1. WIN | BASS Audio Library | 404K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Nov 23/05 |
    Support for the full BASS audio library. Plays MPEG Layers 1, 2, 3 (commonly known as MP3s), OGG, VORBIS, and Internet Streams as well as MOD file formats. Lots of additional features. See also the BASSMOD library. Nov 23: Add-on plugin system, MOD position & syncing in bytes, Support for AIFF files, Floating-point sampling, More options, and More.
  2. DOS | Mod Player | 162K | Pete Eberlein | Apr 26/98 |
    Plays .MOD sound files. It supports (((STEREO))) and .WAV files too. A sample .MOD file is included. It should work with most Sound Blaster or equivalent cards.
  3. WIN | BASSMOD Library | 61K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Jul 6/04 |
    A subset of the BASS audio system. You can use it to play several module formats. It is probably useful for demo. BASSMOD works on Linux too. See also the full BASS library. Jul 6: Decode-only opening of files. Non-interpolated mixing. Adjustable channel/instrument volumes. Unicode support.
  4. DOS | PC Speaker ToolBox | 8K | Craig Gilbert | Jun 20/01 |
    A toolbox for making PC speaker sounds. It includes a qplay() routine similar to the one in QBasic, plus it has a bunch of cool sounds. Jun 20: bug fixes
  5. WIN | Midi File Generator | 5K | Mark Akita | Mar 31/01 |
    A program that generates MIDI files based on simple math functions. Requires Win32Lib.ew. Mar 31: bug fix
  6. WIN | Euphoria JFW Library | 41K | Louis Bryant | Mar 26/06 |
    This library allows Euphoria programmers to speak directly to JAWS, a screen reader for the blind providing speech output. For more information on this fabulous screen reader, visit Everything you need is included in the package. Mar 26: This is only a minor upgrade. It has the variable interrupt changed so you can easily include it and translate it to C without any errors.
  7. GEN | Read/Write .WAV Files | 3K | Daryl Van den Brink | May 14/03 |
    A simple include file for reading and writing .WAV (sound) files. It uses euphoria sequences to store the wave data (no low-level memory access required). It should work on all platforms (tested in dos). It comes with a small command-line demo program.
  8. WIN | .WAV Editor | 265K | Daryl van den Brink | May 15/03 |
    An editor for .wav sound files. It can open multiple files to perform operations such as cut, copy, paste, convert mono to stereo and vice versa, adjust volume and insert silence. May 15: much faster at opening and saving files, lots of new features. See changes.txt
  9. WIN | FMOD Sound Library | 152K | Aku | Apr 22/03 |
    A wrapper for the FMOD sound library (.dll included). It supports ogg, mp3, mp2, wav, mid, wma, mod, aiff, s3m, and xm. See demo.exw.
  10. DOS | Sound Effects version 2.0 | 121K | Jacques Deschenes | Mar 20/99 |
    Sound Blaster routines. You can:
    - play .WAV files of any size in the background
    - mix up to 4 sound files in real time
    - play sound in an endless loop
    - play 16-bit files
    - auto-detect the sound card
    Jacques made good use of some routines contributed by Greg Harris. Mar 20: ports.e and doswrap.e have recently been fixed.
  11. DOS | Midi Player | 38K | Nick Metcalfe | Aug 10/98 |
    a midi file player. It requires a special MIDI device attached to the joystick port of the Sound Blaster.
  12. WIN | MP3 Evaluator | 980K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A program that helps you decide which MP3 files to keep, which to move, and which to delete. It can also be used as a normal song player. It uses bass.ew by Elliott Sales de Andrade. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  13. WIN | Access .Id3 Tags | 187K | Tone Škoda | Mar 3/08 |
    A library for reading, writing, and manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. These tags are found in .mp3 files (artist, title, album, etc.). Mar 3: file uploaded to RDS site. See also:
  14. WIN | Bass CD Library | 39K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Nov 23/05 |
    An extension to the Bass Library. It enables the streaming and ripping of CD audio tracks, superseding the Bass CD functions provided in Bass 1.8, previously in the Archive. This requires Bass.dll and Bass.ew from the Bass package. Nov 23: Support for new plugin system.
