Windows Programming

  1. WIN | Enhanced IDE | 731K | Judith Evans | Jul 27/08 |
    A greatly-enhanced version of David Cuny's original Interactive Development Environment for Win32Lib. The IDE lets you easily design a Windows user interface, and attach pieces of Euphoria code that will be executed when GUI elements are clicked by your user. A complete Euphoria program is generated for you. Includes a companion stand-alone editor. Win32lib 0.70.4a or later is required. German and French language support is available. (Anyone who wishes to submit a translation update or new translation is welcome to do so. Judith can host it on Sourceforge or you can submit it to the Recent Contributions Page.) Jul 27: ListView Styles Explorer and winlibscan rewritten, many improvements.
    [Local download, November 2019].
  2. WIN | Win32Lib | 1961K | Win32Lib Team | Jun 17/08 |
    This is the current version that includes documentation and lots of small example programs. Most Euphoria GUI programs for Windows depend on this library. First released several years ago by David Cuny, Win32Lib is now being developed as a group effort. You can add win32lib.ew and related include files to your euphoria\include directory, but it's better if you create an EUINC environment variable, and point it to the include directory of Win32Lib. To complete your installation you should get Judith Evan's Enhanced IDE. Jun 17: v0.70.4a: bug fixes (xControl, setMousePointer()...) and a couple enhancements (isDropped(), getRect() works on menus,...).
    [Local download, November 2019].
  3. WIN | (Old) Win32Lib: WIN32 Library with Demos | 260K | David Cuny | Feb 19/99 |
    David's original library for creating WIN32 GUI programs. With a small amount of simple Euphoria code, you can add a variety of Windows user-interface elements to your program. Documentation plus lots of small demo programs are included. Note: People are now using the new Win32Lib
  4. WIN | Win32 Engine | 1824K | Bernie Ryan | May 31/11 |
    A WIN32 library for beginners and advanced users to learn Windows API programming. Beginner & Advanced interface can be intermixed. Utility to use WIN32 resource files. Beginner interface is similar to Win32Lib ver. 50C. Fast loading speed for all versions of Euphoria including version 2.5 Jan 25: fixed bug in struct() added RCDATA function, version 10.70 ## May 31: Updated file runs on Euphoria version 4, version 3 and Virtual PC running WIN98
  5. WIN | Arwen | 206K | Mike | Nov 12/07 |
    A fast, compact GUI library for Windows-based Euphoria applications. Nov 12: Removed eu_file.e from bundle to remain compatible with Orac. No new functionality.
  6. WIN | EuGrid Grid Control v1.3.4 | 120K | Phil Russell | Mar 17/08 |
    Support for grid controls with Win32Lib: multiple controls; no size limits; in-place editing of data; columns and rows can be created, changed and deleted at runtime; select font, color and text alignment; cells can be individually formatted. Support for text, list, checkbox, button and picture cells. Documentation and sample programs included. Mar 17: Updated for compatibility with Win32lib 0.7.*
  7. WIN | Extra Controls | 62K | Don Phillips | Sep 28/04 |
    A library of controls that he has developed. Positioning of child windows relative to a parent window (geometry); limiting window size; syntax highlighting; window splitters; picture menus. Sep 28: Fixed bug with '&' character in quotes, added synUseColor(): Greg Haberek
  8. WIN | COM Library | 746K | Matthew Lewis | Oct 10/07 |
    EuCOM allows Euphoria programs to use COM objects, and can turn a Win32lib-based application into an ActiveX container. Demos are included which show how to use ActiveX controls. Oct 10: v2.08: Bug fix, win32lib v0.70 compatibility fixes
  9. WIN | Share Memory Between Processes | 5K | Mario Steele / Jason Mirwald | Mar 24/04 |
    This library allows memory to be shared between 2 processes on the Windows platform. It can eliminate the need for complicated DDE calls. Mar 24: Updated to work with Euphoria 2.4 which has stricter checking on C parameter types.
  10. WIN | WinClass C++ Style Library | 495K | Al Getz | Apr 30/06 |
    An object-oriented Windows library that takes advantage of Euphoria's namespace feature. Includes many Windows objects (Window, Listview, Treeview, etc.) and COM interfaces including IShellLink, IDataObject, etc. Many demos included. Many nice custom controls and services. Apr 30: Just to update the files with the newest versions (1006r2)
  11. WIN | Dos Rescue improvement | 77K | Insolor | Jul 16/13 |
    An improvement on Robert Craig's dos_rescue library. Jul 16: Abandoned Eu3 compatibility. Added fullscreen mode support. Removed text modes and textmode specific functions (put/get_screen_char(), save/display_text_image()). Some demos added.
  12. WIN | Allegro Graphics for WIN32 | 1000K | Ray Smith | Oct 15/02 |
    Euphoria routines that tap into the powerful Allegro graphics and games library. This is a beta release, but already he's got several excellent demos running. Oct 15: fixed the mp3 example; added a 24-bit bitmap example; added a demo to show 8/15/16/24 and 32 bit graphics modes
  13. WIN | XPMmer XPM Icon Generator | 29K | Andy Drummond | Jul 27/07 |
    This is a program to make the generation and editing of XPM icons simple for Euphoria users. It will generate XPM files, Euphoria-XPM files or Euphoria-compatible icons. It can take in XPMs, Euphoria XPMs, icons and bitmaps as starting data, allowing the re-use of old icons and conversion of them into formats suitable for use with Euphoria. Jul 27: This is the latest version (2.5) of XPMmer (see earlier). This one corrects the fault whereby you couldn't use it to open icon files directly. You can now. Also the color palette has been improved. This is a self-contained exw so if you want to change anything feel free!
  14. WIN | Create Shortcut | 14K | Martin Stachon | Mar 17/03 |
    An include file that wraps the IShellLink interface (with EuCOM), so you can easily create a shortcut in Euphoria. Mar 17: a new, more flexible interface, and you can get and set more shortcut attributes.
  15. WIN | Auto-scaled controls - v2.1 | 9K | MrTrick | Feb 14/05 |
    An extremely simple and capable library for making controls in an application move automatically when the window is resized. This is not a complex layout manager. Design your layout by hand or in Judith's graphical IDE, and use Autosize to make all your controls move smoothly to occupy all the window. Feb 14: Fixed issue where XControls windows did not resize correctly - now fully heirarchical for tab controls and groups etc. (see demo 5) Parent control can also be explicitly defined.
  16. WIN | Interprocess Communication | 4K | Thomas Parslow (PatRat) | Oct 11/02 |
    This library allows Windows Euphoria programs to call procedures and functions in other Euphoria programs running on the same machine. You can pass arguments and get results returned.
  17. WIN | Win32Dib 0.5.3 | 73K | Tommy Carlier | Nov 17/05 |
    Fast bitmap manipulation (24-bit graphics) for Win32Lib applications. Requires Win32Lib 0.60. Nov 17: Fixed a bug in drawDibToDib.
  18. GEN | Utility Library C-functions | 27K | Bernie Ryan | Jan 25/06 |
    A library of C-style string & character handling functions. C-style structures (that can be nested). Structures can also contain unions. Structure manipulation and support functions. This library can be used in a wide variety of applications. Jan 25: fixed bug in struct() version 7.0
  19. WIN | Display Server | 362K | Al Getz | May 25/04 |
    A display window server you can use to display text sent from one or more client programs, that can also be used to display debug messages. May 25: Now displays 8 picture file types: jpg, gif, bmp, ico, png, tif, wmf, and emf. The server itself is only 100k.
  20. WIN | Timesheet Program | 30K | Jonas Temple | Nov 2/04 |
    A program that helps you keep track of the hours you have worked on various projects for various clients. It's a good example of using Win32Lib and an EDS database. Nov 2: Custom version of Thomas Parslow's find window routines is required, now in the .zip file.
  21. WIN | System Tray Icons | 6K | Thomas Parslow (PatRat) | Apr 10/03 |
    An include file for managing system tray (taskbar notification area) icons. Apr 10: now uses setHandler instead of onEvent. This should make it more compatible with future versions of Win32Lib. Suggested by Greg Haberek.
  22. WIN | Popups for EuWinGui | 4K | Colin Taylor | Nov 21/02 |
    A package that adds pop-up menu capabilities to Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI. It uses new features in the latest version of EuWinGUI which permit custom trapping of windows messages.
  23. WIN | Windows Registry Read/Write | 9K | Davi Figueiredo | Nov 30/02 |
    Routines that let you read and write entries in the Windows Registry. v1.2
  24. WIN | Resource Utility for WIN32LIB | 765K | Bernie Ryan | Jan 23/06 |
    A utility for converting a Windows .RES resource file into a Euphoria include file for use with Win32Lib. Ver. 8.25 Jan 23: RCDATA added global function that returns uncompressed sequence as requested by user.
  25. WIN | xControls 2.0.6 | 14K | Greg Haberek | Jun 17/08 |
    This is a pre-release of his new xControls library. Only Geometry, LimitSize, HSplitter, VSplitter and FileBrowser are implemented. Jun 17: Fixed to support Win32Lib 0.70.4a
  26. WIN | TDLL | 153K | Daniel Kluss | Sep 23/05 |
    The purpose of this is to allow blocking Windows calls to be made non-blocking to the Euphoria scheduler. You can use the tdll library with normal Euphoria. Just define a global task_yield() procedure before including tdll. Sep 23: Added full support for cdecl and assembly
  27. WIN | EFFM: Euphoria's Free File Manager | 18K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    A fast, nice-looking, treeview of the directories on your machine. He built it using the WIN32 API directly, without using Win32Lib. It should work on all versions of Windows. Jun 19: bug fixes and small improvements
  28. WIN | Resource File Demos | 58K | Wolfgang Fritz | Dec 6/02 |
    Demos that show how to link Windows resource files with executables built using the Euphoria To C Translator. Dec 6: A new demo that shows how to link WAV audio as a resource using LCC
  29. WIN | WinAmp Wrapper | 597K | Mic | Aug 23/01 |
    A library and demo program for playing music files using WinAmp input-plugins. Aug 23: Got rid of the additional .dll (plugwrap.dll). Everything is now done in Euphoria + machine code. The test program now plays MP3 files.
