Language Tools

  1. GEN | Method Euphoria | 55K | Mike Nelson | Oct 9/10 |
    An OOP library for Euphoria. Single inheritance with interfaces, exceptions, event handling. Full cleanup after errors including Eu runtime errors. Now supports task switching.
  2. GEN | Diamond Object Oriented Library | 119K | Mike Nelson | Mar 14/04 |
    A library for Object Oriented Programming in Euphoria. Its design is based on Java with elements of Visual Basic and C#. Many advanced features. Mar 14: v4.0.0: Inner classes replace the Extended_Access interface. C# style delegates.
  3. GEN | Object Oriented Euphoria | 220K | Matthew Lewis | Oct 15/06 |
    Adds capabilities to the RDS PD v2.5 interpreter. Windows and Linux translated executables included. Oct 15: v1.9.0: find_from, match_from, debugger enhancements, bug fixes
  4. GEN | Use 32-bit Integers In Translated DLLs | 3K | Matthew Lewis | Sep 8/06 |
    Enable Euphoria-to-C DLLs and SOs to have full 32-bit integers passed to exported Euphoria routines. Sep 8: Improvements by Juergen Luethje to automatically detect the correct file number for make_atom.c
  5. GEN | Diamond-Lite Object Oriented Library | 19K | Mike Nelson | Mar 6/03 |
    A simpler version of his Diamond Object Oriented Programming Library. This lite version is intended for beginner and intermediate OOP programmers. Mar 6: it now prints an error file for debugging.
  6. WIN | ProViewer | 524K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A utility to view Euphoria profile (.pro) files. Included is "ProfileInExExe" utility with which will help you profile_time non-win32 includes of your win32 programs. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  7. GEN | Vincent's Enhanced Euphoria v2.5 | 511K | Vincent Howell | May 3/05 |
    VEEU is based off the public domain Euphoria v2.5 official source code, and offers lots of new features & enhancements. This package comes with 4 translated/compiled VEEU interpreters for DOS, Windows, and Linux, TextPad syntax file for VEEU & EDS, transparent Eu icons, numerous example programs, full source code, and documentation. May 3: Bug fix: Global Conflict Resolution now works properly. Slightly improved documentation.
  8. WIN | Forth compiler | 583K | mic | Dec 4/05 |
    A multi-platform Forth compiler written in Euphoria. It generates code for several processors, including 80x86 and ARM. Dec 4: Added support for Blackfin processors. Slightly improved loop optimisation for M68000.
  9. WIN | Orac | 568K | Mike | May 22/12 |
    A fast optimizing incremental compiler. May 22: Enhanced analysis tool to show all included files of an owner file and the number of references. Useful for culling redundant include statements.
  10. GEN | Great Computer Language Shootout! | 19K | Jason Gade | Feb 5/07 |
    The Euphoria implementation of the benchmarks at Feb 5: Added partial-sums and reverse-complement benchmarks. Added bench.ex test harness. Removed subdirectories.
  11. GEN | Conversion of ex.err | 7K | Juergen Luethje | Dec 18/07 |
    Convert Euphoria's "ex.err" file to 1 or 2 other files, that contain the contents of sequences _either_ as numbers _or_ as strings, so that they are better readable. Allows an Eu 2.5+ program to automatically convert its own "ex.err" file after a crash. Dec 18: Fixed: Strings that contained certain special characters were not recognized as strings.
  12. GEN | Updated PD Interpreter Source Files | 13K | Daryl Border | Dec 2/04 |
    Modifications to scanner.e and symtab.e to address a situation where included files create global symbol conflicts in other included files. A simple test file is included. (Not fully tested or optimized.)
  13. GEN | Extended Tasking Library | 2K | Mike Nelson | Oct 30/05 |
    Extends the multitasking features of Euphoria's new tasking interpreter, including the saving and restoring of non-private per task data. It is the author's hope to develop a standard extended tasking library so that multiple task safe libraries can cooperate by using the same framework. Suggestions for improvements and additonal features are highly desired.
  14. WIN | Copy Included Files | 148K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A utility that finds all files included by a Euphoria program, and copies them into a single new directory. This could be useful when you share your programs with other people. June 21: bug fix Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  15. GEN | soop_by_MS | 142K | for: Mario Steele | Aug 2/17 |
    Simplistic Object Oriented Programming Library is an API Library to allow OOP to be implemented in Euphoria Programs. It is the Successor of the POOP Library. Sports new features, including call_back support for methods, and a beta version of a new Data Type System. re-upload
  16. GEN | Euphoria Version Finder | 6K | CChris | Feb 20/07 |
    This library provides the getEuVersion() function, which returns a version string as found in the readme.htm file distributed by RDS. Feb 20: v0.3 has more comments and tries platform dependent defaults if everything else fails.
