1. GEN | Matheval | 86K | Matthew Lewis | Apr 20/06 |
    A math package with the ability to do simple symbolic algebra and calculus. Apr 20: v1.65: Added date/time functions, additional text functions
  2. GEN | Simpson's Rule | 15K | Don Cahela | Mar 24/06 |
    Integration of f(x) over a specified interval using Simpson's Rule or Boole's rule with interval halving. Recursive versions coded for 1, 2 and 3D integration. Test problems included. Mar 24: Molecular orbit type test function added to all methods.
  3. WIN | AI Trainer | 4000K | Wes Hermanson | May 3/06 |
    The Ai Trainer is a real-time, plain-English artificial intelligence scripting engine for use in developing non-neural, weighted logic and knowledge-based agents. (source not included) May 3: none (download link)
  4. GEN | Number conversions | 3K | David Money | Dec 31/05 |
    Miscellaneous number conversion routines. Convert to and from Roman numerals, convert floating point number string in any base to atom, convert number string to English text. Add appropriate ordinal string (th, nd, st) to number.
  5. GEN | Bresenham/Bezier Curves | 3K | Barbarella | Sep 3/02 |
    A library for all platforms that generates Bresenham lines and Bezier curves. The points are returned as x-y coordinates in a sequence. A DOS demo is included.
  6. DOS | Parameter Estimation in ODEs | 270K | Don Cahela | Jan 20/14 |
    Estimation of parameters in ODE based models- "PESTODE", by Newton-Raphson method followed by quasilinearization. Compiled program, but source code for the library of ODE models is given. Nineteen examples illustrate use of PESTODE. Jan 20: Modified models of heat up of packed tube to estimate themal conductivity and wall heat transfer coefficient. Added a step shortening parameter.
  7. GEN | Runge-Kutta Numerical Integration | 86K | Don Cahela | Mar 8/06 |
    A numerical integration package for non-stiff ordinary differential equations. Classical 4th order Runge-Kutta method or Verner's 5th/6th order pair to solve any number of simultaneous ODEs. Mar 8: Added "contls" to parameter list. See parameter estimation in ODEs.
  8. GEN | Extended Precision Arithmetic | 11K | Antoine Tammer | May 30/02 |
    The first release of a library that provides extra precision (digits) on math calculations.
  9. GEN | Simplex Algorithm | 18K | Gerardo Valenzuela Lozada | May 12/03 |
    A program that implements the Primal Simplex algorithm used in solving linear programming minimization or maximization problems. It uses his enhanced data reading function library (GET_ENH.E). Several sample data files are included. See ReadMe.txt for instructions.
  10. GEN | Complex LU decomposition | 2K | Don Cahela | Dec 22/06 |
    Complex number linear algebra solution of Ax=b by lower-upper decomposition. Includes a routine to invert a complex square matrix. Testing code included. Dec 22: Test code moved to separate file and output more readable.
  11. WIN | InPlace Scientific Calculator and Server | 231K | Al Getz | Apr 8/05 |
    A scientific calculator and math server. Use as a stand-alone calculator or send data to another calc for evalulation, or use as a math server to your own app. Built in functions include algebra, trig, calculus, regression. In-Place eval allows math calculations to take place right within the text document. Load and save functions and vars for later use. Includes EE formulas. Apr 8: Now has a built-in appointment calendar. EE formulas updated with Ohm's Law and Simpson's Error. Separate property sheet page for Catalog.
  12. WIN | Image Evolver | 371K | Alexander Toresson | May 28/03 |
    A program to evolve pictures of mathematical expressions using genetic algorithms. It's able to do cross-overs and mutations of pictures. May 28: bug fix, some new functions
  13. GEN | Simultaneous Equations | 31K | Don Cahela | Mar 18/13 |
    Routines for solving N linear equations in N unknowns. Lower-Upper decomposition with row pivoting that retains intermediate results for future use. Also, routines for tridiagonal, block tridiagonal, pentadiagonal, block pentadiagonal, tridag and block tridag for periodic boundary conditions, Jacoby block iteration, and a version with sparse matrix storage implemented. Mar 18: LU decomposition with row pivoting added.
