Library Routines

  1. GEN | General Functions | 72K | Ricardo Forno | Dec 31/06 |
    A large collection of useful general purpose functions. Dec 31: On request, he packed genfunc.e with genfunc.htm, a documentation HTML file.
  2. GEN | String Token Routines | 24K | Kat | Dec 27/02 |
    A large set of routines for treating strings of text as streams of "tokens". Dec 27: version 2.1, more commands and options, faster parsing
  3. GEN | Binary Print/Get | 17K | Gabriel Boehme | Mar 30/99 |
    an efficient system for saving/restoring Euphoria data objects to/from a file. His method saves or restores any Euphoria atom or sequence. Benchmarks versus Euphoria's print()/get(), and Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen's EDOM are included. See also Euphoria's new EDS database system.
  4. GEN | Date and Time Functions | 13K | Carl White | Jun 26/01 |
    A set of routines for calculating dates and times. It includes extensive documentation and historical notes.
  5. GEN | Associative Lists (Tables) | 17K | Jiri Babor | Sep 9/02 |
    Three different implementations of tables (associative lists of key/value pairs). Sep 9: Jiri has a new approach that is more intuitive and slightly faster.
  6. GEN | CxImage | 564K | Mic | May 20/10 |
    A wrapper for the CxImage library. It can load and save images using the BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, TGA and PCX formats. It can also resize images using either nearest-neighbor or bilinear filtering. An example is included. May 20: Added Linux support (32-bit).
  7. GEN | Tommy's Unicode Library 1.2 | 7K | Tommy Carlier | Jun 13/04 |
    Lets you read and write Unicode-files. Jun 13: Fixed some bugs, thanks to Arthur Crump.
  8. DOS | Neil Graphics Library | 49K | Pete Eberlein | Sep 22/99 |
    a very sophisticated graphics library for DOS32. You will also need asm.e from Pete's file. This link takes you to his site.
  9. DOS | DOS Long Filenames | 16K | Juergen Luethje | Aug 8/05 |
    This code extends Euphoria's support of DOS long filenames to include current_dir(), chdir(), dir(), and file creation with open(). He also has routines to convert between long and short filenames. You are encouraged to test this code on various versions of DOS. If it looks solid, it will likely be built into future versions of Euphoria for DOS. Aug 8: added explicit license
  10. WIN | GdiPlus Graphics Library | 132K | Al Getz | Mar 30/05 |
    A major graphics library with over 600 functions that can be called with Euphoria for displaying/saving pictures and drawing other graphics objects and text. Supported file formats include jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif, ico, emf, wmf. Functions are grouped according to purpose and the C declarations are included right with each function wrap for immediate reference.
  11. GEN | Modified Print Routine | 2K | Gabriel Boehme | Mar 29/00 |
    A modifed print() routine that prints sequences that appear to be strings, as human-readable strings with double-quotes. This can save a lot of space if you are saving/restoring data using print()/get(). Mar 29: minor update to declare Public Domain status.
  12. GEN | Pete's Pretty Print | 5K | Pete Lomax | Sep 11/04 |
    Displays Euphoria sequences and tables in an easy-to-read format. Options to set file, nesting, screen width and depth, string, integer, and float formats, ascii range, and date handling. Full source. Sep 11: 32 bit integer printing.
  13. DOS | Mode 19 Graphics Engine | 62K | Hollow Horse Software | Feb 19/97 |
    a fast engine for making games and graphics in mode 19. Their engine has been tested extensively by Mark Honnor.
  14. GEN | GD Library | 577K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Oct 19/05 |
    A Euphoria wrapper for the GD Library. It supports JPG, PNG, WBMP, and XPM. It can read and write each format. It has support for drawing rectangles, circles, arcs, lines, simple text, and anti-aliased TrueType fonts. Oct 19: Fixes CDECL problem on Windows, and an atan2 domain error.
  15. GEN | High Resolution Timing routine | 13K | Verne Tice | Jan 23/05 |
    For timing code execution. Very good for benchmarking, comparative timings for evaluating alternative algorithms. Requires Pentium+ class CPU, as it uses the TimeStampCounter which increments by 1 for every CPU clock cycle. Many comments, samples of output from timing tests on DOS32, Win98 console, and Win98 DOS box, and timing program.
  16. GEN | ZLib Compression Library | 105K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Nov 29/03 |
    The open-source ZLib Compression Library adapted for Euphoria. A Windows .dll file is included. On Linux you can use a standard shared library available on most systems. Nov 29: ZLib 1.2.1. Speed increases for certain functions. New call-back based decompression. Run-length encoding strategy.
  17. WIN | Pattern Matching | 53K | Karl Bochert | Apr 23/02 |
    A regular expression library implemented as a wrapper around the PCRE .DLL (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions) by Philip Hazel. Apr 23: API functions renamed. High speed "index based" API added
  18. GEN | Pattern Matching for Text Strings | 8K | David Cuny | Feb 4/00 |
    A routine that performs complex pattern matching against strings of text. It goes well beyond Euphoria's wildcard_match() in wildcard.e. It's based on Perl's regular expression matching. Feb 4: '/' escape character enhanced
  19. DOS | Enhanced mem_copy() for action games | 4K | Michael Bolin | Jun 2/98 |
    high-performance routines for blasting images onto the screen.
  20. GEN | BITS | 13K | Mike Duffy | Jan 24/07 |
    Bit and byte functions for Euphoria 2.4 and higher. Jan 24: Fixed limit calculation in word/dword_scan(), extended cpu_id(), added std_call(), updated documents.
  21. GEN | Save Euphoria Objects in Memory | 5K | Jordah Ferguson | Sep 20/02 |
    Save/restore any Euphoria object, i.e. integer, floating-point, complex nested sequence, as a series of bytes in allocated memory, or in a file. Among other things, you might use this code to pass Euphoria data between separate Euphoria processes - see Share Memory Between Processes. Sep 20: Save/read compressed data to file or sequence. Optimized with better compression of data.
  22. GEN | Bit Operations | 10K | Juergen Luethje | May 3/07 |
    Versatile and fast bit operations on 32-bit integers, mostly using machine code. May 3: crc32() function implemented in machine code, so it's now considerably faster than before. Enhanced documentation.
  23. GEN | Access .ini Files | 11K | Mike | Jul 11/02 |
    A library for accessing .ini files. This library was previously bundled with his Windows editor.
  24. DOS | Turtle Graphics | 17K | Jiri Babor | Jan 2/00 |
    An engine for displaying turtle graphics, a method of drawing pictures that is popular in LOGO and other languages. He has included some very artistic examples. Jan 2: code rewritten, plus better documentation
  25. WIN | windows serial port access | 8K | jacques deschênes | May 24/09 |
    WIN32 API binding for serial port usage.
  26. GEN | File I/O, Screen I/O & Other Misc Functions | 46K | Bill Reed | Jul 17/05 |
    Library routines for reading, writing files, converting files. Routines for drawing DOS boxes, Msgbox, password entry. Screen read and write routines. Functions can be combined to create a file browser. Documentation in Euphoria help text and html, with full examples.
  27. GEN | Record Sorting | 8K | Derek Parnell | Oct 10/04 |
    Functions for comparing and sorting records by field, and for converting text strings to numbers. HTML documentation included (index.htm). Handles text-numerics, case insensitive fields, and asending/descending orders on a by-field basis.
  28. WIN | System_wait | 2K | Pete Lomax | Jul 15/04 |
    An alternative to system_exec(). Originally by Juergen Luethje, modified to suspend for 40ms (1/25th of a second) while waiting for the child process to complete, and also to work with/without Win32Lib.
  29. WIN | RAR File Extraction Library | 92K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Nov 24/03 |
    A Windows dynamic-link library which provides file extraction, listing and testing of RAR archives, with password support. Euphoria wrapper and demo program included.
  30. WIN | Access .Ini Files | 8K | Aku | May 28/03 |
    An INI file library that uses native Windows functions. It can read/write any Euphoria object. Demo included.