  17. GEN | EuDebug_AG (Version 1.00) | 174K | Al Getz | Feb 14/06 |
    A command line debugger for Euphoria with many features. Functionality during program execution includes: reading and writing variables to a file; change a variable while the program is running; skip program lines; backstep to a previous line; exit a loop early; etc. (no source)
  18. GEN | Dynamic/Conditional Include Library | 18K | Vincent Howell | Nov 11/05 |
    A dynamic/conditional inclusion system for Euphoria v2.3 or newer. Example programs and documentation are included. Nov 11: Added support for include nesting, current file detection. An improvement with the duplicate filename scanner. Minor optimizations, new examples, and improved documentation.
  19. GEN | Bilingual Euphoria 2.5 | 821K | Igor Kachan, Robert Craig | Jun 15/05 |
    Bilingual (English & Russian) Euphoria 2.5 Interpreters and set of the standard RDS libraries. Manual of EU 2.5 in Russian. Allows you to write Euphoria programs as 100% English or as 100% Russian or as any mix of two languages. The E2C Translator, Binder and translation to 100% standard Euphoria are supported. Interpreter has unlimited alphabet for the names. Jun 15: Added the exw_r.exe interpreter, support for translation from English to Russian. Tested with Russian versions of Win32Lib.ew and IDE.exw. Known bugs fixed. Beta version.
  20. GEN | Euphoria Preprocessor | 18K | Chris Bensler | Jul 23/01 |
    It adds namespacing, assignments on declaration, select case, and various new delimiters and sequence operations to the Euphoria language.
  21. GEN | Event System for Euphoria | 8K | Jeffrey Fielding | Jul 21/99 |
    An event system for Euphoria. It allows programs to be written based on events. It even allows multitasking to some extent.
  22. GEN | Sequence Parsing Syntax | 621K | Daryl Border | Aug 26/05 |
    This file contains changes to the public domain source code which allows the programmer to "parse" a sequence into its component elements with one assignment statement. In plain words, it allows more than one variable on the left hand side of the statement. He has included the source code, bound executables and a demo program.
  23. WIN | DAWG - Build wrappers automatically | 7K | Chris Bensler | Apr 1/02 |
    A utility that automatically builds "wrapper" functions in Euphoria for C routines in a .DLL file. Apr 1: v0.3, several small enhancements and bug fixes; better compatibility with Linux
  24. GEN | Hardware DEP enabled Euphoria | 49K | Shawn Pringle | Dec 29/08 |
    You can enable hardware DEP, and EUPHORIA will work fine if you patch the EUPHORIA directory with the files contained in this package. Instructions on two methods of install are included in install.txt in this archive. Dec 29: Added compatibility with OSX
  25. WIN | Wrapper for the Eu2C Windows translator | 78K | Juergen Luethje | Sep 26/07 |
    Lets you link resources with a DLL or EXE file, and export only global routines from the *main* module of a DLL. Tested with Eu2C 2.4, 2.5, 3.0.1, and 3.1.1. For translating DLLs see also "" by Matt Lewis. Sep 26: Adaptation to Eu 3.1.x. Some minor cosmetic changes. The ZIP archive now contains the compiled executable 'ecwr.exe'.
  26. WIN | Elink 0.3.2b | 233K | Graeme Burke | Oct 29/06 |
    A pre/post processor for the ML.exe assembler. Allows the user to easily create modules in ASM then import these into Euphoria. Has a custom Linker/Loader so your ASM routines can access the Windows OS or any other DLL. Contains the Elink processor, a GUI, loader, docs, examples and full source. Oct 29: Now supports compressed libraries.
  27. WIN | Virtual Thread Manager 02 | 20K | Al Getz | Aug 22/05 |
    Although true OS threads are not used, this library makes your app appear to work as though it has time shared multitasking threads. This means your app gui doesn't hang as one or more lengthy operations are being performed in the background. True task scheduler with various other enhancements. Versions and demos for both WinClass and WinLib. Compare to ThreadManager01 (archives) and Sched.e (LangWar directory) Aug 22: New functions allow more advanced thread handling: QueryWaitThread(), PauseThread(), ResumeThread(), QueryThreadActive(). Also, message_box(..) doesn't hang threads.
  28. WIN | Chip8 emulator | 14K | mic | Sep 29/05 |
    A Chip8 emulator written in Euphoria, complete with sound (bleep) emulation. The purpose of this project was to try to finish it in the shortest possible amount of time, so don't take it too seriously.
  29. GEN | Resource Binder | 10K | David Cuny | Nov 13/99 |
    A system for binding resource files - bitmaps, gifs, data files, etc. into one big file, or even into the same .exe file as your bound Euphoria program. Your program can open and read these files as if they were separate files. Nov 13: it's now easier to use bitmaps (.BMP) in resource files
  30. DOS | Example of DOS distribution file | 2456K | Marco Achury | May 1/08 |
    Zip file with WIN/DOS euphoria installation striping out all the windows specific files. Just the first step to create a file to include on FREEDOS distribution. TO DO: Port to DOS the setup script to generate \doc and \html from htx files. Script to setup environmental variables.
  31. WIN | Dll and include for running Lua scripts and files. | 97K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 2/05 |
    This dll and it's include file allow you to use Lua in your Euphoria programs. You can run a string containing many Lua commands, or you can run a file external to your program that contains Lua commands.
