1. DOS | Infinite-Game Toolkit | 21K | Rod Jackson | May 28/01 |
    A library that aids users in creating procedurally-generated content for an "infinite" number of elements in their game. Users can get consistently generated values, objects, and even proper-sounding names.
  2. WIN | Space Blaster (was Cheesy Space Game) | 5147K | Steve Allen | Mar 13/05 |
    A work-in-progress space combat game using Ray Smith's EuAllegro wrapper. Much improved version. (no source) Mar 13: More enemies, tons of features including saving, multiple minigames, new menus, graphics improvements, a lot faster, fully working purchase/upgrade menus.
  3. WIN | Squid Blaster | 5956K | Liquid-Nitrogen | Feb 19/08 |
    Squid Blaster is a fast-paced, very professionally done, arcade shooter game (Euphoria source not included). You must utilize skill and logic to be victorious. It uses the ExoticaX DirectX library for graphics and sound. Feb 19: uploaded install file to RDS site.
  4. DOS | Mike's Story (RPG game) | 277K | Mike Wever | Oct 22/03 |
    A simple tile-based RPG that is designed for entertainment as well as a model to teach some basic game design concepts.
  5. WIN | Euphoria Games Pack | 428K | Ray Smith | Dec 8/00 |
    A couple of very attractive-looking and sounding full-screen action games built using his Allegro wrapper. (unzip with long filenames).
    [Local download, November 2019].
  6. WIN | Cheesy Space Game | 225K | Steve Allen | Oct 5/03 |
    A work-in-progress space combat game using Ray Smith's EuAllegro wrapper. Code is well commented. All the graphics are original (minus one).
  7. GEN | Simple Object-Oriented Games Programming using wxEuphoria: A cross-platform solution | 5685K | Ray Osmond | Jul 20/09 |
    How to develop and use an object-oriented code framework for simple games programming using the same code for both Windows and Linux using wxEuphoria. How to add music and sound effects to your programs, and how to package the final binary/executable for distribution to others.
  8. WIN | Musubi | 5745K | Mark K. Akita | Sep 2/08 |
    Musubi is a games/multimedia library that makes it easier to use SDL and the various SDL extensions. A set of commented demo programs and 2 example game programs.
  9. WIN | Conquest Delux | 30K | Jordan Bell | Jun 28/06 |
    Updated the original game and increased it's resolution. You will need 800x600 or better to play delux. 6 players now possible and many other changes including city sorting which improves game play. Enjoy!
  10. WIN | EuSudoku | 314K | Erik-Jan van Kampen | Mar 31/06 |
    A number placing game that has become very popular lately. Requires Win32Lib (0.60.5 or higher) and a mousewheel. Mar 31: Version 2.1: Added new grid input method, saving of small numbers and new small numbers hints option.
  11. DOS | SmartBoard Chess Program | 75K | Normand Blais | Jan 3/00 |
    Normand has created a new chess program, based on a move generator of his own invention. (See also his previous chess programs in the Archive.) Note: You must use WinZip or pkunzip -d to unzip it. Jan 3: bug fix
  12. DOS | Aliens Game | 61K | Jiri Babor | Mar 29/97 |
    a fast and colorful action game. This game uses Sound Blaster, but can run without it. Also, he made good use of mem_copy().
  13. GEN | 3-D Tic Tac Toe | 120K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    A 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe game built using wxEuphoria. Source only. Mar 7: Change of website.
  14. DOS | Lemon Headz Game | 5117K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | May 17/99 |
    One of the most impressive Euphoria games ever written. Very professional. It has excellent graphics, sound effects and music. The full source code is included. Unzip with pkunzip -d, or WinZip.
  15. WIN | Magic Designer (toy) emulation program | 1429K | Andrew Katz | Jul 2/09 |
    This computer program is an exact emulation of a toy which was sold years ago called Magic Designer. It also once had the name Hoot Nanny. It is made out of metal and comes with circular paper and colored pens. Needs Win32Lib.ew version 0.70.13. Contact Akatz712 at with any comments, suggestions, or issues with this program. Jul 2: Please look at the Euphoria source code for all of the improvements.
  16. WIN | Memory v1.0 | 747K | Evan Marshall | Jan 2/05 |
    Tile matching game written for his 3 year old daughter. Uses OpenGL. Based on code from gamedev
  17. WIN | Sokoban Game | 30K | Kenneth Riviere | May 7/01 |
    A sophisticated Sokoban puzzle game that uses Win32Lib.
  18. DOS | OidZone - FULL SOURCE | 646K | Michael Packard | Mar 25/01 |
    Michael Packard of Lord Generic Productions has donated the FULL SOURCE CODE of a fast action game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. Mar 25: You can download this .exe update that uses the arrow keys instead of the Alt and Ctrl keys. Web links and other information have also been updated (but no new source is included). The full-source package,, has not been changed.
  19. WIN | Fluffy Bunnies | 1408K | Mark Honnor | Oct 23/08 |
    A 2d tile-based puzzle game written for DirectX with Exotica. He made it for his 2 year old girl, but it's still challenging for an adult. The source is included, and it has a level editor. (Note: AVG anti-virus scan seems to give a spurious message about a "trojan horse") Oct 23: Uploaded zip file to RDS site.
  20. WIN | MineSweeperBeater Ver3 | 111K | Daniel Kluss | Sep 10/05 |
    This is a more open version, with customizable pngs for tile recognition, and also built to work with xp-minesweeper and german-98-minesweeper. There is no logic for beating any mines yet, but he trusts some will arrive soon. Sep 10: Added a little bit of an example AI.
  21. WIN | Tetrix3 | 894K | Mic | Oct 20/03 |
    A 3D Tetris clone with OpenGL graphics, MOD music and sound effects. Both a keyboard and a gamepad can be used to control the game. Oct 20: Latest WIP release. Game loads faster and is more stable. Framerate timing has been reworked. The keyboard bug should be fixed. Switching to fullscreen is possible (options menu).
  22. DOS | Tetris-like Game | 5K | Maximiliano | Sep 13/03 |
    A version of Tetris. Sep 13: A little bug corrected: Rotation of I block over the left margin (Thanks: Archie Ritter). And a table of records added.