  31. GEN | Structures | 6K | Derek Parnell | Jul 22/02 |
    A library that implements a form of simulated structures in Euphoria. These structures are fixed-length sequences with named elements and (optionally) fixed element types. They are passed to subroutines by reference rather than value. Jul 22: a routine to delete structure definitions, improved documentation and a couple of minor bug fixes.
  32. GEN | CRC | 3K | Graeme Burke | Jan 5/02 |
    Routines for calculating a Cyclic Redundancy Check, either 32-bit or 16-bit. This is useful in detecting corruption of transmitted files.
  33. DOS | Loaders for .GIF and .PCX formats | 11K | Michael Bolin | Sep 28/97 |
    routines similar to Euphoria's read_bitmap() for .BMP files, that will read .GIF and .PCX files.
  34. GEN | idle task library | 3K | Ryan W. Johnson | Jul 14/08 |
    Useful routines: nanosleep() - to sleep for less than 1 second, delay(), and idletask() - causes the Euphoria task scheduler to idle the CPU when not running other tasks (otherwise, the scheduler will use active waiting when there is less than 1 second between scheduled tasks, which hogs the CPU) Read the comments in the source file for more info and usage examples. Jul 14: Re-uploaded file.
  35. GEN | Precise Timer DOS and Windows | 17K | Daniel Kluss | Aug 6/04 |
    A machine code routine that can provide much more precise timings than Euphoria's time() function. Works with Pentium CPU's or higher. Aug 6: Made initialization faster
  36. WIN | win_dir() | 10K | Greg Haberek | Dec 17/05 |
    A Windows-specific directory routine. Returns the same information as Euphoria's native dir(). Uses optional Unicode* strings, so the maximum path name length may be 32,767 characters instead of just 255, and extended characters are fully supported, unlike dir(). *Note: Unicode is only supported in Windows NT/2000/XP. See docs for more info. Dec 17: Bug fixes thanks to Al Getz. Updated demo program.
  37. DOS | Emagine 1.2 | 92K | Emlyn Merlyn | Nov 4/04 |
    A powerful gaming library which features routines for fast sprites and buffers. It has palette routines as well as routines for saving and loading pictures. It supports midi music and speaker sounds. Nov 4: New routines, Old ones faster, More demos.
  38. WIN | BZip2 Library | 45K | Greg Haberek | Oct 14/03 |
    A re-write of Aku's BZip2 data compression library. Does not require any extra libraries, and it's written in English.
  39. GEN | LZ Compression | 51K | Mic | May 28/03 |
    He converted a variation of the very effective LZ compression/decompression algorithm to Euphoria. You can use this to compress any file and later decompress it. May 28: Matthew Lewis heavily optimized the encoder. Mic enhanced both the encoder and decoder.
  40. DOS | Vega Vector Graphics Library | 48K | Colin Taylor | Aug 26/99 |
    An impressive vector graphics library, that can be used in both DOS32 and WIN32. A great-looking tutorial program is included that makes use of his library. Aug 26: file I/O routines and a new demo
  41. WIN | Jarod Dual-Platform Multimedia Library | 828K | Mic | Oct 7/00 |
    A multimedia library that works on both DOS and Windows. Demo programs are included. Oct 7: new routines for lines, circles and boxes, bug fixes, most demos can be translated to C and compiled
  42. DOS | Mouse Routines | 30K | Jiri Babor | Mar 18/98 |
    An excellent collection of mouse routines that works in all graphics modes, including SVGA. Note: Jiri has since updated rat.e, but the demos in this package are still interesting. See Improved Mouse Routines.
  43. WIN | Allegro Euphoria bitmap library | 1K | Mike Wever | Jan 8/04 |
    A library of functions to allow you to use Euphoria-style bitmaps with Allegro. Requires Ray Smith's Allegro library.
  44. GEN | Stack Library | 5K | Lucius L. Hilley III | May 22/02 |
    A set of routines for manipulating LIFO stacks and FIFO queues.
  45. GEN | Sets | 2K | Rod Jackson | Nov 19/01 |
    A library that treats sequences as mathematical sets, with routines for intersection, union, etc.
  46. DOS | NeilGUI Library | 34K | Lewis Townsend | Apr 21/00 |
    A GUI library based on Pete Eberlein's Neil. Apr 21: new demo program, objects can be destroyed, more extensive error trapping
  47. GEN | Fast Sorting for Euphoria | 10K | Leks van der Voort van der Kleij | Jan 13/06 |
    Fastsort provides a set of very fast sorting algorithms for Euphoria. Sorting speed gains from 20% for small sequences to up to 45% for large sequences (>40,000 items). It comes with an adapted sort.e: use this, and no editing of your own programmes is needed to benefit from the faster sorting.
  48. DOS | Virtual Graphics Library | 24K | Jiri Babor | Feb 19/99 |
    graphics routines that let you make lines, polygons, ellipses etc. in "virtual screens" in memory. When ready, you can copy your virtual screen to the real screen at very high speed. Great-looking 3-D geometry demos, plus fancy stars demos.
  49. GEN | Simple Standard Library | 7K | Not only Aku 2005 :) | Jun 11/07 |
    Contains general purpose frequently-used routines. The routines include String/Sequence manipulations, File and I/O, Pretty Printing, File/Dir Operations, Hash, and Timing. All are made as simple as possible. Please help him extend this file by optimizing the algorithms and adding new routines but please keep it SIMPLE. Still need file operations routines for Linux. Jun 11: Fixed parameter type in read_lines (thanks Craig Welch)
  50. GEN | mimoc.e | 23K | ags | Feb 9/06 |
    Allocate arbitrary (memory) objects with a "key" name allowing the allocated handle/address to be retrieved by key name or all managed resources to be freed at once with the appropriate freeing routines. Feb 9: Added optional optimisations with timing results. bfind lookups and a key name cache.
  51. GEN | Natural Sort | 2K | Andy Serpa | Jan 13/06 |
    A customized sort that handles strings containing numbers in a better way. Jan 13: bug fix, changed one declaration to avoid crash in rare cases
  52. GEN | Blowfish for Euphoria | 12K | Alexander Toresson | Jan 28/04 |
    This include file enables you to encrypt and decrypt a byte sequence or any sequence with the powerful encryption algorithm Blowfish. Jan 28: You can now make this lib catch all output/input to any files and automatically encrypt/decrypt it.
  53. GEN | Sequence Operations | 2K | Derek Parnell | Sep 17/03 |
    A set of general purpose sequence functions. Including... remove_right() remove_left() remove_mid() insert() last_element() to_head() to_tail() move_back() move_forward() find_from() find_all() match_from() match_all() mid() left() right()
  54. WIN | Print in Columns | 7K | Tony Steward | Aug 17/03 |
    A routine to print reports in columns, or print listviews. It prints listviews almost exactly as they appear on the screen. i.e. if a column occupies 30% of a ListView control then it will occupy 30% of the page. If a column is not visible on the screen, then it is not printed. Automatically gets column names, sizes & data. Aug 17: bug fixes and improvements
  55. GEN | Mersenne Twister | 3K | Brendon Sly | Jul 20/01 |
    A very good random number generator. Jul 20: Rod Jackson made it much faster.
  56. DOS | Padlock I/O Encryption Library | 12K | Roderick Jackson | Jul 16/01 |
    A library that lets you easily encrypt the data that you write to files. Jul 16: multiple passkeys can now be used, a function is included to allow passkey validation, and the library is released as source code (no longer shrouded.)
  57. DOS | Improved Mouse Routines | 12K | Jiri Babor | Dec 8/99 |
    A new, improved drop-in replacement for Euphoria's mouse.e that works in all pixel-graphics modes, including SVGA. See also Jiri's original demo package.
  58. DOS | Even Faster Flood Fill | 7K | Nick Metcalfe | Mar 25/99 |
    a machine language version of a flood fill routine originally written in Euphoria by Colin Taylor. The machine-coded routine can work directly in mode 19, or it can use a virtual screen in memory. A nice-looking fractal boundary trace demo is included.
