Utility Programs

  1. DOS | Disk Image | 16K | Free Play | Nov 24/01 |
    A utility that lets you create and copy a complete image of a floppy or hard disk.
  2. DOS | Sprite Editor | 48K | Colin Taylor | Sep 21/97 |
    an excellent sprite editor and animator. He has included demos of mouse pointers and fonts, as well as a generic sprite animation demo that works in any graphics mode at reasonable speed.
  3. WIN | Excel Tools | 4K | Roger Marin | Oct 30/02 |
    Transfer Euphoria data into Excel spreadsheet format, and examine Excel files at the byte level.
  4. GEN | Smel4Eu: SMEL 1.1 Core Package for Euphoria 1.25 | 37K | Tommy Carlier | Sep 7/04 |
    Reads and writes SMEL-documents and -fragments. SMEL is a language for structuring data and documents, kind of like XML. Sep 7: Fixed some bugs.
  5. GEN | Arrays | 1K | Juergen Luethje | Dec 7/05 |
    Deal with arbitrary-based multi-dimensional 'arrays' (even negative bounds are allowed).
  6. WIN | Euphoria Install / Setup Utility | 216K | H.W. Overman & Al Getz | Jul 12/05 |
    A nice-looking install program. It's similar to the INNO installer that RDS uses, but this is written in Euphoria. It should run on all versions of Windows. The full source is included. Lot of interesting techniques for direct API coding. Most File i/o and GUI portions are complete. Jul 12: minor fix to file compression.
  7. WIN | search_item | 21K | amir reza | Jan 22/04 |
    A program to search for a word or letter or etc in a file and give you some information. Jan 22: in updated program you can search for a file; you can search in subdirectories and have standards for searching files. After searching you are able to save the matching files, and open the files in a program or delete them.
  8. WIN | Duplicate File Finder | 634K | Doug Weinert | Nov 14/03 |
    A duplicate file finder with a nice Win32Lib-based GUI. You can find files with similar names or contents. See also Find Duplicate Files by RDS and Forno. Nov 14: Fixed 2 bugs.
  9. WIN | Deluxe Slide Show3 | 1497K | don cole | May 1/07 |
    Included are a bound .exe and the source code. Now works with, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .ico, .png, tif, .tiff, .wmf, .emf files. Features while Slide Show is in progress: Pause, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll about in a large Picture, Send Pictures to Your Favorites Folder, Manually Scroll back and forth through Slide Show, and other goodies. May 1: Now works with .jpe and .jpeg files. Smoothed out speed changes at the high end.
  10. GEN | GZIP Decompressor | 13K | Davi Figueiredo | Oct 10/98 |
    A file decompressor based on the GZIP format. v1.01
  11. WIN | TimeIt v0.2 | 4K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Apr 23/04 |
    A little program to store the minutes you've been connected to the Internet (useful when you have dial-up). Apr 23: Bug fix: The hours were added to the seconds on vtimeit.exw
  12. WIN | Read or Write File Date and Time | 87K | Rolf Schroeder | Sep 20/03 |
    Write or read file date and time, also on directories. An example is given by SETDATIM. Sep 20: Minor bug fix.
  13. WIN | Memory Monitor | 28K | H. W. Overman | Dec 26/02 |
    A program that gives you a running display of your system's memory usage. The source plus a translated/compiled/compressed .exe are included.
  14. WIN | MapRuler | 302K | jacques deschênes | Sep 9/05 |
    MapRuler is a ruler for screen displayed maps. He's a frequent user of maps.google.com and he wanted to measure distance, but using a plastic rule over the screen was not convenient, so he wrote this little app. It needs windows xp +
  15. WIN | EuViewer3 | 202K | Al Getz | Jun 20/05 |
    A complete picture viewer that displays many picture types include: jpg, gif, tif, bmp, ico, wmf and png, with controls for stepping through a directory structure and for running a Slide Show. All source files included, including the GdiPlus library. Jun 20: Now uses an updated WinClass library with nice 3d magnified custom popup menu. Old jpg decompressor included.
  16. WIN | Stretch Bitmap | 62K | Martin Stachon | Feb 5/02 |
    A program that demonstrates how to stretch and shrink a bitmap picture. Change the window size to see the effect.
  17. WIN | BMP <--> XPM Converter | 55K | Roland Stowasser | Nov 15/01 |
    A tool for converting .BMP files to .XPM and vice versa.
  18. WIN | UDP | 463K | Gaz | Apr 4/08 |
    USB data protector is a program used to password protect and compress data stored on USB pen drives. .EXE and source included. Apr 4: (changed platform from DOS to WIN)
  19. GEN | Gather | 1K | Ricardo M. Forno | Mar 13/07 |
    A small, useful program to gather files, specified by a wildcard, from a directory and its sub-directories to a single directory, in order to ease file handling. Mar 13: Some bugs related to Windows XP fixed.
  20. GEN | hew for euallegro | 1K | Chris Burch | Jul 12/05 |
    Converts allegro grabber .h files to euphoria .ew includes. For how to use these in eu allegro, see eusprite, and eudata in the euallegro example directory.
  21. WIN | PikQuik Bits | 8K | David Pletts | Jun 23/05 |
    The source code for just a few routines from PikQuik 3. You will need win32lib and win32dib, both in the archive.
  22. WIN | Client Access Toolbox for IBM iSeries | 1382K | Jonas Temple | Feb 1/05 |
    Euphoria include files that let you work with IBM's Client Access Express. This gives iSeries (AS/400) programmers an alternative to the standard, overly-complex, development tools. Feb 1: Demos compatible with Win32Lib v60.5. Many new routines including object/IFS/spooled file browsing dialogs. Updated documentation.