  23. WIN | Pearl Harbor | 7212K | Robert Swiston | Mar 29/03 |
    A 2-D Fighter action game reminiscent of the old "Atari" days. (source and .exe are included).
  24. WIN | Fix for Exotica/ExoticaX | 14K | Paul Plummer | Aug 28/02 |
    A modified exotica_api.ew include file which allows the ExoticaX or Exotica .dll file to be loaded from the windows\system directory.
  25. WIN | Frost | 23K | Andy | Jun 7/09 |
    An RPG Engine/Editor similar to the RPG Maker series. An incomplete program. Although incomplete, quite a few things are done. Read the ReadMe for more info. Jun 7: Updated, see about.txt for more info.
  26. DOS | Edgars Escapade | 81K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 19/04 |
    This is a full feature platform game created for his Emagine gaming library. One of its noteworthy features is its level generation. Every time you play there are all new levels to explore!
  27. WIN | Yet Another Tetris Clone | 54K | MrTrick | Feb 12/04 |
    Yet another Tetris clone. Not exactly an original game concept, but it runs in a window, has sound effects, a few fun surprises, and uses the highscore library (included) to record scores. Quite a complete game.
  28. WIN | Conquest2 Game | 1448K | Mark Akita | Mar 12/03 |
    A strategy game. It uses the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries. The source and a bound executable are included.
  29. WIN | Soused Mouse Game | 624K | Robert Swiston | Oct 9/02 |
    A colorful game with sound that requires you to match barrels and eliminate them.
  30. WIN | Hexy Game | 823K | Mark Akita | Aug 27/02 |
    A colorful game with nice sound effects and music. It uses the SDL and SDL_Mixer libraries.
  31. DOS | The Lands of Karitaren | 715K | Lewis Townsend | Oct 22/00 |
    An alpha demo of an isometric tile-based realtime roleplaying game.
  32. WIN | Windows Puzzle Game | 66K | Stanislav Sitar | Aug 16/00 |
    A Windows game in which you remove matching pairs of tiles by clicking on them. (It includes an old version of Win32Lib.)
  33. WIN | Dragon Blast | 3258K | Mark Akita | May 2/03 |
    A fantasy action game that uses the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries. The Euphoria source files and a bound executable file are included.
  34. WIN | BlackJack Game | 171K | Jon Snyder | Nov 23/01 |
    A Win32Lib-based game with an easy to use interface. It has nice playing-card graphics, sound effects, and provides hints. Nov 23: a bound .exe is included in case you have trouble running the source
  35. WIN | Conquest Game | 98K | Mark Akita | Apr 14/01 |
    A strategy game similar to Risk that allows up to 5 players. The players can be human or computer-simulated.
  36. DOS | Hayes Game | 316K | Einar Mogen | Nov 19/99 |
    An exciting multi-level action game in which you wander around a building, shooting at the enemy while trying to avoid being killed.
  37. DOS | Snakers Game | 213K | The Reaper | Mar 1/97 |
    a really cool game that uses Jacques Deschenes' Sound Blaster code, and David Gay's graphics-mode text display code. (version 1.5)
  38. DOS | Card Game Engine | 14K | The Reaper | Feb 19/97 |
    everything you need to make any kind of card game. And he even went to the trouble of documenting it!
  39. WIN | Othello Game | 215K | Jerry Nichols | Dec 1/98 |
    a game converted from Java to Euphoria. It uses Win32Lib and has excellent graphics and sound effects.
  40. DOS | Groundwork for Text-Based Adventure Game | 8K | Jacen | Jan 8/05 |
    The basic coding for a text-based adventure game. Includes login system, creating characters, getting and dropping items, greeting non-human-controlled characters, and looking and saying. Jan 8: Added a shop and you can now buy items. Moved databases back to sequences.
  41. DOS | SVGA Game Demo | 264K | Graeme Burke | Jan 17/98 |
    a graphics engine for mode 261 - 1024x768 with 256 colors. To test it he made this nifty shoot-em-up game. (no source, requires VESA SVGA).
  42. DOS | Rubik's Cube | 11K | Ian Wright | Jun 2/99 |
    A program that lets you manipulate a Rubik's cube on the screen. Very nice 3-D graphics.
  43. DOS | Poker Game | 60K | Normand Blais | Oct 6/99 |
    A poker game that uses his Simple Menu system. It has very nice graphics and sound effects. Oct 6: minor enhancements and bug fixes
  44. GEN | EuAllegro5 | 5802K | Andy P. | Jun 19/17 |
    EuAllegro5 is a wrapper of the Allegro 5 game programming library. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Includes a couple of examples. Jun 19: Wrapped the rest of the allegro add-ons. All functions should be wrapped as of now.
  45. WIN | Easy4Hang | 116K | Andreas Wagner | Dec 8/14 |
    Hangman. It's the Hangman Game from Irv Mullins GTK Demos ported to Windows using tinEWG. Done in 2012. The GTK Version looks much better... Dec 8: Changed downloadlink
  46. WIN | Easy4Myst | 76K | Andreas Wagner | Dec 8/14 |
    EuMystify Simple Dos Demo ported to tinEWG. Port was done in 2012. The program is much older. Have fun. Dec 8: Changed download link
  47. WIN | Rotmg engine | 10405K | gaz | Dec 6/14 |
    A Realm of mad god(engine) alpha highly moddable via xml files, TinyXml parser, ZLIB, OpenGL (fully3d) direct mode, GUI 2D.Texture, Sprite Sheet, Font, Player, D3D, Equipment Weapons, Projectiles, Ground Tiles, Maps. Included Open World editor for editing maps with ground tiles and objects. Requires for edit "open world editor" Enhanced IDE 0.21.1 by Judith Win32 0.60.6 (revision 19) Euphoria 3.1 required. Included his include folder in the download. Developed on Windows 7, executables included.
  48. WIN | Floppy Bird | 660K | Evan Marshall | Dec 5/14 |
    OpenGL game. Up arrow to fly. Space to start over.
  49. WIN | Kakuro Trainer v1.8 | 343K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 18/14 |
    An enhanced version of Kakuro Trainer. Now you can fill only partial grids to start and complete them later if needed. Grid designer improved. For OpenEuphoria 4 and up.