  30. WIN | Irregular Windows | 6K | PatRat | Jan 16/01 |
    Some demo code for irregular-shaped windows.
  31. WIN | Multilingual | 227K | Wolfgang Fritz | Apr 12/06 |
    Programming examples and tools for writing multilingual applications using code-pages, regional settings, owner-drawn menus, etc., including Russian, Japanese and 9 other languages, localized paths, and font enumeration. Apr 12: added Dutch, etc.
  32. WIN | System-Wide Hotkeys | 11K | Ting (Aku) | Jun 17/03 |
    Use hot keys even when the window is not in focus. Jun 17: minor improvements
  33. WIN | Window Finding Functions | 2K | PatRat | Jun 25/01 |
    Find out which programs are running. (near the bottom of his page)
  34. WIN | Routines for WIN32 Programming | 126K | Bernie Ryan | Sep 24/99 |
    A new approach to WIN32 GUI programming in Euphoria. (See also Win32Lib)
  35. WIN | Extended Calls to .DLL Routines | 74K | Matthew Lewis | Feb 13/03 |
    Code that gets around some current restrictions that Euphoria has when interfacing with C routines in .DLLs. With Matt's code, you can call C routines that use the _cdecl calling convention, you can receive more than 9 arguments on a callback, and other useful things. (Note: cdecl calls/callbacks will be supported in Euphoria 2.4) Feb 13: his code now lets you call call any function by pointer, using either stdcall, thiscall or cdecl. It also allows a Euphoria routine to be called by pointer using either stdcall, thiscall or cdecl, with no limit on the number of parameters that may be passed.
  36. WIN | Send Message Between Apps | 2K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Jul 25/01 |
    Some code that lets you exchange messages between applications. Jul 25: a new design that allows a lot of messages to be registered at the same time.
  37. WIN | Win32LibEx | 147K | Matthew Lewis | Aug 21/00 |
    Some major extensions to David Cuny's Win32Lib that let you use List views, Tree views, Rich Edit, Find/Replace and List box GUI elements. Aug 19: MonthControl; UpDown; ComboBoxEx; image lists now support xpm, eubmp and DIB formats; updated documentation. Aug 21: minor bug fix. Note: most of this is now part of New Win32Lib.
  38. WIN | Colored buttons for Win32lib apps | 49K | Judith Evans | Jul 9/08 |
    Add the feature Microsoft forgot! This very easy to use include file, v0.1.15, will add and manage colored buttons; color, press color, caption color, press caption color, graphics, font, hints and more. All button classes supported. Package supplies demo exw file and help docs. Jul 9: This release introduces rotated caption, elliptical, circular and roundedRectangular buttons.
  39. WIN | Win32lib Custom GUI | 108K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    Shows how to easily create a Custom GUI using Win32lib.
  40. WIN | watch server | 218K | jacques deschênes | Jan 28/05 |
    Watch server is a tool for debugging windows application. It does not replace trace() but complements it. You can watch the variables change while the program is running. It's like debug.print in visual basic.
  41. WIN | Restart Library | 161K | CoJaBo | Sep 20/04 |
    Restarts a program using the command line parameters it was started with. Based on an idea from William Heimbigner. Includes bound example. Requires Win32Lib (not included). Sep 20: Updated URL again.
  42. WIN | SpinBall & SpinDisc | 14K | Tommy Carlier | Aug 7/04 |
    SpinBall is an EuControl that can be used to manipulate 2 angles. SpinDisc is an EuControl that can be used to manipulate 1 angle. Needs EuControls (included) and Win32Lib (not included). Aug 7: Fixed some bugs (thanks to C.K. Lester).
  43. WIN | Shutdown | 85K | Doug Weinert | Dec 30/03 |
    Shuts down Windows and turns off the power. (Also an example of how to change privileges in Windows NT, 2000, XP.)
  44. WIN | Console I/O Library | 8K | Ken Roger | May 10/02 |
    Routines for doing Windows console I/O using the WIN32 API. You need to first convert exw.exe, or your translated-to-C program, to be a console application, using setsubsys
  45. WIN | DLL Linkage Routines | 5K | Austin Cathey | Mar 26/99 |
    utility routines that assist you in calling routines in .DLLs.
  46. WIN | Non-English Language Support | 10K | Jiri Nemec | Dec 18/98 |
    routines for converting strings to upper or lower case, comparing strings, etc., when those strings are in a language other than English.
  47. WIN | Scintilla Edit Control | 594K | Mike Duffy | Mar 9/08 |
    Scintilla compiled with a Euphoria lexer. Complete Euphoria wrappers, Scite properties files and C source for lexer. Mar 9: Dll updated to 1.7.5, editor improvements, bug fixes.
  48. WIN | Skinned Window Library and Example | 35K | Dave Probert | Jun 22/05 |
    This is a simple library to provide image shaping of Windows - i.e. skinning. There's not much to it, but it can be improved - as always. Only a few functions in the library and about 4 lines of code needed to get the skinned effect, so simple you could cry :) Jun 22: Now with Save and Load features. Thanks Elliott.
  49. WIN | EuControls 1.0.2 | 8K | Tommy Carlier | Aug 7/04 |
    EuControls is a framework on top of Win32Lib that allows you to easily create custom control classes. Aug 7: Fixed some bugs, added method-functionality, private properties.
  50. WIN | Win32Lib Tutorials | 168K | Wolfgang Fritz and Ad Rienks | Apr 15/02 |
    A nice series of tutorials for Win32Lib. The link takes you to their tutorial Web site. Apr 15: 7 new lessons, 9 new program examples. Updated for latest Win32Lib.
  51. WIN | Sendkeys | 2K | PatRat | Jul 5/01 |
    A clone of the Visual Basic Sendkeys procedure, for simulating keystrokes programmatically. (bottom of his page)
  52. WIN | Winprog/Petzold Project | 984K | Craig Gilbert | Apr 8/12 |
    Euphoria translations of Petzold's work in 'Programming Windows, Fifth Edition' (all of it, almost). Also some of his own explorations of things like OLE in rich edit controls, generic double-buffering methods, creating dialogs on the fly, etc. Apr 8: hosting location update
  53. WIN | clips | 78K | Mike Duffy | Feb 1/08 |
    Windows clipboard cache with integrated editor. Feb 1: bug fixes, added support for Rich Text and Unicode, many enhancements
  54. WIN | Tile Model | 224K | Mike | Jul 2/07 |
    A program designed to model square or rectangular floor tiles. Could be useful if you are planning on installing floor tiles and want to get the colours right before starting. Uses win32 library Arwen (NOT included). Carpet and Grout colours can be easily customised. Tiles can be rotated. Model output can be saved to disk. Easy to use. Jul 2: Removed the win32 library Arwen from the bundle; user must separately install the latest version. User can now open a model directly in MS Paint for printing.
  55. WIN | Window Animation | 1K | Logan Kodysz | May 29/06 |
    Demonstrates the use of the AnimateWindow() routine. It uses a fade effect as the window opens. For people that want a cool intro to their applications. Win32Lib and Windows 98 or later are required for the demo.
  56. WIN | EuWinFun | 500K | Roland Stowasser | May 22/06 |
    A small set of Windows API functions and structures wrapped in a slightly different way. The purpose is to help porting programs from C to Euphoria and could help people who are not very familiar with the C language. The MS Help Files are necessary to work with the library. He has included some examples to show how it should work. May 22: Some changes. If you did your own experiments, please rename your folder or unzip this version into a different directory.
  57. WIN | Win32 Engine_R | 528K | Igor Kachan | Sep 14/04 |
    Bernie Ryan's w32engin.ew v7.20 with separate definitions of Windows API constants and functions - new libs constant.e and c_routin.e. Handier for some kinds of work. A low-level style of Win32 programming. Sep 14: The draft documentation on c_routin.e was added.
  58. WIN | LayoutPanels 1.0.1 | 22K | Tommy Carlier | Aug 7/04 |
    LayoutPanels are panels (using the EuControls-library) that take care of the layout (= position + size) of its child-controls. Needs EuControls 1.0.2 (included) and Win32Lib 0.60 (not included). Aug 7: Changed to work with EuControls 1.0.2.
  59. WIN | DirectDraw fast scrolling demo | 651K | Tone Škoda | Jan 11/04 |
    Fast image scrolling test and demo using DirectDraw or GDI in window mode. With DirectDraw scrolling image is almost as fast and smooth as with ACDSee, but not quite. GDI is slower. DirectDraw wrapper was wrapped with EuCom. Only main DirectDraw things are wrapped, the things I needed.
  60. WIN | Grid Control | 222K | Jonas Temple | Jun 20/02 |
    An early release of a control that lets you display data in the form of a grid of cells.
  61. WIN | Make Project File | 26K | Martin Stachon | Apr 5/02 |
    A tool that creates a .prj file for Judith's IDE, from an existing .exw program. Apr 5: updated for IDE 0.12
  62. WIN | OpenPTC Graphics | 17K | Russell K. Davis | Jun 7/00 |
    An include file wrapper for the OpenPTC Graphics Library. It uses Win32Lib. With a few changes it might also work on Linux with Linux/X11 OpenPTC.