  32. WIN | Visual Euphoria | 47K | Joe | Oct 14/04 |
    Visual Euphoria intends to be a weight off a coder's shoulders. VE makes repetitive tasks like creating proc's, func's and handlers, as well as windows, a snap. Oct 14: Added two Searching Commands. Added templates for database.e . Fixed Line Pos Reporting, added more syntax words
  33. GEN | LOOP lib | 7K | Lewis Townsend | Feb 22/01 |
    A fast and simple Object Oriented library for Euphoria. Feb 22: garbage collection of deleted objects, easier way of creating and assigning properties
  34. GEN | globals extractor for editor syntax files | 51K | Michael Nelson | May 21/08 |
    This utility extracts global routine names from an include (*.e) file. An output file is created named globals.e which assigns a sorted list to a sequence named library which may be used by Euphoria code editors to extended color syntax/context sensitive help. An executable file, is included, as is the Method Euphoria source code which requires Method Euphoria.
  35. GEN | Tommy's I/O Library 1.0 | 14K | Tommy Carlier | Sep 10/06 |
    Provides I/O abstractions for reading and writing binary and text data. The advantage of this abstraction is that if you write code that needs input or output, it doesn't matter if you read from or write to files, sequences, ... You don't have to write different code for handling different kinds of I/O.
  36. WIN | Lua v502 wrappers for Euphoria | 104K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 20/05 |
    This is a complete wrap of the Lua v502 dll. See the demos directory for a few examples of how to use it. Dec 20: Added documentation, and some bug fixes.
  37. GEN | Scientific notation parser | 7K | Matt Lewis | Aug 3/07 |
    Parses numbers in scientific notation with maximum precision available for Euphoria atoms (IEEE 754 doubles)
  38. GEN | Advanced wildcard library | 6K | Aron | Nov 11/06 |
    Package: RWILD.E, RMISC.E, documentation and demo (.EX). RWILD provides a flexible, powerful routine for handling pattern matching. RMISC supports RWILD with a few useful sequence operations.
  39. WIN | dEbUg_magic_box | 84K | Antonio Alessi | Apr 4/06 |
    A powerful interactive debugging tool, that allows you to watch large variables of any depth during runtime, and keep or change them. Demonstrates some library functions: get/putStream, get/setFont, openDialog, print out sequenced variables, shellExecuteEx, Load/SaveFileName, message_box etc. Apr 4: Up to 3.0, was provided with a plug-ins feature and some examples; more enhancements.
  40. WIN | Binder GUI Interface | 210K | Rod Damon | Nov 7/05 |
    A Windows GUI interface for binding and shrouding with Euphoria 2.4 & 2.5. Has been tested on WIN98 & XP for Windows & DOS. Written using Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI library. Requires the 2.4 or 2.5 RDS registered binder/shrouder (not included).
  41. GEN | EG Interpreter | 662K | Greg Haberek | Dec 8/04 |
    A modified interpreter based on the open-source 100% Euphoria Public Domain Interpreter. Includes many new features, including variable_id() and version(). EG is also highly portable, since it has a built-in version of ed that may be run from the command line. EG is also great for CGI. Includes DOS, Windows and Linux (translated) executables, but no source code. Dec 8: egu is now compressed with UPX.
  42. WIN | eu2html | 23K | Jules Davy | Feb 5/04 |
    A front-end to Martin Stachon's command line eu2html. It converts euphoria source code to syntax-coloured html with optional CSS.
  43. WIN | Profiler | 4K | Alexander Toresson | Nov 15/03 |
    By using this, you will be able to see how much cpu time chosen parts of your program are using. You will also be able to watch over chosen variables and define breakpoints in realtime. You will also be able to start/stop program execution. All this through a Windows GUI.
  44. WIN | Modified Interpreter | 352K | Matthew Lewis | Jul 14/03 |
    Using the Euphoria 2.4 interpreter source code, Matt has added some extra features. You can specify a routine to be called when there's a run-time error. You can access variables by id number, and you can resolve conflicting global symbols in a way that will likely be supported by Euphoria in the next release. Jul 14: added global resolution feature
  45. GEN | Unlimited Alphabet Interpreter | 738K | Igor Kachan | Oct 5/02 |
    A program that can generate 21 different versions of the ex.exe interpreter. Each version supports a different international code page for output to the screen in graphics modes. These interpreters are built using the publicly-available Euphoria Interpreter Source Code, and WATCOM C for DOS. His interpreters allow identifiers with ASCII characters 128-255. This is useful for many (non-English) languages. He has also included versions of exw.exe and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with 128-255 support. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
  46. GEN | Quartz: OOP in Euphoria | 13K | Roderick Jackson | Dec 14/99 |
    A library of routines for object-oriented programming. Dec 14: store/load objects on disk, and generally faster
  47. GEN | Euphoria Preprocessor | 28K | David Cuny | Jun 2/98 |
    a preprocessor that adds several language features to Euphoria, version 1.01b.