  50. GEN | EuAll5 | 1387K | Andy P. | Aug 4/13 |
    EuAll5 is a wrapper of the Allegro 5 game programming library. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. The Add-on functions have been wrapped as well. Aug 4: An important DLL was missing. It is now added.
  51. WIN | Kakuro Assistant v2 | 2308K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jul 19/13 |
    Another Kakuro assistant. Lightning fast, with documentation. For Euphoria 3 and up.
  52. WIN | Kakuro Assistant | 49K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jun 24/13 |
    Helps find valid Kakuro (puzzle) combinations. Self-explanatory.
  53. WIN | Rotmg 13.2 Game Client | 775K | gaz | May 9/13 |
    This a Client for This code is the bare essentials required to make a client/proxy for rotmg, it uses RC4, RSA public key, base64 encryption, sockets, Euphoria v3.1.1, Win32lib v0.70.20, required, source code included
  54. WIN | Sudoku Trainer | 172K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jul 13/12 |
    Sudoku Trainer's goal is to help you resolve paper grids, step by step. It indicates which digit should be selected, it is then highlighted in green, or which digit should be removed from candidates, it is then highlighted in green, while highlighting in grey the zone (line, column or block) leading to this advice. It can resolve Sudoku grids from easy level to difficult level. When it comes to the hardest ones, you can create recovery points and try your way, and if you fail, come back to the recovery point and try another strategy.
  55. LNX | LightGame | 904K | Ira Hill | Dec 26/11 |
    This is a simple replica of the electronic game Lights Out. It is written with Eu 4 and wxEuphoria and should also work on Windows! Includes source and binary files.
  56. WIN | TankHunter | 1233K | Ira Hill | Dec 26/11 |
    This is an automated program for playing the classic online game Tank Hunter. It is written in Eu 4 and requires Win32Dib and Win32Lib to take screen shots for decision making; source and binary files are provided.
  57. WIN | Scroller | 390K | Fred Mangan | Jun 20/11 |
    Scroller.ew scrolls memory bitmaps in Euphoria programs. Comes with demo program and a simple "bomber" game to show its capabilities, also source code and notes on use.
  58. DOS | Arabella.ex | 6K | James Gilgen | May 3/11 |
    This is a solitaire card game that uses 3 decks of cards. I wrote this program for three reasons. One, because I like the game, two, it was a learning experience to write the program, three, I hope that others will also like the game and will use the code for their own purposes.
  59. LNX | Memory Challenges | 738K | irv mullins | Dec 17/10 |
    A simple game where you get 2 seconds to memorize the location of random countries' flags, and then match them up after they are hidden. Contains compiled executable plus source code for Eu 4.0
  60. GEN | Memory Challenge | 120K | Ryan Mann | Dec 5/10 |
    Memory challenge is a program that challenges memory by asking the user to enter numbers. The program starts out by asking the user to enter one number. If the user gets the number right, they will be asked for two numbers, then 3 numbers, ETC. After the program shows the numbers, the screen is cleared so they can't just cheat and look at the numbers. The program is meant to be run under the text boxes of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ETC.
  61. DOS | NewWeek | 10934K | don cole | Oct 7/10 |
    A program for handicapping football. Oct 7: added the bound version
  62. LNX | Anagram Quiz Program | 190K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    This is for scrabble players for both entertainment and study. There is also a Windows version. Mar 7: Change of website.
  63. WIN | Anagram Quiz Program | 222K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    This is for scrabble players for both entertainment and study. There is also a Linux version. Mar 7: Change of website.
  64. GEN | Hangman Cheater | 267K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    This program "destroys" the game of hangman. Uses wxEuphoria. Should work on both Windows and Linux. Mar 7: Change of website.
  65. GEN | Syllogism Quizzer | 136K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    This is an educational game that systematically quizzes you so you learn all 256 syllogism forms. Mar 7: Change of website.
  66. LNX | Triangle Game | 194K | Jerry Story | Mar 7/10 |
    The Linux version of his Triangle game. (You might have to rename the file using a .tar extension after downloading it.) Mar 7: Change of website.
  67. GEN | object drop - learning to tetris | 12K | tim d. | Dec 16/09 |
    The basic tetris engine made easy for anyone to learn. DOS graphics mode. Should work in Linux/DOS/Windows. Try it out and expand on it yourself. Super customizable, play with the vars. Now works in standard consoles. Dec 16: Now blocks "stack" with a blockstodo algorithm. Also an end game routine is in place.
  68. WIN | Starcraft beta | 2208K | gaz | Aug 9/09 |
    This is his real-time strategy game. Still incomplete, but he uploaded it because he needs some help with the collision checking code, as his runs too slow.
  69. WIN | Monster Mines | 1495K | Liquid-Nitrogen | Oct 23/08 |
    A fun, rock-pushing, treasure-collecting game that he made back in 2000, but never released. (source is forever lost) Oct 23: Uploaded zip file to RDS site.
  70. WIN | Crossword Solver | 1406K | llamedoso | Aug 2/08 |
    The program opens a window with an Edit box. After entering the known characters, and a * or / for the unknown characters, the results are displayed in the window. Deals with words with 3 to 15 characters. Source, executables and word lists included. Works with XP, not tried on other platforms. Aug 2: Much larger word lists.
  71. WIN | Graves | 3882K | Gaz | Jun 11/08 |
    The undead are digging their way out of their graves. Take the shovel and cover the holes before it's too late. Random generated levels. Build strategic barriers from mud to prevent zombies attacking you. .EXE and source included. 95 percent completed project. Jun 11: fixed the game play, made it faster.
  72. DOS | 4 in a row | 3K | Carlos Valdes | May 22/08 |
    After correcting a bug in the gomoku program ... easy changes produced a 4-in-a-row game. For two players. Includes minnie.e mouse routine.
  73. DOS | gomoku game | 3K | Carlos Valdes | May 22/08 |
    A source DOS program to play gomoku (pente, five-in-a-row) between two human players using the mouse. It only checks legal moves (play in empty squares, alternating) and checks to see who is the winner. Theory says that the first player can force a win. So to be fair to second player, he must be first in next game of match. Ideal for children's tournaments. Includes minnie.e mouse library. May 22: UPDATE: A correction to check win routine...