  14. GEN | Library of Statistical Functions | 33K | Charles Newbould | Apr 9/10 |
    A library of descriptive statistical functions. Includes full html documentation. Apr 9: More functions added. Folder of worked examples.
  15. GEN | Math Library | 16K | Don Cahela | Jun 2/09 |
    A library of functions that operate similarly to power(x,n). Also complex variable functions, statistical distributions, polynomial operations, and search for zero of general function. Test codes demonstrate use of each set of functions. Jun 2: Added interval halving version of root search.
  16. GEN | HexMath | 14K | Michael J. Sabal | Sep 29/08 |
    A set of routines for performing mathematical operations on almost infinitely large hexadecimal integers. Pre-alpha version. Sep 29: Restored missing file.
  17. GEN | Hypatia Command Line Calculator | 105K | Robert Sch├Ąchter | Oct 30/07 |
    Hypatia is a reasonably easy to use RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator for friends of the command line prompt. It runs in text mode as a command line tool. A Windows executable is available. Linux/Unix not tested, may require minor adaptations.
  18. GEN | Financial Calculator | 3K | Jaime Marcos | Oct 25/06 |
    This lets you make all the usual financial calcutations: simple/compound/continuous interest, NAR, ordinary/due annuities, ballon payments, perpetuities, etc. A battery of solved examples is included. The iterative calculation of the interest is performed to the maximum precision of the machine.
  19. GEN | Hyperbolic and List Routines | 3K | Brad Olson | Feb 4/03 |
    Hyperbolic trig functions, plus some interesting generic list routines.
  20. WIN | Regression Analysis | 87K | Marcelo Molina | Apr 20/02 |
    A program that fits laboratory data to a curve. (The user interface is in Spanish).
  21. GEN | Normal Distribution | 1K | Erik van Kampen | Apr 10/01 |
    A routine that generates a series of numbers with a Normal (Gaussian) distribution. You can choose how many numbers you want, along with the mean and standard deviation.
  22. GEN | Big Number Arithmetic | 13K | Craig Gilbert | Jul 13/97 |
    routines for performing arithmetic on huge numbers. He uses sequences to store thousands of digits for addition, multiplication, division, etc. -- even factoring. Note: the author warns that this code contains a lot of bugs.
  23. GEN | Handling Undefined Values | 1K | Juergen Luethje | Sep 27/07 |
    Logical, relational and arithmetic operations that can handle the value 'unknown'. If the operands are known numbers, the same results as from standard Euphoria operations will be returned. Sep 27: updated contact information
  24. DOS | GA Math V1.2 | 66K | DB James | Sep 30/05 |
    GA Math is a genetic algorithm program. The user enters a formula and a population of GA beings evolves an algorithm that yields the correct answer to the entered formula. Each "gene" of the beings applies a basic math operation. The sets of genes in the population change over time and tend toward those that give the correct answer. Sep 30: Generally faster. Flicker-free screen. Added more private numbers. Many other small changes. Added to docs.
  25. GEN | Faster PI Calculation | 4K | Laurence Draper | Sep 24/98 |
    a fast PI calculator that calculates PI to as many digits as you like.