  15. GEN | Perlin Noise Library | 887K | Dan McGrath | Sep 3/03 |
    Routines that create textures through a technique that produces more 'natural' looking noise. There's code for both texture and sound, although the Sound library is in its early stages. He also includes a set of functions to do basic manipulations of the textures. Here are 7 sample images (782K) Dan has produced. You can discuss this project in a forum he has set up. Sep 3: Faster code, bug fixes, improved interface and greater control of the engine.
  16. WIN | SDL Mixer Library | 1546K | Mark Akita | Oct 5/06 |
    A library for adding sounds and music to your Euphoria programs. Formats supported are: WAV, AIFF, RIFF, VOC, MID, MOD, OGG and MP3. It uses the free SDL library. Oct 5: SDL_Mixer v 1.2.7, added new audio file types to the demo program.
  17. WIN | PC Speaker Sounds | 3K | Ting (Aku) | Jul 9/01 |
    It lets you make PC speaker sounds in Windows 9X/ME, just like Euphoria's sound() routine for DOS.
  18. WIN | EuSDL2Mixer | 2893K | Andy P. | Jun 2/15 |
    This is a wrapper of the SDL 2 Mixer library for Euphoria. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. This allows you to use other sound and music file formats besides .wav. Includes an example program.
  19. LNX | taglist | 2K | Harry Byers | Jun 16/13 |
    A small program to make track listings from directories of audio files, using the Taglib library by Scott Wheeler.
  20. WIN | Synth Sound | 102K | Mike | May 7/12 |
    Easy-to-use utility for making your own WAV sounds using audio parameters based on frequency, wave type, duration, and amplitude. Could be used for audio test equipment or just to discover awesome sound effects overlooked by designers of 1980's arcade machines. All suggestions for improvement are welcome. Requires Euphoria 4.0 May 7: Added white noise generation.
  21. WIN | AmbiPlayer | 4996K | David Pletts | Apr 2/09 |
    A simple music player that can play .wav, .ogg or midi files. Uses the .dll libraries from SDL. All files plus compiled version included. A few short sample files are also included for you to try out the program with. Apr 2: Added required jpeg.dll file
  22. WIN | Ambi | 12467K | David Pletts | Mar 27/09 |
    A suite of programs for playing ambient sounds from samples. There are a setup helper application, an interactive player and two auto-controlled players, one with a graphic display. The players have been programmed using SDL dll libraries from Mark Akita. Both compiled programs and source included.
  23. WIN | Euphoria Media Player (Beta) | 132K | Logan Kodysz | Nov 19/08 |
    You can play, pause, or stop songs. Counts the number of songs you add to the library, time elapsed in a song, goes to next song automatically, or you can shuffle your playlist. Not as pretty as other media players, but it works! Tags are supported but disabled for this beta release. Requires Win32Lib.
  24. GEN | MML compiler | 331K | mic | Jul 9/08 |
    A package containing an MML (Music Macro Language) compiler, plus playback libraries for various video game systems.
  25. WIN | Audio Ripper Plus | 773K | Greg Haberek | Feb 28/06 |
    Audio Ripper Plus is a nifty utility for converting your audio CDs to MP3 format. It uses the BASS Audio Library and the LAME Encoding Engine to do its work. Audio tracks are ripped and converted on-the-fly for optimal speed. Feb 28: New webpage.
  26. WIN | Virtunome | 12K | Greg Haberek | Feb 28/06 |
    Virtunome is a virtual real-time metronome for Windows. Its great for any musician who needs help keeping a beat. Best of all, its cheaper than a real metronome, since its free! Feb 28: New webpage.
  27. WIN | speech editor | 12K | Bob Thompson | Feb 8/06 |
    A basic operational Win32lib.ew demo incorporating speech recognition and text-to-speech. Requires C Bouzy's Speech.dll/Speech.ew, and a speech engine installed. Feb 8: Redundant code removed from "save as" and readme.txt added.