  74. WIN | Alien Attack | 568K | Gaz | Apr 4/08 |
    Alien attack is a space shooter, like space invaders, only without paths for the enemies to follow. This is not a complete project. It uses euallegro by Ray Smith. .EXE and source included.
  75. WIN | Pool Demo | 252K | Gaz | Apr 4/08 |
    Pool is an example of a pool game. It is not a complete game. He used MrTrick's vector library to write this example. .EXE and source included.
  76. DOS | Worms demo | 2641K | Gaz | Apr 4/08 |
    Worms is a DOS example of the worms game made by team17 and is not a full game. Note this game requires a high spec system to run. .EXE and source are included.
  77. WIN | EuAllegro repackaged | 4099K | Ray Smith | Dec 14/07 |
    Ray Smith's EuAllegro, also available from his wiki, and sourceforge, but easier to get here. Contains extras - a help file, and the games pack - good for learning Allegro. An easy to use games development add on for Euphoria.
    [Local download of EuAllegro 5.0.11, November 2019].
  78. WIN | jiri's sudoku | 347K | jiri babor | Nov 28/07 |
    Written using Andrea Cini's Euwingui.
  79. WIN | Game creator | 2066K | gaz | Nov 25/07 |
    Game creator is a new game creation program for easy creation of 2d games. It's still very early days.
  80. WIN | Sudoku | 242K | Eric Randall | Nov 23/07 |
    This is his version of the popular puzzle game. It handles various sizes of grid ranging from 6 by 6 to 12 by 12,some with diagonals. Puzzles can be input by the player or generated on demand. They can be saved at any time for reloading and playing later
  81. WIN | The Euphoria Sub Commander project | 1077K | ChrisBurch3 | Nov 23/07 |
    A re-imagining of the Atari 2600 console program, that's rapidly reshaping itself. Developed with various contributors. Nov 23: Console design started - screen (where the map will be) showing colored noise
  82. WIN | L and D Fullscreen | 371K | DB James | May 9/07 |
    L and D Fullscreen is an Abstract Life screensaver that "lives" on your screen. While the original L and D was in a small window, this one is big, colorful, and convenient. It "saves state" to come back exactly where it left off. There is a "movie" capability now for capturing interesting events. And there are a total of 5 pond sizes to choose from. Read the help file for more information.
  83. WIN | Ghost Maze 2 | 711K | gaz | May 8/07 |
    A puzzle game with map editor using the Allegro gaming library. Written by Gareth McDaid with full source.
  84. WIN | Ware Houser tile matching game | 614K | Michael Raley | May 4/07 |
    Ware Houser is a Win32Lib based strategy game where you remove horizontal, vertical or intersecting sets of bitmap tiles from a grid. You can customize the grid to various sizes, and choose to play with 3, 4, 5 or 6 tile bitmaps or choose a different tile set theme. Don't lose respect or you'll be given the pink slip. May 4: Overhauled to work in Win32lib .60+, added timed aspect to game with introduction of 'drop timer'
  85. WIN | SUDOKU | 5K | marco zambrano | Apr 20/07 |
    A SUDOKU solver with backtracking algorithm.
  86. WIN | Game maker | 3666K | gaz | Feb 19/07 |
    His game maker program and runtime library for Windows XP come with ten demo games, including pacman and asteroids. (full source) Feb 19: many bug fixes and now the runtime library uses the euAllegro graphics and sound libraries
  87. WIN | YAGL4EU | 1412K | Jeremy Peterson | Nov 19/06 |
    Wrapper for the 2D Yagl(Yet another game library) graphics library. Nov 19: Edited demos to fix crashing.
  88. WIN | Skipper_SDL | 193K | Mark K. Akita | Sep 27/06 |
    An SDL conversion of Ken Mortenson's Skipper game. Retro vector-based arcade space combat with a variety of ships. The game is still incomplete and lacking a few features but playable and stable.
  89. WIN | EuPong | 150K | Chris Burch | Sep 5/06 |
    Announcing EuPong, the first game to arrive on the EuAllegro wiki. Go there to get it. Look under games. Uses authentic sounds from Freesound. He was going to call it EuAllPong, in deference to the fact that it uses Allegro (also available there). Leave a comment please.
  90. DOS | Skipper | 34K | ken mortenson | Aug 25/06 |
    Vector graphic space game inspired by Vectoroids. Unfinished, but perhaps interesting.
  91. GEN | GSUDOKU | 10K | Ricardo M. Forno | Jun 21/06 |
    A generalized Sudoku solver / generator. Apart from standard Sudoku rules, you can specify your own, including 3-dimensional Sudoku and other variants of this now popular game. Extremely fast. Jun 21: Improved input checking. Bugs fixed. New Sudoku generator added.
  92. WIN | Yahtzee | 7K | Some Slacker | Feb 11/06 |
    The game of Triple Yahtzee for one player in Windows, zipped with sound included... ENJOY! Feb 11: simply forgot the bitmaps...
  93. WIN | Eu Chess | 365K | your average Joe | Jan 6/06 |
    A simple Win interface for playing games of chess with 2 people using the mouse.
  94. WIN | Boggle Game | 161K | Brett Pantalone | Jan 2/06 |
    A Boggle-type word game using Win32lib. Jan 2: Updated to use setHandler() and the latest Win32Lib files.
  95. DOS | brute force sudoku solver | 2K | Harm Veenstra | Nov 29/05 |
    A small documented Euphoria program to solve those popular SUDOKU puzzles using a recursive brute force approach. Nov 29: same source, just added the "brute force" bit to the description
  96. DOS | Fight! | 250K | Justin Muniz | Sep 19/05 |
    This is a short game with Final Fantasy style fighting. He got the idea from the fighting sequence in the "The Clan Of The Thorn" game by David Stein, but then improved on it. See the credits for more information. .Zip includes an executable and code. Apr 7: Modified the description.
  97. WIN | Minesweeper With Questions | 5K | Daniel Kluss | Sep 7/05 |
    A different version of minesweeper beater with question marks where there is no logic telling it if there absolutely is or isn't a bomb. This should spur the creation of that logic to make the minesweeper better. He suggests making a custom map with relatively few bombs.