  48. WIN | Profile_Time in WIN32 | 455K | Daniel Kluss | Oct 25/07 |
    A modified source of Euphoria with profile_time enabled in Windows, 1 ms timer.
  49. WIN | APC dll | 9K | Daniel Kluss | May 9/06 |
    More multithreaded fun. Better than TDLL. Uses APC completion callbacks to Euphoria with unique objects for every call. Could be used to make anything super multithreaded, and the whole state could be saved in the return variables. He has tested with 20k threads, and floats, and doubles, and sequences. Passes all his tests, but needs more testing.
  50. GEN | Task Manager | 6K | Mike Nelson | Aug 27/05 |
    Provides cooperative multitasking. Tasks can be prioritized, have start times from immediately to 1 day in the future, and can be run once or repeated at any interval from continuously to daily. A non-OOP version of the forthcoming Method Euphoria Task Manger Library.
  51. WIN | Convert .h to .e | 41K | Daniel Kluss | Apr 23/02 |
    Convert C .h header files to Euphoria .e include files.
  52. GEN | Formula Compiler | 2K | Al Getz | Mar 4/01 |
    A mathematical formula compiler for those looking for a dynamic "Eval" type of function.
  53. DOS | Dynamic Include Files | 2K | Mark Honnor | Mar 30/99 |
    a system for dynamically deciding which files to include.
  54. LNX | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for Linux | 1689K | James Cook | Feb 12/18 |
    Euphoria v3.1.1 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, ecu non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware Feb 12: changed link
  55. GEN | binaries for Apple OSX v4.0.5 | 6902K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Binaries for Apple OSX Intel processor, "Snow Leopard", compiled "euphoria-OSX-4.0.5-src" using OpenEuphoria's v4.0.0 Final for OSX. Freeware. Feb 3: changed link
  56. WIN | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled | 1953K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v3.1.1 Watcom compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (ecw.exe, exw.exe, exwc.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. Feb 3: changed link
  57. WIN | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.0.5 | 7876K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.0.5 Watcom compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also Feb 3: changed link
  58. LNX | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.0.5 Linux | 5753K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.0.5 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (eui, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also Feb 3: changed link
  59. LNX | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--32 bit | 5911K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.1.0 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also Feb 3: changed link
  60. WIN | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--32 bit | 8561K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.1.0 gcc.exe compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also and (gcc.exe) Feb 3: changed link
  61. WIN | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--64 bit | 9854K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.1.0 gcc.exe compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (euc.exe, eui.exe, euiw.exe non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also and (gcc.exe) Feb 3: changed link
  62. LNX | eu.ex and ec.ex compiled for v4.1.0--64 bit | 6056K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Euphoria v4.1.0 GCC compiled bins from source directory's eu.ex and ec.ex (exu, euc non-compressed with translated C source code) Freeware. See also Feb 3: changed link
  63. GEN | euwrap | 5976K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    A system to use Euphoria functions stored in dlls (compiled with euc or ecw) to be called from another computer programming language, such as C, by opening a dll. Data can be exchanged using Linked lists. Most Euphoria functions are wrapped. Includes binaries, demos, and source. Look for Freeware license. Feb 3: changed link
  64. WIN | Named Pipes for EU3 | 3K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 14/17 |
    Port of OpenEuphoria std/pipeio.e to Euphoria 3.11. Uses some routines of EU3 Standard Library.
  65. GEN | quick | 1K | Phil F. | Jul 21/17 |
    This quick "contents list" of routine declarations and their line numbers can save a few moments when you are not sure where a routine is in a group of old project files. Try: eui qindex.ex myfile.e {and optional} > keeplist.txt
  66. WIN | eu compiled | 369K | James Cook | Jul 6/17 |
    This is simply a Watcom-compiled distribution of eu.ex from the source directory of Euphoria v3.1.1, euw.exe eu.ex to exw1.exe and exwc1.exe
  67. WIN | eu compiled for v4.0.5 | 1411K | James Cook | Jul 6/17 |
    Simply eu.ex from Euphoria v4.0.5 source directory translated and compiled using watcom. eui1.exe and euiw.exe provided. (provided without compression)
  68. GEN | Linked List | 17K | James Cook | Jun 23/17 |
    Double linked list routines in Euphoria. Can interface with C linked list structure. Linked lists can provide faster data processing than arrays, because not all the data is in the processor cache. Can represent any Euphoria object as a linked list. Freeware license.
  69. GEN | euthread | 310K | James Cook | Jun 19/17 |
    euthread impliments threads for Euphoria using the gcc and the openwatcom compiler. Threads allow full multiprocessor support. Source included. Freeware license. Jun 19: added euthread.e
  70. GEN | class file exmple | 21K | James Cook | May 27/17 |
    An example of how a class file can be implemented, with inheritance. Multiple instances of a class can be handled, with data in sequences. It can look up an id with an object name, or just have an unnamed id. Data can be erased by over writing it with an empty sequence. May 27: Freeware license.
  71. GEN | dna_software | 60K | James Cook | May 27/17 |
    This is my attempt to write software for dna research. I use things like bit-fields, and I try to find out how much compressed it can be (because it takes a lot of memory). I hope you find it useful. Freeware license.