  23. WIN | Bitmap Converter | 12K | Mike Wever | Dec 29/03 |
    A simple utility to convert a bitmap file into a Euphoria bitmap stored in an include file. Requires Win32Lib. Dec 29: Added ability to save in DOS palettes.
  24. WIN | GW_to_E | 95K | Daniel Kluss | Nov 18/03 |
    A modified version of his H_to_E include file converter that he used to make extensions for OpenGL.
  25. GEN | File Compare | 29K | Ricardo Forno | Aug 16/02 |
    Several versions of a program that compares two files and indicates the differences between them. Aug 16: corrections and enhancements
  26. GEN | Text to PDF converter | 2K | Maurizio Moroni | Jun 5/01 |
    A tool that converts from plain text to PDF format. Jun 5: It's now a command-line utility, rather than a GUI program.
  27. DOS | Palette Editor | 13K | Leonid Shulman | Apr 28/99 |
    a tool for editing color palettes.
  28. DOS | Nice Form | 38K | Terry Constant | Jun 6/98 |
    a handy tool for nicely formatting Euphoria programs.
  29. WIN | Google Search Tool | 8K | Robert Szalay | Oct 15/02 |
    A small window on your desktop makes it easy to search Google. Right-click for some extra features. Requires Win32Lib version 0.57.9 or higher.
  30. GEN | Read ZIP file info | 2K | Jeff Fielding | Jul 28/01 |
    routines for extracting information about files contained in a .ZIP archive. Jul 28: now works on all platforms
  31. DOS | File Splitter | 3K | PatRat | Feb 14/98 |
    Splits large files and puts them back together.
  32. GEN | Text Formatter | 2K | Mike Nelson | Feb 4/01 |
    Print text to the screen between margins. Handles tab expansion, word wrap, right and left alignment, and centering.
  33. DOS | microSARA Music Generator | 132K | David Cuny | May 21/99 |
    a program that generates MIDI music files in various styles using random numbers and some sophisticated algorithms developed by David Cope. With Windows you can double click on a .MID file to play it. See SARA.DOC.
  34. DOS | Variable Save/Restore | 9K | Terry Constant | Jun 9/98 |
    a utility for storing and retrieving variables and data in a text file. It enables applications to share information.
  35. DOS | BM Crunch | 2K | Graeme Burke | Jun 3/98 |
    a tool for compressing .BMP images.
  36. DOS | Slide Show Maker | 79K | Robert Mylle | May 25/01 |
    A program that displays a slide show of .BMP pictures.
  37. GEN | conv_unzip | 6K | Kenneth Rhodes | Jan 3/17 |
    This utility program unzips all files in a zip archive into a subdirectory named the filebase of the zip archive and converted to the current file system file type, If needed. As a safety measure, the original *.zip file will be copied into the new subdirectory. If the original zip files are of Windows filetype the filenames will be converted to lower case.
  38. WIN | Compare Files | 567K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 21/16 |
    Compares files and shows lines added, modified and removed. Euphoria 3 and up. Bug Correction.
  39. WIN | Compare Folders | 588K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 21/16 |
    Compares folders and shows files added, modified and removed. Euphoria 3 and up. Bug correction.
  40. WIN | Crosswords Assistant | 1061K | Jean-Marc DURO | Aug 2/16 |
    A small assistant to help find words in a crosswords grid. Needs lists of words by length. French lists provided. Euphoria 3 and up.
  41. WIN | Laptop Spy Camera | 624K | llamedoso | May 17/16 |
    Use a laptop webcam as a spy camera in a covert mode.
  42. WIN | MyDiary | 1735K | Fred Mangan | Nov 26/15 |
    Happy Christmas, Euphorians! This is a nice program for your diary needs in the New Year; Euphoria-4 + Win32Lib + EDS. Features a full Church Calendar displayed for each day and a perpetual editable Anniversaries list to remind you of fixed events in your year. Supports as many diaries as you like so you can keep and reload the diary for last year and the year before that. Only one diary allowed per year. Two styles of diary, business and private. Program is bound. no source code supplied. (December 2015).
  43. WIN | Manage Excel files | 106K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 16/15 |
    Manage Excel files via OLE (Excel needed). Uses Eucom. For Euphoria 4 and up. Tested on XP with All-In-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria package (4.1 with memstruct). Bug correction. Easier to use.
  44. GEN | Convert Excel datetime format to Euphoria date time format | 2K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 13/15 |
    Routines to convert MS Excel datetime format to Euphoria datetime format.
  45. GEN | The Mighty Eagle Templating Solution | 40K | Ronald Weidner | Sep 22/15 |
    METS is capable of replacing a properly tagged text document with external data. It's easily extended via the use of callbacks allowing you to model recursive data. Use cases include data transformation, web/mail templates, Euphoria Pre-processor jobs, and more. Well suited for translating relational data to hierarchical visualizations. Learn more at openeuphoria.org/wiki/view/MightyEagle.wc
  46. GEN | Compare Files | 11K | Jean-Marc DURO | May 22/15 |
    Graphical file comparison based on wxEuphoria. Tested on Windows Seven 64-bit. Should work on Linux too.
  47. WIN | Easy4Cap ScreenCapture | 76K | Andreas Wagner | Dec 6/14 |
    Simple Screen/Window capture based on tinEWG
  48. WIN | Easy4Eu Mediaplayer | 121K | Andreas Wagner | Dec 6/14 |
    Very Simple Mediaplayer based on tinEWG
  49. DOS | GEMRxnEq | 389K | Don Cahela | Apr 15/14 |
    Program to compute reaction equilibrium for gas phase mixture by Gibbs' energy minimization. 618 compounds available in the database. Executable program only. Apr 15: Added Cp data to output.
