User Interfaces

  1. GEN | wxEuphoria | 3000K | Matthew Lewis | Jun 20/11 |
    Wrappers and binaries for wxWidgets, a cross platform GUI library for Windows and Linux. Jun 20: v0.16.0 Additional wxWidgets functionality wrapped
  2. WIN | EuWinGUI Library and IDE | 247K | Andrea Cini | Oct 30/06 |
    A GUI development system for Euphoria, similar to Win32Lib and Judith's IDE, but smaller and simpler. Oct 30: This updated version of the library features color customizable controls, a full new set of printing instructions, two new variants of list control types, improved event handling, a new open utility library, updated Window Designer, improved demos and revised documentation. It is compatible with Euphoria 3.0, 2.5 and 2.4 and uses a .dll created with the (soon to be released) 3.0.1 Translator and Open Watcom.
  3. LNX | EuGTK - GTK Library for Euphoria 4.0 | 19500K | Irv Mullins | Apr 21/17 |
    Very complete and easy-to-use wrapper for Euphoria 4.1 and GTK3. More than 200 demo programs plus extensive html docs. Includes web browser and program editor plugins, compatible with Glade for drag and drop interface design. Apr 21: Works great on Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian or Ubuntu.
  4. DOS | Widgets for DOS GUI | 98K | Jiri Babor | Dec 6/03 |
    A package of attractive GUI elements for pixel-graphics mode. Add a great-looking user interface to your DOS program. An overview plus lots of small demos makes it easy to learn. Dec 6: Missing pal.e added.
  5. WIN | Mouse via keyboard | 165K | Thomas Betterly | Jul 20/07 |
    MouseEvent4 is a program that allows a user to control their mouse cursor using the keypad on their keyboard. Jul 20: It reloads the config file upon dectecting a change in home folder, adds new cursor movement options, and sound.
  6. GEN | Text-mode Forms | 20K | Andy Cranston | Mar 17/03 |
    A tool that lets you easily create simple text-mode forms that your user can interact with. Includes examples and documentation. Mar 17: Better editing of text fields. A field type for hiding data (good for passwords). Display a form without interacting with it. Updated documentation in HTML and plain text. New example programs password.ex and progress.ex.
  7. DOS | DOS32Lib: DOS32 Library with Demos | 104K | David Cuny | Jun 1/99 |
    The DOS32 version of his popular Win32Lib GUI Library. Most of the demos in his original Win32Lib package will run under DOS, if you simply include dos32lib.e instead of win32lib.ew. Dos32Lib is now lagging somewhat behind his current Win32Lib. June 1: added createDIB
  8. DOS | GUI for DOS | 170K | Irv Mullins | Aug 13/98 |
    a graphics mode interface for DOS that he uses in a great-looking database demo. (uses SVGA)
  9. GEN | Japi Gui Library | 200K | Merten Joost | Jun 12/02 |
    A GUI library that supports Windows and Linux, and also supports several programming languages, including very recently, Euphoria.
  10. GEN | IupEu | 29K | Jeremy Cowgar | Apr 18/08 |
    Iup wrapped for Euphoria. Iup is a portable cross-platform GUI system that is powerful yet easy to use.
  11. DOS | Simple Text User Interface | 5K | Irv Mullins | Nov 11/98 |
    a simple starter-kit of basic user interface controls for text mode. It includes checkboxes, radiobuttons, scrolling list boxes, etc. and it has a very simple calling syntax.
  12. GEN | wxIDE | 10000K | Matthew Lewis | Apr 15/13 |
    An editor and visual interface designer for wxEuphoria written using wxEuphoria. It runs on both Windows and Linux. Apr 15: v0.8.0: code completion, new GUI designer, file tree, faster
  13. LNX | euApp | 531K | Matt Arriola | Jul 19/03 |
    A wrapper for the GraphApp GUI library.
  14. DOS | Graphical Buttons | 17K | Jim Lacovara | Sep 13/97 |
    a program that sets up several interesting types of graphical objects that users can click on. This is his first program, and he even has a calculator.
  15. DOS | Graphical Windows | 9K | Mike Fowler | Apr 18/97 |
    some Windows look-alike graphics
  16. DOS | DOS Window Manager Prototype | 41K | David Cuny | Jun 2/98 |
    An object-oriented demo of a Window Manager for DOS.