  59. DOS | Mighty Mouse Routines | 5K | Pete Eberlein | Jun 2/98 |
    an excellent set of mouse routines plus a neat demo program
  60. DOS | Mode X Graphics | 22K | Pete Eberlein | Dec 12/97 |
    a library of routines for displaying images in a special graphics mode known as Mode X. Game developers and others will be very interested in this. Excellent demos are included.
  61. DOS | Fast Image Routines | 16K | Jiri Babor | Apr 13/97 |
    some fast routines for manipulating sprites and virtual screens
  62. GEN | cross-printing to console and a file or files | 2K | J.Guy | Mar 23/06 |
    When developing a program, he often found himself writing the same diagnostic messages to a log file and to the console at the same time. It makes for tedious typing, and mistakes. So he eventually wrote himself a set of output procedures paralleling print, printf, puts, close and open.
  63. GEN | Soundex Library | 1K | Jess Harpur | Oct 11/00 |
    Routines that determine the soundex equivalent of a string. See also Matt Sephton's Soundex Coding in the Archive.
  64. GEN | Command-line options for your program | 5K | James Cook | May 27/17 |
    Add command-line options handling to your program. Start with the sample provided, and expand it to meet your program's command-line needs. Includes option handling code for: /?, -x, -x[string], -x [str1] [str2] May 27: Freeware license.
  65. GEN | Command Line Processor | 1K | Alex Chamberlain | Sep 15/05 |
    A small include file for processing command line options.
  66. GEN | Access .Ini Files | 62K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    An easy-to-use library for accessing .ini files. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  67. GEN | Euphoria Serialization Library 1.1 | 4K | Tommy Carlier | Jul 5/04 |
    Allows you to serialize and deserialize a sequence. Serializing is turning a sequence into bytes, and deserializing is re-creating the sequence from these bytes. Jul 5: The routines to serialize to file and deserialize from file have been optimized.
  68. GEN | Easter Calculation | 1K | Ken Roger | Jan 7/02 |
    Calculate which day Easter lands on for any year.
  69. DOS | Text Display in Graphics Modes | 3K | Jiri Babor / David Gay | Jan 13/00 |
    putsxy.e lets you print text in graphics modes at any pixel location, and with any combination of foreground and background colors. You can also redefine the shape of any character. Jan 13: Jiri added an option for printing with a transparent background.
  70. DOS | Bitmap Manipulation Routines | 13K | Colin Taylor | Jun 24/99 |
    He developed this library two years ago. It has handy routines for manipulating bitmap images, and it includes some nice demos.
  71. DOS | Create .AVI Files | 39K | Peter Blue | Jun 21/99 |
    A library for creating .AVI animation files. A demo is included that will play an animation, and make a large .AVI file for it. Jun 21: now includes 8 and 16 bit frames that are playable using MediaPlayer
  72. DOS | File Commands | 2K | Daniel Berstein | Mar 10/99 |
    The DOS interrupts needed to perform a variety of operations on files without having to call system(). His .e file includes: copy, cd, del, deltree, mkdir, move, rename etc. Mar 10: fixed bug in plain DOS 7, fixed copy()
  73. DOS | True Color Library | 11K | Christopher Street | Jan 21/98 |
    alpha release of a library for displaying images in "true color", i.e. graphics modes with 16.8 million colors. Many people have asked for this. (See enhancements to this package by Hawke').
  74. DOS | Text Mode Direct Screen Write | 4K | Jiri Babor | Nov 30/98 |
    a library of routines for fast display of text. He uses direct pokes to screen memory to avoid the overhead of the DOS BIOS routines. His routines are faster than the normal Euphoria routines such as puts().
  75. DOS | Make GIF and PCX files | 16K | Christopher Street | Jan 8/98 |
    library routines for saving an image as a .GIF or .PCX file. He also made a utility for reducing the number of colors in a .GIF file.
  76. DOS | Enhanced open() for long names | 1K | Mike Nelson / Gabriel Boehme | May 14/00 |
    A simple enhancement to Euphoria's open() for DOS32 that allows the creation of files with long filenames. May 14: works on all platforms.
  77. DOS | Random Access File Operations | 7K | Derek Brown | Apr 1/99 |
    a library for inserting, deleting and replacing records randomly in a file.
  78. DOS | Check Available Memory | 4K | Jacques Deschenes | Oct 9/97 |
    several library routines that tell you how many bytes of memory are available to your program.
  79. DOS | General Utility Routines | 8K | Jeff Zeitlin | Jun 9/97 |
    a collection of interesting utility functions and routines
  80. DOS | Flood Fill | 13K | Jiri Babor | Jan 2/00 |
    A fast and reliable flood fill written entirely in Euphoria. It can handle both solid and patterned fills. A benchmark is included that compares this flood fill against some previous efforts by other people. Jan 2: slightly simpler code plus corrected documentation
  81. GEN | Compresso Compression Library | 11K | Roderick Jackson | Jul 15/00 |
    A flexible, lossless compression library that works on streams of data. Jul 15: bug fixed, plus command-line programs that compress and decompress files.
  82. DOS | Enhanced TrueColor Library | 45K | Hawke' | Nov 7/98 |
    an improved version of the TrueColor library originally posted by Christopher Street (see Archive). Your video card must support TrueColor (millions of colors).
  83. GEN | Random Numbers | 9K | Kasey | Apr 30/98 |
    Routines to generate random numbers that fit a bell curve.
  84. DOS | Faster Palette Routines | 1K | Greg Harris | Dec 11/97 |
    routines for performing palette() and get_palette(). His routines use DOS interrupts and seem to be faster than the standard palette() in graphics.e
  85. GEN | lib2 v1.20 for Euphoria 3.1.1 | 1578K | Shian Lee | Feb 25/18 |
    lib2 is an extended library for Euphoria 3.1.1. It includes Machine2 1.08, String 1.01, Math 1.00, Datetime 1.20, Random 1.00, Utf8 2.02, Matheval.e 1.00, Japi.e 1.00 for GUI programming, and more. It is an original code with more then 150 elementary routines for any platform. It includes standard user manual for each library, Edu ASCII/UTF-8 editor 2.25 with syntax coloring and context sensitive help for lib2, and also an Install program. Feb 25: EDU 2.25: bug fix, Ctrl-K instead of Ctrl-H. Japi 1.00, a New GUI library for WIN32 and Linux.
  86. GEN | utf8.e (v2.02) | 18K | Shian Lee | Jan 18/18 |
    utf8.e includes routines for Unicode and UTF-8 encoding, cp437 and cp1252 mapping to Unicode, constants of binary representation, and demo programs. Especially useful for Linux terminal (but not only). Includes standard user manual. (See also lib2 for latest updates). Jan 18: utf8() accepts object. UTF8_REP/UNICODE_REP are global.
  87. GEN | Eu3 Standard Library | 3841K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 5/18 |
    A set of libraries for Eu3, documented and tested. Complete rewrite. Now all DLLs/libraries are wrapped the same way in two locations: lib/_w32routines_.e (Win32) and lib/_external_.e (Linux and multi-platform), either his or third party libraries. - v1.1.0 - CURL REST client, HTML index, bug corrections
  88. GEN | Eu4 Standard Library | 3358K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 5/18 |
    A set of libraries for Eu4, documented and tested. Complete rewrite. Now all DLLs/libraries are wrapped the same way in two locations: lib/_w32routines_.e (Win32) and lib/_external_.e (Linux and multi-platform), either his or third party libraries. - v1.1.0 - CURL REST client, HTML index, bug corrections
  89. WIN | Win32Lib Restructured for Eu3 | 3064K | Jean-Marc DURO | Dec 2/17 |
    Win32Lib restructured for Euphoria 3, with only 5 include files instead of 37 and no cross calls between include files to improve maintainability and avoid namespace annoyances. Fully compatible with official Win32Lib 0.70.20. - v3.1.4 - Bug corrections - Needs the new Eu3 Standard Library (v1.0.5).
  90. GEN | EuSDL2Image | 1041K | Andy P. | Sep 29/17 |
    This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Image library. This allows you to use other graphic formats when using SDL2. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Sep 29: Updated for SDL_Image2 2.0.1, also made a new example. Added in cross-platform support.