  98. WIN | Minesweeper Beater | 53K | Daniel Kluss | Sep 4/05 |
    Beats minesweeper real quick, but you must have the default windows skin. Works on any size board.
  99. GEN | wxPetals | 29K | Mannequin | Jul 29/05 |
    "wxPetals," or "Petals Around the Rose," is a bit of a mind game that you can play with dice. This game uses wxEuphoria 0.7.0 or better and should be able to run under Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. This game is released under the GNU GPL.
  100. WIN | Lewy T's RPG Game | 2683K | Lewis Townsend | Jun 15/05 |
    A demo of an Isometric-ish tile-based role-playing game using the EuAllegro graphics library. Jun 15: Fixed missing file; cleaner shut-down; Includes bound executable.
  101. WIN | Peg Conundrum | 1347K | Michael Raley | May 30/05 |
    Peg Conundrum is a Win32Lib version of the classic solitaire game of jumping pegs over one another to remove as many as possible. The conundrum in this game is that the computer is playing also and will steal important pegs from you. You can also play traditional peg solitare, load or design different boards and tile sets. May 30: corrections in computer move routines, added new tile set. Link takes you to the Peg Conundrum page. Some of his links seem to require I.E. to work
  102. WIN | euSet | 119K | Rene Conijn | May 24/05 |
    The popular game Set, using Akita's SDL wrapper. PS: type 'ESC' to exit the program.
  103. WIN | Dirt Merchant | 4831K | Steven Allen | May 4/05 |
    A freeware game. A drug wars clone with new features and enhancements. Uses Ray Smith's EuAllegro. Source code is available upon request. Warning: the game contains some rough language and adult content.
  104. GEN | Die Roll scripting language | 44K | CChris | Apr 23/05 |
    This include file provides a parser for complex die rolls. You can specify any regular algebraic axpression using roll descriptions. You can roll any sort of (un)balanced die, and use a roll description instead of a side number. One can further manipulate rolls using order statistics, or get unaggregated outcomes like with a slot machine. Apr 23: v1.09a: fixed bug for roll strings starting with "d" (and implied "1")
  105. GEN | Crostic | 23K | Shawn | Apr 8/05 |
    A new version of crostic. The installer is still "all platforms" friendly, as is the program itself.
  106. DOS | Star Wars Space Strategy | 15K | Jacen | Apr 2/05 |
    The beginnings of a space RTS game. Also included is a small demo of a buttons library he wrote for the game.
  107. WIN | monbla | 63K | practicing01 | Mar 8/05 |
    An unfinished demo of a shooter. Mar 8: More bug fixes. The game is almost complete, what's left is artificial intelligence for the computer players.
  108. DOS | scooanoid | 152K | practicing01 | Feb 27/05 |
    A demo of a breakout clone dedicated to scooby from the Euphoria forums. Feb 27: changed collision detection again, probably for the last time.
  109. DOS | Merchantman | 13K | David Stanger | Feb 13/05 |
    A text-based 16th century sea trading game. Sail the coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean buying and selling goods in a race to raise 100,000 gold pieces to pay off your family's debts. Feb 13: Added: Rudimentry combat system, pirates and mutiny events, black jack in tavern. See Changes.txt
  110. GEN | BlackJak | 2K | Louis Bryant | Jan 28/05 |
    This is his first game for all platforms written in Euphoria. You can modify it and redistribute it as you wish.
  111. GEN | Camel Game | 4K | Louis Bryant | Jan 28/05 |
    Camel is his second game written in Euphoria. It can be run on all platforms. You can modify and redistribute it as you wish.
  112. WIN | Warehouser replay utility | 223K | Michael Raley | Nov 29/04 |
    This is a utility to review Warehouser saved games. Warehouser now saves the entire move stack in a Euphoria database file. This program allows you to step through or play the move stack. Requires the Warehouser tile matching game. Unzip the executable and extract it into the same directory. no source.
  113. DOS | Sprite speed lesson | 8K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 26/04 |
    This is just a demo of how Emlyn improved and optimized one of his sprite routines to make it faster. You may find his technique helpful or informative.
  114. WIN | Cards32.ew with Cardsentration demo | 162K | Brian Broker | Oct 6/04 |
    Wrapper for MS Windows cards.dll (last tested on XP). This file was zipped on 12/4/2001 but *seems* to work with latest Win32Lib. "animate.exw" demo provided as experimental code for pre-XP. Includes concentration-type game called Cardsentration.
  115. WIN | Janken game (rock, paper, scissors) | 297K | mic | Sep 20/04 |
    A very simple game where you as Mario try to beat Goomba, Koopa and Bowser in the game of rock, paper, scissors. Uses Mark Akita's SDL wrapper, and BASS for sound.
  116. GEN | micro | 19K | int-input | Apr 19/04 |
    A tiny game that two people can play on one keyboard. All you can do is jump around. Apr 19: fixed shooting algorithm, now you can shoot each other.
  117. WIN | Master System emulator | 135K | mic | Apr 5/04 |
    A SEGA Master System emulator written in Euphoria and assembly. It's highly inaccurate at this point, but does run a few demos. Apr 5: Lots of fixes and improvements, refer to semus.exw for a full list.
  118. DOS | smash pack | 89K | int-input | Mar 14/04 |
    6 demos: 5 old, and 1 new. The new demo is his attempt at a flame algorithm. the old demos include: megaman, mega(pre-megaman), paint2, txtgame, and disease. Mar 14: new demos
  119. DOS | dino chase | 150K | int | Feb 24/04 |
    A very simple, funny demo of a boy being chased by a t-rex. It uses liquid-nitrogen's mode 19 library (included).
  120. DOS | Memory Card Game | 15K | David Stanger | Feb 15/04 |
    A simple memory game in which the user flips pairs of cards looking for matches. Runs in Mode 18 and is mouse driven. Feb 15: source code now included
  121. WIN | Snake Game | 303K | Philip Deets | Feb 3/04 |
    A simple action game built with Win32Lib. Similar to the game on some cell phones, only with better graphics and more features. Feb 3: v. 3.12; Many enhancements; see readme for a list.
  122. DOS | bacteria & megaman demos | 114K | int | Jan 30/04 |
    Simple demos. One shows what looks like bacteria moving around. The other is the code for an upcoming megaman game his team is producing.