  17. DOS | Dialog Editor | 24K | David Cuny | Nov 12/98 |
    an easy-to-use program for constructing simple text-mode GUI dialogs. His graphical dialog editor actually writes the code for you!
  18. GEN | Simple User Input Routine | 2K | David Cuny | Oct 10/97 |
    a very simple routine for reading a line of text from the keyboard. Quite a few people have asked about this on the mailing list.
  19. WIN | java application programming interface v 2.0.0 | 1411K | Charles Newbould | Feb 26/18 |
    Want to write GUIs in Euphoria? Nothing is simpler than JAPI. JAPI2 uses Java Swing but you code it in Euphoria. Connect to JAPI, define your widgets, write an event loop, and you have your app! JAPI has a variable-level debugging feature to aid program development. This distro comes with lots of examples.
  20. GEN | aprompt | 23K | James Cook | May 27/17 |
    What should I do prompt. Uses reverse polish notation (rpn). Fully configurable. Features: It can do simple mathematics. It logs everything to a file. It uses a stack machine internally. Requires OpenEuphoria v4.0 May 27: Freeware license.
  21. WIN | EuWinGui : Phix Edition | 569K | ChrisBurch3 | Jan 30/17 |
    Andrea Cini's EuWinGui modified to work with Phix, rather than just Eu. Still has a few quirks, but makes for a very nice quick form creation tool, especially when used with Edita. Still have some ideas for enhancing it (Phix integration), but thought would release it now as its very usable as is.
  22. WIN | IDE 104 for win32lib 0.70.4 and eu 4.xx | 823K | ChrisBurch3 | Dec 22/16 |
    Updated IDE to resolve the block labels appearing on tabs. See openeuphoria forum for more detail.
  23. WIN | iup4eu3 | 389K | Charles Newbould | Jul 21/16 |
    Get started using IUP with Euphoria. Will work on 3.1.1. Many examples provided; full documentation (via EuDoc). Syntax and approach identical to iup4eu, except for call-back arrangements. Add the "so" and it will work in Linux, too!
  24. GEN | EuIup | 292K | Andy P. | Jul 7/16 |
    EuIup is a wrapper of the Iup software. All functions have been wrapped. EuIup wraps the current version of Iup. EuIup allows you to make cross-platform GUI programs. Jul 7: Added more functions and updated wrapper for Iup 3.1.9
  25. GEN | LazGUI | 7189K | Jean-Marc DURO | Feb 24/16 |
    LazGUI (Lazarus GUI) is a multiplatform UI built with help of Lazarus. It works in client/server mode (Windows executable included; source provided to build it for Linux). Pre-alpha state. Following widgets are available: TScrollBar, TGroupBox, TComboBox, TListBox, TEdit, TMemo, TStaticText, TButton, TCheckBox, TToggleBox, TRadioButton and TLabel. See Lazarus documentation for widgets properties - Added getProperties and items management for TComboBox, TListBox and TMemoBox.
  26. GEN | SDL2 console widgets | 777K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 15/16 |
    A simple way to build your own graphical GUI with home-drawn widgets. Uses EuSDL2 (2.0.3) and EuSDL2_gxf. Tested on Windows 10 (OE 4.05) and Linux (Mint x64)
  27. WIN | Console widgets | 24K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jul 8/15 |
    A simple way to build your own graphical GUI with home-drawn widgets.
  28. GEN | wxEuphoria functions | 188K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jun 4/15 |
    wxEuphoria functions sorted different ways to know which functions apply to a widget or wich widgets a function applies to. ODS file based on wxEuphoria v0.17 documentation.
  29. LNX | UTF8 Dialogs | 8K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 29/15 |
    Irv Mullins' Simple Text User Interface ported to Unicode for OpenEuphoria 4.1 on Linux. Added Save/Restore screen to manage popup lists because OpenEuphoria routines (save_text_image/display_text_image) are not Unicode compliant. package libncurses5-dev (Ubuntu/Mint/Debian) is needed (ncurses development files). -- UPDATED: changed Input Method
  30. GEN | Redy | 224K | Ryan W. Johnson | Dec 8/14 |
    Redy is an open source project written in the Euphoria programming language that helps you write GUI applications in Euphoria by providing a collection of libraries and programs that follow specific standards. It is easy enough for beginners to learn GUI programming, yet powerful enough for experienced programmers to make professional-quality applications.