  50. WIN | Auto-generate paste-in Gui code | 4K | Phil French | Jan 20/14 |
    He loves Judith's IDE, but he was being slow and messy with 47 QWERTY buttons for a virtual keyboard. So he auto-generated them - to paste in to the main .exw. Run attached prog. It makes kbtestme.exw (a quick trial of paste-in code). It's not much use as it is - just an idea. Anyone think of other uses for printf()?
  51. GEN | libHaru4eu | 508K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Jul 12/13 |
    A simple libHaru wrapper. libHaru is a free, cross platform, open source library for generating PDF files.
  52. WIN | Dir Size | 12K | Jean-Marc DURO | Dec 15/12 |
    Dir Size helps find which folders can be safely removed on a disk by showing most recent modification date in a whole directory including sub-directories.
  53. WIN | Securely Delete Files | 377K | llamedoso | Nov 25/12 |
    Safely deletes files so that they are unrecoverable. Will delete single files or files in a folder using wildcards. Nov 25: Bug fixed (wrong name for ew file)
  54. WIN | FreeBudget v1.3 | 65K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 18/12 |
    This is the Windows console port of my 2002 bank manager program. It is partially object-oriented, so it demonstrates usage of my Simple OOP class library.
  55. LNX | Unicode Console Utilities | 15K | Jean-Marc DURO | Sep 5/12 |
    Chris Burch's Linux Console Utilities ported to Unicode.
  56. WIN | BookReaderC2 | 10895K | Fred Mangan | Sep 19/11 |
    An ebook reader for TXT, HTM(L) and MHT files. User can resize the reading window, change font size and font and background colouring. With source code (Eu 3.x + EuWinGUI).
  57. GEN | unicode chart maker | 1K | Shawn Pringle | Jul 19/11 |
    Creates a 256 code point chart of Unicode characters as a sequence of ucs 4-byte little endian characters.
  58. WIN | Digger | 252K | stagas | Jan 29/11 |
    Progressively downloads RSS feeds from Beatport to help you discover new electronic music, based on your tastes. Old unfinished project, but with enough functionality already. Jan 29: Bugfix on the RSS scraper and removed default data db.
  59. DOS | Replace.ex ver.:1.10b easy modify | 6K | Pikk | Sep 28/10 |
    Jiri Babor retro utility extended parses exchange and skeleton addition.
  60. WIN | Round Robbin | 433K | Fred Ransom | May 28/10 |
    RoundRobin is a non-trivial problem solved with Euphoria. Using an algorithm from Ancient Greece, it schedules the matches in a round robin tournament. The program may not be as nice as it could be--he wrote it in one evening--but it's quite usable by any coach or league honcho worth his or her salt. He wrote it with Win32Lib using Judith's IDE. Also runs on Linux with the wine loader. May 28: Made program more robust and corrected the save as dialogue. Improved output format.
  61. WIN | DbgView interface to Euphoria | 292K | Karoly Kovacs | Aug 4/09 |
    A simple interface to Mark Russinowich's famous DbgView utility.
  62. GEN | SDL Slideshow | 629K | ChrisBurch3 | Feb 3/09 |
    A very simple cross platform slide show presenter with various transition effects, and text effects. Think power point lite. Ideal for kiosk info terminals. Cross platform. Test eu3.11 Linux, eu 4.0a2 winxp. Libs and full packages from sdlslide.wikispaces.com
  63. LNX | file names to lower case | 1K | Carlos Valdes | Dec 28/08 |
    He installed Euphoria under Ubuntu, and doing some tests and downloading from the contribution list, he found almost every unpacked file has an upper case name when the include name inside the exu programs is lower case. (In windows that is not a problem.) So he created this little program to change names to lower case. Copy to the euphoria/bin directory and invoke fn2lc (file name to lower case) from under any directory. Only the first level names inside that directory will be changed to lower case. This is a very simple program for linux beginners.
  64. WIN | hyphenator-Project | 1826K | Antonio Alessi | Dec 16/08 |
    The hyphenator-Pro package was built for sale, but this task could not be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. Everybody can run and view the beta run time package as is. Should someone get involved and seriously intend to carry it on - commercial purposes not excluded - he/she can get the complete sources (codes, graphics, html, dictionaries, install routines, web site www.hyphenator.com) and essential support from the author.
  65. GEN | DrawBust | 256K | Fred Mangan | Nov 20/08 |
    A tool for drawing a simple 2D graphic object. The drawing is saved as a Euphoria sequence for use in DOS32 or WIN32 applications. Nov 20: Now upgraded with extra functions, larger drawing area, editable files, etc. plus source code for scaled drawing.
  66. WIN | Wipe | 41K | Rob Steel | Oct 23/08 |
    Library and example program to wipe (overwrite then delete) files from hard drive. Oct 23: GPL License
  67. WIN | RGBview | 239K | don cole | Jul 30/08 |
    This is a handy color generator that he found in the old Win32Lib demos. However it did not work in the newer versions of Win32Lib. He fixed it so it does. It is a must for anyone writing programs that deal with color. If you use things like: rgb(106,44,70) or setTextColor(LText126,#7FFF7F) then you need this utility. Displays both Hex and Decimal.
  68. WIN | Image Editor | 624K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    An image editor that supports the major image formats (jpg, bmp,...) and basic drawing operations. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  69. WIN | MultiSearch | 689K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A program to search multiple words in multiple files. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  70. DOS | Freedos floppy boot disk with Euphoria | 621K | Marco Achury | Feb 24/08 |
    A FreeDos boot floppy with a pre-installed subset of Euphoria. Useful as an emergency tool or for use on a virtual machine emulator to check the behavior of DOS programs on Windows or Linux machines.
  71. GEN | Difflist utility, V3.2 | 5K | Alan Oxley | Feb 15/08 |
    Command-line driven source code compare utility, very fast. Feedback welcome. Feb 15: New in v3.2: added readme.txt, new options to ignore indention spacing.