  123. WIN | Fruit Machine Game | 890K | sotiris bellos | Nov 29/03 |
    A fruit machine game made with Ray Smith's Euallegro library.
  124. DOS | Tic-tac-toe | 1K | CJ Silver | Nov 27/03 |
    A quick tic-tac-toe game he threw together to relieve stress when programming. There's no computer opponent, but the game works just fine. The grid coresponds to the keypad.
  125. DOS | Playstation Controller driver | 31K | sotiris bellos | Nov 26/03 |
    Control your games with PSX PADS.
  126. WIN | Cityscape | 34K | Guy Programmer | Nov 3/03 |
    This is a SimCity game for Euphoria. It is only half done and the programmer would like someone more experienced to finish it if they want. Nov 3: a file was missing
  127. WIN | Guy Arcade | 83K | Guy Programmer | Nov 3/03 |
    Guy, 13, wrote this Win32Lib-based arcade game. Nov 3: Forgot something
  128. DOS | Color Squares | 3K | Safiq Virjee | Sep 29/03 |
    A simple game to match 3 or more color squares to remove them from the board. This is his first Euphoria program and hopefully a building block for many more. He hopes it gives other new users some understanding which he had to get from many trips to the library or reference manual.
  129. WIN | War Game (unfinished project) | 458K | Einar Mogen | Sep 25/03 |
    The beginning of a a strategic war game along the lines of Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron etc. Unfortunately never finished, but perhaps it can serve as a base for someone else. Sep 25: Corrected some information.
  130. WIN | Sliders Game | 168K | Roland Stowasser | Aug 30/03 |
    A game derived from the puzzle game in Judith's IDE but using a different approach. It uses Win32Lib 59.1
  131. WIN | Slot Machine | 497K | James Green | Aug 21/03 |
    A slot machine game made with Ray Smith's EuAllegro.
  132. WIN | Deslizzzp | 1400K | Rodolfo Valeiras | Jul 30/03 |
    A nice-looking (and sounding) puzzle game based on Win32Lib. (no source). Jul 30: Now includes more than 100 puzzles.
  133. WIN | Connect 4 Game | 127K | David Eltro | Apr 16/03 |
    A checkerboard game that uses Exotica.
  134. WIN | Install Chess Pieces | 82K | Al Getz | Feb 27/03 |
    A program that installs a new Staunton piece set into the CClient chess Web interface. Instructions are included on how to get the Chess interface for playing chess on-line. See his GetStartupDir.e for a routine to get the start-up directory, in a better way than using current_dir().
  135. DOS | Pong Game | 14K | C. J. Silver | Jan 4/03 |
    A customizable pong game plus some pong-like demos.
  136. WIN | Bolakbalik Game | 5K | Aku | Dec 9/02 |
    A logic game.
  137. DOS | Hangman Game | 65K | John Shao | Dec 9/02 |
    A Hangman game that uses Jiri Babor's fonts package. It runs in mode 261 (SVGA) so it might cause problems on some systems. Dec 9: works in mode 18 as well as 261. Added word origins as hints. (Search for "hangman" to find 4 other Hangman-related programs in the Archive.)
  138. GEN | Cross Word Scanner | 3K | Evan Marshall | Nov 21/02 |
    A tool that extracts the words from a solved cross word puzzle.
  139. GEN | EuClaude Natural Language Demo | 44K | Andy Serpa / George Brooks | Nov 21/02 |
    A conversion to Euphoria of a Quick Basic natural language understanding program. It still has some bugs in it.
  140. WIN | ExoticaX Demos | 138K | Dan McGrath | Nov 9/02 |
    Several small graphics demo programs that use Chris Bensler's ExoticaX library from the Archive (not included).
  141. GEN | Maze Solver | 2K | Jeremy Popp | Sep 9/02 |
    A program that finds a path through a maze.
  142. WIN | Checkers Game | 10K | Mario Steele | Aug 27/02 |
    A simple game of checkers.
  143. DOS | Dark Front-End | 68K | The Mega-ZZTer | Aug 23/02 |
    A front-end interface to Lucas Arts' Dark Forces game. It helps you to manage your add-on games for Dark Forces.
  144. WIN | Maze Maker | 2K | Evan Marshall | Jun 2/02 |
    It generates a large random maze in a window.
  145. WIN | Letter Game | 5K | Erik-Jan van Kampen | Apr 1/02 |
    A game based on colorful letters. Maybe you can figure out how to play it.
  146. WIN | Modified Conquest Game | 98K | Shawn Pringle | Dec 31/01 |
    An enhanced version of the game originally posted by Mark Akita. It uses an old version of Win32Lib (included).
  147. WIN | Sea Battle Game | 92K | Evan Marshall | Dec 12/01 |
    A 2-player BattleShip game. Dec 12: bug fix
  148. WIN | MasterMind Game | 35K | Roland Stowasser | Dec 2/01 |
    A nice graphical Windows program for playing MasterMind
  149. WIN | Stratagem Game | 115K | Mark Akita | Nov 15/01 |
    A strategy board game written using Win32Lib.
  150. GEN | Crossword and Hangman Solver | 150K | Andrew | Oct 16/01 |
    Tell it which letters you know, and which you don't know, and it will find all the possible matches in the dictionary (included).
  151. WIN | Tank Game | 606K | Mark Akita | Sep 4/01 |
    An arcade game written using Ray Smith's EuAllegro graphics/sound wrappers. Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to fire. There is a MIDI music track on the title screen and some nice WAV sound-effects.
  152. DOS | The Game | 72K | Mr. Trick | Aug 24/01 |
    An elaborate card game based on Reaper's card game engine.
  153. WIN | Extreme10 Game | 6500K | Insight Concepts Inc. | Aug 7/01 |
    A Hangman-like game that you can play over a network. It's written in Euphoria (freeware, ad-supported, no source). They have a Web site and domain just to support it.
  154. DOS | Snack Attack! | 347K | Michael Packard | May 18/01 |
    A PacMan-like game with excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source) This is part of his Crash Course in Game Design. May 18: he's now using Liquid Nitrogen's Ecstacy sound engine.