  63. WIN | WIN32 API Wrappers | 33K | Jacques Deschenes | Jun 1/98 |
    a large set of Euphoria 'wrapper' routines for WIN32 API calls. There's also a screen saver that you can easily modify.
  64. WIN | graphex.ew | 814K | Gary Shingles | Jul 24/08 |
    A generalized double-buffered Win32Lib graphical pseudo control for implementing simple to manage line-oriented drawing in a Win32Lib application. Jul 24: No change, transfer from external host.
  65. WIN | Use Resources from .dll files | 27K | David Mills | Oct 10/03 |
    Access and use resources in .dll and .exe files using Windows API functions. Resources like menu, bmp, String Table, Accelerators, Cursor, Icons and Dialogs. Uses any compiled windows .dll or .exe file
  66. WIN | Launch Pad (v4.03) | 243K | Al Getz | May 26/06 |
    A program/website launcher comprised of panels of hot track buttons on a property sheet. Buttons can be made any color, and drag and drop reads file and internet shortcuts. Can copy and paste buttons between two or more Launch Pad apps. Set run path, site, working dir, etc. for each button. Especially nice for opening Eu test programs. Menu "Explore" option allows exploring path instead of run. May 26: Colored tabs too now.
  67. WIN | GLFW - An OpenGL Framework | 337K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Jan 3/04 |
    GLFW is a free, open source, portable framework for OpenGL application development. It is a link library that constitutes a powerful API for handling operating system specific tasks, such as opening an OpenGL window and reading keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
  68. WIN | MPEG GOP Cutter | 105K | Doug Weinert | Nov 17/02 |
    A program that extracts clips from MPEG movie files. It requires Microsoft DirectX 8.1 (we had some trouble running it on our XP machine)
  69. WIN | Clock in a Round Window | 35K | Roland Stowasser | Dec 23/01 |
    A nice-looking clock in a round window, using Win32Lib. The idea comes from H.W. Overman's Round Clock (below).
  70. WIN | Make .DLL's With the Translator | 70K | Matthew Lewis | Feb 28/01 |
    A package that shows how to use the Euphoria To C Translator to make .DLL files (dynamic link libraries). You can write library routines in Euphoria and call them from C or Euphoria programs. (N.B. this is obsolete now that the Translator supports .dll's.)
  71. WIN | Windows Ruler | 37K | Travis Beaty | Jan 18/01 |
    A library that lets you add a ruler to your Win32Lib-based applications.
  72. WIN | Spectre Setup | 764K | Pete King | Apr 21/00 |
    A Windows Setup program with install and uninstall capabilities. (no source) Apr 21: progress bars, bug fixes, and other small improvements
  73. WIN | Easy Design Tool for Win32Lib | 65K | Jacques Deschenes | Jan 26/99 |
    a visual tool for generating the code you need to call Win32Lib. His tool is written entirely in Euphoria, and is already quite sophisticated. He based it on David Cuny's design.exw.
  74. WIN | MyWindows | 111K | KittenAB | Aug 25/06 |
    A new Windows library, designed for higher level windows API programmers with extra features like auto control alignment and automated control management.
  75. WIN | SDLL | 8K | Daniel Kluss | Mar 1/07 |
    Multi-threaded Windows calls. He combined some things from apcdll with tdll and now it works just like tdll, but doesn't constantly poll and use 100% CPU. He includes an example that uses Euphoria's new multi-tasking capability. Mar 1: fixed define_s_proc/func so that now they return -1 if the routine name can't be found in the dll
  76. WIN | 6000 WIN32 Constants | 44K | Jacques Deschenes | Jun 28/99 |
    An include file containing almost 6000 constant declarations for WIN32.
  77. WIN | Win32 Profile library | 8K | CChris | Aug 6/07 |
    High resolution timer for Win32 platform. You can HRT_start() and HRT_stop() a stopwatch (any number of them actually) for a section of code that's run a lot of times. There's a HRT_time() that's more accurate than time(), and HRT_results() lets you see the profile's results. Aug 6: v1.2: added auto reset threshholds for any/all sections. Added HRT_safe() to disable a check done on stopping a section, for even more accurate results.
  78. WIN | EuVIDE 1.0.0 Setup Program | 999K | Andy Drummond | Jun 6/07 |
    This is an executable zipped bound version of the latest IDE for Win32Lib by Judith Evans. It is bound with the relevant version of Win32Lib to avoid problems with the library, and includes some other useful files. By default, it unzips to C:\Program Files\Euphoria, so you could add that to your path, or choose a different location.
  79. WIN | WinPrint | 108K | Rod Damon | Jan 11/06 |
    Two include files for printing to a printer that can be used with non-Win32Lib programs. Demo programs require w32engin by Bernie Ryan to be downloaded for 1(one) of the demos to be run. All other demos may be run from the included files in the zip. Jan 11: Now works on XP & WIN 2000 thanks to Larry Miller.
  80. WIN | GrPrint version 2 | 11K | Andy Drummond | Sep 15/05 |
    This library allows the user to simply output text and graphics at locations given in simple units like inches, millimeters, etc. You can draw lines, rectangles, polygons, ellipses, filled or unfilled, text in different attitudes and left, center or right justified, DIB images into defines spaces, etc. This version has several additions over the original, and includes documentation as generated by Derek Newhall's EuDoc.
  81. WIN | Judith's IDE compiled | 793K | Aku | Nov 21/04 |
    IDE 18.22 with Win32Lib 0.60.4, as suggested in IDE's website, translated/compiled with Euphoria 2.5. Place it in the directory where you extract the IDE. Nov 21: Not installer anymore. Just the exe file.
  82. WIN | XPM Icon Library | 890K | Jonas Temple | Dec 19/02 |
    A library of 2500 xpm icons formatted for use with Euphoria. Also included is a browser for viewing the icons. Dec 19: some invalid names/formats were found in a few of the .e files.
  83. WIN | Insert Bitmaps | 78K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Oct 31/02 |
    A utility that lets you insert bitmap pictures into Rich Edit controls.
  84. WIN | AVI Generator (Windows) | 46K | Mic | Sep 30/02 |
    An AVI export library (video only). It lets you create AVI files, with compression (depending on which codecs you have installed) from bitmaps in memory. A demo and some documentation are included.
  85. WIN | Simple Direct Media Layer | 146K | Mark Akita | Jul 11/02 |
    A library that contains wrappers for using the Simple Direct Media Layer. A .dll file and 6 demo programs are included.
  86. WIN | Patched version of Win32Lib.ew | 154K | Martin Stachon | Dec 14/01 |
    This is a temporary patched version of Win32Lib.ew (just that file) version 0.55.1. It has some bug fixes that Martin put in, plus a few fixes that Derek Parnell provided on the mailing list. It will be obsolete soon when Derek has a major new release of Win32Lib. If you haven't downloaded Win32Lib before, you can get the full package from here. See also Judith's Enhanced IDE. Dec 14: made it more compatible with older versions
  87. WIN | Move/Resize Borderless Windows | 4K | PatRat | Mar 25/01 |
    A library for moving/resizing windows that lack titlebars or borders.
  88. WIN | Modified IDE | 19K | Dan Moyer | Nov 23/00 |
    A modification of an old version of Judith Evan's enhanced IDE. It gives you the ability to "auto-paste" the general form of any Euphoria or Win32Lib routine into your program. Works with Win32Lib v0.50, and IDE v0.9k5. A batch file is provided to switch between the original and the modification. Note: this mod, and the rest of the IDE, must be in a Win32Lib folder to access the Win32Lib html help, and to run the WinDemos program to see all the Win32Lib examples. Nov 23: specific help for any selected routine
  89. WIN | Web Shepherd | 43K | Mark Smith | Jan 19/99 |
    the beginning of an off-line Web browser. As a first step he has created a simple program for downloading a URL from the Web.
  90. WIN | Gateway to Win32Lib Examples | 14K | Dan Moyer | Sep 9/00 |
    This program lists demos of Win32Lib, and lets the user run or look at them. It also gives access to the Euphoria manual, the Win32Lib manual, Wolfgang Fritz's Tutorial (if present), and an FAQ for Win32Lib. Note: An improved version of this program is now bundled with Win32Lib
  91. WIN | color | 47K | Mike Duffy | Feb 1/08 |
    Windows screen magnifier and color picker, with output in a variety of formats for seven color spaces. Feb 1: Alt access to menu, options to disable magnifier and color shifting, change separator
  92. WIN | infoBox | 5K | Andy Drummond | Jul 27/07 |
    The usual method of displaying messages is with message boxes, which always require user input to continue, and, being modal, do not permit the caller to execute code with the message up. This module allows the display of a message, with various options (position, font, color etc) with immediate return so the caller can continue, deleting the box later on. It will work both within windows or directly on screen. ZIP file includes infoBox.ew, demo program, and documentation file.
  93. WIN | Windows Services library | 9K | Michael J. Sabal | Jun 8/07 |
    This library provides the tools necessary to create a Euphoria program as a Windows Service. It does not require any other libraries to run. Jun 8: Added service control functions.
  94. WIN | Process Viewer | 4K | Pete Stoner | Jun 16/06 |
    A wrapper for 'CreateToolhelp32Snapshot', it lists all running processes along with any associated files/dlls with path, IDs number of threads. Example program included (example needs Win32Lib)
  95. WIN | WIN32 Common Dialogs and Menus | 23K | Jacques Deschenes | Dec 4/97 |
    a set of easy-to-use routines for making Windows menus and using common dialogs.
  96. WIN | Win32Lib Dll Example | 512K | Logan Kodysz | May 23/06 |
    He compiled Win32Lib into a dynamic link library (.dll) and used a Euphoria program to call that same library (win32lib.dll). Demo included.