  72. GEN | Add ID3v2 Tags | 7K | Andy Cranston | Oct 31/07 |
    A command-line utility that adds ID3v2 tags to MP3 files. Updated to accommodate the hash (#) convention.
  73. WIN | ListRoutines | 355K | DB James | Jul 16/07 |
    This program is a utility to see at a glance all the routines in Eu file(s). The purpose of ListRoutines is to find and list routines of Euphoria program(s) to the top of the file(s) and/or place the routines-lists in a file called ROUTINES.TXT in EUDIR. The list of routines can also be easily deleted at any time.
  74. GEN | Find Duplicate Files | 19K | RDS / Ricardo Forno | Apr 15/07 |
    This program scans one or more directories, looking for files that are identical. You can even scan an entire drive, or multiple drives with one command. Apr 15: Fixed for files over 1GB. New output format for a .BAT to ease deletion of duplicate files.
  75. WIN | Bitmap Crusher | 83K | Wolfgang Fritz | Mar 17/07 |
    A tool that performs run-length encoding to compress 16 and 256 color Windows bitmap (.BMP) files. Mar 17: bugfixes for 2K, XP.
  76. GEN | Recode Russian Text | 2K | Igor Kachan | Mar 16/07 |
    A program that converts Russian text files from one code page to another. Should work with code pages on all platforms. Mar 16: Updated for EU 3.0.2
  77. WIN | DB Maker | 2K | Logan Kodysz | Nov 16/06 |
    Easy to use database maker. It's handy when you need to make a database real quick without having to call all the database functions. He made it so he could create a small database to hold a large sequence. Win32Lib required.
  78. DOS | EUREAP | 52K | Ricardo M. Forno | Nov 14/06 |
    Eases backup or transporting files from a PC to another by means of floppies. Fills floppies to the brim. Enhances reliability tenfold. Allows using floppies with defective sectors. Automates process. Avoids floppy overwriting. Includes extremely fast knapsack algorithm, useful for other purposes. Works on Windows 95/98. Might not work in an XP DOS window. Nov 14: Corrected big bug. Also e-mail addresses & other info.
  79. WIN | Associator | 1K | Jesse Adkins | Sep 9/06 |
    The Associator is a simple program to add your program's extensions to the Windows Registry. It can bind an icon to the file, make a certain extension open with your program, and more.
  80. WIN | UPXer | 220K | wes hermanson | May 5/06 |
    Use this to compress your executables and free up hard drive space in a batch fashion. Requires UPX (free). Full source. Modify any way you like.
  81. WIN | Version Control program | 290K | Andy Drummond | Apr 24/06 |
    This is a very simple but powerful program to keep an archival record of your source files. It maintains an incremental archive file for each source file and can be either run from a command line invocation to archive multiple folders & files, or as a normal window to backup a single file or to retreive previously archived source files. It allows the user to keep a record of his source code every morning with the minimum of time or disk space overhead. The included help file tells you more of its capabilities.
  82. WIN | Units | 56K | Mike Duffy | Mar 1/06 |
    A unit conversions program.
  83. WIN | Environment Variable Editor | 8K | Greg Haberek | Feb 28/06 |
    Environment Variable Editor gives you greater control over your environment variables without having to search through the Registry Editor. You can create, edit, and delete environment variables as well as change their types and values. Feb 28: New webpage.
  84. DOS | TXT2BIN | 193K | Pierino Moro | Feb 9/06 |
    The Euphoria program TXT2BIN converts a text file, with hexadecimal values (like HEXDUMP output), into a binary file.
  85. GEN | bin2hex | 1K | Jason Gade | Feb 8/06 |
    Converts a binary file to human-readable hexadecimal and ASCII representation that can be opened in your favorite text editor.
  86. GEN | Various Programs | 999K | wes hermanson | Jan 18/06 |
    Directory with about 20 programs (some rather large) written in Euphoria. Full source code.
  87. DOS | diff very fast command line utility | 2K | Alan Oxley | Jan 13/06 |
    Compares two files and shows you the differences. Processed 2x40Mb files in a split-second! (Ok it was a cache hit) Has options for upper-case, line numbers, sorting, omitting common.
  88. WIN | mbox | 140K | Juergen Luethje | Oct 29/05 |
    A DLL that reads and writes Unix mailbox files (mbox format) -- source code and compiled DLL. The DLL is a plugin for Total Commander, but you can also use it with your own programs (sample Euphoria code that calls the routines in the DLL included). Oct 29: The main new features are a new naming system for extracted mails, and the ability to change mbox files. So the plugin now is also useful for finding and deleting duplicate mails, and for synchronizing mails in different mbox files. The plugin now can read language files. English, Dutch, German and Polish are automatically supported. Several other enhancements, and considerably improved documentation.
  89. DOS | Huffit.ex - Huffman encoder/decoder | 254K | DB James | Oct 22/05 |
    Huffit.ex is an elaboration on huff.ex & dehuff.ex by Junko Miura which do Huffman encoding and decoding of files respectively. Combines the functions of those two files & adds file navigation & selection.
  90. WIN | Munafa Accounting Package | 558K | Anando Banerjee | Jul 9/05 |
    Windows Accounting Package (password "Super" or "Munafa" case-sensitive). Covers basics of financial accounting. (No source). Jul 9: Much better utilization of system resources.
  91. WIN | Deluxe Slide Show | 154K | Don Cole | Jun 24/05 |
    A slide show viewer with pause, scroll, zoom and time adjustment. Based on Euviewer by Al Getz.
