1. GEN | TrueType Font Converter | 46K | Colin Taylor | Aug 23/03 |
    A program that reads TrueType fonts and converts them to bitmap fonts for use under DOS. The bitmap fonts can be saved in Jiri Babor's font format. It also has user-definable Unicode-to-DOS character mapping (needed to produce foreign-language fonts). Aug 21: a bit more functionality, a couple of new demos and a few bug fixes. Aug 23: typos fixed
  2. DOS | Convert To Unicode | 171K | Igor Kachan | Aug 4/03 |
    Windows code page mapping for the TrueType Font program by Colin Taylor (below). Demo included (uses 1024x768 DOS graphics). Aug 4: Added new demo -- ttshow.ex to see all glyphs of given TTF font. Works on Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts with more than 22000 characters.
  3. DOS | Font Package | 379K | Jiri Babor | Dec 5/98 |
    a sophisticated, comprehensive, and faster new version of his font.e library for displaying fancy fonts in pixel-graphics modes. The .ZIP file also includes over 150 different fonts, all compatible with his routines. See also "The Jiri Babor Collection" (below).
  4. DOS | The Jiri Babor Collection | 107K | Jiri Babor | Sep 18/97 |
    an excellent collection of code for fonts, mouse support, user interfaces etc., and well documented. See also his new font code (above).
  5. DOS | Rom Font | 13K | Jiri Babor | Jan 8/00 |
    A stripped-down font package that loads the system font from the ROM. It's for people who want something more sophisticated than putsxy.e, but who aren't ready to employ Jiri's full-blown Font Package (above). A nice demo is included. Jan 8: minor bug fixes, faster, selectable font magnification, simplified prompt cursor, speed test, revamped demo
  6. DOS | National patcher for the OW compiled programs | 18K | Igor Kachan | Mar 28/07 |
    This patcher replaces the standard Open Watcom fonts for the pixel graphics screen modes with national ones in the noncompressed compiled programs, for example, in ex.exe and in a specially recompiled backend.exe of EU 3.0.2.
  7. WIN | Font Converter | 22K | Juan Reina | Oct 31/01 |
    A utility that converts Windows fonts to Jiri Babor's font format.
  8. WIN | Odd behaviour in MleText | 1K | Phil French | Jan 22/15 |
    Using Bold font - temporarily - in a small MleText produced a small 'permanent' change in its' character layout later (using Normal font) as if the control had got permanently smaller. More details in an attached text file. Is this normal?
  9. DOS | Hi-speed FONT driver for Euphoria | 540K | Tom Janes | Dec 26/11 |
    This is a high speed FONT driver capable of utilizing fixed or variable pitch fonts. It uses an updated version of the Babor font system, and a directory of available fonts is included, along with the EFONT.EXE executable that enables the creation of fonts from TTF files, Babor conversion, and the construction of libraries.
  10. GEN | International fonts | 330K | Igor Kachan | May 1/06 |
    All fonts of this package are in Jiri Babor's format and may be used with Jiri's DOS32 programs and with SDL programs by Mark Akita on WIN32 and Linux platforms. May 1: Fixed bug in one glyph of cp866.j16 font.
  11. WIN | Font Enumerator | 2K | Greg Haberek | Jun 20/05 |
    Enumerates all fonts on your system. Displays an example with your provided text and choice of font size.
  12. DOS | The Localized Interpreters & Backends | 955K | Igor Kachan, Robert Craig | Apr 19/05 |
    A tool for replacing the standard Watcom fonts to national fonts for graphics modes in the official RDS DOS32 interpreter, backend, and in user programs translated with the E2C translator. 21 code pages are supported. Alpha version for official Euphoria v.2.5.
  13. GEN | Bilingual Toolkit | 829K | Igor Kachan | Sep 13/04 |
    A toolkit, including a modified ed editor rewritten in Russian, that fully supports the use of Russian and English with the unlimited alphabet Euphoria interpreters for DOS and Windows. You can write your EU programs in Russian with just about 25 English words or in pure English, or in any mix as well. EtoC translator and binder are supported. You can switch the language of diagnostics and turn on/off syntax coloring in the current window. The syntax coloring dictionary has 11049 words for the bilingual RDS libs (included), Win32Lib v060.05 and w32engin v7.20. Sep 13: New color words for Win32Lib v060.05 added, red.exe excluded to free space for future improvements.
  14. WIN | Font_SDL | 450K | Mark Akita | May 31/03 |
    A simple text drawing library for SDL, that's based on Jiri Babor's Font.e library. The zip also includes a folder of font files for use with Font_SDL.
  15. WIN | Programmer's Fonts | 4K | Karl Bochert | Mar 4/01 |
    Two monospaced Windows fonts designed for programming -- visible punctuation, distinguishable 1's, l's, 0's and O's etc. Use 'Control Panel-Fonts-File-Install new font' to install.
  16. DOS | Font Routines | 30K | Matt Arriola | Aug 25/00 |
    Font routines that can be used in both graphics and text mode. Aug 25: minor improvements
  17. DOS | Display and Edit Fonts | 6K | No Solution | Feb 26/00 |
    Code for saving the system font, making your own fonts, and displaying and inputing text using fonts. (See also Jiri Babor's font routines.)
  18. DOS | Vector Font Library | 5K | Peter Blue | Oct 28/97 |
    a library for displaying characters made up of line segments. With this approach you can print text at any angle, and grow or shrink the size of characters as needed. (Note: the demo programs use SVGA mode 257.)
  19. DOS | Fancy Colored Fonts | 3K | Eduardo Okada | Oct 8/97 |
    routines for displaying cool-looking colored fonts.
  20. DOS | Font Package | 91K | David Cuny | Aug 1/97 |
    a large collection of fonts that are easy to add to your application