  97. WIN | DemoTester | 344K | Gary Shingles | Sep 25/07 |
    Testing system developed primarily for Win32Lib demo testing. Could be used for other forms of automated testing (execution success, ex.err recording, note taking). Sep 25: Documentation added, readme.txt
  98. WIN | Set/Get Environment Variables | 1K | Robert Szalay | Oct 26/02 |
    Wrappers for the kernel32 functions SetEnvironmentVariable and GetEnvironmentVariable. Oct 26: minor bug fix
  99. WIN | Splitter Control | 3K | Don Phillips | Nov 22/01 |
    A GUI control he calls a splitter - two windows with an adjustable border between them.
  100. WIN | Win3D | 94K | Spocky | May 17/00 |
    A simple 3-D engine that uses Win32Lib.
  101. WIN | Llama | 123K | David Cuny | Jun 29/99 |
    He is planning to eventually replace Win32Lib and DOS32Lib with a new, modular design based on an object-oriented approach. It will be, for the most part, upwardly-compatible with Win32Lib. His new design is more portable, and easier for others to extend. He would like you to look at his approach and give him feedback. June 29: emulated controls, graphic support, better class library
  102. WIN | Set Subsystem Type | 19K | Jeremy Collake | Apr 25/02 |
    A freeware utility that will change the Windows subsystem type of a .exe file. For example, you can convert exw.exe from a GUI application to a console application with: setsubsys exw.exe /c
    (You should convert a copy of exw.exe, not the original.) Similarly, you can change your translated/compiled Euphoria programs into console applications. Console applications use the current console window and do not create a new one. This may be helpful for many things, including command-line utilities, and standard output redirection (CGI etc.)
  103. WIN | Access .ini Files | 2K | Jeff Fielding | Dec 21/98 |
    routines for accessing WIN32 .ini files from Euphoria.
  104. WIN | Bumpmap Effect for Exotica | 220K | Mic | Mar 4/00 |
    A remake of his bumpmap effect, this time for Exotica (see below).
  105. WIN | win32lib7 for Phix | 10000K | ChrisBurch3 | Dec 19/16 |
    This is an updated Win32lib 0.70.4 for Phix 0.7.1 (+). Drop into the Phix Demo folder. Includes all the Win32lib demo programs. Named as win32lib7 to differentiate from the win32lib6 included with Phix.
  106. WIN | Line Numbers | 4K | llamedoso | Aug 17/16 |
    Add/Remove line numbers in a RichEdit control.
  107. WIN | DOSRescue for 4.0 | 746K | Shawn Pringle | Jan 25/16 |
    dosrescue enhanced and works with both 3.1 and 4.0. Jan 25: uploaded file for broken link
  108. WIN | Registry Routines for Windows NT,XP,Vista,7,8,9,10 and 2000 | 20K | Shawn Pringle | Jan 23/16 |
    reg.ew - Registry wrappers for Euphoria - version 2.0 For modern Windows OSes. For modern Euphoria (4.0). For 32-bit unicode strings. Jan 23: updated for 4.0 and NT and above systems
  109. WIN | reg.ew | 9K | Shawn Pringle | Jan 19/16 |
    reg.ew - Registry wrappers for Euphoria - version 1.2 -- Copyright (C) 2002 Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo. Patched so that you do registry operations only requiring KEY_READ access privilege. Jan 19: older file restored from backup.
  110. WIN | Low-level Windows wrapper | 573K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jan 10/16 |
    Another low-level Windows wrapper inspired by Bernie Ryan's w32engin and mingw32 project. It should be usable in 32-bit and 64-bit environments as a basis for high-level Windows libraries. Now uses Structures manager to be agnostic to OE version and OS architecture.
  111. WIN | All-in-One 32-bit OpenEuphoria 4.1 for beginners | 23190K | Jean-Marc DURO | May 21/15 |
    All-in-One package with OpenEuphoria 4.1 with memstruct, win32lib and wxEuphoria. Works even on 64-bit Windows 7 or 8. Just unzip in c:\WinApps to get rid of Administrator Rights and you are able to write your first program. Update: removed euGrid and updated wxEuphoria demos.
  112. WIN | Win32Lib Restructured | 1882K | Jean-Marc DURO | Nov 2/14 |
    Win32Lib restructured for OpenEuphoria 4 and up, with only 5 include files instead of 37 and no cross call between include files to improve maintainability and avoid namespace annoyances. Fully compatible with official Win32Lib 0.70.20. Examples have been updated. Next step is to replace global routines by public routines. Release 2: removed unused functions, cleaned the code. See changes.log.
  113. WIN | Common libraries modified to avoid namespace errors | 1856K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 18/14 |
    Unofficial Win32Lib modified with new include statements to avoid namespace errors (routines declared twice or more) with Openeuphoria 4 and up. He also had to modify include statements in Eucom, EIcmplib and IPC to get it work with this modified version of Win32Lib. There is still a drawback to these changes: Tbrowse does not work anymore with the modified version of Eucom (one remaining error he couldn't find).
  114. WIN | TurboPower Async Pro Terminal | 698K | Jean-Marc DURO | Oct 1/14 |
    TurboPower Async Pro ActiveX terminal wrapped to OpenEuphoria 4.1 with Matt's EuCOM.
  115. WIN | Enhanced IDE | 1971K | Charles Newbould | Apr 22/14 |
    Integrated Development Environment for writing Windows (GUI) programs using Euphoria and the Win32lib library, on a machine using Microsoft Windows. This is a revised version (1.0.6) correcting several known errors and improving layout features for later versions of Windows. Now enables the design solution to be tested using different versions of Euphoria, if installed. Problems with eudir environmental variable have been addressed. The executable version is included in the distribution for speedy loading. Apr 22: Minor update to include flist.ew (needed for a new installation when using ide.exw rather than ide.exe).
  116. WIN | Modified EuWinGui Designer | 11000K | Andreas Wagner | Jul 9/13 |
    An experimental version of Andrea Cini's EuWinGui Designer. It needs Eu4 and WinXP. It is possible to resize controls and move them using the mouse. The modified Designer itself does not need EuWinGui and is not compatible with it. It uses it's own Library. Needs some intensive testing. Help is welcome. Jul 9: FIxed some bugs with ListAdd,WinXP,the List in AddHandler. Added basic help for tinEWG functions.
  117. WIN | Task Dialogs for Windows Vista and later | 77K | Arthur Crump | Jun 28/13 |
    Requires Windows Vista or later. Creates a Windows Task Dialog which is similar to a Unicode message box but with several enhancements. It should be possible to use it with other GUI software without conflicting.
  118. WIN | Keyboard | 1250K | Fred Ransom | Nov 30/12 |
    I wrote this little program for my father who is in his 90s. He types Dvorak and needed something he could use at the library without affecting the rest of the system. Written in Eu 4.1 with win32lib and Judith's IDE, it illustrates the use of the event loop and structures to make the task simple, pretty, and readable.
  119. WIN | ScreenSaver | 1900K | Andreas Wagner | Aug 25/12 |
    A ScreenSaver based on tinEWG. Can be used as a Skeleton.
  120. WIN | Enhanced Process List | 27K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jul 20/12 |
    Pete Stoner's Process List (2006) enhanced with Threads and windows titles.
  121. WIN | Windows Monitor | 22K | Jean-Marc DURO | Jul 20/12 |
    This is a proof of concept for Thomas Parslow (PatRat)'s Window Finding Function Library. It is a modified version of Greg Haberek's demo (2003) to show windows titles associated with the process ID.
  122. WIN | User32 & GDI32 Wrappers | 39K | Andy P. | Jul 18/12 |
    These are a set of wrappers for the User32 and GDI32 functions. Many functions have been wrapped. While not all, most documented functions are wrapped. Jul 18: Fixed a few things.
  123. WIN | Calendar Update | 1109K | Fred Ransom | May 3/12 |
    Latest version of Calendar includes seasons, journalizing, correction for time zones, a separate holiday file, optional lunar dates, etc. Source contains a greatly improved gets () allowing retrieving one or more sequences from variables. An included text file explains its location and use.
  124. WIN | w32Engine2 | 1371K | Vinoba | May 7/11 |
    w32Engine2 is modified from original version 10.70 by Bernard W. Ryan, to work with Euphoria 4.0.2 (Bernie Ryan himself has since updated his zip file)
  125. WIN | Patches for other people's projects | 7K | Shawn Pringle | May 4/11 |
    Release of Insolar's dosrescue's activity. May 4: patch doesn't use std/*.e files but *.e files. Provides actual improvements instead of porting patches.
  126. WIN | Windows Hook Demo | 6K | Andreas Wagner | Apr 30/11 |
    A little Project that shows one possible way to use Windows Hooks with Euphoria.
  127. WIN | Port patches for 3.1 projects 4.0 | 9K | Shawn Pringle | Apr 21/11 |
    Requires a GNU patch compatible patch utility and dosrescue2
  128. WIN | Console I/O for Win32 | 4K | Ken Roger | Apr 12/11 |
    Borland style Win32 console I/O for Euphoria 4 using kernel32
  129. WIN | Extra routines offered for win32lib | 19K | Arthur Crump | Oct 7/10 |
    Find Windows special folders, choose a root folder and an initial folder in a dialog box to select a directory. In a dialog box to get a SaveFileName, change the file-type when selecting a filter. Requires Euphoria version 4 and Win32Lib.
  130. WIN | Manifest Maker | 43K | Mike Duffy | Mar 24/10 |
    Windows Dialog, lets you create a manifest with resource script, add a manifest to a resource script, compile and add a resource script to an executable. All with a couple of mouse clicks.