  26. GEN | eu_number | 29K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    Bignum math as sequences of digits with exponents. Does addition, multiplication, subtraction, multiplicative inverse (1/x), division, exp, log, trig, convert_exp. Defaults to length equals 100 for speed, (can be 1000s with base 10), max_radix = 0x800000. Keep in mind to check the exponent and the number. Feb 3: changed link
  27. GEN | myquadmath | 853K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    equadmath for Windows/Ubuntu 64-bit. Does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and quadmath functions in both __float128 and __complex128. Requires Euphoria 4.1 for Windows/Linux 64-bit for myquadmath.e, and 64-bit gcc for myquadmath.h Passes pointers to float128 numbers. Contains working 64-bit dll/so's and exe/out's. Feb 3: changed link
  28. WIN | myquadmath | 853K | James Cook | Feb 3/18 |
    equadmath for Windows 64-bit. Does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and quadmath functions in both __float128 and __complex128. Requires Euphoria 4.1 for Windows 64-bit for myquadmath.e, and 64-bit gcc for myquadmath.h Passes pointers to float128 numbers. Contains working 64-bit dll's and exe's. Feb 3: changed link
  29. WIN | mygmp_dll | 1422K | James Cook | Jan 24/18 |
    GMP (gnu multiple precision library) for Euphoria, as a wrapper to libmygmp.dll, This allows access to most GMP.H functions on Windows. (The source can be modified to compile for other operating systems and other programming languages.) Jan 24: Updated url
  30. WIN | EuChipmunkPhysics | 68K | Andy | Oct 10/17 |
    This is a wrapper of the Chipmunk physics library for Euphoria. It has been written to be as Euphoria friendly as possible. Chipmunk is a rigid body physics system. Oct 10: Fixed typos in wrapper code.
  31. GEN | EuODE | 414K | Andy | Sep 12/17 |
    This is a wrapper of the ODE Physics Engine for Euphoria. All functions have been wrapped. The wrapper has been designed to be as Euphoria friendly as possible. ODE is a 3D Physics engine. Sep 12: Added some missing functions. Added an example.
  32. GEN | Roman Numbers | 17K | James Cook | Jun 21/17 |
    Ancient Romans included both the leading and trailing items in the count. The modern computer system starts counting at zero up until one minus 2^bits. Strings are further complicated by needing an extra zero terminating character. This library can calculate the correct value when converting Ancient Roman numbers to modern numbers.
  33. GEN | English numbers | 18K | James Cook | May 27/17 |
    English numbers allows someone to type in a number and read it in natural English language. For those who cannot count up to one quadrillion. It is important that everyone should know how to count in English. May 27: Freeware license.
  34. GEN | Math (v1.00) | 30K | Shian Lee | Feb 18/17 |
    Math.e provides math routines for Euphoria 3.1.1 (Constants, Comparisons, Accumulation, Rounding and Remainders, Logarithms and Powers, Random Numbers, Prime Numbers, Trigonometry, Hyperbolic Trigonometry and Misc). Includes standard user manual.
  35. GEN | Amortization Tables | 5K | Kenneth Rhodes | Nov 16/16 |
    A simple program that calculates monthly payments on loans, mortgages etc. Nov 16: Minor edit - now compatible with OpenEuphoria 4.0
  36. GEN | Expression evaluator | 278K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 4/16 |
    A small expression evaluator to be used in scripts.
  37. GEN | Complex Number Calculator | 11K | Shawn Pringle | Dec 13/15 |
    Complex number calculator for the console. Dec 13: fixed bad type
  38. GEN | bigatom.e - floating point numbers base 10 arbitrary precision. | 27K | cargoan | Dec 27/14 |
    Floating point numbers in base 10 with arbitrary precision, with examples. Dec 27: improved euler function for speed (checked up to 1000000 decimals)
  39. GEN | Evaluate math expressions v1.1.0 | 22K | Shian Lee | Dec 6/14 |
    math eval() evaluates a string as though it were a math expression, e.g. "a+b/2", i.e. parses and calculates complex math expressions. Supports functions, operators, constants, variables and Euphoria 4.1 syntax. Includes standard user manual and two 'Expression Calculator' demo programs. Dec 6: Bug fix and new features - read in 'version.doc'.
  40. GEN | 2STROKE | 2272K | Mike Duffy | Feb 3/14 |
    2-stroke exhaust design. Calculate n stage diffusers and lobster back bends. Automatically calculate all cone projections. Simple (2D) on screen graphics. Editor for cone sections with skewed and rotated ends. Outputs flat panel as TXT DXF PS EPS. Will split projections for printer sheets. Math routines and a multi-mode text/svga input routine, are in separate include files. Feb 3: Replaced bad copy of DosBox, some minor fixes.