  31. LNX | Newt for Euphoria | 11K | Greg Haberek | Jul 2/12 |
    Newt is a programming library for color text mode, widget based user interfaces. Newt can be used to add stacked windows, entry widgets, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, plain text fields, scrollbars, etc., to text mode user interfaces.
  32. DOS | Freedom GUI for FreeDOS | 1015K | Tom Janes | Dec 27/11 |
    This was the start of a windowing GUI for FreeDOS. Allows the creation of programs by using an API system like Windows or GNOME. Does not require a wrapper like Win32lib. Unlike a wrapper, DOS_API is the OS, and user programs are created using it directly. It needs many new objects installed which most Euphoria programmers can do on their own. Currently, it can produce windows, allow free movement on the screen, window contract and expand, popup menus, and static text, background images, etc. It would be a great GUI for a great OS that now handles LBA hard drives, FreeDOS. Contact for help if you need it.
  33. GEN | Eu4Qt: euqt wrap of GUI toolkit Qt for euphoria4 | 2K | ne1uno | Sep 24/11 |
    Get source from svn or zip which Includes example programs, html documentation, tests, source and a precompiled dll for Windows. Only a small fraction of Qt is wrapped so far but enough to get an idea of how it can work. Needs Qt4.5+ in source or binary from Sep 24: works with current Qt4.7 and Euphoria 4.0.4 & 4.1 tip
  34. WIN | Andrea Cini's EUWinGUI reloaded | 384K | ChrisBurch3 | Nov 15/10 |
    Andrea Cini's excellent library for GUI windows programming, updated by Jim Brown to work with EU4. This package has been uploaded with Andrea's blessing.
  35. LNX | EuGTK 4.0 Library | 2100K | irv mullins | Oct 28/10 |
    Euphoria/GTK wrapper for Linux. Added support for designing your user interface with Glade, making EuGTK programs very short. All you need to do is connect signals to your Euphoria routines! Oct 28: additional features, new host.
  36. GEN | wxEuphoria | 3287K | Greg Haberek | Jan 9/09 |
    Wrappers and binaries for wxWidgets, a cross platform GUI library for Windows and Linux. Jan 9: Version 0.12.1 for Win32 released.
  37. WIN | CSHelp | 2K | Allen Ashby | Jun 28/08 |
    He was looking for a context-sensitive help routine in the archive and couldn't find one, so he created this one.
  38. GEN | Claro / Cairo GUI wrapper win/*nix/mac | 971K | ne1uno | Apr 19/07 |
    Wrapper and "hello world" programs for Euphoria. Claro - A cross platform GUI toolkit which "makes sense". Cairo - A popular 2D vector drawing lib. Windows dll's included. For other systems you have to get binaries or compile them from free sources. Apr 19: minor bugfixes all over. New, partially working cTranslate!, tribute to eTranslate! from the RDS archive. and carc, a GUI front end for bzr revision control system he uses daily.
  39. GEN | JAPI GUI Library compiled for INTEL OSX | 304K | alban read | Nov 19/06 |
    This is the JAPI highly portable GUI library from recompiled for Euphoria INTEL OSX only. The library supports Euphoria well, JAPI.E and lots of examples are included.
  40. DOS | Accept | 7K | Fred Mangan | Nov 16/06 |
    Procedures for accepting keyed data from user (string, 'integer', 'float' and formatted numeric). Also a screen form procedure and small demo program.
  41. GEN | Text mode eu2.5 to 3.xx conversion | 1K | ChrisBurch | Nov 1/06 |
    For those that miss ncurses character input of special keys (arrows, F-keys, Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown), a conversion routine, allowing the use of wait_key and get_key, almost as before. Built on the efforts of others - D.Cuny, Irv Mullins, and Rob Craig (ripped from ed.ex) - He makes no claim to any original source code with this code. Copy and paste to your own programs. Mostly for Linux/FreeBSD users, but useful for Windows users writing console programs.
  42. WIN | Sego (SDL Euphoria GUI Objects) | 342K | Mark K. Akita | Oct 25/06 |
    A small library of GUI elements for Euphoria/SDL programs. A demo program is included.
  43. WIN | input_box() | 1K | Greg Haberek | Dec 2/04 |
    input_box() displays a message box that requires user input. Requires Win32Lib.ew
  44. GEN | Colored Character forms | 21K | CChris | Nov 1/04 |
    Based on A. Cranston's bcform library, this one offers the same basic functionality, plus colors, more flexible editing and positions calculated as fractions of the screen height or width. Nov 1: Corrected a typo in last release
  45. DOS | Dos message box | 21K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 19/04 |
    This is a message box for Colin Taylor's UI.