  92. WIN | PikQuik 3 | 778K | David Pletts | Jun 21/05 |
    The third incarnation of PikQuik, a set of tools for creating a quick design, possibly for greetings cards, small posters, postcards, CD covers, backgrounds, designs for cross stitch and embroidery, etc, with a bit of a contemporary/abstract/organic feel. Executable file only, no source - email him if you would like to know more. See earlier version for some old source.
  93. GEN | Eu2c String Encrypter | 9K | Aku 2005 | May 13/05 |
    A program that encrypts strings of the EtoC translator output. Only NewString()'s are encrypted. Before using this program, all strings will be visible, and your translated program will be easy to crack. After using this program, the compiled exe file will be rather hard to crack by an amateur cracker, since he cannot find the strings easily.
  94. WIN | World Distance Calculator | 1243K | Greg Haberek | May 4/05 |
    Using his ZIP Code Database, and Jiri Babor's earth distance algorithm, he created an application that can calculate the distance between any two cities in the United States, or display a list of all cities within a given radius.
  95. WIN | Duo Bible Viewer | 397K | Ferlin Scarborough | Apr 6/05 |
    An extended version of CK Lester's Bible Viewer that allows viewing of 2 different versions of the Bible EDB files at one time. Uses a modified version of Bibler.e and Win32Lib 0.60.6 Apr 6: Removed uneeded second set of Book/Chapter/Verse lists. Fixed a bug found by CK Lester, could not click on second combo box.
  96. GEN | FluidAE | 1710K | Ryan Johnson | Apr 4/05 |
    The purpose of FluidAE is to provide a simple, reliable, efficient, and powerful platform on which user-friendly applications can be quickly and easily developed. This platform has its own totally customizable graphical user interface, and a unique API design. It is in the early stages of development. Apr 4: Version 0.095: Many major improvements and much progress on the IDE. See website for details.
  97. DOS | TypeHex Command v1.0 | 1K | cumesoftware | Mar 30/05 |
    This program is an additional command for DOS, and is used to display the contents of a given file, using hexadeximal notation. Example: typehex get.e (each line represents 16 bytes). Mar 30: Minor bugs fixed.
  98. DOS | bmp2mem2filev9 | 180K | practicing01 | Mar 23/05 |
    A tool that he uses for converting a bitmap to a sequence.
  99. GEN | Dollar wiper | 10K | CChris | Jan 9/05 |
    This utility strips $ signs from Eu 2.5 code and replaces them with the right length(some_sequence), so that such code can be run using Eu 2.4 if it does not use crash_routine(). Usable both standalone and as an include file, can cope with indexes spreading across multiple lines.
  100. GEN | Mutate Dollar Signs (MDS) | 3K | Al Getz | Jan 4/05 |
    Translate programs that use the dollar sign and run under Euphoria v2.5 to programs that run under v2.4 with little effort. Converts entire directory with "ConvertDirectory(DirPath,ExtentList)" or single file. Sample code and sample exw file included. Jan 4: Updated: Support for Eu's namespace character ':' and other improvements.
  101. WIN | Text File Replace | 3K | András Szabó | Dec 16/04 |
    A small utility program to search and replace strings in text files. It needs Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI.
  102. DOS | CRT Monitor Test Program v2.0 | 1K | cumesoftware | Dec 15/04 |
    A program that helps you to visualise your monitor geometry, by showing a geometric test screen. You can look for pincushion or barrel distortions. Suitable for auto-adjustable monitors, since it can work with various resolutions. Dec 15: Final Release: No bugs found
  103. WIN | Contest #2 (EuBots) Windows Interface | 225K | cklester | Dec 10/04 |
    IDE source file, exw source file, and exe of a program that lets you run the Contest #2 engine with a Windows GUI. Dec 10: New Popup menu lets you easily clone or kill bots. "Update" button to update bot/map list for when you add them while the program is running. Requires FastMenu.
  104. WIN | WML | 453K | Alex Chamberlain | Oct 30/04 |
    An XML parser to create windows. No documentation. Will be updated regularly. Full source. Uses Win32Lib and eebax.
  105. WIN | Installation wizard | 9K | Emlyn Merlyn | Oct 26/04 |
    This is his first serious Windows application. It is an installation wizard that installs compressed files made with an included library. It has support for multiple packages.
  106. GEN | EuKa | 10K | Juergen Luethje | Oct 24/04 |
    A Euphoria preprocessor based on Tommy Carlier's Kanarie Template System. It provides the possibilities of block comments, inserting files, generating code or documentation depending on the platform, on the language, and/or on the configuration such as DEBUG or RELEASE. Generated source code can be executed automatically on any platform, if intended. Oct 24: Bug concerning Linux fixed. The generated program now can use command-line options.
  107. WIN | Credit Card Verifier | 3K | Aku | Oct 15/04 |
    A program that checks credit card numbers to see if they could be valid. Oct 15: In English. Compatible with newest win32lib
  108. GEN | Make Icon | 516K | Alexander Toresson | Oct 10/04 |
    A program to convert a bitmap into an icon or a cursor. Oct 10: Now includes info on how to make a .ico which contains many unique icons.
  109. GEN | Boot Time Logger | 74K | Kat | Sep 30/04 |
    This merely logs the date and time windows starts up. To use, set into C: root, add the exe filename to your windows on_start menu (not the start menu of shortcuts). It demonstrates a few of Eu's basic comamnds, and how easy it is to use Eu as a scripting language (just use the interpreter). Source and exe included.
  110. DOS | Password Protector | 3K | Nicholas Koceja | Aug 3/04 |
    This program will help to password protect your files. Just follow the directions in the pssprtct.txt file. Aug 3: He updated the documentation, and fixed a bug.
  111. GEN | BMP to XPM or Sequence | 8K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Jul 6/04 |
    A program that converts from .BMP format to .XPM, and another program that converts .BMP to a sequence of numbers. Jul 6: C.K. Lester fixed a bug where the BMP to Sequence program output a line too long.