  41. GEN | Decode base58 to binary | 2K | Shawn Pringle | Dec 26/13 |
    decoder and encoder. Converts bitcoin base58 strings to binary or EUPHORIA sequences.
  42. GEN | domecalc1.3a | 14K | Kenneth Rhodes | Oct 23/13 |
    Calculates geodesic dome "strut" lengths, floor area, surface area, volume, etc, based on 2, 3, or 4 Frequency, Class 1, Method 1, Icosahedrons as well as 4 frequency Class 1, Method 2, Icosahedrons. Selectable units of measure - Switch to any length of measure. (Most lengths are reported in carpenters fractions as well)
  43. WIN | Permutations | 962K | Fred Ransom | Apr 10/13 |
    Permutations: This presents a Permutations namespace for n items taken m (<= n) at a time. It creates and delivers one permutation with each call to Permutations:next(). It also keeps track of parity, thus making it useful for some things in linear algebra. Determinants, matrix inverse and solving simultaneous equations are illustrated. All routines were chosen to illustrate use of permutations rather than speed. Although the field of real numbers was assumed here, these routines will work for any field, such as complex numbers or the integers mod 7 when you define appropriate arithmetic operations. EU 4, Judith's IDE and Win32Lib. Permutations.e is general.
  44. WIN | Mixed Fractions | 936K | Fred Ransom | Apr 15/12 |
    With mixed fractions you can represent 2 and 1/3 exactly. This little program fractions and the arithmetic operations that go with them. A piece of the code, although translated into Euphoria, is more than 2600 years old. EU 4 along with Win32lib and Judith's IDE. The program has not been thoroughly checked, so have fun.
  45. LNX | domecalc | 2813K | Kenneth Rhodes | Mar 22/12 |
    domecalc computes the side lengths of the triangles of several types of icosahedrons commonly used to construct geodesic domes. Various other information such as area, surface area, volume is estimated as well. Several articles regarding geodesic math are included as well as a program, written in C, which computes a wealth of information from scratch.
  46. LNX | gnuplot interface for euphoria | 10K | Greg Haberek | Jan 17/12 |
    A build of and wrapper for the gnuplot_i library. You must have gnuplot installed to use this.
  47. DOS | PESTLRN | 136K | Don Cahela | Oct 12/11 |
    Program to estimate rate constants from "batch" data for networks of first order Rxns. PESTLRN uses Newton-Raphson method followed by quasilinearization. Compiled program, no source code. Three examples illustrate the use of PESTLRN.
  48. GEN | Fermat's test | 1K | Marco Achury | Aug 17/11 |
    A dumb try to find an error on Fermat's last theorem, Checking for any possible sum of squares and cubes. near to reach the higher legal integer value, was impossible to find any cubic sum... Single file, no includes needed, full source. Aug 17: better output
  49. WIN | 9-digit-problem | 938K | Fred Ransom | Apr 4/11 |
    This little program solves the problem of finding products such that the digits 1 through 9 occur once and only once on each side of the equation. For example: 7143*25689 = 183496527. It also supplies a permutations namespace file. It introduces use of object oriented programming in Euphoria. It uses win32lib, EU 4 and Judith's IDE.
  50. WIN | Fractal - mandelbrot | 559K | Harald Reger | Feb 13/11 |
    Highly optimized mandelbrot set, very fast, zooming with factors, zooming into sections, variable iteration depth, use of functions in a dll. please read read_me.txt.
  51. DOS | Mathematical expression parser | 191K | Crash | Apr 20/09 |
    Small (and binded) parser. It can process almost any mathematical expression eg: 2+34-5*(3-46-4)+23... etc Variable definition allowed, and function declaration (not yet!)... WARNING: type #help for a brief of use. NO GUARANTIES! - CRASH -
  52. GEN | Big Fixed Math | 13K | Lucius L. Hilley III | Jun 2/08 |
    An arbitrary precision math library with power, root, and logarithm functions. bigfixed.e is the only include file needed. math.e is some of his prototype code. Proof of concept.