  131. WIN | TimedMsg | 18K | Fred Mangan | Mar 2/10 |
    Include File for EuWinGUI (+ demo): Display text or a bitmap picture in your programs using a timed-out Dialog.
  132. WIN | Win32lib for Euphoria 4.0 beta | 409K | Mike | Jan 26/10 |
    Here is a conversion of Win32lib to run under the latest version of Euphoria. The conversion was not perfect so some minor changes to your apps will inevitably be required. He was not able to get Judith's IDE to run, as an interpreted app, with it. However, you can use Andy Drummond's excellent bound version of the IDE to develop Win32lib apps. Please send details of any improvements to the forum.
  133. WIN | Move/Resize Borderless Windows | 4K | Daduko | Dec 31/09 |
    A library for moving/resizing windows that lack titlebars or borders. Updated to work with new win32lib.. Dec 31: Updated to work with new win32lib.
  134. WIN | message boxes for Unicode | 5K | Arthur Crump | Oct 14/09 |
    A modified msgbox.e to provide support for Unicode message boxes as well as the old style. If a system does not support Unicode, old style message boxes can still be displayed.
  135. WIN | EuVIDE Bound install program | 1746K | Andy Drummond | Aug 1/09 |
    This is the last version of the IDE produced by Judith Evans, last year. Andy noticed the one in SourceForge is quite old, and thought that this one should be made available. It does not include some changes as needed to make it work in Eu 4 or to fix bugs. Andy can't easily regenerate complete setup files till he has his system sorted, so he has not incorporated them.
  136. WIN | Show Windows Desktop code | 2K | Thomas Betterly | Apr 5/09 |
    Code to simulate the show the desktop menu item in Windows. Freeware. Contains a Win32Lib version and a version with Win32Lib dependencies removed.
  137. WIN | Console Clipboard Routines | 6K | Greg Haberek | Sep 10/08 |
    A simple library for making use of the Windows clipboard in your WIN32 console applications. Sep 10: Fixed bug when poking text (missing null terminator). Added 'clear' parameter to GetClipboardText().
  138. WIN | Cavelux - VLC ActiveX (COM) wrapper | 84K | Gary Shingles | Jul 9/08 |
    This wrapper allows you to embed a VLC media player in a WIN32 application and send commands to it to get and set various information or functions. To use this you need to have VLC installed (with ActiveX component), EuCOM (2.08) and a recent Win32Lib. A demo is included. First release.
  139. WIN | HistPie | 195K | Fred Mangan | Jun 5/08 |
    An include file to draw simple histograms and pie-charts for EuWinGUI. Source code and demo program.
  140. WIN | EuwPBar | 8K | Fred Mangan | May 15/08 |
    A "universal" progress-bar routine for use with EuWinGUI programs. Source code for include file and demo program
  141. WIN | EuStudio Editor | 570K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A Windows editor that he developed using his WinMania library. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  142. WIN | Resizer | 28K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    Very simple to use auto resize library for win32lib. It will do most work for you. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  143. WIN | WinMania Windows Library | 349K | Tone Škoda | Mar 4/08 |
    A comprehensive Windows library, similar to Win32Lib. Mar 4: Uploaded to RDS site
  144. WIN | Graphic Scaling | 84K | Fred Mangan | Jan 31/08 |
    Include file scalew.ew lets you scale your drawing to memory bitmaps simply when using Andrea Cini's EuWinGUI Library. Fully annotated, with demo
  145. WIN | Translation Helper for Enhanced IDE | 94K | Roland Stowasser | Dec 15/07 |
    This project aims to help in translating IDE messages and IDE text to another language. The included project file could be modified to assist with other applications using a similar approach.
  146. WIN | GetTime routine patch | 1K | Shawn Pringle | Oct 24/07 |
    The GetTime routines crash. This patch, orders the internal calls in the win32lib.ew library. Temporarily rename your win32lib directory to 007001sp and do: "patch -p0 007001sp < win32lib-007001-GetTime.diff" to patch.
  147. WIN | Port of the Win32lib to support old versions of Windows | 2K | Shawn Pringle B.Sc. | Oct 21/07 |
    This patch, which requires the GNU (patch/diff) package, can be applied to the latest distributed win32lib package 0.70.1. It will continue to work with Windows XP machines, the only change is that programs can run on all versions of Windows after 3.1. To use this patch get into the directory above your winlib32 wrapper directory, rename your winlib32 wrapper directory to 007001, put a copy of this patch in that directory, and execute:· patch -p0 < win32lib_0_70_1forW9X.diff
  148. WIN | capture.ew | 5K | jacques deschênes | Sep 23/07 |
    capture.ew is used to capture console application standard I/O of a child process. It can capture standard input, standard output, standard error, or any combination of these. See capture.html for details.
  149. WIN | Q_AlarmClock | 436K | DB James | Sep 16/07 |
    Q_AlarmClock provides a simple alarm function for the user on the Windows operation system. But does have a nice rooster's crow to sound the alarm. There is a choice of setting a specific time for the alarm or for setting a number of minutes. The package includes a colorful html help file.
  150. WIN | NEL_32 system for Euphoria with Windows API | 1000K | Tom Janes | Sep 5/07 |
    The purpose of the Nel_32 system is to provide an easy way for new Euphoria programmers to create their own Euphoria written programs for use in the Windows operating system using the Microsoft Win32 API system directly, without the need for any third party 'wrapper' file. Note: uses shrouded files that require an old version of Euphoria.
  151. WIN | DOS_Land | 338K | DB James | May 13/07 |
    DOS_Land is a simple utility for Windows that allows a user to drop into DOS in any directory. It also makes it easy to give any directory a system command, or run a program with or without command options. There is no help file as it is obvious how to use the program.
  152. WIN | virtual printer | 165K | Michael Raley | Apr 8/07 |
    (no source) VPRT provides a command-line driven raw TCP print device to direct print jobs into serialized files. It is based on winsock code by Jesus Consuegra and Greg Harris. Included is a sample batch conversion app (requires ghostscript, and print files must be sent by a postscript driver) Apr 8: added missing ps_batcher sample app
  153. GEN | Set of new EU icons | 9K | Igor Kachan | Mar 16/07 |
    This package contains a set of Windows icons for use with the different Euphoria files. Also included are sample .bmp pictures for constructing new possible variants. All icons generated with the XPMmer editor by Andy Drummond. Feel free to edit all this stuff as you like.
  154. WIN | Shortcut | 5K | Mike Duffy | Mar 15/07 |
    Functions to create windows shortcuts, includes a small (less than 4KB) COM library.
  155. WIN | Icons | 20K | Mike Duffy | Feb 28/07 |
    24 bit and 32 bit Euphoria icons.
  156. WIN | EuVIDE 0.22.0 Setup Program | 982K | Andy Drummond | Jan 10/07 |
    The latest version of Judith Evans' Euphoria Win32Lib IDE (EuVIDE) version 0.22.0 setup program. This installs the complete IDE as a bound executable program so it is entirely free-standing and does not require any particular version of Win32Lib to be installed. generated by EuVIDE. If the source code is wanted that must be downloaded from SourceForge. Jan 10: EuVIDE now includes the colored button feature. This setup file now includes the coloredButtons.ew include file which the user will need to copy to his Euphoria\Include folder for use by programs with colored buttons generated by EuVIDE
  157. WIN | Don Coles Niffty Progress Bar | 13K | don cole | Nov 6/06 |
    A Progress Bar that allows you to change width, height, color and patterns. Demo included. Nov 6: Took some thing out not need and added a missing file.
  158. WIN | EuWinGUI printing | 104K | Rod Damon | Nov 5/06 |
    Demo of the latest EuWinGUI printer capablities, showing the ease and power of the EuWinGUI. EuWinGUI included.
  159. WIN | Full Save As | 12K | Antonio Alessi | Jul 1/06 |
    Fully integrated Save As function: appends the selected extension to the file name. Jul 1: Ver. 1.6, mostly revised and simplified; some unexperienced problems were fixed.
  160. WIN | batch job schedule audit script XP | 90K | Michael Raley | Jun 17/06 |
    The job audit script reformats the Windows task scheduler service log into a color coded html table to rapidly identify failed batch jobs. The log is compared against a static job table. This version runs under Windows XP or 2003 Server which have a unicode format. Process recovery documentation may be linked to each task name.
  161. WIN | Balloon Tooltips | 3K | Logan Kodysz | Jun 4/06 |
    Provides 3 examples of balloon tooltips you can use in your applications. User can also change color of text and background in balloon tooltip. Demo requires Win32Lib and Windows 95 or Later with IE 5+. Tested with Windows XP.
  162. WIN | Flash Window Example | 1K | Logan Kodysz | May 29/06 |
    Demonstrates the use of the FlashWindowEx() routine. It flashes the window and taskbar button. Very useful if you need to get the users attention. Win32Lib required for demo. May 29: correction
  163. WIN | Battery Monitor | 3K | Greg Haberek | Mar 15/06 |
    Battery Monitor is an application toolbar that sits at the top of your screen and monitors your current battery usage. It reposts the time and percentage remaining. Requires Win32Lib and xControls 2.0.
  164. WIN | IDE language file | 17K | Fernando Jose Velo Perez | Feb 26/06 | contains the (Spanish) translation for the IDE's language file. It is used with Andy Drummond and Judith Evans versions of Euphoria IDE.
  165. WIN | WMOTOR | 130K | Bernie Ryan | Feb 16/06 |
    WMOTOR.ZIP is a library that allows the user to use Euphoria to write MS-Windows programs. Motor can also be used for X-Windows programming. See XMOTOR.ZIP
  166. WIN | Shortcut creator | 6K | Jeremy Peterson | Dec 13/05 |
    A dll that allows you to call 3 simple functions and create shortcuts in your Desktop or Start Menu. Could be useful for programs like software installers.