  91. GEN | Check processes | 2K | Jean-Marc DURO | Aug 25/17 |
    Two functions to test running processes under Linux and Windows. Windows part is based on Pete Stoner's code. - Bug correction on Windows
  92. GEN | sort_order lib | 1K | Igor Kachan | Jul 8/17 |
    There are too many discussion about true names for the sort functions constants. Just his $0.02.
  93. GEN | Longest Common Substring Problem | 17K | James Cook | Jun 2/17 |
    Implementation of the longest common substring problem in Euphoria. Freeware license.
  94. GEN | Command-line Processing Shell | 17K | James Cook | Apr 13/17 |
    Add command-line options handling to your program. Start with the simple routines provided, and expand the shell to meet your program's command-line needs. Includes option handling code for: /?, -x, -x[string], -x [str1] [str2] Apr 13: Freeware license.
  95. GEN | datetime.e (v1.10) | 10K | Shian Lee | Mar 11/17 |
    datetime.e provides date and time routines for Euphoria 3.1.1. The library supports calculation of date and time between the years 1900 and 4900 (Gregorian Calendar). It is designed to be efficient and practical. Includes standard user manual. Mar 11: time_to_float32() removed.
  96. GEN | String.e (v1.00) | 8K | Shian Lee | Jan 31/17 |
    String.e provides traditional string (and sequence) manipulation routines (BASIC's style), for Euphoria 3.1.1: spc, chr, set, trim, squeeze, change (replace/insert/delete), mid, translate, split, join words, reverse match/find, left/right, and more. Includes standard user manual.
  97. GEN | Structures Management | 9K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 2/16 |
    Allocate, write, read and free structures in memory. Pointers and variables are automatically sized according to EU version and OS Architecture. Helps interface DLLs while being compliant with both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, EU 3 or EU4. -- Now uses his new Euphoria version checker
  98. WIN | libxlswriter for eu3 | 386K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 9/16 |
    Greg Haberek's libxlswriter library ported to Euhoria 3.11.
  99. GEN | CSV parse routine | 14K | Shawn David Pringle B.Sc. | Jun 1/16 |
    Parse a line of CSV by calling a single routine. Jun 1: bug fix and added tokenize_record routine.
  100. WIN | simple ini file include | 2K | Hayden McKay | Dec 15/15 |
    Loads an ini file into a nested sequence with just one call. Comments etc.. are handled. see demo.exw for details on how to use.
  101. GEN | The libxlsxwriter library | 149K | Greg Haberek | Sep 11/15 |
    Libxlsxwriter is a C library that can be used to write text, numbers, formulas and hyperlinks to multiple worksheets in an Excel 2007+ XLSX file. It supports features such as: 100% compatible Excel XLSX files, full Excel formatting, merged cells, autofilters, defined names, and memory optimisation mode for writing large files. Currently does not support 64-bit Euphoria 4.1. Sep 11: No longer requires Euphoria 4.1 with memstruct support.
  102. WIN | EuSDL2Image | 1041K | Andy P. | Jun 1/15 |
    This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Image library. This allows you to use other graphic formats when using SDL2. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Jun 1: Re-written from scratch, updated code base and includes example program.
  103. WIN | winlibSimple | 4K | Jean-Marc DURO | May 26/15 |
    First draft of the second library which aim is to standardize function names and syntax on top of major GUIs. This one is for win32lib. Property names may change in the next releases.
  104. GEN | Stable Sort routines | 22K | Mike | Nov 11/14 |
    A general purpose sort routine module suitable as a drop-in replacement for the original Euphoria sort routines. The sorting principle is based on Merge Sort rather than Shell Sort so that the sorting is always stable. Also, sorting may be done by column(s). All bug reports Welcome.
  105. GEN | XML to Sequence | 38K | Jean-Marc DURO | Mar 16/14 |
    An update to my previous XML parser with enhanced search functions. Converts an XML sequence to an Euphoria sequence. Openeuphoria 4 and up.
  106. DOS | DOS File System Library v1.00 | 38K | Shian Lee | Dec 18/12 |
    DFS.E library includes elementary routines for drive, directory, file, volume label, parse path, absolute path, and critical error handler with full long file name (LFN) optional support. includes standard user manual.
  107. GEN | VLC | 201K | ras | Oct 11/12 |
    Wraps vlc libraries for media file playback (libvlc: multiple audio and video formats). Demos include command line media player and wxwidgets media player
  108. GEN | Iso to UTF-8 conversion | 1K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 16/12 |
    A function to convert ISO sequences (Windows) to UTF-8 sequences (Linux). For Euphoria 4 and up.
  109. GEN | UTF-8 conversion | 13K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 4/12 |
    ISO compliant UTF-8 decoding with compliance test. Function to decode special keys when in a Linux console provided (works also on DOS or Windows).
  110. GEN | cjson | 183K | ras | May 16/12 |
    JSON library wrapper (open webos) with demos. Requires Euphoria 4.1 with memstruct support.
  111. GEN | UTF-8 <--> Unicode (v1.01) | 2K | Shian Lee | May 10/12 |
    Convert between UTF-8 characters and Unicode code points. May 10: unicode_to_utf8()'s code is now more clear for the reader.
  112. WIN | Delete to recycle bin | 6K | Arthur Crump | Nov 1/10 |
    Experimental functions to delete one or more files, moving them to the recycle bin so that they can be recovered.
  113. DOS | Read/Write INI files | 2K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 5/10 |
    Read/Write INI files under DOS (maybe also Linux, not tested). No dependency. Example included.
  114. GEN | Junko's DayByDate reviewed | 1K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 30/10 |
    Junko's DayByDate rewritten as a library to be reusable.
  115. WIN | Ray Smith's EuTcp4U with long sequences | 26K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 30/10 |
    He added two functions to Ray Smith's EuTcp4U library to allow sending and receiving long sequences (> 65535 bytes which is tcp4u maximum length).
  116. GEN | UTF-8 to ASCII sequence converter | 1K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 30/10 |
    Converts UTF-8 sequences to ASCII sequences. This is an extract of Tommy Carlier's excellent Unicode Library which does only convert files. He needed to convert UTF-8 sequences returned by a Web server.
  117. GEN | KV - Key/Value Sequences | 2K | Kenneth Riviere | Jul 28/10 |
    Routines for maintaining sorted key/value sequences. Includes code for testing whether a sequence is an ASCII string, testing the depth of a sequence (how many subsequences) and formatting sequences for printing (handy for debugging). Long used in JoKoSoKo game here in archive, but here uploaded separately.
  118. GEN | EuScanf | 2K | Fred Mangan | Feb 23/10 |
    Use a scanf function for Euphoria to extract data from formatted text lines.
  119. WIN | Dos Rescue with small fix | 5K | Marco Achury | Feb 3/10 |
    A (very little) fix to Rob's dos_rescue library so the window title caption is not hardcoded on the library. The main program passes it as a global sequence.
  120. WIN | HistPie | 195K | OtterDad | Feb 1/10 |
    Repost of Original Submission by Fred Mangan Jun 5/08 An include file to draw simple histograms and pie-charts for EuWinGUI. Source code and demo program.
  121. GEN | SmartStrings | 1K | Jim Pishlo | Jan 20/10 |
    Offers some simple sequence (string) manipulation functions. Also includes "smart_parse". An intelligent parsing function that splits a string by more than one delimiter, and ignores delimiters located between quotes. Good for processing commands.
  122. GEN | fixed width file parser | 6K | Jeremy Cowgar | Mar 19/09 |
    Fixed width file parser library. Requires Euphoria 4.0.
  123. GEN | Merge Sort | 3K | Don Cahela | Sep 19/08 |
    Sort a sequence of values by merging. A test code compares execution time to that of RDS shell sort using random sequences.
  124. WIN | AcroPDF Demo | 4K | Greg Haberek | Aug 18/08 |
    AcroView uses EuCOM to wrap AcroPDF.dll, the Adobe Reader plug-in. You can use AcroPDF.ew to embed an Adobe PDF in your Euphoria applications. Aug 18: Added a few more options.