  72. GEN | Machine2 (v1.00) | 14K | Shian Lee | Jan 11/17 |
    Machine2.e includes basic utilities, bitwise operators and machine level interface routines for Euphoria 3.1.1 (peek2, poke2, EQV, IMP, shift, rotate, pack, unpack, set, get, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, flatten, boolean, string, fix, sign, delay, pause, ...). Includes standard user manual.
  73. GEN | Check Euphoria version | 4K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 30/16 |
    Generic Euphoria version checker. Works on Windows and Linux, 32 or 64 bits, with Eu 3.11, 4.0 and 4.1. Returns one of 8 values: EU_4_1_LNX_64, EU_4_1_LNX_32, EU_4_0_LNX, EU_3_1_LNX, EU_4_1_WIN_64, EU_4_1_WIN_32, EU_4_0_WIN, EU_3_1_WIN. Updates address length. Intended to be used with generic memory allocation routines to avoid common pointer size problems.
  74. WIN | EuPortable Installer | 25000K | Andreas Wagner | Oct 15/16 |
    Installer for EuPortable, contains WEE 0.48, Open Watcom 1.9 (subset), OpenEuphoria 4.0.6. Installer does not write to the registry nor does it change any Path or file association. Oct 15: Added a downloads for Eu4.1. They include the gcc compiler.
  75. GEN | TinyBasic interpreter | 299K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 9/16 |
    A small embedded Basic interpreter written in Euphoria. Updated to a pre-alpha version with if and while statements, variable affectations and a lot of new operators. No need of line numbers anymore.
  76. GEN | Eduardo's Event System | 3K | aceduardo | Jun 7/16 |
    A simple and good event handling lib. Accompanies a very little and simple list management lib.
  77. WIN | TG's Flat Assembler | 84K | Hayden McKay | May 28/16 |
    Wrapper for TG's Flat Assembler. This release has been rebuilt and now should be 'bug free', the debugger is now improved and solid. Supports ia32 & ia64 architectures and applications can have embedded assembler syntax included in their Euphoria program. Routines include: create_asm(), define_asm() & inline_asm()
  78. GEN | EuCANOOP | 280K | Charles Newbould | May 13/16 |
    OOP programming in Euphoria is not built into the language, yet it is simple to realise and easy to apply. EuCANOOP provides an OOP functionality with just nine routines. There are no limitations with regard to either operating systems or Euphoria version. May 13: Completely revised syntax - even simpler? Now needs OE4.0 or later. OOP libraries & examples provided. Project ongoing.
  79. LNX | All In One Installer | 280K | Shawn Pringle | Mar 10/16 |
    Formerly Network AIO installer. Based on DURO's All In One installer but works on systems that do not have a French locale. This installs Euphoria 4.1, 4.0, and GTK and WX and its IDE. Mar 10: Installs the newer 4.11.5 and incorporates the newest 4.0 sources into the 4.0 install.
  80. LNX | Tidy-Backup for WEE 0.43 | 15K | Kenneth Rhodes | Jan 4/16 |
    Simple routines to back up and "beautifier" Euphoria source code. WEE 0.43 users can run "eui backup.ex ui_gtk.e" to backup the existing "ui_gtk.e" file, then copy then "cp *.e /WEE-Directory/". Bingo! Run "eui wee.exw" and you have "Backup Current File" and "Tidy Current File Source Code" menu options appended to WEE's "Run" menu. The Tidy option automatically backs up your original source code file. More details in file comments.
  81. GEN | kissWxEuphoria | 8446K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 2/16 |
    kissWxEuphoria succeeds to wxSimple to allow beginners to use wxEuphoria: less routines, parameters always in the same order when possible in the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). Covers only a subset of wxEuphoria functions.
  82. WIN | Code beautifier | 188K | Jean-Marc DURO | Dec 1/15 |
    A code beautifier to improve readability of badly indented source code. Original source code is left unchanged. A copy with extension .btf is made. Uses tinEWG, but can easily be adapted to Linux.
  83. GEN | Joy | 18K | Shawn Pringle | Oct 17/15 |
    A library full of simple functions for making your code more terse but still readable. Source and Documentation.
  84. WIN | M- | 569K | Jalil | Jul 19/15 |
    M- is another programming language using a virtual machine to create seemingly fast programs. M- syntax is similar to assembly language.
  85. WIN | Euphoria Sandpit | 851K | ChrisBurch3 | Jun 1/15 |
    A very simple program to type in quick Euphoria code, load a program and mess about with it. Demonstrate plonkable gui building, and shows just how short an eu program can be. Exe included, source code requires tinEGW to run. Great program for a beginner to use to learn the basics of programming.
  86. WIN | Trace utility | 2K | Phil French | Dec 25/14 |
    R.S Williamson's trackvars was just what he wanted, but it needed updating from 2000. He wanted to make it extra convenient. He tried to add a little - He hopes he managed this correctly. It 'logs' events you want to track in your program. 2 files, tracer3.ew and a readme.