  53. GEN | Portfolio Optimizer | 50K | Robert Craig | Nov 9/07 |
    Got the "subprime mortgage" blues? This program attempts to maximize return while minimizing risk in an investment portfolio. It tests millions of combinations of funds, eliminating all combinations that would seem to have both lower return and higher risk than some other combination. For each level of desired return, it shows you the safest possible combination of funds that should achieve that return.
  54. GEN | Einstein's Riddle | 23K | Juergen Luethje | Sep 27/07 |
    Extremely fast program for solving a notorious logical puzzle known as 'Einstein's riddle'. Sep 27: updated contact information
  55. GEN | Sum words function | 1K | Igor Galanin | Sep 20/07 |
    A function that writes number words (sum of money) and returns a text string in Russian. All comments in the source only in Russian.
  56. GEN | Knapsack: simple and fast | 2K | Ricardo Forno | Sep 2/07 |
    A very simple but also very fast knapsack algorithm. Useful to: fill DVD's to the brim, equitibly divide goods, etc. Sep 2: Made algorithm somewhat faster. Added a sub-algorithm to show all possible solutions for each goal.
  57. GEN | Flat math evaluation library | 9K | CChris | Aug 15/07 |
    A mathematical expression library based on M. Stachon mseval.e. Returns a sequence of flat tokens, which are easier to manipulate. Can normalise an expression - one operator by pair of parentheses. Multiple variables supported. Doc can be generated using makedoc.exw from win32lib\Demo.
  58. GEN | Rounding function | 1K | Jean-Marc DURO | Mar 25/07 |
    Rounds atom a to n decimals (ex: round(112.234, 1) = 112.2). n may be negative (ex: round(112, -2) = 100)
  59. GEN | Number e with thousands of digits | 12K | Jaime Marcos | Oct 20/06 |
    A very fast program that computes the number e to thousands of decimal digits. The output is written as a text file, num_e.txt. For example, to compute e to 21000 decimal digits on a Pentium III at 845 MHz, it took only 37.18 seconds.
  60. GEN | Generalized Runge-Kutta Numerical Integration for Stiff ODEs | 138K | Don Cahela | Mar 8/06 |
    Numerical integration of "stiff" ordinary differential equations by generalized Runge-Kutta method. Problems with jacobian matrices of nxn, tridiagonal, pentadiagonal, block tridiagonal jacobian matrices, and block tridiagonal with periodic boundary conditions are covered. Examples included. Mar 8: Added "contls" to parameter list. See parameter estimation in ODEs.
  61. WIN | ParticleDraw (drawing progam / particle simulator) | 517K | John Ringland | Feb 27/06 |
    ParticleDraw is a novel Windows drawing program powered by a state of the art general system simulation engine. The brushes are dynamic systems of particles with interesting behaviours, which you can completely customise. This program is an implementation of abstract mathematics that arose from metaphysical research. It provides a virtual reality generative process that manifests virtual universes with fundamental properties similar to our own. This program is still in development and is evolving rapidly, it is entirely free with full source code and detailed information on the website. There is also another simple drawing program and a "Game of Life" program. See screen shots and more information or see the Gallery. Feb 27: ported to Windows with full menu system; psychedelic drawing functionality; better handling; zoom & pan
  62. GEN | Triangle library | 16K | CChris | Feb 26/06 |
    This library allows handling triangles in 3-dimensional space. It can determine the shadow of an object (a collection of triangles) casts on another, and has a rendering function allowing subtle coloring under Windows. This v0.1 has ample room for additions.
  63. GEN | Math Library | 20K | Al Getz | Feb 12/06 |
    A math library with complex argument handling and algebraic solutions to Quadratic and Cubic equations, as well as a full implementation of Newton's method in one variable for solving equations numerically. Also handles trig functions with complex arguments. Many demo function calls included. Feb 12: Small fix and added taking square root of a negative number to the demos.