  125. WIN | SHFileOperation wrapper | 5K | Greg Haberek | Aug 15/08 |
    A simple wrapper of SHFileOperation for Win32Lib. This allows you to perform move/copy/delete/rename file operations through Windows with a variety of options, such as a progress dialog and user interaction.
  126. GEN | Use Windows .DLLs on Other Systems | 65K | Mic | Jul 26/08 |
    This library lets you run code in Windows .DLL files, using Euphoria for DOS, Linux or FreeBSD. Note however that the .DLL code can't call any Windows API routines. Jul 26: Fixed the broken download link.
  127. DOS | Check DOS version | 1K | Marco Achury | Jul 11/08 |
    Two low-level routines to detect DOS Version. Int 21h, Functions 30h and 3306h
  128. GEN | Sets Library | 1K | Shawn Pringle | Jul 29/07 |
    This is the sets.e include file contributed by Rod Jackson with the change that the functions all do what the comments say they do. remove_member and add_member take the set as the first argument as in the comments.
  129. GEN | String Tokenizer | 1K | Francis O. Dowling | Jun 20/07 |
    All purpose string tokeniser, allows inclusion/exclusion of null tokens. Requires Euphoria 3.1 Interpreter.
  130. GEN | Unique File Name generator | 2K | jxliv7 | Mar 31/07 |
    A simple 8-character name generator based on the Euphoria date() function -- it can generate a new file name every second without repeating. Mar 31: Updated to fix bug.
  131. GEN | Unique file names | 4K | CChris | Mar 20/07 |
    Generates a file name which doesn't conflict with any in the supplied directory, isn't longer than any file name therein and only contains alphabetical characters. Great for creating temporary files. Please report any bugs. Mar 20: v0.2: more comments, more files considered, one more limit case properly handled.
  132. GEN | The case_xx() function | 1K | Igor Kachan | Mar 18/07 |
    A function to convert texts in different languages and code pages to upper or lower case. Just add your alphabet. Mar 18: Common improvements, added example on concatenation of two alphabets.
  133. GEN | Code scraps for MS Excel documents | 42K | Michael J. Sabal | Sep 8/06 |
    This set of routines successfully reads text and data from the first sheet of an Excel 97/2000/XP workbook. Normally he wouldn't contribute such an early version, but there has been at least one request. To do: read formulas, enhance the amount of formatting information that is read, read more than the first sheet, read other OLE data like macros and images, get writing to work at all, read versions other than BIFF8, document the library.
  134. GEN | Compression | 41K | Justin Snyder | Aug 2/06 |
    A compression algorithm he made up. Pretty good, but it tends to expand small files. It's probably quite close to the DEFLATE method. It might be a little lossy with some files. Includes a small hex library and a test picture.
  135. GEN | Basic electronics functions | 9K | Michael J. Sabal | May 18/06 |
    Includes a number of basic electronics functions based on Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, net value of series and parallel components, and series resonant frequency.
  136. GEN | LZJB compression library | 6K | Aku 2006 | May 14/06 |
    A compression library that uses the LZJB algorithm that is used on the recently famous ZFS file system. The code is very short and the compression ratio is not good, but it is very fast (33 MB/sec on Pentium 4 2.2 GHz)... using the C version. The Eu interpreted version is only ~630 KB/sec, so someone who is good at optimizing Eu code please optimize it.
  137. GEN | Sort by n-th field | 1K | CChris | May 3/06 |
    V1.0 Provides two functions: sort_by_nth_field(source, field_number, direction) and safe_sort_by_nth_field(source, field_number, direction). Borh sort a sequence of records (source) by their (field_number)-th field in (direction) order. The slower safe_ version can cope when the sorting field doesn't exist. A test program is provided too. May 3: Test program repaired and augmented.
  138. WIN | Euphoria to Win INIfile manager | 11K | Antonio Alessi | Feb 21/06 |
    Adds to the basic Wolfgang Fritz's read/write routines for INI file strings management the flexible and complete ability to record numbers and Euphoria objects of any complexity, with a little compromise and many advantages. Feb 21: message and auto-repair feature added.
  139. GEN | ESLv0.01 | 30K | Jeremy Peterson | Jan 20/06 |
    Implementation of the ESL modules. These should provide a starting point for the project, as they implement everything proposed so far. Jan 20: Fixed bug in ceil function; thanks to Larry Miller.
  140. GEN | Structure Library [update] | 33K | Vincent / Chris / Jason | Jan 1/06 |
    A port of Chris Bensler's and Jason Mirwald's latest structure library with updated documentation included. Note: A near future update may include an example program and *fully* updated documentation. See also: their original submitted 'Structure Library'.
  141. WIN | FreeImage | 1590K | Greg Haberek | Dec 23/05 |
    A full wrapper for the FreeImage library. See for more information. Requires Win32Lib. Includes the FreeImage DLL and PDF documentation.
  142. GEN | Parse with keep | 7K | Michael Raley | Oct 9/05 |
    This include library converts a string of delimited text into a list. It retains the position of empty elements and can build nested lists where there is a second level delimiter. An example of where this would be needed is in decoding a multi segment HL7 financial transaction message. Multiple delimiters may be passed as arguments. Oct 9: improved response time
  143. GEN | Date and time subroutines | 7K | David Money | Sep 10/05 |
    Subroutines for various date and time functions. Calculates offset by a number of days, interval between dates or times, and time in a different timezone. Outputs date or time as a string (sequence) in any of several formats. Accepts input date or time as a string. Day of week is accurate for Julian and Gregorian calendars (before and after 1582). Sep 10: Added function to print a calendar for any month.
  144. GEN | GetStartupDirectory | 1K | Al Getz | Sep 4/05 |
    A small include file that allows a program to get the startup directory that doesn't depend on how the file was opened. Includes a function that when called will make sure the startup directory is correct so that current_dir() returns the right directory and files open correctly. Sep 4: Bug fix.
  145. LNX | DC Scalable Random Number Generator | 78K | Dan McGrath | Aug 27/05 |
    Eu Wrapper for an advanced scalable random number generator. Example use for 2048-bit non-reversable username and passkey authentication provided. Aug 27: Small update to the engine and wrappers. Basic documentation along with a new authentication wrapper.
  146. GEN | Euphoria Version Detection Library | 24K | Vincent Howell | Aug 17/05 |
    EVDL includes version() + constants that can automatically detect what version(s) of Euphoria you have installed and will return a sequence having domain, platform, major, and minor release data. Tested & works on/with every "public domain", "final release" of Euphoria from v1.0 to v2.5, on all platforms. Comes complete with an example subprogram, documentation, the library, and a version maker program. Aug 17: Works on all platforms now. Comes with a program that allows you to add support for more versions that are not already supported, including custom/modified ones.
  147. GEN | More Dates | 10K | don cole | Aug 17/05 |
    Some useful date and time routines. Including count-down to an event and how long since an event. Finds a day of the week in the future. Aug 17: removed unnecessary include
  148. WIN | Unicode Conversion Library | 1K | Greg Haberek | Jul 14/05 |
    A library for converting ASCII strings to Unicode strings for Windows Unicode functions (those which end in W instead of A). Also allocates and peeks Unicode strings to/from memory. Jul 14: Pointed out by Wolf: Only Windows 2000 and Windows XP support Unicode (W style) functions.
  149. GEN | file size routines | 1K | Thomas Betterly | Jul 10/05 |
    This contains 2 functions. A function to get the size of an open file and a function which tests for an end-of-file condition.
  150. GEN | Prioritized Column Sort | 3K | Al Getz | Jun 22/05 |
    This program will sort data arranged as rows and columns in Eu sequences according to a specific set of columns in the order they are presented. This is especially useful for ListViews and other lists where the data must be sorted by column when the user clicks a column. Sort by one or as many columns as needed all in one function call.
  151. WIN | Alternative to dir() | 4K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    An alternative to Euphoria's dir() for Windows programs. Nov 7: enhancements and a couple of bug fixes. Outputs to a file now.