  112. WIN | getVolumeInformation | 4K | William Heimbigner | Jul 6/04 |
    Gets the volume information for a given volume, i.e. "C:\\". Simple and easy to understand, and will tell you the: volume name, volume serial number, max file length, file system name (i.e. fat32 or ntfs) and file system attributes (does it support compression, LFN, etc?) He plans to use this in a shareware protection library
  113. DOS | LCD Test Program v2.0 | 1K | cumesoftware | May 10/04 |
    A program that helps you to find dead dots on your LCD monitor, by running a sequence of three screens. You can toggle screens using LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Send comments to: cumesoftware@lycos.com. You need an adequate video driver to run this program. May 10: Final release (no bugs found, some text changed).
  114. WIN | SWF file format | 1844K | Daniel Kluss | May 10/04 |
    Some raw example code to show how SWF Flash files can be used in Euphoria. It can make and view SWF, even from a CGI.
  115. WIN | ex_error reader | 2K | Antonio Alessi | Apr 27/04 |
    A program that puts ex.err files into a more readable format.
  116. WIN | CNC Control | 23K | Nathan hill | Apr 26/04 |
    Code that reads text files in Gcode format, and draws to the screen. It will hopefully become an RS232-based cnc control. Apr 26: Lock up fixed. circlecam.exw program added. new readme.
  117. WIN | XDIR | 59K | Larry Miller | Apr 19/04 |
    A greatly enhanced version of the DIR command of the Windows command line. Features include multicolumn display, colors by file extension, bi-directional scrolling, etc. Compatible with Windows 95 and later. Apr 19: V1.10 Bug fixes, a few new options, expanded configuration.
  118. WIN | ATP Installer | 188K | Alexander Toresson | Apr 12/04 |
    A setup program. This is the preview version. Uses Win32Lib.
  119. GEN | Patcher | 56K | Alexander Toresson | Mar 16/04 |
    A utility to generate and apply patches.
  120. WIN | Simple Installer | 209K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Feb 4/04 |
    A simple installer. He would like feedback to improve it. This is just a demo version (.exe file).
  121. WIN | Encryption Utility | 112K | Hayden McKay | Jan 25/04 |
    Encrypt or Decrypt any file. Easy to use. (shrouded source) Jan 25: A lot faster, new GUI, rewrote arcfour alog, merged read and encrypt/decrypt process. MD5 password protection, validity check.
  122. GEN | Token Parser v2.1 | 2K | Stewart MacKenzie-Leigh | Jan 3/04 |
    A parser which turns a file into tokens, skips whitespace and comments. Easy to use. Suggestions for use are parsing settings files for your program, parsing text to syntax color it, even writing a compiler. Jan 3: Made minor changes.
  123. GEN | tidy | 1K | jiri babor | Dec 16/03 |
    A simple source code beautifier.
  124. DOS | Latin-square based cryptosystem | 3K | CJ Silver | Nov 27/03 |
    This is a program he built for any kind of semi-serious security needs on his system. It'll generate the squares and optionally generate grids for gridded mode. It can then use these squares (and grids) and a password to encrypt or decrypt a file. It only uses machine.e, get.e, and file.e.
  125. WIN | Reminder | 7K | Mike Wever | Sep 22/03 |
    A program to pop up reminders at a date and time entered by the user. The program sits in the system tray. Left click the icon to enter a reminder.
  126. GEN | Convert Line Terminators | 2K | Robert Szalay | Jun 14/03 |
    A small utility to convert line terminators between DOS/Windows, Linux and Mac formats.
  127. WIN | Quik Calendar | 573K | Lorri Wolk-Laniewski | Mar 25/03 |
    A handy calendar utility written in Euphoria. (no source)
  128. GEN | Source Code Builder | 4K | Tapani Talvitie | Mar 10/03 |
    A program that assists with major Euphoria projects. It lets you build a single include/main source file from small modules.
  129. GEN | File Archive Search | 39K | Robert Szalay | Jan 20/03 |
    An enhanced version of the File Archive search used on this Web site.
  130. WIN | RGB Color Selector | 149K | Alan Oxley | Dec 29/02 |
    A tool that lets you choose a Red-Green-Blue color combination using your mouse. Source plus translated/compiled .exe
  131. WIN | Check for Fake .dll's | 2K | Aku | Dec 11/02 |
    A program that checks for fake .dll, .exe, and .vxd files in your Windows and Windows\System directories.
  132. WIN | Japanese Text Converter | 42K | Aku | Dec 11/02 |
    A program that converts Romaji text into Japanese Hirigana and Katakana in EUC coding
  133. WIN | Run Programs Periodically | 4K | Travis May | Oct 31/02 |
    A utility that runs windows programs at specified time intervals.
  134. GEN | AVI Generator (Generic) | 32K | Mic | Oct 8/02 |
    A platform independent version of his Windows AVI Generator. Oct 8: Added another codec. Fixed a bug in the CrunchYUV codec. Minor fixes in the AVI reading functions. Added a GetLastErrorMessage-function for error handling.
  135. GEN | Find Biggest Files | 2K | Niels Lambertsen | Aug 7/02 |
    A small utility program that finds the biggest files in a directory and its subdirectories.
  136. WIN | Convert .3D2 to .NFF | 215K | Mark Akita | Jul 8/02 |
    A program that converts 3D models in CAD3D/Cyberstudio (.3D2) format to World Toolkit Neutral File Format (.NFF).
  137. WIN | Convert Data to a .e File | 162K | Jordah Ferguson | May 19/02 |
    A tool that uses base64 encoding to convert binary data into a Euphoria sequence in an include file.
  138. GEN | Document Formatting Language | 6K | Jim Brown | May 11/02 |
    A document format that he can currently translate to HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), and plain text. See also Junko Miura's documentation generator in the Archive.