  87. GEN | tidy 1.2 | 2K | Kenneth Rhodes | Apr 7/13 |
    tidy 1. 2 is an upgrade to Jiri Babor's source code beautifier, tidy,( New features: An include file, tidy.e can now be called from a Euphoria source code editor and tidy.ex can be used from the command line. Input source code file is now automatically backed up and the "tidied" file overwrites your input file. Program aborts if backup fails. Added support for "loop", "switch", "type", and "ifdef".
  88. WIN | Simple OOP | 47K | Jean-Marc DURO | Mar 6/13 |
    Simple Object Oriented style programming. The demo shows an EditText box synchronized with a CSV Table as Borland Delphi does (similar to TEditBox + TTable + TDatasource). Simpler than ever.
  89. WIN | euphoria-install-package | 8550K | Shawn Pringle | May 5/12 |
    Install package for testing purposes. May 5: Should refuse to install on unpatched versions of Windows 95
  90. GEN | Simple OOP | 7K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jun 21/11 |
    A very simple way to deal with Object Oriented Programming. Compatible with Euphoria 3 and up.
  91. WIN | backendw.exe (improved) | 73K | Al Getz | Sep 19/09 |
    A new 'backendw.exe' for Euphoria version 3.11 . The version that ships with Euphoria v3.11 has a limitation of 128 bytes. This file replaces the old one and allows the bound executable to work under directory names who's lengths are limited only by the operating system.
  92. GEN | Dot Notation for Euphoria (v2) | 15K | Jeremy Cowgar | Mar 24/09 |
    An update to David Cuny's DOT program that supports new Euphoria 4.0 features such as namespaces, enums, new built-in functions and more. It also adds DOT notation for sequence access. REQUIRES 4.x.
  93. GEN | limits.e | 3K | Jason Gade | Jun 12/08 |
    Defines some of the numerical limits for Euphoria atoms and integers. Jun 12: Corrected get_epsilon() function, thanks to Fernando Bauer.
  94. GEN | Profile Library | 54K | Tone Skoda | Mar 4/08 |
    Library for measuring speed of code and counting how many times it is called. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  95. GEN | Get returned 64 bit integers | 6K | CChris | Jan 11/08 |
    Some shared library functions return 64 or 96 bit values. The get_large_return() function provided here retrieves such values as a sequence of atoms, each of which holding a 32 bit slice of the value. Supports cdecl/stdcall/pascal calling conventions, signed or unsigned return values. Jan 11: Typos corrected
  96. GEN | EuTCL Tcl/Tk Wrapper | 16K | Leonardo Cecchi | Jan 9/08 |
    EuTCL is a wrapper that enables Euphoria programs to embed a Tcl/Tk interpreter. It works with Windows and with Linux. You can write a platform independent GUI with Tk, invoke tcl commands, register new tcl commands, etc.
  97. GEN | Comment remover | 2K | CChris | Mar 22/07 |
    A library and standalone .exw to remove comments from a string or file. Optional stats, optional removal of lines either white or reduced to white.
  98. WIN | setEUver | 2K | Wolfgang Fritz | Mar 14/07 |
    For Watcom users. Tests adding additional version info to exw.exe version 3.0.2.. Includes sample 'probe' program. READ the readme first!
  99. GEN | Euphoria Intel OSX components. ( incomplete ) | 1244K | alban read | Nov 19/06 |
    This is the Euphoria interpreter and translator compiled for Intel Mac (terminal only), along with slightly modified source code. Mainly of interest to people working on a full Intel Mac Port. The translator can compile itself and compile the interpreter, no graphics commands are supported yet. Please read the readme. (RDS will look into adding this code to the official source.) Nov 19: debugger now switches screens properly.
  100. GEN | Unit testing framework | 1K | Jeremy Cowgar | Nov 18/06 |
    A unit testing framework modeled loosely after Perl's unit testing system.
  101. WIN | Modified Euphoria 3.0.1 setup program for DOS/Windows | 517K | Juergen Luethje | Nov 7/06 |
    The files "euphoria.iss" and "setupae.exw" from the original '' archive have been changed, in order to mainly achive the following: o Make a backup copy of "autoexec.bat" before that file is altered. o Write _short_ path names to "autoexec.bat" (because long path names will not work on bare DOS)! Some other minor changes have been made, see included Readme file for details.
  102. WIN | Translator Support for MinGW and Pelles C | 164K | Konstantinos Tampouris | Nov 5/06 |
    Support for two more free compilers for Windows: MinGW and Pelles C. Both compilers can target WinCE, so this support brings Euphoria one step closer to targeting WinCE too. All 3.0.1 source code changes included. (Someone should add this code to the official Translator).
  103. GEN | INCLUDE Utility | 9K | Fred Mangan | Oct 26/06 |
    A guru-like utility for finding global procedures in the header files in the euphoria\include folder.