  152. GEN | startup_dir | 1K | Greg Haberek | May 28/05 |
    A cross-platform function that will return the directory your app started in via command_line(). If command_line() does not return a directory (i.e. "C:\EUPHORIA\>exw myfile.exw") then current_dir() is returned (which should be correct).
  153. WIN | TruLite | 270K | Liquid-Nitrogen | Mar 1/05 |
    A dynamic 2-D 32-bit lighting library for use with ExoticaX for DirectX. Allows variable radius and light colors.
  154. GEN | Palette file reading/writing routines (Version 1.0) | 1K | cumesoftware | Jan 21/05 |
    An include file with reading/writing routines for "Adobe" palettes. A future version will support "Windows" palettes too .
  155. LNX | GTK OpenGL extension | 17K | Michael J. Sabal | Jan 11/05 |
    This is a truly bare beginning of a wrapper for the GtkGlExt and OpenGL libraries. GtkGlExt .so files are available at This version is very much a work in progress; and until an alpha is released, no attempts will be made for backward compatibility. This upload is intended to whet the appetite of anyone who wishes to co-develop this library.
  156. WIN | Set Euphoria Environment Variables | 5K | Al Getz | Jan 11/05 |
    Sets environment variables used for Euphoria. Use defaults or make your own. Tested under XP.
  157. GEN | Read + Write CSV (unicode) | 2K | Aku 2004 | Dec 22/04 |
    Read and write CSV (comma separated values) files. Needs Tommy Carlier's Unicode library, so it can read and write unicode encoded files too (uses UTF-8). Simple functions: data = readCSV(fileName) and result = writeCSV(fileName, data). Handles quote escapes and multi-line fields.
  158. GEN | Quick Sort Algorithm | 2K | Greg Haberek | Nov 14/04 |
    Quick Sort is faster than Shell Sort, especially when used on large sequences of very random values. An example program is included that compares qsort() to Euphoria's native sort().
  159. GEN | Character uppercase / lowercase conversions | 6K | Derek Parnell | Oct 26/04 |
    A generic set of routines that can help your application correctly change the case of text strings and sequences. It can handle most national languages by enabling you to define the mapping from lower to upper for any character set. By default, it understands the Windows Western set.
  160. GEN | Random levels for platform games | 2K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 26/04 |
    This powerful library creates the landscape for platform games with complicated levels. It looks at one pre-made level and generates new levels using the patterns and rules it detects. His platform game Edgar's Escapade uses this library.
  161. GEN | Assembler version of Mersenne Twister RNG | 4K | Juan Reina | Oct 19/04 |
    This is a fast assembler-based version of the Mersenne Twister pseudo random number generator. Interpreted, it generates numbers at a speed comparable to rand(). When the Euphoria to C Translator is used, it becomes twice as fast as rand().
  162. DOS | Game object positioning | 1K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 19/04 |
    This is a library for detecting whether two objects are within a certain range of each other. It has two routines, one of which is a new one he created.
  163. GEN | Elfin Encryption | 26K | Emlyn Merlyn | Sep 22/04 |
    A simple, new encryption algorithm that features up to 2048 bit keys. Sep 22: Elfin is now more secure, with a few more routines
  164. GEN | Hard bit conversion | 1K | Emlyn Merlyn | Sep 7/04 |
    These routines do hard number to bits conversions. They are good to use in applications where the number of bits and the range of the number to be converted are not constant.
  165. GEN | sTEGO ALGo(rithm) | 1K | William Heimbigner | Sep 7/04 |
    This is to become an advanced stegonography library written in 100% pure Euphoria. So far includes only 1 algorithm, inspired by the SNOW algorithm (Steganographic Nature Of Whitespace). This does not utilize any true encryption and therefore is not subject to US export regulations. This snow algorithm hides a message in a .txt file, which appears blank when opened with notepad!
  166. WIN | add-on to tidy_print | 2K | Antonio Alessi | Sep 5/04 |
    A simple add-on to the "tidy_print" of Andy Drummond, useful for debugging.
  167. GEN | Tidy print | 2K | Andy Drummond | Sep 2/04 |
    A replacement for the basic Euphoria print routine which outputs arbitrary objects with ASCII strings output as ASCII strings rather than numbers. The result is much easier to read and much more compact and yet still can be read back in using the Euphoria get() routine. It adds a newline after the entire object has been output. Sep 2: Removed spurious extra close-bracket in the code.
  168. GEN | Standard Euphoria Types | 1K | Juergen Luethje | Aug 29/04 |
    Several standard Euphoria types, collected in a single file for easy reuse. Aug 29: Added new types.
  169. DOS | FastFile v0.31b | 153K | Hayden McKay | Aug 18/04 |
    Include file for reading/writing large files. It's purpose is to load a file, then you can process the data and write the file back out to disk. Aug 18: Added format_string(). Formats a Euphoria representation of a string to MS-DOS format (needed when writing Euphoria strings). Added documentation.
  170. GEN | Compression algorithm | 22K | Emlyn Merlyn | Jul 29/04 |
    A weak algorithm that does extremely mild compression, and sometimes expansion. It is an interesting piece of code, though.
  171. GEN | Pretty_Sequence | 10K | Al Getz | Jun 30/04 |
    An include file that creates a text sequence from a Euphoria sequence that shows the structure of that sequence. The resulting sequence can be sent to a file, a console, a Display Server, a Rich Edit, or anywhere else text can be transmitted and it will retain its nice 'pretty' format. Includes advanced formatting options and a demo. Jun 30: Updated to handle large value hex numbers, or revert to emulate 'pretty_print' exactly.
  172. GEN | FindInFile (FIF) | 1K | William Heimbigner | Jun 19/04 |
    A library routine to find a text string in a file, while avoiding another text string. Should work on any platform. He's included additional routines to find procedures, global procedures, functions, and global functions in a file.
  173. GEN | Replacement print statement | 3K | Derek Parnell | Jun 3/04 |
    This include file implements a replacement for the standard 'print' statement, and a string user-defined-type. To use it, just include print.e and then your print statements will display strings as text rather than numbers. It also handles nested sequences. eg. string Name Name = "Derek" integer Age Age = 49 atom Weight Weight = 96.5 print (1,{"Name=", Name, ", Age=", Age, ", Weight=", Weight}) comes out as ... Name=Derek, Age=49, Weight=96.5 print(1, {{"abc", 34}, 5, {{1,2,3},{3,4,"def"}}}) comes out as {abc,34},5,{{1,2,3},{3,4,def}}
  174. DOS | Escreen Graphics | 42K | Emlyn Merlyn | May 27/04 |
    Escreen is a fast DOS mode 19 graphics engine. It has routines for image loading and saving, fast sprite drawing, and palette operations. It has seven informative interesting demos. May 27: More demo's, better routines with less weird errors
  175. GEN | Sequence Operations | 2K | Emlyn Merlyn | May 19/04 |
    SeqOp is a simple library with some handy and easy to use routines for sequence editing and finding.
  176. WIN | Corrected Exotica wrappers | 17K | Davideltrosoft | Mar 21/04 |
    These are corrected Exotica wrappers that make Exotica work with Euphoria version 2.4. (A small error in the original Exotica wrappers is caught by Euphoria 2.4, but ignored by Euphoria 2.3)
  177. WIN | High Scores Library | 3K | MrTrick | Feb 12/04 |
    A system for displaying, updating, and saving high scores. Simple interface, multiple data columns allowed. Only 1 procedure call needed.
  178. GEN | Vector/Collision Detection Library | 51K | MrTrick | Feb 12/04 |
    Almost pool-hall level collision detection and response. Simple, high-level interface. Many standard vector functions, for purposes other than collision detection. Flexible object types that allow additional information to be embedded in them.
  179. GEN | Dictionary Wrapper | 150K | Stewart MacKenzie-Leigh | Jan 3/04 |
    Basicly the functions in Andrew's Crossword and Hangman Solver, plus one of his, dressed up a bit. If you need to add dictionary support to your program (spell checkers, word games etc.) just include this. Words are stored in a plain ascii text file, containing 51802 words. Jan 3: Fixed so that it actually worked.