  46. GEN | Textmode Dialogs | 7K | cklester | May 4/04 |
    Based on Irv's dialogs.e, this adds functionality like PgUp/PgDn, Home/End, type-to-find (you type "rec" and it goes to first list item starting with "rec"), etc. Auto-centering dialogs. Documentation is yet to be done, but it's great for text-mode UI. May 4: Added keys.e to archive.
  47. DOS | Window library | 189K | Hayden McKay | Dec 3/03 |
    Simplified, sunken or flat windows, tool bar buttons that display 32x32 bmp's. standard win style push buttons. A bitmap to sequence tool. routines to erase buttons from memory. required files mighty.e putsxy.e included. Dec 3: added bmp tool buttons, win style push downs, link routines routine to display embedded bmp's on buttons, and a general tidy up.
  48. DOS | Push Buttons | 18K | Hayden McKay | Nov 29/03 |
    A push button library with 5 shadow types, double border or single border, stay down or spring back buttons and two different ways to link buttons. Demo and complete readme included. Nov 29: putsxy() syntax is now mended for mode 18, thanks to Igor Kachan. All the running gear is now included. putsxy.e and might.e
  49. DOS | menu | 48K | Hayden McKay | Nov 23/03 |
    This is an example for beginners showing the use of dialogs to scroll directories, delete, move, rename, copy etc.. The source is very well documented for this purpose. It uses Dave Cuny's DOS Text Dialogs (included).
  50. DOS | Enhanced bcform.e | 2K | David Jarvis | May 18/03 |
    An enhanced version of Andy Cranston's bcform.e. It adds the ability to control the color to make things a little more user-friendly.
  51. DOS | Text Windows | 3K | Craig Gilbert | Nov 6/02 |
    A simple library for making text-mode windows with automatic line wrap and scrolling.
  52. DOS | Changes to DOS32Lib | 112K | Matt Arriola | May 3/01 |
    Some changes and enhancements to David Cuny's DOS32Lib. May 1: several new enhancements. May 3: bug fix
  53. DOS | KDE Menus | 22K | Brecht Pynoo | Mar 24/00 |
    Code for displaying some attractive-looking menus. It uses SVGA so you might need use_vesa(1).
  54. DOS | DOS GUI Routines | 20K | Andrew Greenwood | Oct 26/99 |
    Routines for making a graphical user interface in DOS. He has included an improved version of Jacques Deschenes' file selector.
  55. DOS | Simple Menu System | 15K | Normand Blais | Oct 6/99 |
    A simple menu system. Oct 6: added DOS shell and user prompt window
  56. DOS | Windows for DOS | 18K | Caballero Rojo | Oct 4/99 |
    A program that creates Windows-like windows in a DOS program. It's in Spanish.
  57. DOS | GUI With Scrolling Lists | 14K | Wayne Overman | Sep 6/99 |
    A demo showing several scrolling lists in a pixel-graphics mode user interface. Sep 6: Coded more elegantly.
  58. DOS | Faster Boxes | 2K | Irv Mullins | Oct 2/98 |
    he modified Stafford White's boxes (below) to display much faster.
  59. DOS | Make Nice Boxes | 2K | Stafford White | Sep 29/98 |
    routines for making nice text-mode boxes.
  60. DOS | Simple Menu Routine | 7K | L. Raúl Campos Arribas | Apr 22/98 |
    A simple routine for displaying menus.
  61. DOS | High-Res Mouse / Clickable Buttons | 13K | Graeme Burke | Jan 31/98 |
    High-res mouse routines, a utility for making clickable buttons for a graphical interface, and a demo of rotating a cube in 3 dimensions.
  62. DOS | Tag List GUI | 7K | Rod Damon | Sep 18/97 |
    a simple, but useful user interface routine that lets the user select multiple items from a list.
  63. DOS | Text GUI Enhancement | 28K | Matthew Whitehead | Aug 7/97 |
    a utility that helps you to use David Cuny's text-mode GUI library.
  64. DOS | GUI Routines | 8K | Daniel Berstein | Apr 20/97 |
    some graphical user interface routines
  65. DOS | Menu Display Utility | 3K | Daniel Berstein | Oct 24/96 |
    a user interface routine for displaying a general menu