  167. WIN | FreeDib 0.1.1 | 522K | Tommy Carlier | Oct 17/05 |
    FreeDib links FreeImage to Win32Dib, so you can load bitmaps from different file formats like JPEG and PNG. Oct 17: Completely rewritten; removed dependency on Euphoria FreeImage wrapper; uses latest version of FreeImage.
  168. WIN | For migrating to a newer Win32lib | 1K | Shawn | Aug 14/05 |
    This file contains some instructions and a regular expression you can use with jedit to change all of your functions, procedures and identifiers used from Win32lib from the old form to the new. So that when newer versions of Win32lib come out your program will still work.
  169. WIN | Shell Link | 18K | Shawn | Aug 14/05 |
    He had problems using shell link on the newer Win32lib 006005. The newer Win32lib.ew has different file names and so the include in the existing shell link package does not work. This modified version has been adjusted to work with all versions of Win32lib.
  170. WIN | Windows IDE enhancement | 1K | Shawn | Aug 14/05 |
    This keeps the IDE from crashing under the circumstance of opening a file without the path name to it. Requires the win32lib Windows IDE, and Patch which is available from The file in this zip file is a patch file. Instructions are in the zip file itself. Open it in notepad (or edit) to view instructions. Open a command line and use patch.
  171. WIN | Thread Manager 01 | 5K | Al Getz | Aug 10/05 |
    A simple technique for simulating multiple threads for his WinClass library, though it could likely be used with any GUI library. It allows your app to function normally even during long operations like file saves. Run numerous background threads while the user can still click buttons and move the window around. His demo has a Marquee control that shows there are still pending operations to be completed. Note: there is no scheduling mechanism. Just the call stack. Real O/S threads are not used.
  172. WIN | Graph Control v0.0.2 | 4K | Greg Haberek | Jun 30/05 |
    The first control to use Win32Lib's new custom control feature, other than Derek Parnell's GroupAdv. This control displays mathematical relations and ratios in a visual manner. Displays in bar or line form, with separate colors for each bar/point. Jun 30: Some internal changes, cleaner code. Now supports both horizontal and vertical graphs, bar and line style, and tick lines.
  173. GEN | More Icons | 20K | jxliv7 - jon | Jun 21/05 |
    Various 32x32 and 64x64 icons for Euphoria (and other things).
  174. WIN | Fast Scrolling | 88K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    A fast scrolling demo with menus and date/time. It shows the basics of making a Windows GUI without relying on Win32Lib. Nov 2: shows icons on menu items, plus double buffering and bitblt images
  175. WIN | Round Clock | 33K | H.W. Overman | Jun 18/05 |
    A cool-looking clock in a round window.
  176. WIN | Wrapper for SkinCrafter ActiveX | 9K | Matthew Lewis | May 27/05 |
    EuCOM wrapper for SkinCrafter ActiveX component that can be used for creating skinnable applications. Requires the SkinCrafter ActiveX (free demo version available).
  177. WIN | program writer | 12K | don cole | May 15/05 |
    A program to write a program for you. Good for starting new projects. Creates PushButtons & EditTexts automatically.
  178. WIN | Example of using the IPC library | 3K | Pete Stoner | May 13/05 |
    A small example of using Thomas Parslow's IPC library to check on startup if there is another instance already running and have this earlier instance reopen a popup menu.
  179. WIN | Very Simple Webcam Example | 2K | Dave Probert | Apr 22/05 |
    This is an extremely simple library and example of the use of avicap32.dll to connect to a webcam and display video in a Win32Lib window. This is a library for others to enhance - working, but not final code for educational use.
  180. WIN | remote access service | 23K | amir reza | Mar 10/05 |
    Euphoria code for using Remote Access Service. A manual and an example are included.
  181. WIN | Appointment Calendar Demo | 3K | Al Getz | Feb 26/05 |
    This is a demo of an appointment calendar which sets specific dates in Windows' MonthCalendar to bold according to sequences set by the user. Requires Win32Lib to run. You can set bold days for every month, every year, or any day of any year. Tested with latest Win32Lib under XP.
  182. WIN | QHTM | 191K | Aku 2005 | Feb 26/05 |
    This is the Euphoria wrapper for QHTM - Ultra small Win32 HTML control. Still incomplete but usable.
  183. WIN | Tony's EUGridSort | 3K | Tony Steward | Feb 21/05 |
    Sort EUGrid by multiple columns in any order you like. Needs Win32Lib, nat_sort and EUGrid (not included) Feb 21: Now replaces existing menu that comes with EUGrid and allows user to select ascending or descending for each column.
  184. WIN | Quick-Alarm | 146K | Marc Poulin | Dec 20/04 |
    A simple Alarm program for Windows. Quick set, few features. His first attempt at programming with Euphoria. Dec 20: Window now minimizes to SysTray as Icon.
  185. WIN | Labor Scheduling | 401K | Logan Kodysz | Dec 19/04 |
    Demonstrates the integration of Win32Lib and Eugrid. This is a business program for scheduling hours for employees for a typical work week. Has many more features, but they have not been rewritten for this version yet.
  186. WIN | Windows Mixed Command Program | 16K | Alex Blanchette | Nov 23/04 |
    An example program that includes the w32engin.ew library by Bernie Ryan. It uses many commands in his examples in a slightly different way and has lots of commenting.
  187. WIN | getAdaptersInfo wrapper | 108K | Brian Broker | Nov 19/04 |
    A wrapper for Windows' getAdaptersInfo function. It returns a sequence containing adapter name, description, and MAC address for each adapter found in the system. Demo program included.
  188. WIN | FastMenu for Win32Lib | 3K | cklester | Oct 21/04 |
    A quick and easy menu builder for Win32Lib. Replaces the use of create(Menu...) and create(MenuItem...). More details at FastMenu Home Page. Oct 21: Now works correctly with Popup menus.
  189. WIN | XML window designing | 24K | pajaro | Sep 19/04 |
    Allows you to design windows using XML. The lib creates elements and handles events for you. HTML like: "<PushButton w32HClick="click_function">Click me</PushButton>" is enough to make this button call click_function, and the button will also be autopositioned and autosized. Requires Matt Lewis Modified Interpreter Sep 19: minor change
  190. WIN | Win32Lib + OpenGL Demos | 100K | cklester | Jul 27/04 |
    Code that demonstrates how to use OpenGL with Win32Lib v0.60. Several example programs. Some bugs remain, so please report any fixes/enhancements to C.K.
  191. WIN | about win | 9K | amir reza | Jul 5/04 |
    A nice help/about window.
  192. WIN | Dynamic text | 2K | amir reza | Jul 4/04 |
    With this code you can set dynamic text in LTEXT, CTEXT, ...
  193. WIN | AbcMSM | 5K | William Heimbigner | Jun 30/04 |
    Alphabetizes the ENTIRE Start Menu, regardless of the number of items. Finishes in less than 1 sec. with around 2000 items on the start menu. Only tested on Windows 98SE and XP. WARNING: This will change your registry. Jun 30: Program documented, including backup instructions
  194. WIN | Recipient Editor plugin | 19K | Michael Raley | May 31/04 |
    The recipient editor is a dialog window using a tree view structure to build, edit, load and save report distribution lists. It functions as a plugin to Win32lib apps. Tested with Win32Lib ver .59.1 May 31: bug fix.
  195. GEN | Tool Kit Routines | 37K | Derek Parnell | May 4/04 |
    Five library files that contain various 'generic' routines that are commonly used. These libraries used to be distributed with Win32lib but are now stand-alone and not used by win32lib any more. These are also no longer being supported by the author. tk_mem.e, tk_maths.e, tk_misc.e, tk_trim.e, types.e May 4: Better documentation. Small fix to work with Wine on Linux.
  196. GEN | freeglut - The Free OpenGL Utility Toolkit | 856K | Elliott Sales de Andrade | Mar 26/04 |
    freeglut is a completely Open Sourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. FreeGLUT allows the user to create and manage windows containing OpenGL contexts on a wide range of platforms and also read the mouse, keyboard and joystick functions. Mar 26: Fix Function Links on Linux...
  197. WIN | onXXX to setHandler IDE Project Convert | 174K | Andy Drummond | Mar 1/04 |
    Old IDE projects used the onXXX event handler system, which is going obsolete in favour of the setHandler system. This program will convert your old IDE projects to the new system leaving a minimum of necessary editing to make it work.
  198. WIN | Drag | 1K | Isaac Raway | Jan 23/04 |
    This was put together in response to a question on the EUForum mailing list concerning how to make a window movable with the mouse if it doesn't have a title bar. This is also useful as a basis for layout tools.
  199. WIN | Single instance | 82K | Douglas Weinert | Dec 28/03 |
    Shows how to test for an already running instance of a program, and how to pass data to the running instance.
  200. WIN | WinDLL | 117K | Matt Lewis | Dec 18/03 |
    Allows code from a translated DLL to use the instance of Win32Lib contained in your main program.
  201. WIN | KCreg | 6K | keldepulo | Dec 13/03 |
    A registry manipulation tool.