  139. DOS | Image Viewer | 115K | Paul Plummer | Apr 15/02 |
    A DOS image viewer with variable zoom. It supports bmp, gif, jpg and pcx formats.
  140. GEN | Encrypt Files | 9K | Daryl van den Brink | Apr 13/02 |
    A simple encryption algorithm based on Euphoria's random number generator. Apr 13: stronger encryption, Linux bug fixed
  141. GEN | Bar Code Maker | 7K | Andy Cranston | Apr 3/02 |
    A program that generates a (type 39) bar code .bmp file, given some input text.
  142. GEN | Topaz Scripting Engine | 26K | Roderick Jackson | Mar 24/02 |
    An embedded, stack-based scripting engine. It's an interpreter, or virtual machine, that supports multiple threads of execution, using a small, but extensible instruction set. Mar 24: a bug fix, a new instruction (tEQUAL), updated documentation, and thread priorities.
  143. WIN | Bitmap Manipulation Tool | 161K | Mic | Mar 2/02 |
    A utility for manipulating bitmap files. It features 24-bit to 8-bit color reduction with palette optimization and dithering. Mar 2: added a great color quantizer called NeuQuant, plus the ability to output palettes in 15-bit format (suitable for the Gameboy Advance).
  144. GEN | Show Strings in ex.err | 11K | Bob Elia | Feb 20/02 |
    It processes ex.err, substituting readable strings for sequences of numbers.
  145. WIN | File Decompressor | 3K | Chrissy | Feb 1/02 |
    This uses a decompression library built into Windows. It can decompress files that were compressed using Microsoft's COMPRESS.EXE
  146. WIN | Load File from Euphoria Data | 22K | Andrea Cini | Dec 20/01 |
    A tool that lets you embed a file into your program as Euphoria data. See also David Cuny's Resource Binder.
  147. GEN | Convert 24-bit bitmaps to 8-bit | 10K | Rod Jackson | Nov 19/01 |
    A command-line tool that converts 24-bit bitmap picture files to reasonable-looking 8-bit files.
  148. WIN | Simple Encryption Program | 97K | Marc Hoover | Nov 15/01 |
    Encrypt/Decrypt your documents.
  149. GEN | Base Converter | 4K | Jim Roberts | Oct 17/01 |
    A program that converts numbers from one base to another.
  150. GEN | Measurement Conversion Tool | 6K | Jim Roberts | Oct 5/01 |
    A command-line tool for converting from one unit of measurement to another. Oct 5: new features, conversion factors were made more precise
  151. GEN | Text Utilities | 5K | Ricardo Forno | Aug 30/01 |
    A Unix-like tee program; a character conversion tool between DOS and Windows; plus routines that measure the degree of similarity between two strings - useful when the user may have misspelled a word or name.
  152. WIN | Program with Flow Charts | 204K | Claudio Emiliozzi | Aug 6/01 |
    A program that lets you create and compile flow charts to generate assembly language.
  153. GEN | Convert Euphoria To HTML | 4K | Martin Stachon | Jul 18/01 |
    Convert Euphoria source code to colored HTML, with optional CSS style sheets. Jul 18: minor improvements
  154. WIN | Map Editor | 17K | Blair Howarth | Jun 20/01 |
    A map editor for .BMP images.
  155. DOS | File Finder | 5K | Jim Duffy | Oct 5/00 |
    Search your hard drive for files. It uses a different approach than euphoria\bin\search.ex
  156. DOS | Convert Font to Sequence | 52K | Wayne Overman | Aug 29/00 |
    A utility that converts a string of text in a given font, into an initialized sequence that you can declare in your program. Aug 29: the fonts are stored in an EDS database.
  157. WIN | Ini File Editor | 182K | Matt Arriola | Aug 19/00 |
    A handy tool for creating and editing Windows .ini files. Aug 19: completed new version
  158. GEN | Rot-13 Encoder/Decoder | 1K | Zak Greant | Jun 20/00 |
    A small program that converts text using ROT-13.
  159. GEN | File Splitter | 29K | Carl White | Apr 18/00 |
    A file splitter for large files. Apr 18: bug fix, works on all platforms
  160. GEN | File2Eu | 11K | Davi Figueiredo | Mar 30/00 |
    Convert any text or binary file into a Euphoria sequence in an include file.
  161. DOS | Fast Load of Bitmap Images | 15K | Wayne Overman | Feb 13/00 |
    In order to load and display .BMP files as fast as possible, he created a faster file format. He also uses Jacques Deschenes primitive DOS file operations. A benchmark shows that the primitive operations can only save about 0.01 seconds per image on a Pentium.
  162. DOS | Make Transparent Image | 2K | Caballero Rojo | Jan 31/00 |
    Routines for making part of a picture transparent, or changing its color.
  163. WIN | Graphic File Converter | 7K | Normand Blais | Jan 21/00 |
    Normand added a Windows GUI interface to Caballero Rojo's graphics format converter. (see below)
  164. DOS | Directory Compare | 3K | Rolf Schroeder | Oct 20/99 |
    a program for comparing directories. It can run using ex or exw. Oct 20: minor improvements
  165. DOS | List Routines | 14K | D. B. James | Oct 20/99 |
    A program that extracts the declaration lines of Euphoria functions and procedures. It includes a nice file-selector GUI for selecting files and directories from anywhere on your machine. Oct 20: It now handles the case where the routine declaration spans more than one line.
  166. DOS | EuSetup Install Program | 191K | Matt Arriola | Oct 2/99 |
    A utility for installing files. Oct 2: minor enhancements, plus bound decompressor.