  180. GEN | Hash tables | 3K | jiri babor | Jan 2/04 |
    Hashed tables (associative arrays). Fast and flexible.
  181. GEN | Extra routines | 16K | Hayden McKay | Dec 21/03 |
    Some math, sequence & geometry libraries that may be useful to some folks. Dec 21: Added bios library, with functions for memory, keyboard, disk and video calls.
  182. LNX | popt | 11K | Jeff Nycz | Dec 21/03 |
    A library of utilities for command line option parsing. (Based on the behavior or idea of a few select routines from the GNU popt library.)
  183. WIN | Compression tool | 7K | Guy Programmer | Oct 28/03 |
    A simple compression tool that allows you to combine and then compress files. It uses lzss.e
  184. GEN | bzip2 data compression library | 78K | Aku | Oct 22/03 |
    A library for bzip2 data compression (bz2 files). Supports Linux ( and Windows (bz2.dll), both files are included. Read bz2.txt for information, and run bz2demo.ex for demo (not for DOS!). Oct 22: -- compatible with Linux -- compatible with eu 2.4 -- bug fix: no need to change the mode -- now the functions are in English
  185. GEN | EuRegExp | 28K | Christian Cuvier | Oct 15/03 |
    A pattern-matching library for strings. It conforms roughly to the Perl standard, but has some extra features. Oct 15: File name changed to what it should have been in the first place.
  186. WIN | Load .GIF with Win32Lib | 17K | Martin Stachon | Jul 9/03 |
    Martin modified Mike Carroll's .GIF loader so it would work well with Win32Lib-based programs. Demo included.
  187. WIN | Ezip | 813K | Paul Plummer | Jun 26/03 |
    Ezip for Euphoria creates compressed (Deflated) data files from external files or any Euphoria sequence. This data can then be used as an include file, an external data file (similar to .zip) or attached to a .exe file in WIN32 and DOS32.
  188. GEN | Lossless Image Codec | 17K | Mic | Dec 9/02 |
    A library for doing lossless coding/decoding of 8- and 24-bit images. It uses a bidirectional predictor together with adjusted binary codes and Golomb-Rice codes, which yields typical compression ratios of between 1.5:1 and 2.5:1. Examples are included.
  189. WIN | Simple RichEdit | 50K | Mario Steele | Nov 11/02 |
    A RichEdit library, with a simplified interface. This library allows fonts, colors, and attributes to be changed as text is inserted, or already within the buffer.
  190. GEN | Arcfour Encryption Algorithm | 8K | Davi Figueiredo | Oct 19/02 |
    A powerful encryption algorithm used in many Internet protocols. v1.12
  191. GEN | Structure Library | 8K | Chris Bensler / Jason Mirwald | Oct 5/02 |
    Create (simulated) structures, and associate a string-name for each member in the structure. Structures can be nested to any level, can contain arrays of structures, and unions are supported. Pointers to a C structure in memory are supported by the routines peek_struct() and poke_struct().
  192. DOS | Access File Names via FAT | 5K | Daniel Kluss | Oct 1/02 |
    Low level DOS interrupts that access file information via the FAT table. Works for FAT32 only.
  193. DOS | DOS Window Functions | 1K | Martin Stachon | Sep 3/02 |
    Some routines that a DOS program can call to affect the window it is running in.
  194. GEN | Euphoria Heap Manager | 10K | Barbarella | Sep 3/02 |
    A library for managing a collection of general Euphoria objects. He defines a heap as a tree data structure where the first element is always the lowest, but the data structure need not be completely sorted. Sep 3: bug fixed; an experimental integer version of the library was added
  195. WIN | Low Level Memory Routines | 25K | Jordah Ferguson | Aug 9/02 |
    A library that lets you work with allocated blocks of memory more easily, including freeing a bunch of related blocks with one call. Aug 9: uses kernel32 heap routines, supports structure handling, has better documentation and examples
  196. GEN | Generate Unique Numbers | 3K | Derek Parnell | Jul 26/02 |
    A library that helps you to create and maintain sets of constant values for indexing sequences etc.
  197. GEN | Reverse find() and Other Variations | 2K | Lucius L. Hilley III | May 13/02 |
    Versions of Euphoria's find() that start from a point in the middle of a sequence, or start from the end and search backwards, plus some functions that correct out-of-bounds subscripts.
  198. GEN | Optimized image.e | 5K | Paul Plummer | Apr 5/02 |
    An optimized version of image.e that is claimed to be faster and use much less memory
  199. WIN | WordWeb Interface | 2K | Ross Boyd | Jan 9/02 |
    An include file for interfacing with WordWeb, a free on-line dictionary. Also included is a small demo program to show how to use the include file.
  200. GEN | Subdirectory List | 1K | Jeffrey Fielding | Jan 1/02 |
    A routine for making a list of all the directories under a given directory. Dec 30: bug fixed by Travis May. Dec 31: Ken Rhodes made it work with Linux.
  201. GEN | poke2 / peek2u /peek2s | 1K | Bernie Ryan / Rolf Schroeder | Oct 14/01 |
    An include file that provides the "missing" functions poke2(), peek2u() and peek2s() to complement Euphoria's poke4(), peek4u() and peek4s().
  202. WIN | Fast .dll for value() | 25K | Aku | Oct 11/01 |
    A fast version of value() using a C++ .dll. Oct 11: New: valePos, C++ source in English, vale returns atom, fixed bug
  203. GEN | Faster Routines for machine.e | 2K | Aku | Sep 15/01 |
    Faster versions of int_to_bytes(), bytes_to_int() and allocate_string().
  204. DOS | DOS Utilities | 32K | Colin Taylor | Sep 10/01 |
    A collection of improved DOS utilities, based on previous work by others: putsxy, disk status, keyboard/mouse monitoring, improved mouse.e
  205. GEN | Compress Strings 3:1 | 3K | Michael Raley | Aug 8/01 |
    A compression scheme for strings that packs sets of 3 characters into one large integer value. Aug 8: faster
  206. DOS | Fast Print in Mode 18 | 5K | Igor Kachan | Aug 8/01 |
    Routines for very fast printing of text in mode 18. Part of his Polygot project. (see also by Jiri Babor and David Gay). Aug 8: His benchmark shows his method to be almost 20x faster than putsxy() when interpreted, and 30x faster when both are translated/compiled by WATCOM.
  207. GEN | Ar Lib | 8K | Matt Arriola | Aug 2/01 |
    A library for creating/reading archives compatible with the Unix (Linux) ar command.
  208. DOS | Putsxy for Graphics & Text Modes | 1K | David Mosley | Jun 16/01 |
    A version of putsxy() that works in text modes as well as graphics modes.
  209. DOS | Fancy Mouse Pointers in SVGA | 13K | Igor Kachan | Jan 18/01 |
    Routines for using a mouse in SVGA. Depending on your graphics card, you might have to call use_vesa(1). See also the SVGA mouse routines of Jiri Babor and Pete Eberlein in the Archive. Jan 18: tests for usable DOS mouse driver
  210. WIN | WIN32 File Utilities | 1K | Jeff Fielding | Dec 28/00 |
    routines for deleting, moving and copying files under WIN32. Dec 28: create directory and delete directory functions were added by Brian Broker
  211. DOS | Long Filename and Console Routines | 14K | Ken Roger | Dec 27/00 |
    Include files for DOS long filenames and Borland-style console functions. Some interesting demos are included. Dec 27: bug fix in lfnfindfirst()
  212. GEN | Faster wildcard.e | 1K | Colin Taylor | Nov 25/00 |
    A faster version of wildcard.e.
  213. GEN | MD5 Message Digest Algorithm | 11K | Davi Figueiredo | Nov 12/00 |
    A sophisticated hash function for long strings of text. v1.11
  214. GEN | Hash Function Library | 24K | Derek Parnell | Sep 6/00 |
    A set of generalized hashing routines. There's a fully commented version, a shrouded version, a quick and dirty test/demo, and an HTML documentation file.
  215. GEN | Round to N Decimal Places | 1K | Mike Nelson | Jun 10/00 |
    The rounding function that he posted on the mailing list. It works with atoms or sequences.