  202. WIN | Full Screen Demo | 1K | Greg Haberek | Oct 30/03 |
    Shows how to make a window go "full screen" with Win32Lib. Includes a pre-written routine called setFullScreen() which takes care of everything. Oct 30: Fixed bug with Alt+Space > Restore by disabling the system menu (Alt+Space). Moved setFullScreen() to an include file, added isFullScreen()
  203. WIN | Print Preview and Report Generator | 233K | Pete Lomax | Oct 22/03 |
    WYSIWYG report creation. Also permits ad-hoc changes by end users. Part shrouded, developer friendly licence. Download includes an interactive tutorial demonstrating layout amendment, full documentation (another 570K) and several examples. Needs win32lib with printerDC made global. Oct 22: Version 0.2 Two-Up printing, Text rotation, Line, Ellipse and RoundRectange drawing, Font mapping, page scrolling
  204. WIN | Keyboard Status | 8K | Aku | Jul 3/03 |
    A small library and demo program for getting the (Num, Caps, Scroll) lock status of the keyboard.
  205. WIN | ScriptSlacker | 179K | Steve Allen | Jun 29/03 |
    This program is for managing and manipulating movie scripts. It will load your script, locate all the scenes, and create a master index of them. From there you can rearrange the scenes, add additional scenes, or change any already written. (no source code)
  206. WIN | SDL Image Library | 357K | Mark Akita | Jun 22/03 |
    A wrapper for the SDL_image DLL. This library lets you load image files in BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and other graphics formats for use with SDL. The .zip includes both source and bound executable versions of the demo program.
  207. WIN | Shget File Info | 9K | Aku | Jun 2/03 |
    A wrapper for shGetIcon(), shGetType() and ShGetDisplay(). These functions give you some interesting information about a file.
  208. WIN | File Operations | 8K | Aku | May 18/03 |
    Functions to Copy file, Move file, Delete file, Create directory, and Delete directory.
  209. WIN | Monitor All Windows | 153K | Greg Haberek | Apr 7/03 |
    A utility that displays information on all the windows in your system. It lets you switch to them and optionally close them. The source plus a translated .exe are included.
  210. WIN | Quick Program Launcher | 362K | Liu Junfeng | Mar 27/03 |
    A convenient way to launch your favorite programs. Mar 27: select item on mouse hover (not really selected); hide taskbar button; delete .lnk file when resolved; changed default window size; bugs fixed.
  211. WIN | Color Picker | 2K | Robert Szalay | Mar 12/03 |
    A tool for picking a RGB color. Requires Win32Lib. Mar 12: bug fix
  212. WIN | View Icons in .exe or .dll | 133K | Greg Haberek | Mar 11/03 |
    A program that shows you the icons contained in any .exe or .dll file. The source plus a translated/compiled .exe are included.
  213. WIN | Control Code Generator | 141K | Greg Haberek | Mar 7/03 |
    A tool for generating Win32Lib code for Windows controls. See also his Event Code Generator.
  214. WIN | Get Foreground Control | 9K | Aku | Mar 6/03 |
    A function to get a handle to the current foreground control.
  215. WIN | Use Resources from a .DLL | 32K | Francis Dowling | Feb 23/03 |
    A demo that shows how to access and use resources (icons) that are stored in a .dll file. Feb 23: mem_set() bug fixed by Wolf
  216. WIN | Gradient Fill | 3K | Martin Stachon | Feb 17/03 |
    A wrapper for the GradientFill WIN32 API function (won't work on Win95). It allows you to draw gradient rectangles and triangles. Needs Win32Lib. Two demos are included.
  217. WIN | TinyPTC for Euphoria | 109K | Adam Danielsson | Feb 14/03 |
    A port of the minimalistic graphics library TinyPTC to Euphoria. It uses Mark Akita's SDL wrappers. Feb 14: added RED, GREEN and BLUE constants, and removed the Title parameter for PTC_Open().
  218. WIN | OpenGL Demos for SDL | 333K | Mark Akita | Feb 6/03 |
    A series of 8 programs, demonstrating how to use OpenGL in SDL programs. The demos make use of Mic's EuGL library as well as Mark's SDL_Wrap library.
  219. WIN | Event Code Generator | 139K | Greg Haberek | Feb 5/03 |
    A tool for generating event code to use with Win32Lib.
  220. WIN | Extra WIN32 Functions | 3K | Jonas Temple | Jan 30/03 |
    Extra routines for WIN32 programming: get time zone, get current user name, get last error code and message from Windows, file operations (move, copy, delete or rename). You'll need the new misc.e with pretty_print() from Faster EDS, as well as Carl White's date/time routines.
  221. WIN | Judith's IDE as a .exe | 677K | Greg Haberek | Jan 12/03 |
    Greg used the Euphoria To C Translator to translate/compile Judith's v0.15.0 IDE into a single .exe file plus some icons, documentation and other files. This may be easier for some people to set up on their machine, and it should run a bit faster. Jan 12: he added Judith's documentation plus some other necessary files
  222. WIN | Create Hotkeys for Apps | 10K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Dec 27/02 |
    It creates a taskbar icon that lets you set up hotkeys to various applications of your choosing.
  223. WIN | Application Starter | 38K | Andrea Cini | Dec 17/02 |
    A method of starting an application from your program, and getting feedback on when it finished and what the status was.
  224. WIN | Windows Library | 93K | Logan | Dec 6/02 |
    The start of a new project to build a Windows Library for Euphoria.
  225. WIN | WIN32 API Wrappers | 130K | Jason Mirwald | Nov 17/02 |
    Wrappers and support libraries for the common WIN32 API .dlls, such as kernel32 and user32. Chris Bensler's structs.e and some other files are included.
  226. WIN | Joystick/Pad Library | 1K | Mic | Oct 22/02 |
    A simple joystick/pad library for Windows that uses standard WIN32 API calls. A test program is included.
  227. WIN | Idealator | 48K | Ron Tarrant | Oct 14/02 |
    Idealator is a writer's tool. It uses Maslow's Pyramid and Terry Rossio's Strange Attractor to help the user generate ideas for stories (novels, stageplays, short stories, screenplays, etc.).
  228. WIN | Structulator | 29K | Ron Tarrant | Oct 14/02 |
    A tiled index card system.
  229. WIN | Property Sheet | 27K | Martin Stachon | Sep 24/02 |
    This include file lets you add a property sheet to your Win32Lib program. A property sheet is a table of two columns. The left column has the name of a property, and the right has its value, which is editable in various ways. This is currently used in Judith's IDE 0.14.
  230. WIN | Hidden Windows | 1K | Francesc Ortiz | Sep 12/02 |
    A demo showing a useful way to hide a window.
  231. WIN | Euphoria Data Sharing Demo | 9K | Jordah Ferguson | Sep 5/02 |
    A demo showing two processes exchanging Euphoria data via shared memory. It uses a library written by Mario Steele and Jason Mirwald
  232. WIN | Multi-Color Multi-Line Edit Control | 16K | Mario Steele | Jul 3/02 |
    Code that creates an MLE control with Win32Lib that supports multi-colored text. It uses Chris Bensler's struct Memory Library, and Win32Lib 0.57.6. Jul 3: faster, plus some bugs were fixed
  233. WIN | Windows Programming Library | 123K | Eric Randall | Jun 4/02 |
    A Euphoria library and .dll that supports Windows graphics and GUI programming.
  234. WIN | Time Test | 10K | Andy Cranston | Mar 22/02 |
    A utility that lets you compare the time on your local machine with the time on a remote FTP server.
  235. WIN | Wrapped Functions for WIN32 | 79K | Chris Bensler | Mar 5/02 |
    A bunch of wrapped .dll functions that you can use with Win32Lib. He built this using his DAWG.
  236. WIN | Play .AVI Files | 1K | Graeme Burke | Feb 7/02 |
    A demo that shows how to play uncompressed .AVI files.
  237. WIN | DIB Demo | 59K | Mike | Feb 6/02 |
    Several interesting demos showing the use of DIB sections and animation of the palette. The demos use Andrea Cini's EuWinGui library, but support is also provided for Win32Lib. Feb 6: two new demos.
  238. WIN | Alarm Clock | 5K | Bernie Somes | Jan 15/02 |
    Desktop alarm clock. Set it for any time, any day, or set the snooze alarm.
  239. WIN | Using A Printer With Win32Lib | 3K | Irv Mullins | Dec 28/01 |
    Some documentation and an include file that will help you generate printed reports with Win32Lib
  240. WIN | Project File Examples | 114K | Martin Stachon | Dec 14/01 |
    A collection of small example project files for Judith's IDE. Dec 14: timesync.prj was corrected
  241. WIN | Send Mouse | 1K | Guillermo Bonvehi | Dec 14/01 |
    A library similar to PatRat's SendKeys, but this sends mouse events. Dec 14: minor fix
  242. WIN | Custom Events Experiment | 2K | Don Phillips | Dec 10/01 |
    Experimental code for adding custom events to Win32Lib.
  243. WIN | Visual Euphoria Prototype | 246K | Tom Janes | Dec 7/01 |
    The beginning of a rather ambitious visual programming system for Euphoria. He hopes that someone will take over the project. See also the IDE for Win32Lib by Judith Evans and David Cuny. Dec 7: some internal technical notes were added
  244. WIN | Window Styles Explorer | 3K | Don Phillips | Dec 7/01 |
    A tool that lets you experiment with different styles of window, and then get the Win32Lib code that you need for it.
  245. WIN | Alpha Blending | 2K | Thomas Parslow (PatRat) | Dec 2/01 |
    An include file for making semi-transparent windows with Windows 2000's Alpha Blending.
  246. WIN | CDR Menu | 144K | Tony Steward | Oct 26/01 |
    Create auto execute menus for your CDRs. Uses Judith's IDE, Win32Lib, and EDS database, not included.
  247. WIN | Browse for a Directory | 1K | Aku | Oct 14/01 |
    A routine that lets your user browse for a directory. It needs Win32Lib.ew.