  167. DOS | Display and Convert Graphics Files | 15K | Caballero Rojo | Sep 23/99 |
    Programs that display and convert between .GIF, .PCX, and .BMP formats. He has provided both English and Spanish versions.
  168. DOS | Create Animated GIFs | 17K | Nick Metcalfe | Sep 14/99 |
    An extension of Christopher Street's GIF creation routine so you can create animated GIFs. Sep 14: define a transparent color for the image background in any .GIF
  169. DOS | WordMonger Encoding Scheme | 7K | Buddy Hyllberg | Sep 7/99 |
    An encoding scheme for text files.
  170. DOS | Plain Old Documentation Generator | 9K | Buddy Hyllberg | Aug 26/99 |
    A tool that extracts documentation from source code.
  171. DOS | Cut a Bitmap | 1K | Robert Nalley | Jun 1/99 |
    A tool that crops a bitmap picture to fit inside a certain area. It works with Michael Bolin's ememcopy() (see Archive / Library Routines).
  172. DOS | Palette Editor | 2K | Marco Tulio Marmolejos | May 4/99 |
    a simple editor for color palettes. It has a graphical interface with Spanish commands.
  173. DOS | Cipher Tools | 12K | Isaac | Apr 29/99 |
    a Feistel utility; a keyed shuffler; an S-box substituter; an S-box inverter; a permutator; a keyed latin square generator/shuffler; the SHA-1 hash algorithm, and more.
  174. DOS | Log Changes to a Directory | 8K | Rod Damon | Feb 25/99 |
    a modification of a program by Joseph Martin. Rod's version keeps track of files that have been added, deleted, or changed in a directory (and its subdirectories). It might be useful when you install an upgrade, or try to keep your work and home computers in sync. See also Joseph's original in the Archive.
  175. DOS | Source Backup Utility | 2K | Andrew Mitchell | Feb 2/99 |
    a program that backs up your source code by copying it to a directory named for the current date. You can also compress your backup.
  176. DOS | Palette Management | 83K | Colin Taylor | Jan 25/99 |
    a sophisticated and nice-looking program for manipulating the palettes of images.
  177. GEN | Enumeration Types in Euphoria | 4K | Jeff Fielding | Jan 19/99 |
    a preprocessor for enum statements in Euphoria.
  178. DOS | Chat Facility | 7K | Nick Metcalfe | Dec 18/98 |
    a simple chat facility. To use it you need to set up an IPX network. You also need David Cuny's text-mode GUI from the Archive page/Editors.
  179. DOS | Sprite and Icon Editor | 42K | Roy Shepherd | Sep 21/98 |
    a sprite and icon editor. It works in mode 19 and includes a nice demo program.
  180. DOS | Extract Comments as Documentation | 2K | Einar Mogen | Sep 4/98 |
    it scans a Euphoria program for special comments, that will become the external documentation for the program.
  181. GEN | Compress/Decompress | 3K | Daniel Berstein | Jun 20/98 |
    a data compression algorithm. Jun 20: can now use routine ids for input and output.
  182. DOS | Access .INI files | 9K | Terry Constant | Jun 9/98 |
    a utility for storing and retrieving information in Windows .INI files.
  183. DOS | Space/Tab Converter | 25K | Terry Constant | Jun 6/98 |
    a program for inserting or removing tabs in text files. There are several different options to choose from.
  184. GEN | Convert .bmp to .e | 3K | Graeme Burke | Jun 5/98 |
    A utility routine for converting a .BMP file into a (large) declaration of constant data in a Euphoria include file.
  185. DOS | BM Directory Cruncher | 2K | Jesus Consuegra | Jun 2/98 |
    an add-on tool for Graeme Burke's BM Crunch. It compresses all .BMP's in a directory.
  186. GEN | Dot Notation for Euphoria | 5K | David Cuny | Jun 2/98 |
    a preprocessor for an experimental extension to the Euphoria language
  187. DOS | 3-D Sprite Editor | 54K | Graeme Burke | May 18/98 |
    A unique sprite editor that allows you to rotate sprites in 3-D. Uses mode 257.
  188. DOS | Sprite Editor | 20K | Einar Mogen | Apr 30/98 |
    A sprite editor that supports multi-image files, rotation, masked copy, editing, resizing etc.many new features
  189. DOS | Bitmap Editor | 11K | Eduardo Okada | Mar 17/98 |
    An editor for small bitmap images. Mar 17: better interface, faster, larger bitmaps
  190. DOS | 4DOS Description Files | 7K | Al Taylor | Feb 5/98 |
    4DOS description file support. Now able to save descriptions.
  191. DOS | File Display | 5K | Matt Sephton | Dec 12/97 |
    a simple program for viewing files.
  192. GEN | Spell Check Enhancement | 5K | Art Adamson | Dec 5/97 |
    He added some useful features to Junko Miura's spell checker.
  193. DOS | 4DOS Description Files and Filename-Split | 7K | Al Taylor | Nov 9/97 |
    code that lets you use 4DOS description files to describe the files in a win95 directory.
  194. DOS | Draw Bitmap Images | 12K | Lee WooSeob | Sep 1/97 |
    a paint program using code donated by Pete Eberlein, Jiri Babor, and Marcel Kollenaar. You can use it to make small bitmap images. (Uses mode 257)
  195. DOS | Bundle .BMP Files | 2K | Ricardo Niederberger Cabral | Jul 6/97 |
    routines for bundling several .BMP files into one big file
  196. DOS | Find Added Files | 7K | Joseph Martin | Jun 9/97 |
    a utility program that finds and outputs to a file all the files that you have added to the original Euphoria installed files. You may find it useful when you are upgrading.
  197. DOS | Red-Green-Blue Adjuster | 5K | Normand Blais | Mar 22/97 |
    a little utility that lets you see the color that results from mixing different amounts of red, green and blue in your palette