  104. WIN | PE File Format Reader | 23K | Graeme Burke | Oct 19/06 |
    Code that can dump the Portable Executable header format used by Windows .exe files. Oct 19: Added some new constants
  105. GEN | Get Fixed | 4K | Daniel Kluss | May 6/06 |
    This is a modified version of the standard include GET.E. He fixed what he thinks is a problem with different notations of the same value not being interpreted bit for bit the same. Please test and comment. Try: equal({GET_SUCCESS,472.8},value("47280000000000.E-011")). May 6: added a test program to show a difference. He gets bit correct: (get.e = 40-45% get2.e = 100%) digit correct: (get.e = 75-85% get2.e = 100%)
  106. GEN | Modified include system | 40K | Vincent Howell | Feb 9/06 |
    This is now just a proof of concept on how he proposed to fix the duplicate filename issue with Euphoria's include system. Perhaps this code can be used for comparing two different filepaths. NOTE: A better alternative solution has been agreed upon by RDS for implementation into the official language.
  107. WIN | Euphoria as a dll | 173K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 23/05 |
    Euphoria (eu.ex) compiled into a dll using the PD Translator. Most of the exported routines are not usable, as they depend on internal interpreter data structures. However, many standard Euphoria library routines are present, and those may be of some use. e.g. sort() will be faster since it's translated/compiled.
  108. GEN | Multiplatform Eval Script | 1K | Alex Chamberlain | Dec 15/05 |
    An eval script that runs Eu programs and actually works - because it uses the RDS releases.
  109. WIN | Modified Scripting Interpreter | 1461K | wes hermanson | Dec 4/05 |
    Freeware scripting interpreter with GUI control, written completely in Euphoria (no source). It can run Euphoria programs (both windows and dos), as well as 7 extra languages in tandem (below). Can be called from command line. AIT, COBOL, Euphoria, Forth, LISP, Tint, SIC, and SmallTalk.
  110. GEN | EuExpat ver. 0.1 | 72K | Damien | Oct 31/05 |
    For parsing XML files. It's far from complete. Check it out and let him know what you think. A GNU/Linux version will be coming soon. Apr 23: updated the example program, various code clean ups, added a few more functions. parse() fully works now.
  111. WIN | Windows Tasking Demo 01 | 6K | Al Getz | Sep 23/05 |
    This is a Windows tasking demo for use with the new Euphoria tasking preview. The demo is made for WinClass but the task procedures and related can be used with any library. Be sure to read the "readme.txt" file before running.
  112. GEN | Euphoria Plus | 108K | Alex Chamberlain | Jan 5/05 |
    This is basically a syntax editor for Euphoria with preprocessor (David Cuny's) and automatic text. This program allows you to write a program with preprocessor commands and convert it into standard Euphoria. Jan 5: Version 2.5: Multi-file support
  113. GEN | Joy Interpreter In Euphoria (joie) | 22K | Raymundo Baquirin | Jan 3/05 |
    joie is an interpreter for the concatenative programming language Joy, written in Euphoria.
  114. GEN | ZClasses - Simple OOP Library | 10K | Dave Probert | Dec 19/04 |
    This is a simple OO-like Library that can be used with or without windows (single include). It implements methods, member variables, subclassing and extending. Can be used with applications or simply as a learning tool. 2 example files included. Comments welcome. Dec 19: Fixed a couple of bugs and enhanced a couple of functions.
  115. GEN | Common Code Analysis | 5K | Pete Lomax | Sep 11/04 |
    Similar in concept to a profile listing, identifies groups of lines of duplicate code.
  116. GEN | Exception Handling | 2K | Mike Nelson | Apr 29/03 |
    A simplified version of the exception handling system from his Diamond OOP library. This could be useful in non-OOP programs. Apr 29: bug fix
  117. GEN | Include File Dependencies | 2K | Matt Arriola | Mar 1/03 |
    A program that scans your program and gives a report on all the include files that are used. Needs Kat's strtok.e. Mar 1: bug fix
  118. WIN | GUI for Translator | 164K | Roland Stowasser | Dec 28/02 |
    A graphical user interface for the Euphoria to C Translator, built using Judith's IDE and Win32Lib. Dec 28: start it in any directory; add a .rc or .res file to the created executable.
  119. GEN | Unlimited Alphabet and Russian Diagnostics | 704K | Igor Kachan | Oct 5/02 |
    ex.exe, exw.exe, and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with Russian error messages, fonts and ex.err dumps. Igor went through the entire Euphoria interpreter source code and changed all the English messages to Russian. Interpreters for all 4 platforms are included. Allows identifiers with unlimited alphabet 128-255. This is very useful in Russian. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
  120. GEN | Preprocessor | 9K | J. Brown | May 15/02 |
    A preprocessor that extends the Euphoria language. May 15: new features
  121. GEN | Forward Reference Parser | 10K | J. Brown | Jul 18/01 |
    A preprocessor that adds some features to the Euphoria language.
  122. GEN | Namespace Parser | 20K | J. Brown | Jul 18/01 |
    His vision of namespaces. (This is not what RDS implemented for 2.3).
