back later. For that "I am sure it worked [better] this morning" feeling. Console app, creates batch files.
  61. GEN | OSX (Intel) build of David Cuny's EE editor. | 249K | alban read | Nov 8/06 |
    An OSX (Intel) build of David Cuny's EE editor. The editor runs in an OSX (Intel only) terminal.
  62. GEN | WaXy_Writer (Beta) | 9K | Jesse Adkins | May 14/06 |
    A word processor written in wxEuphoria. May 14: More icons in preparation for an offical release. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  63. WIN | Texter | 2K | Andy | Jul 6/05 |
    This is small and easy to use text editor. It can be used to write Euphoria programs. You can run Euphoria programs from the editor. Some of the features are not yet complete. Jul 6: Now hosted on RapidEuphoria.com
  64. GEN | EUwords in Italian | 5K | Antonio Alessi | May 21/05 |
    A translation of the Euphoria keywords and builtins to Italian. This can be used to expand the multi-lingual editor by David Ragazzi. (Italian words are at column 129)
  65. WIN | Euphoria Editor | 444K | David Ragazzi | May 20/05 |
    An editor that supports multiple languages (English, Espanol, and Portuguese) for Euphoria syntax (keywords and builtins). Before long he hopes it will have support for Francais, Italian, German and Russian.
  66. GEN | Vim syntax hilighting and indentation | 2K | Jeremy Cowgar | Feb 3/05 |
    Syntax hilighting and indentation files for the popular Vim editor. Unzip in your ~/.vim directory. This will create syntax/euphoria.vim and indent/euphoria.vim. Read syntax/euphoria.vim for more installation instructions.
  67. WIN | Axiom2 | 424K | Greg Haberek | Dec 26/04 |
    Axiom2 is a basic multi-file Euphoria editor. It includes a built-in front-end for the Euphoria To C Translator. It requires xControls and Win32Lib v0.60.0 or greater. The Euphoria to C Translator is also required to use the front-end.
  68. WIN | Comment / un-comment macros for TextPad | 1K | Rubem Pechansky | Jun 4/04 |
    These two macros are intended to use with TextPad, the excellent text editor from Helios Software Solutions. Use them to comment and un-comment multiple lines of Euphoria code at once.
  69. GEN | Euphoria Syntax for Ultra Edit | 279K | Antonio Alessi | Dec 13/03 |
    Files that enable the Ultra Edit editor to support Euphoria syntax and commands in the Tags Frame. Dec 13: Enhanced with the keywords list of Win32 events and functions; syntax separate file. Euphoria Win32lib 'create' Tags. UltraEdit setup for RUN and more.
  70. WIN | Enhanced Nexus Editor | 168K | Mario Steele | Sep 7/03 |
    An enhanced version of Don Phillip's Nexus editor. It has command-line file opening, and single instance via ipc.ew
  71. GEN | Euphoria Syntax for Glimmer Editor | 4K | Travis Beaty | May 5/03 |
    A Euphoria syntax highlighting file for use with the Glimmer Editor. Installation is simple, and is covered in the readme file.
  72. WIN | Axiom Editor | 22K | Greg Haberek | Dec 23/02 |
    A simple Euphoria-oriented editor. It syntax-colors and runs Euphoria programs.
  73. WIN | FE Editor | 918K | Mike Duffy | Dec 14/02 |
    A full-featured Euphoria-oriented editor, plus additional Euphoria programming support files. Dec 14: association of file types is now optional. Large values are assigned to atoms instead of integers, and a few other minor bugs were fixed
  74. WIN | Text File Viewer | 241K | Greg Haberek | Dec 14/02 |
    A handy tool for viewing multiple text files. Dec 14: updated, and now includes a translated/compiled .exe file. It also contains an update to Don Phillips' Splitter control.
  75. WIN | SciTe Editor | 200K | Karl Bochert | Dec 6/02 |
    A windows binary distribution of the SciTe open-source editor with support for Bach/Euphoria.