  28. WIN | Speech Library | 31K | C Bouzy | Jan 25/06 |
    A speech library that supports both Text To Speech and Speech To Text. It's easy to use and he has included a few demos. If it crashes, you may need to install the MS Speech SDK 5.1. Jan 25: Voice_Check() in SpeechToText.exw demo has been modified by Bob Thompson to allow vocal input of "percent sign"
  29. WIN | Euspeech | 14K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 23/05 |
    Uses a speech dll and Euphoria to make your computer speak files and strings of text. Contains stm.dll and a small example program. He has not tested it because he has no voice engine on his computer. But you can test it and add to it if you like. See also Michael Raley's program
  30. WIN | BassEnc Encoding Library | 21K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Nov 23/05 |
    A small extension that allows BASS channels to be encoded using any command-line encoder that has STDIN support (LAME/OGGENC/etc). LAME and/or OGGENC should be downloaded from their respective sites to run the examples. Nov 23: Big-endian sample data options, Manual encoder feeding, Support for Unicode command-lines, and More.
  31. WIN | BassVis Library | 69K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Jun 18/05 |
    BassVis is an extension to the BASS audio library, providing a set of functions for rendering Sonique and Winamp Visualization plugins into any canvas, as long as you provide an hDC.
  32. WIN | the voice of Euphoria | 2K | Michael Raley | Feb 8/05 |
    This demo of Matt's Eucom wraps the Microsoft voicetext object to make Euphoria talk. Look in your windows directory for /speech/vtext.dll to see if you can run it.
  33. WIN | OpenAL 3D Sound | 172K | Daniel Kluss | Nov 8/03 |
    A wrapper for OpenAL (open standard 3D sound) for Euphoria, made in 30 minutes with his .H to .E conversion library in the Archive. Take a look at the examples and you'll get a good idea of how this works.
  34. DOS | CD Player | 308K | Greg Haberek | Jan 12/03 |
    A CD player program that uses David Cuny's DOS32Lib and Jacques Deschenes' cdaudio and sfx2. It uses DOS graphics modes, so you might need use_vesa(1).
  35. WIN | Sampler | 3K | Mic | Dec 7/02 |
    A sample generator. It can generate .WAV sound files with square, triangle, sawtooth and sine waves with arbitrary frequency, sample rate and amplitude. Requires win32lib 0.57.9 or later.
  36. GEN | WAVEdit | 4K | Mic | Dec 5/02 |
    A text-based WAV editor. It can do volume adjustments, resampling, convert mono<->stereo and convert 8<->16 bits.
  37. GEN | WAV Info | 3K | Craig Gilbert | Oct 8/02 |
    A short program for extracting information from a WAV file; compression type, channels, samples per second, etc.
  38. DOS | MIDI File Player | 34K | Peter Millan | Mar 29/00 |
    An include file that lets you play MIDI files in the background. Two driver files (included) must be loaded, and a 100% SoundBlaster compatible card is required.
  39. DOS | Midget Music Program | 468K | Andrew Greenwood | Dec 16/99 |
    A program that plays MIDI music, and helps you to compose your own songs. (no source code, but some of his routines are available below.)
  40. DOS | MIDI Player and Other Stuff | 22K | Andrew Greenwood | Oct 13/99 |
    A collection of routines for playing MIDI (MPU-401 Device) music on your sound card. He also included several miscellaneous files for math, disk access, GUI, and .INI file handling.
  41. DOS | Ecstacy Sound System | 78K | Liquid-Nitrogen Software | Jun 17/99 |
    A new library for playing .WAV files on a Sound Blaster card. See also Jacques Deschenes' SFX2 in the Archive / Machine-Level Access.Jun 17: now works ok with tick_rate()
  42. DOS | Audio CD routines | 12K | Jacques Deschenes | Aug 15/97 |
    routines for accessing and playing audio CD's on your computer. You must have MSCDEX in your config.sys, and you will need some of Jacques' other .e files from his Collection.