  123. GEN | Basic To Euphoria Translator | 21K | J. Brown | Jul 3/01 |
    It translates a subset of Basic commands into Euphoria. (see also David Cuny's EBasic in the Archive)
  124. GEN | Parser for Euphoria Programs | 9K | Humberto Yeverino | May 23/01 |
    A program that parses a euphoria source file and extracts information about types, functions, procedures and variables. May 23: rewrote main algorithm, fixed bugs, keeps track of constants
  125. GEN | HamsterSpeak | 19K | James Paige | Mar 4/01 |
    A compiler for a custom language called "HamsterSpeak" that he created for use with the DOS RPG Maker O.H.R.RPG.C.E. Originally written in QuickBasic, the new Euphoria version runs 12 times faster.
  126. WIN | Goo | 121K | Karl Bochert | Feb 27/01 |
    A translator that adds namespaces, some shorthands, and an object system to Euphoria. The objects feature multiple inheritance, dot notation, virtual methods and visibility control (public, private, secret). Some examples and html documentation are included.
  127. GEN | ASP To VB Translator | 54K | Tone Skoda | Dec 17/00 |
    A Translator from ASP to Visual Basic.
  128. GEN | Ox Parser Generator | 26K | David Cuny | Nov 4/00 |
    Give it a grammar (language description). It will make a parser (syntax checker) for that language, written in Euphoria. You can include the parser in your application, and you can specify actions to be performed as elements of your language are recognized. Nov 3: $pre directive fixed. Nov 4: identifiers with embedded keywords fixed
  129. WIN | Preprocessor for OOP | 33K | Karl Bochert | Sep 20/00 |
    A package for adding Object Oriented features to Euphoria. It translates OOP features into plain Euphoria. Sep 20: bug fix
  130. GEN | Extensions to Topaz | 67K | Matt Arriola | Aug 26/00 |
    New instructions that extend the instruction set of Roderick Jackson's Topaz (see Archive). Aug 26: v1.2
  131. WIN | SWIG/Euphoria | 539K | David Cuny | Aug 19/00 |
    SWIG ( Simple Wrapper Interface Generator) is a C++ program that makes it possible to quickly build interfaces to C and C++ programs. This beta release of SWIG/Euphoria automatically generates Windows DLL source code and matching Euphoria wrappers from C/C++ header files. Aug 19: a .DLL file, needed by the program is now included.
  132. GEN | Euphoria to Java Translator | 16K | David Cuny | May 11/00 |
    A very early release of a translator from Euphoria to Java.
  133. GEN | Dynamic Include System | 1K | Gabriel Boehme | Mar 29/00 |
    an improvement on the dynamic include file technique proposed by Mark Honnor. Mar 29: minor update to declare Public Domain status.
  134. GEN | Quartz Professional: OOP in Euphoria | 14K | Roderick Jackson | Dec 14/99 |
    A library of routines for object-oriented programming that's much faster than his standard Quartz above.
  135. GEN | Class System for Euphoria | 27K | Mike Nelson | Sep 1/99 |
    A new approach to using classes in Euphoria. Sep 1: exception handling is now an integral part of eclasses
  136. GEN | Euphoria Source File Analyzer | 11K | Craig Gilbert | Aug 13/99 |
    A tool that scans Euphoria code and reports on the variables and routines that it finds.
  137. GEN | Object Oriented Programming in Euphoria | 9K | Jürgen Jänes | Jul 11/99 |
    He worked out this system for doing object-oriented programming in Euphoria.
  138. GEN | Euphoria expression evaluator | 9K | Falkon | Jul 3/99 |
    A full-featured evaluator of Euphoria expressions.
  139. GEN | Simple Exception Handling Mechanism | 6K | Mike Nelson | Jun 24/99 |
    A scheme that partially emulates Java-style exception handling.
  140. DOS | Interactive Euphoria Interpreter | 4K | Roderick Jackson | Jun 5/99 |
    A front-end to Euphoria that lets you type in Euphoria statements and have them executed immediately.
  141. GEN | Another approach to Object Orientation | 57K | Matthew Whitehead | Apr 12/99 |
    an approach to object-oriented programming in Euphoria.
  142. DOS | QBasic to Euphoria Translator | 96K | David Cuny | Mar 17/99 |
    a Euphoria program that translates QBasic programs into Euphoria. This release handles a very large subset of QBasic. QBasic programs will run faster, and can use much more memory, after they've been translated into Euphoria.
  143. GEN | Euphoria Expression Evaluator | 5K | Jeff Fielding | Feb 22/99 |
    an evaluator of Euphoria expressions. It takes the string representation of a Euphoria expression, and gives you the resulting value.
  144. GEN | Euphoria Pre-Processor | 30K | Jeff Fielding | Nov 17/98 |
    a language preprocessor for Euphoria. Among other things, it can give you a list of your variables and functions and whether they've been used or not.
  145. DOS | Simple Compiler/Interpreter | 5K | Detlef Reimers | Aug 18/98 |
    a simple compiler and interpreter for mathematical expressions
  146. GEN | Object-Oriented Programming Example | 6K | Francis Bussiere | May 25/97 |
    a collection of routines for creating and manipulating objects in an Object-Oriented manner