  76. GEN | Syntax Script for Code Genie | 1K | Jonathan Leger | Dec 5/02 |
    A syntax script for the Code Genie editor that highlights Euphoria keywords, comments, functions, etc. Drop euphoria.cgsyn into the syn directory, and add this line to the settings file:
    DefaultSyntax     euphoria     ex,exw,e
  77. WIN | Euphoria Editor for Windows | 251K | Eric Randall | Jun 4/02 |
    A Windows-based editor with support for Euphoria programming. Updated after 5 years, written in another language, no source.
  78. WIN | Topaz Editor | 9K | Andrew | May 30/02 |
    An editor for programs written in Rod Jackson's Topaz scripting language (see Archive).
  79. GEN | Foreign Language Editor | 29K | John McAdam | Aug 27/01 |
    A modified version of the ed.ex editor with support for foreign language (i.e. non-English) programming.
  80. LNX | Scripts for the xJed Editor | 5K | Humberto Yeverino | Aug 31/00 |
    Scripts that add Euphoria syntax highlighting and error reporting to the xJed editor. Aug 31: an install script, launch programs from the editor, keyword skip, bug fixes
  81. DOS | Text Editor | 63K | Matt Arriola | Aug 25/00 |
    A multi-file text editor with syntax coloring, context sensitive help and macros.
  82. DOS | EE Enhancements | 61K | Drazen Mravinac | Jun 27/00 |
    Patches to David Cuny's EE editor that warn you if a file will be too big to load, and provide better context-sensitive help text.
  83. GEN | Euphoria Icons | 5K | Carl White | Jun 16/00 |
    A set of Euphoria file-type icons that you can easily install into your Registry. He also includes icons for his version of the EE editor.
  84. WIN | Euphoria Clipbook for NoteTab Editor | 2K | Jiri Babor | May 17/00 |
    A Euphoria clipbook for the popular NoteTab editor.
  85. WIN | Windows Editor | 99K | Jacques Deschenes | May 3/00 |
    A simple editor that you can use as a kind of Post-it Note pad for making notes to yourself. It uses the new Euphoria Database System (EDS). May 3: improved user manual.
  86. WIN | GWD Euphoria Editor | 2910K | Vedran Gaco | Apr 28/00 |
    A full-featured, professional-looking text editor with Euphoria-specific features, such as syntax coloring, and bind support (for registered users of Euphoria). see screen shot (shareware, no source)
  87. WIN | Windows Editor | 245K | Robert Brambila | Jan 21/00 |
    Robert, age 13, is working on a Windows editor with spell checker. He's using David Cuny's Win32Lib. A lot of it is working already.
  88. DOS | Euphoria Syntax in TextPad | 1K | Stanislav Sitar | Aug 11/99 |
    A file that adds Euphoria syntax coloring to the TextPad editor.
  89. DOS | Euphoria Keywords for UltraEdit | 2K | Giovanni Cardona | Aug 1/99 |
    He added highlighted Euphoria keywords to the UltraEdit editor.
  90. WIN | Win32 Editor Prototype | 55K | David Cuny | Jul 17/99 |
    He invites you to complete his Windows editor.
  91. WIN | Visual Euphoria Code Editor | 170K | Daniel Berstein | Nov 9/98 |
    an editor for use with his Visual Euphoria package. (written in another language - no source)
  92. DOS | Enhanced Euphoria Editor (German) | 28K | Detlef Reimers | Aug 18/98 |
    Detlef teaches a high-school class in computer science. For several years he has been teaching Pascal to his students. This fall he is switching the class to ... Euphoria! Here's an enhanced version of ed that he created. It has German commands and comments.
  93. DOS | Editor | 260K | Peter Empson | Apr 9/98 |
    A feature-packed Euphoria-oriented text editor. (no source code)
  94. WIN | Windows Editor (16-bit) | 270K | Mike Carroll | Dec 5/97 |
    a 16-bit Windows editor for Euphoria programs, written in another language. It contains a Windows help file for Euphoria version 2.0 alpha.
  95. DOS | Enhanced Ed Editor | 19K | Robert Evans | Aug 14/97 |
    several small but very creative enhancements to the standard Euphoria editor. He even added a screen saver.