  216. GEN | Type Checking for Structures | 3K | Adam Weeden | Mar 24/00 |
    A method of creating and type-checking data structures (records) in Euphoria.
  217. DOS | Useful Routines | 36K | Mathew Hounsell | Mar 13/00 |
    Routines for character typing, memory addressing, file path manipulation, date validation, finding elements, sequence manipulation, benchmarking and determining an objects size. Also included are constants for BIOS addresses and ASCII characters. Mar 13: control the formatting of text by a printer - BJC4000 supported so far
  218. GEN | Library for Complex Numbers | 2K | Spocky | Feb 16/00 |
    A library containing several functions for complex (real, imaginary) numbers.
  219. GEN | Index Sort | 1K | Pete King | Feb 4/00 |
    A routine that sorts and gives you the original index positions of the sorted elements.
  220. GEN | File Pack/Unpack | 4K | Jiri Babor | Jan 29/00 |
    an algorithm for compressing and uncompressing files. See also the compression programs by Junko Miura, Daniel Berstein and others. Jan 29: bug fix, and can now be used as an include file.
  221. GEN | Day of the Year | 1K | E. Allen Soard | Jan 7/00 |
    Routines that convert the date to the day of the year and vice versa.
  222. GEN | Binary Data-type File I/O | 9K | Gabriel Boehme | Dec 23/99 |
    A library of I/O routines for reading and writing various binary data types.
  223. DOS | Safe Sequence Access | 4K | Drazen Mravinac | Aug 11/99 |
    Routines for safer sequence access.
  224. DOS | Useful DOS Routines | 10K | Drazen Mravinac | Aug 11/99 |
    A new version of machine.e, plus routines for fast random getc/puts, as well as code for long file name support.
  225. DOS | Mode 19 Machine-coded Library | 216K | Mic | Aug 8/99 |
    He made extensive use of machine code in developing this set of graphics routines. You must use WinZip (preferred) or pkunzip -d. Note that the demos are in a different subdirectory from the include files.
  226. DOS | "Minnie" Mouse Routines | 5K | Colin Taylor | Aug 1/99 |
    He trimmed down Pete Eberlein's "Mighty" mouse routines (see Archive) to get this smaller set of routines that lets you change the shape of the mouse cursor.
  227. DOS | Game Library based on ESE | 51K | Jeffrey Fielding | Jul 28/99 |
    A game library based on his ESE. He now has keyboard and sound effects. Joystick and graphics routines will be added soon. Several small demos are included.
  228. DOS | Precalculated Encoded Masking | 1K | Pete King | Jul 28/99 |
    A fast Euphoria routine that stores images in a compressed, encoded format.
  229. DOS | LAGui Library | 7K | Lewis Townsend | Jul 21/99 |
    A GUI library. It supports 3d-looking boxes, buttons, message boxes, input boxes, and mouse input. He plans to write a similar library for Neil. Jul 21: added a demo program and fixed a few bugs
  230. GEN | XPM Picture Format | 74K | David Cuny | Jun 1/99 |
    A library that can read and write pictures in Unix XPM text format. This makes it easy to embed small pictures right into your code, rather than having a separate picture file.
  231. DOS | The Hilley Collection | 100K | Lucius L. Hilley III | May 21/99 |
    several useful routines such as: enhanced dir(), flexible bucket sort and others. The link takes you to his site.
  232. DOS | Language Resource Routines | 7K | Martin Schut | Apr 3/99 |
    a system that lets a program support many different languages, e.g. English, French, German, etc.
  233. DOS | JPG Reader | 29K | Al Getz | Feb 24/99 |
    a program that can read the .JPG picture format. He included a flow chart that shows how to decompress .JPG's.
  234. DOS | Arcs | 2K | Jiri Babor | Jan 25/99 |
    routines for drawing arcs, circles, spirals etc. This is an improved version of some code he posted on the mailing list a long time ago.
  235. GEN | String Library Prototype | 2K | Normand Blais | Jan 7/99 |
    a quick little string library that you can develop further.
  236. GEN | Enhanced Bucket Sort | 4K | Art Adamson | Jan 2/99 |
    a "bucket sort" algorithm that sorts both integers and floating-point numbers at high speed. Jan 2: minor update
  237. DOS | Record Locking | 7K | Hugo Rozas | Dec 8/98 |
    code for locking file records across a network.
  238. GEN | Regular Expression Matcher | 4K | David Cuny | Sep 24/98 |
    a library routine that matches regular expressions, such as [-+]?[0-9]+[0-9]* against strings of text.
  239. DOS | Viewport | 5K | Hawke' | Sep 21/98 |
    A graphics-mode-independent library (with docs and demo) which allows you to specify a screen coordinate system, and where those coordinates are to be mapped upon the display, to better suit your program's needs. (demo uses SVGA)
  240. DOS | Manipulate Pointers | 2K | Jeff Fielding | Sep 5/98 |
    routines for manipulating and garbage-collecting pointers to blocks of memory.
  241. GEN | Save Compressed Sequences | 20K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | Aug 7/98 |
    a library of routines for saving/loading sequences in compressed form.
  242. GEN | Insert Commas | 2K | Robert Pilkington | Jul 3/98 |
    another alternative for comma-insertion and deletion.
  243. DOS | Targa Files | 30K | Zac Pavlov | Jul 3/98 |
    a library for processing Targa format graphics files.
  244. GEN | Expression Evaluator | 5K | Andy Montgomery | Jul 2/98 |
    a function that parses and evaluates expressions stored as character strings.
  245. DOS | Sparse Matrix Input | 3K | Gerardo Valenzuela Lozada | Jun 1/98 |
    routines for storing a sparse matrix
  246. GEN | Create Multi-Dimensional Sequences | 1K | Kasey | Apr 18/98 |
    recursive routines for creating multi-dimensional sequences
  247. GEN | Insert Periods | 1K | Raúl Campos | Mar 27/98 |
    A routine for inserting periods (or commas) into a large number
  248. GEN | Soundex Coding | 151K | Matt Sephton | Jul 30/97 |
    routines for converting words into a standard code based on how they sound. He has also included a file containing a list of 50000 English words. You might find this file useful in developing other programs, e.g. a spelling checker.
  249. GEN | String Sort | 2K | Art Adamson | Jul 25/97 |
    a "bucket sort" algorithm that sorts strings at very high speed.
  250. DOS | Copy To/From Windows Clipboard | 6K | Jacques Deschenes | Jul 10/97 |
    DOS32 routines to copy data to and from the Windows Clipboard
  251. DOS | Fancy Fill Routine | 2K | Jacques Deschenes | Jun 23/97 |
    a routine that fills polygons with fancy textures
  252. DOS | Mouse Routines | 55K | Mr. Smily :-) | Jun 18/97 |
    some fancy mouse routines with documentation and examples
  253. DOS | Image and Palette Routines | 2K | Lucius Lamar Hilley III | Jun 5/97 |
    some useful routines for manipulating images and palettes
  254. DOS | Enhanced dir() Function | 2K | Francis Bussiere | May 30/97 |
    a very useful routine. It's a compatible replacement for Euphoria's dir() function, that also gives you the long filename and some other information for each file in the directory.
  255. GEN | Euphoria Data Manipulation | 3K | Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen | May 17/97 |
    routines for converting Euphoria data objects to bits, and for encrypting data. (The U.S. government needn't be concerned - his encryption algorithm is weak enough for legal export to any country!)
  256. DOS | Keyboard Status Function | 1K | Marcel Kollenaar | May 3/97 |
    a function for detecting the status of the shift keys, control, alt, scroll lock, num lock, caps lock, and insert mode of the keyboard
  257. DOS | GIF Loader | 5K | Mike Carroll | Apr 20/97 |
    a loader for .GIF files
  258. DOS | get_key() replacement | 1K | Michael Bolin | Apr 1/97 |
    a version of get_key() that ignores control-c.
  259. DOS | Mouse pointer shapes | 3K | Viktor Milankovics | Sep 4/96 |
    a routine that lets your program use any of 27 different shapes for the mouse pointer (cursor).