  155. WIN | LewisArtillery | 1000K | Lewis Townsend | Apr 18/01 |
    An artillery game for Windows with nice graphics and sound effects. (no source). Apr 18: smarter computers, and better graphics.
  156. DOS | StarRanger - Registered Version | 551K | Michael Packard | Mar 25/01 |
    Michael Packard donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
  157. DOS | Invaders - Registered Version | 435K | Michael Packard | Mar 19/01 |
    Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
  158. DOS | Star Killer - Registered Version | 495K | Michael Packard | Mar 19/01 |
    Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
  159. DOS | StarThief - Registered Version | 535K | Michael Packard | Mar 19/01 |
    Michael Packard also donated this registered version of a game he wrote back in 1997. It's written in pure Euphoria, no machine code. It has excellent graphics and sound effects. (no source)
  160. DOS | The Silver Crown RPG Game | 215K | Andrew | Jan 29/01 |
    A graphical RPG game that uses Jiri Babor's font library and Caballero Rojo's transparency library.
  161. DOS | Mine Sweeper Game | 3K | Craig Meier | Dec 30/00 |
    A fairly simple Mine-Sweeper game.
  162. GEN | Game of Life | 1K | Carlos Valdes | Sep 9/00 |
    A text-mode version of the game of Life.
  163. DOS | Enhanced Language War Game | 184K | Matt Arriola | Aug 19/00 |
    A version of the Language War game, with some changes and new features. Aug 19: many new features and some cool Sound Blaster Effects.
  164. GEN | Crostics Puzzle Maker | 2K | John McAdam | May 5/00 |
    A program that takes a list of words and arranges them into a Crostics puzzle.
  165. WIN | Xcom Interceptor Editor | 106K | Pete King | Apr 5/00 |
    A powerful editor for this cool game. (no source) Uses David Cuny's Win32Lib.
  166. WIN | Saving Master Yoga | 161K | Spocky | Mar 17/00 |
    An adventure game parody on Star Wars using Win32Lib. Mar 17: bug fixes
  167. WIN | Casino BlackJack | 50K | James Huff | Feb 4/00 |
    A BlackJack game with nice graphics and sound effects.
  168. DOS | Mimizu Game | 27K | Francisco Morales | Jan 26/00 |
    A nicely-constructed game, similar to Snakers or Worm. Use pkunzip -d.
  169. WIN | SlipMaster | 117K | Normand Blais | Jan 18/00 |
    The program plays a game that he created. His help file explains how to play. (no source)
  170. DOS | DragonTown Game | 106K | David Stein | Dec 2/99 |
    A simple RPG (Role Playing Game) with nice graphics. Unzip it in C:\DRAGONTOWN
  171. DOS | Anacrostic Puzzles | 14K | Jim Gallagher | Nov 29/99 |
    A set of "anacrostic" word puzzles. (You need to place the puzzles in C:\PUZZLES.)
  172. DOS | Switch Game | 342K | Andrew Greenwood | Oct 29/99 |
    A card game with high-resolution playing cards and Sound Blaster sound effects.
  173. DOS | Tron Game | 120K | Andrew Greenwood | Oct 29/99 |
    A simple game for 1 to 4 players. It has PC speaker sound effects and an assortment of background graphics to choose from.
  174. WIN | GlassWorks Game | 89K | David Cuny | Oct 23/99 |
    A logic game where you have to remove colored pieces from a board. Oct 23: better hints, undo, new scorekeeping, new game initialization, new jumping rule
  175. WIN | Stones Game | 285K | David Cuny | Oct 22/99 |
    A colorful game that uses a variety of animated images. Oct 22: bug fix
  176. DOS | N-TIS | 3K | Marcos Donnantuoni | Sep 27/99 |
    A Tetris-like game written in one afternoon.
  177. DOS | Karera | 1K | Jon Velasco | Sep 13/99 |
    A simple race game.
  178. DOS | Mine Sweeper Game | 175K | Rockman X | Jun 17/99 |
    A Mine Sweeper game with an added twist. (partial source supplied)
  179. WIN | Mine Sweeper Game | 66K | David Cuny | Jun 1/99 |
    He used his own Win32Lib to create this nice-looking Mine Sweeper game. It runs with DOS32Lib as well.
  180. DOS | Vector Graphics Game | 22K | Robert Pilkington | Apr 19/99 |
    a neat-looking asteroids game using vector graphics.
  181. DOS | Simple Chess Program | 22K | Normand Blais | Apr 7/99 |
    he translated this chess program from C to Euphoria, then added a nice-looking chess board, pieces and mouse interface. It plays better than his own algorithm (below).
  182. WIN | Hangman Game | 91K | Ray Smith | Mar 20/99 |
    a classic word game, complete with graphics and sound effects. Needs pkunzip -d.
    [Local download, November 2019].
  183. DOS | Light Cycles | 4K | Big Johnny | Mar 4/99 |
    a familiar game. (see also "Snakers" and "Worm" in the Archive.)
  184. DOS | Optimized Killer Truck Game | 56K | Mic | Feb 17/99 |
    an optimized version of Joy Magik's Killer Truck Game. It scrolls much faster now.
  185. DOS | Killer Truck Game | 56K | Joy Magik | Feb 16/99 |
    a violent game that uses Mic's Mode 19 Library to get faster scrolling
  186. DOS | Turn Stile Puzzle | 7K | Normand Blais | Jan 2/99 |
    a colorful and intriguing puzzle.
  187. DOS | BotMatch | 21K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | Dec 24/98 |
    a system that allows competing robots, made by different people, to find their way through a maze. Needs pkunzip -d
  188. DOS | Link Puzzle | 20K | Normand Blais | Dec 5/98 |
    another intriguing puzzle.
  189. DOS | Magic Card Trick | 30K | Luis Raúl Campos Arribas | Dec 3/98 |
    a magic trick. The computer will guess which card you are thinking of.
  190. DOS | Color Cube Game | 3K | Stafford White | Nov 9/98 |
    a text-mode puzzle.
  191. DOS | Triangle Puzzle | 173K | Terry Moriarty | Oct 27/98 |
    a nice-looking graphical puzzle program. He was inspired by Normand Blais' Logik puzzle. (no source)
  192. DOS | Ping Pong | 32K | Andrew Mitchell | Sep 21/98 |
    a game that demonstrates his virtual screens library.