  64. DOS | SMN Particle Simulator | 226K | John Ringland | Feb 5/06 |
    System Matrix Notation (SMN) is a new mathematical methodology for the representation, analysis and simulation of general systems. "SMN Particle Simulator" is a simple example implementation of SMN in the context of systems of particles (as a general proof-of-concept for the mathematical methodology). The program allows one to easily create and interact with systems of particles as one watches them evolve on the screen. There is also a dynamic drawing program and a "Game of Life" program. In general any type of system can be modeled and future versions of SMN will allow for arbitrary general systems and advanced analysis techniques. To view screen shots or read more information see: Feb 5: Now there's three example programs, each with updated features such as zoom, stepping, etc.
  65. GEN | Calculations with long numbers | 8K | David Money | Jan 25/06 |
    A text string representing a floating point number of any length, in any base, is converted to a sequence. Routines are provided for basic math functions, and converting to any other base. The results can then be converted back to a text string for display. Jan 25: Fixed bug with base conversion routine. Added RPN calculator demo.
  66. GEN | Base Converter (beta1) | 3K | jxliv7 - jon | Dec 27/05 |
    This include file (BC_beta_1.e) and DEMO (BC_demo.exw) converts integers as large as 1,073,741,823 to numbers in any base from 2 to 1,073,741,823, and vice versa. Beta limited to integers only. Source included. Documented.
  67. WIN | UCalc Wrapper and Calculator | 8K | Alex Chamberlain | Oct 28/05 |
    DLL Wrapper of ucalc32.dll - a very fast and accurate math expression evaluator. Also included is a calculator that uses the program. Oct 28: Version 1.b. No longer includes the download from (license violation). You must download UCalc FMP from Now has Documentation. Beta - Very Little Testing. Please sort out/report bugs.
  68. GEN | Gridcalc | 5K | Michael J. Sabal | Mar 11/05 |
    A set of functions to convert from Maidenhead grids to latitute / longitude (decimal) and back, miles to kilometers and back, as well as to calculate distance and bearing between two points. No documentation yet, but it should be fairly clear what's going on. Keep in mind the US and western Europe are negative longitude, and eastern Europe and Asia are positive longitude.
  69. DOS | Short Circuit Computation Program | 22K | Gerardo V. Lozada | Apr 22/04 |
    Calculate fault currents due to short circuits in electric utility power systems using the Rake model in conjunction with the Kron reduction method. Simulates all types of shunt faults: 3-phase, single-line-to-ground, line-to-line and double-line-t-ground. Apr 22: Includes missing modified math.e needed by the program.
  70. DOS | Newton-Raphson Loadflow Program | 19K | Gerardo V. Lozada | Apr 21/04 |
    A program to compute the voltages and power flows within an electric utility power system using the Newton-Raphson method.
  71. WIN | STEELSNAKES - Exhaust Pipes Design | 205K | Claudio Emiliozzi | Jan 2/04 |
    A multi-cone exhaust pipes design program. This simple program allows you to design and print the external surfaces of cone sections (with slanted cuts) that can be arranged to obtain a professional Exhaust Pipe for 2 Stroke engines.
  72. GEN | Permutations and Combinations of up to 13 things | 2K | Ralph Gillott | Nov 6/03 |
    1. permutation number q of s: perm_qs(3,"abcd")= "acbd" 2. selection q of r things from s: select_qrs(19,3,"abcde") = "bde" 3. permutation q of r things from s: perm_qrs(15,3,"abcd") = "cad"
  73. WIN | Boids | 5K | Matthew Lewis | Sep 5/03 |
    Win32Lib implementation of the classic complexity theory example showing emergent behavior from a simple set of rules. You can watch the Boids fly around in 3D and change parameters that affect their behavior.
