Extra Stuff from RDS

  1. WIN | Language War for Windows | 1314K | Dave Craig / Rob Craig | Dec 31/07 |
    This game was designed by Dave Craig in 1978 to run on a 16K RAM TRS-80. Now Rob has ported the DOS version to Windows by using dos_rescue.ew, an include file that overrides the built-in functions: graphics_mode(), pixel(), get_key() etc. It runs the Windows event loop as a separate Euphoria task. Perhaps you can "rescue" some other old DOS graphics programs. Hear Rob's voice, and if you win at the expert level, hear Junko's voice and see a picture of Junko & Rob! Source and compiled executables included. Dec 31: fixed memory leak in call to DrawText - thanks to Matt Lewis
  2. GEN | Euphoria Documentation Generator | 513K | Robert Craig | Nov 3/06 |
    This contains the Euphoria .htx documentation files. Each .htx file is transformed into a .htm and a .doc file using Junko's documentation generator (included). These files then become part of a Euphoria release. Also included is the INNO script for building a Euphoria release on DOS/Windows, as well as some support programs used in the DOS/Windows install file. With this directory, someone could make a modified INNO install for Euphoria.
  3. GEN | Files Within All .zip's | 1055K | Robert Craig | Jan 30/06 |
    This text file contains a listing of the files stored within all of the .zip's, .tgz's and .tar.gz's on this site. This is useful if you are searching for a particular file, such as an include file, contained within an archive. This text file will be updated each month. You can access any archive file in the listing, by downloading something like: http://www.RapidEuphoria.com/xxx.zip
  4. GEN | Archive HTML generator | 206K | RDS | Jan 21/06 |
    A utility program used by RDS to generate all the HTML pages for the file Archive. It reads archive.edb and generates about 20 HTML files from it. For convenience, a copy of archive.edb is included, but you can always get the latest archive.edb from our site.
  5. DOS | Language War Contest | 368K | RDS | Dec 8/05 |
    Download contest.zip to an empty directory, and unzip it with WinZip, pkunzip etc. View the small README.TXT file before starting. If you can't hear the sound-effects, don't worry. You won't need them to win. The game will run on XP and all earlier versions of Windows. Three people have now destroyed all 50 C ships, and the contest is closed.
  6. GEN | Derek's Contest - Final Submissions | 210K | Robert Craig | Apr 22/05 |
    The final code submitted by the contestants in Derek Parnell's November 2004 programming contest. There are several good examples of hashing and tree-searching. The winners were: 1st Pete Eberlein $27, 2nd Jiri Babor $16, 3rd Pete Lomax $11. The MicroEconomy money was donated by Derek and some other people.
  7. GEN | Spell Checker | 151K | Junko Miura | Mar 5/02 |
    A spelling checker using an English dictionary contributed by Matt Sephton. She used an interesting technique based on a fast hash table lookup algorithm. On a Pentium-150 she can check a 15000-word document (such as library.doc) against a 50000-word dictionary in just 2 seconds! You can easily add words to the dictionary, or replace it with another one in English or some other language. Mar 5: some minor errors in the dictionary file were corrected. This dictionary was used in the Euphoria programming contest
  8. GEN | Archive as EDS Database | 1K | RDS | Feb 1/02 |
    A simple text mode viewer for the database of all user-contributed files in the File Archive. It will display all 1500+ records on standard output. Note: At least three other people have made nice Windows viewers. You'll also need archive.edb, which is automatically updated once per day.
  9. WIN | Simple Backup Program | 4K | Rob Craig | Aug 21/99 |
    A simple program that backs up a set of directories from one drive to another. Only the changed files are copied. Works on DOS too. Aug 21: automatic delete option; backs up all files to a subdirectory on the target drive
  10. GEN | Euphoria Documentation Generator | 169K | Junko Miura | Apr 4/99 |
    a documentation generator that automatically generates the Euphoria documentation in both HTML and plain text form. The complete set of 2.1 documentation in raw "HTX" form is included. You might be able to generate the Euphoria documentation in some other form, by enhancing the generator.
  11. DOS | Extra "goodies" | 4K | Rob Craig | Apr 3/99 |
    Three extra programs: a version of open() for DOS that handles (most) long file names on XP/NT/2000; a program that adds up disk space used by a directory; a DOS graphics demo
  12. GEN | Huffman Compression | 5K | Junko Miura | Mar 18/99 |
    The Huffman compression algorithm in Euphoria. Huffman doesn't provide the best compression, or the fastest, but it lets you compress and decompress any kind of file, without worrying about the software patents that exist on most of the better algorithms (such as LZ). See also Daniel Berstein's "Compress/Decompress" and Jiri Babor's compression program. Mar 18: Minor fix for Euphoria 2.1
  13. GEN | Kernighan Interpreter Benchmarks | 6K | RDS | Jan 28/98 |
    We translated the Kernighan / Van Wyk Benchmarks into Euphoria, and compared the speed of Euphoria with 7 other interpreters plus compiled C. Our results indicate that Euphoria beats each of the other 7 interpreters on more benchmarks than they beat Euphoria. Euphoria even beats C on at least one of the benchmarks. The tests and input data are available from Kernighan's Web page.
  14. GEN | Date calculations | 1K | Junko Miura | Sep 1/96 |
    a program for calculating the day of the week, given the date. It also calculates the number of days between any two dates.