  193. DOS | Slot Machine Game | 181K | Carl Cutrell | Sep 19/98 |
    an amusing slot machine game in Euphoria. (no source)
  194. DOS | Memory Game | 26K | Roy Shepherd | Aug 25/98 |
    a memory game and a colorful graphics demo
  195. DOS | Chess Program | 36K | Normand Blais | Aug 23/98 |
    the full source code to his own chess program that uses his own algorithm. It understands all legal chess moves, and will checkmate you if you are a novice, or you aren't paying close attention.
  196. DOS | Paddle & Ball Game | 19K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | Aug 7/98 |
    A paddle and ball game that makes use of a mouse or Michael Bolin's keyboard interrupt handler. Aug 7: Now with many levels.
  197. DOS | MyMahjongg | 53K | Vincent Gonzales | Aug 1/98 |
    a full-featured and colorful mahjongg game.
  198. DOS | Balenfaire | 59K | Lewis Townsend | Jul 1/98 |
    an alpha version of a game he is working on. The link takes you to his Web page.
  199. DOS | Euphoria Concentration Game | 56K | Irv Mullins | May 25/98 |
    A neat-looking game that uses Irv's graphics mode GUI interface for DOS (uses SVGA).
  200. DOS | Stackplayer | 11K | Eduardo Okada | May 8/98 |
    has created something he calls a 'Stackplayer'. This will take you to his site.
  201. DOS | Space Race Game | 54K | Mike Sabal | Apr 30/98 |
    a new space game
  202. DOS | TRI Dominium Game | 157K | Ricardo | Jan 23/98 |
    v1.0 release of his strategic board game. (uses mode 257). Now with sounds and full source code.
  203. DOS | Mistical Element Game | 17K | Eduardo Okada | Jan 21/98 |
    a game where you must battle a Ninja.
  204. DOS | XMAS game | 87K | The Reaper | Jan 11/98 |
    a game in which you get to be Santa. Nice graphics. Use pkunzip -d
  205. DOS | Are You a Dumb Blonde? | 5K | Olafur Oskar | Nov 9/97 |
    a quiz that determines if you are a dumb blonde.
  206. DOS | Game of Life | 20K | Jiri Babor | Sep 18/97 |
    a colorful game of Life, with lots of graphical buttons and controls for you to play with.
  207. DOS | Game Demo | 475K | Mark Honnor | Sep 12/97 |
    an exciting demo of a game that he is planning to develop. (No source code. Sound Blaster or equivalent is required.)
  208. DOS | MasterMind Game | 2K | Slimesoft | Aug 15/97 |
    Haaken Lid and Einar Mogen wrote this simple MasterMind game. (See also MasterMind by Normand Blais)
  209. DOS | Guess The Animal | 5K | Doug Edmunds | Aug 11/97 |
    an enhanced animal.ex demo program - it will save the knowledge it has gained into a database for future use
  210. DOS | Zargaloids Game | 261K | Joseph Bolin | Jul 1/97 |
    a fast action space game using an excellent new Euphoria game engine. Note: No source code is provided, but it's well worth the download.
  211. DOS | Devil Man Game | 176K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | Jun 30/97 |
    a demo version of a new game. There's no source code provided (yet) but you'll be impressed by the way the whole background of the screen is scrolled very smoothly.
  212. DOS | Solar Conquest Game | 86K | John Leith | Jun 23/97 |
    an alpha version of a space game (uses mode 259)
  213. DOS | Random Maze Generator | 10K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | Jun 6/97 |
    a random maze generator. You can choose the size of maze that you like, and adjust several other parameters.
  214. DOS | Mercury Game | 371K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | May 29/97 |
    a game where you push balls through a maze, solve puzzles, and perform skilful manoeuvres. A custom-built game editor is included. (Note: it uses SVGA mode 257.)
  215. DOS | Enhanced RatLand Game | 236K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | May 28/97 |
    a game that was inspired by PatRat's game. Some extra scenery and effects were added.
  216. DOS | Xp3 Action Game | 448K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | May 24/97 |
    an alpha version of a fast action game that uses Jacques Deschenes' new SFX2 sound effects. This is a large file that contains a bound executable, some WAV files, and no source code, but it's well worth the download if you are interested in Euphoria action games. Some of the source code to his basic engine is available below.
  217. DOS | Xp3 Engine Source | 11K | Mark Honnor | May 24/97 |
    some of the basic source code to his Xp3 game
  218. DOS | Euphoria Light Cycles | 3K | Mike Howell, Chris Schenck | May 5/97 |
    a 2-person action game
  219. DOS | Connect-4 Game | 16K | Normand Blais | Apr 28/97 |
    an interesting game translated from C
  220. DOS | MasterMind Game | 12K | Normand Blais | Apr 28/97 |
    a version of the classic game of logic
  221. DOS | Logik Puzzle | 2K | Normand Blais | Apr 22/97 |
    a challenging geometric puzzle (and there really is a solution). (Hint: Only the big red block can move over the little block at the bottom.) He suggested that we only give his solution-display program to registered users of Euphoria, and we are going to follow his suggestion. -- E-mail us for the solution.
  222. DOS | Two Game Pack | 13K | Normand Blais | Apr 1/97 |
    a Six-Doubles game and a 15-number puzzle
  223. DOS | Worm Game | 10K | Jiri Babor | Mar 6/97 |
    a fast-action "Worm" game similar to "Snakers"
  224. DOS | River Card Game | 13K | Normand Blais | Feb 27/97 |
    He put The Reaper's card game engine to good use.
  225. DOS | Twins Game | 9K | Jiri Babor | Jan 30/97 |
    great looking "tetris"-like game
  226. DOS | Space Invaders - The Next Generation v1.04 | 46K | Peter Blue | Jan 8/97 |
    a thrilling game of Space Invaders using the Sound Blaster code developed by Jacques Deschenes. The full source code, with sound effects, is included.
  227. DOS | Minefield and screen saver | 6K | Neil Kube | Aug 20/96 |
    an excellent "Minefield" (a.k.a. Minesweeper) game and an enhanced sb.ex screen saver.