  74. WIN | Distance Calculator | 228K | Michael S. Thompson | Sep 5/03 |
    A program for calculating road distances between cities. It uses Djikstra's algorithm. Source and executable included. Requires Win32Lib (included)
  75. WIN | Math Problem Generator | 142K | Jon Sas | Jun 24/03 |
    This generates a page of random math problems. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  76. GEN | Cipher Tools | 29K | C. J. Silver | Jan 3/03 |
    A set of Euphoria tools for using ciphers, plus some other useful libraries. This was developed by a 13-year old for a science fair project.
  77. GEN | Big Math | 216K | Matthew Lewis | Nov 12/02 |
    A library that lets you perform calculations using numbers with close to 10,000 digits. The numbers can be extremely large and/or extremely precise. He uses a sophisticated technique based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem, as well as an EDS database to store previously-calculated results.
  78. WIN | Quadratic Equation | 1K | Rubens Monteiro Luciano | May 19/02 |
    A very simple demo that might help a beginner to get started with Win32Lib.
  79. WIN | Travelling Salesman | 6K | Mic | Apr 28/02 |
    A program that solves the Travelling Salesman problem, using a combination of Ant Colony Optimization, and Q-Learning. With some minor changes, this program can be made to run on the other platforms. Search for other Travelling Salesman solutions in the archive.
  80. GEN | Optimal Scaling | 35K | Alexei van Baaren | Nov 1/01 |
    A program used for scaling of data obtained by subjective means (i.e. opinion polls, surveys etc.).
  81. GEN | Aerodynamic Calculations | 2K | Erik van Kampen | Apr 21/01 |
    A program that calculates the lift generated by an airplane wing of a given shape and size.
  82. GEN | Neural Network Bug Simulator | 3K | John McAdam | Mar 12/01 |
    A graphical educational program where a feedforward neural network helps a bug find food.
  83. GEN | Linear Least Squares | 16K | Rolf Schroeder | Feb 28/01 |
    A linear least squares program for data reduction.
  84. GEN | Non-Linear Least Squares | 16K | Rolf Schroeder | Feb 28/01 |
    A non-linear least squares program for data reduction.
  85. GEN | Analysis of Linear Models | 33K | Alexei van Baaren | Jan 25/01 |
    A program that helps you to analyse linear mathematical models including regression and covariance analysis.
  86. DOS | Travelling Salesman Problem | 49K | Jiri Babor | Nov 22/00 |
    Jiri solves the famous travelling salesman problem with a program that uses his attractive new DOS widgets GUI package. Nov 22: new interface and widgets, includes standard 200-city set from Scientific American. See also the TSP programs by Jerry Story and Art Adamson (below).
  87. WIN | Chaos Grapher | 106K | SR Williamson | Jul 21/00 |
    A program that lets you experiment with functions that become chaotic for certain values.
  88. GEN | Factorial and Primes | 8K | Abhay | Jan 25/00 |
    Some simple programs for computing factorials and prime numbers. Jan 25: new programs plus a .doc file.
  89. GEN | Convert to Large Base | 2K | C. K. Lester | Jan 19/00 |
    A program that converts base 10 numbers to a large base, such as 254. It reduces the number of digits and saves space.
  90. DOS | Dado Dice Program | 5K | Marcos Donnantuoni | Dec 20/99 |
    A program that explores various combinations of dice.
  91. GEN | Assorted Math Routines | 11K | Laurence Draper | Nov 30/99 |
    A collection of advanced math routines such as FFT, Big Numbers, prime numbers, encryption etc.
  92. GEN | Statistics Program | 1K | VonFreudenhowser | Aug 19/99 |
    A program for performing a statistical calculation.
  93. DOS | 2-D Plotting Package | 50K | Leonid Shulman | Apr 12/99 |
    a fancy 2-d plotting package that includes a nice-looking demo.
  94. GEN | Simultaneous Equations | 1K | Laurence Draper | Apr 9/99 |
    routines for solving N equations in N unknowns.
  95. DOS | Neural Network | 2K | Jeff Fielding | Apr 7/99 |
    code for experimenting with Neural Networks.
  96. DOS | Genetic Algorithms | 7K | Jeff Fielding | Apr 5/99 |
    code for experimenting with genetic algorithms. These are algorithms that are improved through "natural selection", i.e. "survival of the fittest".
  97. DOS | Math Function Parsing and Plotting | 305K | Detlef Reimers | Feb 24/99 |
    a system for parsing and plotting math functions. He also included a Ghostscript program to display the resulting Postscript files. pkunzip with -d
  98. GEN | Math Routines | 2K | Andy Montgomery | Feb 5/99 |
    an extensive math library. Feb 5: new routines added
  99. DOS | Fuzzy Logic | 12K | Hawke' | Oct 3/98 |
    A library that allows Euphoria programs to use "fuzzy" logic in the decision making process. He fully explains the concept of "fuzzy" logic and he includes many examples and benchmarks.
  100. DOS | Complex Numbers (with Fractal Demos) | 5K | Nick Metcalfe | Jul 3/98 |
    a library of routines for exploring fractal mathematics using complex numbers.
  101. GEN | Ternary Trees | 10K | Art Adamson | Jul 1/98 |
    experiments with ternary trees, as opposed to the more common binary trees. Each node in the tree can have three children, rather than two. Note: You need the file WORDS.TXT from Junko Miura's spell checker (below).
  102. GEN | Knapsack Problem | 6K | Art Adamson | Nov 11/97 |
    a program that tries to optimally pack a knapsack (or truck or bin or whatever).
  103. DOS | Sine Wave | 2K | Mr. Smily | May 22/97 |
    a simple program that shows how to plot a sine wave
  104. DOS | Command Line Calculator | 5K | Matt Sephton | Apr 27/97 |
    a handy little calculator. It does basic arithmetic plus hex and octal conversions.
  105. GEN | Faster PI Calculation | 2K | Michael Bolin | Mar 29/97 |
    a modified PI.EX to run as fast as the compiled Microsoft Basic version
  106. DOS | Scientific American | 4K | Gavin Doig | Mar 29/97 |
    two interesting programs from Scientific American. One is a genetic algorithm that uses survival of the fittest to find the best solution to a problem. The other is based on the Prisoner's Dilemma, a problem from the branch of mathematics known as Game Theory.
  107. GEN | Calculate PI | 3K | James Powell | Mar 25/97 |
    Calculate PI to as many digits as you like. Both a Euphoria and a QBasic version are included.
  108. DOS | Trigonometry | 1K | Nathan Dudek | Mar 17/97 |
    a trigonometry program
  109. DOS | Travelling Salesman | 6K | Art Adamson | Feb 22/97 |
    an approximate solution to the "Travelling Salesman" problem - what is the shortest route that takes you through all the cities you have to visit?
  110. DOS | 3d graphing | 8K | J.F. Soucaille | Feb 13/97 |
    a program that lets you graph functions as 3-D surfaces. You can dynamically adjust parameters and the view point of the observer.
  111. GEN | Root Finder | 4K | Art Adamson | Feb 6/97 |
    a program that finds the roots (solutions) of polynomial equations.
  112. GEN | Matrix Operations | 4K | J.F. Soucaille | Jan 30/97 |
    a matrix and simultaneous equation package that uses fast operations on entire sequences, as well as strongly typed code.
  113. GEN | Invert a matrix | 6K | Art Adamson | Jan 23/97 |
    matrix manipulation routines, including matrix inverse and solving simultaneous equations.
  114. GEN | Inverse Math Functions | 1K | J.F. Soucaille | Jan 16/97 |
    useful functions such as arctan, arcsin and arccos written in Euphoria. Note: arctan, arcsin and arccos are included in Euphoria v2.1
  115. DOS | Y vs X graphing | 5K | Andrew Baron | Jan 3/97 |
    a graph program. It uses David Cuny's expression evaluation code. version 0.5b
  116. DOS | Math, geometry and metric conversions | 4K | Dave Brock | Oct 2/96 |
    library routines for advanced math, geometry, metric conversions and sequence manipulation.