  248. WIN | Template Handler | 19K | Dan Moyer | Oct 3/01 |
    A program that lets you store and retrieve useful snippets or "templates" of code to use in your programs. Includes a couple of example templates. Oct 3: Fixed bug in comment remover
  249. WIN | Music Database | 19K | Larry Mears | Oct 1/01 |
    An easy to use database to keep track of your albums, CDs and cassettes.
  250. WIN | MDI Demo | 4K | Francis Dowling | Jun 12/01 |
    A simple Multiple Document Interface Demo written in Euphoria without Win32Lib.
  251. WIN | Read Keys | 6K | Ken Roger | Jun 8/01 |
    Alternative key-reading routines. Handle control-c, get the Windows keycode and key state, etc.
  252. WIN | DirectX Demo | 200K | Matthew Lewis | Jun 1/01 |
    A simple demo for DirectX using his EuCOM library. You must have DirectX 8.0, a free 11Mb download from Microsoft.
  253. WIN | Program Launcher | 55K | Norman Walcott | May 17/01 |
    A GUI program launcher with icons for 12 commonly-used system utilities. May 17: option to keep it on top
  254. WIN | Calendar | 2K | Andrew | Apr 5/01 |
    A simple calendar program for recording appointments etc. Apr 5: new command-line switches
  255. WIN | NoteTab File | 5K | Alvin Koffman | Mar 31/01 |
    A NoteTab clip book library file containing commands for win32lib.
  256. WIN | Version Information | 4K | Wolfgang Fritz | Feb 23/01 |
    A utility that extracts version information from .exe and .dll files. Uses Win32Lib 0.55.1. Feb 23: added WinInfo display program
  257. WIN | Memory Dump | 1K | Jess Harpur | Feb 16/01 |
    A debugging aid that displays a dump of memory.
  258. WIN | JoEd | 114K | Jonathan Santos | Feb 9/01 |
    A simple Windows editor using Win32Lib.
  259. WIN | Drag and Drop | 85K | Al Getz | Feb 6/01 |
    A demo of dragging and dropping files with Windows.
  260. WIN | DDE Library | 4K | Matthew Lewis | Jan 9/01 |
    A library that adds DDE capability to Win32Lib. You'll probably need the New Win32Lib. He has included a small client-server demo.
  261. WIN | Serial Ports | 4K | Al Getz | Jan 7/01 |
    Some code that shows how to access serial ports in Windows.
  262. WIN | Wrapper for Open GL | 11K | Mike The Spike | Jan 3/01 |
    An include file that defines the constants and routines needed for doing Open GL graphics in Euphoria programs.
  263. WIN | Daily Journal | 142K | Jonas Temple | Dec 14/00 |
    A simple Windows program that lets you create a daily journal or diary. The information is stored in a Euphoria database (EDS).
  264. WIN | Microsoft Outlook Bar | 13K | David Cuny | Dec 9/00 |
    A nifty-looking control you can add to your Win32Lib programs.
  265. WIN | Windows Debugging Tool | 3K | Al Getz | Nov 13/00 |
    A handy tool for tracing execution of a WIN32 Euphoria program.
  266. WIN | States & Capitals | 157K | Gene Mannel | Nov 5/00 |
    A nice-looking program that tests your knowledge of U.S. states and their capital cities. (unzip with long filenames)
  267. WIN | Find Picture | 98K | Theo Gottwald | Oct 26/00 |
    A utility that scans the desktop looking for a picture.
  268. WIN | Application Launcher | 20K | Alistair Murray | Sep 29/00 |
    An application launcher for Windows, loosely based on Wharf from the AfterStep desktop under Linux.
  269. WIN | WIN32 Utilities | 118K | Matt Arriola | Sep 9/00 |
    Several small utilities for Windows programming.
  270. WIN | WIN32 IDE | 437K | Al Getz | Aug 25/00 |
    An integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Win32Lib-based GUI applications. See readme.txt and demo.txt. (free, but no source). Aug 25: a bug in win32ide.exe was fixed.
  271. WIN | Japanese Tutor | 117K | Mic | Aug 8/00 |
    A program that teaches you Japanese katakana and hiragana characters.
  272. WIN | Listview/TreeView Demo | 119K | Wayne Overman | Jul 24/00 |
    A demo of the new ListView/TreeView extensions developed by Matthew Lewis (below) for David Cuny's Win32Lib. Jul 24: it now uses an EDS database
  273. WIN | Moving 3-D Objects | 57K | Jason Mirwald | Jun 28/00 |
    A demo that lets you move 3-D objects around in a window.
  274. WIN | Flags Demo | 129K | Mic | May 23/00 |
    A demo that displays 22 different flags with a simulated waving effect and either flat or gouraud shading. May 23: now uses Win32Lib, has more flags, and several controls for adjusting the flags.
  275. WIN | Spinning Particles | 274K | Mic | May 23/00 |
    A demo that shows a spinning cluster of particles that form a blurry donut shape. It has sound too.
  276. WIN | Finder | 3K | Frank Collins | Apr 24/00 |
    A program that finds strings in files. It creates an HTML page to display the results. Win32Lib.ew required.
  277. WIN | GUI Front-end for bindw | 105K | Pete King | Apr 19/00 |
    A Windows GUI interface (no source, but very useful) for the Euphoria bindw program. bindw is part of the Euphoria Complete Edition.
  278. WIN | Color Picker | 62K | Ben Logan | Apr 17/00 |
    A utility for selecting colors using the standard Windows color dialog box. The color is converted to it's rgb value. The value is displayed on the screen and copied to the clipboard. Three formats are supported: Pov-Ray, HTML, and Win32Lib. Requires Win32Lib.ew.
  279. WIN | Windows Animation Effect | 203K | Mic | Apr 3/00 |
    Demos that show how to blit graphics to a window using the StretchDIBits function. (unzip with WinZip to get long names).
  280. WIN | File Examiner | 257K | Pete King | Mar 29/00 |
    A utility for examining and modifying files at the byte-level. Shareware, no source. Mar 29: rewritten from VEL to Win32Lib, some bug fixes, and it runs faster.
  281. WIN | Screen Saver Example | 106K | S.R. Williamson | Mar 18/00 |
    A simple example of a Windows screen saver written in Euphoria. (See also the example by Jacques Deschenes in the Archive).
  282. WIN | Win32Lib Wizard Collection | 20K | Spocky | Mar 17/00 |
    A tool that creates various objects for use with Win32Lib. Mar 17: updated for use with latest Win32Lib.
  283. WIN | Password Keeper | 102K | V.J. Demsky | Mar 16/00 |
    A program that records all those passwords you've created at various Internet sites.
  284. WIN | Registry Functions | 9K | Jok3r | Mar 14/00 |
    Programs that access the Windows Registry in various ways. (needs Win32Lib.ew).
  285. WIN | Debugging Aid for Win32Lib | 2K | S.R. Williamson | Feb 18/00 |
    It creates a window that you can use to track variable values, or the current position in the program.
  286. WIN | Tab Control Support Routines | 2K | Russell K. Davis | Feb 18/00 |
    Some support routines for the new tab control in the bleeding edge version of Win32Lib. Feb 18: bugs fixed, plus he included some routines for adding helpfiles to the helpmenu.
  287. WIN | Nag Demo | 50K | Wolfgang Fritz | Sep 6/99 |
    A program that uses compressed .BMP and .WAV files stored in a single resource file. It also plays MIDI files. A comment-stripped version of David Cuny's Win32Lib.ew is included. Sep 6: Music and other effects were added.
  288. WIN | Routines for Accessing .DLL Files | 9K | Drazen Mravinac | Aug 11/99 |
    Routines for safer and easier DLL access.
  289. WIN | Windows MIDI Routines | 18K | Brent Hugh | Aug 7/99 |
    Files for accessing the MIDI capabilities of WIN32.
  290. WIN | Print Utility | 6K | Barend Maaskant | Jul 29/99 |
    Code for displaying a printer dialog. It uses
  291. WIN | Llama Demos | 74K | Kenneth Roger | Jun 13/99 |
    Two demos using David Cuny's Llama. The first overlays some colors. The second is his Newtonian Telescope Spot Diagrams that he did earlier using Win32Lib. (Llama 0.5a is included)
  292. WIN | Periodic Table of the Elements | 48K | Guillermo Friant V. | May 17/99 |
    a periodic table using Win32Lib. Click on an element and it will give you information about it. May 17: some small improvements
  293. WIN | Front End for Running/Editing Programs | 397K | WOLF InI Software | Apr 13/99 |
    a "front end" that makes it easy to run and edit Euphoria programs for both DOS32 and WIN32. (written in another language - no source). Apr 13: file extension restriction lifted. If you have the previous version you can download this small update and unpack it in the Install-Directory of the Frontend.
  294. WIN | Set up Registry for Euphoria | 4K | Lionel Wong | Apr 7/99 |
    code that helps you customize your Win95/98 system for Euphoria. See also Mathew Hounsell's code below.
  295. WIN | Registry Modifications for Euphoria | 5K | Mathew Hounsell | Apr 4/99 |
    files for modifying your registry so Windows will work better with Euphoria.
  296. WIN | Timer | 43K | Brett Pantalone | Apr 4/99 |
    a simple timer developed using Win32Lib.
  297. WIN | Racecar Pool Calculator | 52K | Wolfgang Fritz | Mar 26/99 |
    a program for calculating racing car pools. There's a Windows help file that explains what to do. The link takes you to his site.
  298. WIN | Help File Creator | 71K | Ray Smith | Feb 26/99 |
    a utility that assists in making simple Windows help files. Sample files and documentation included.
    [Local download, November 2019].
  299. WIN | Program Launcher | 42K | Brian Jackson | Feb 26/99 |
    a handy little utility for running programs.
  300. WIN | Address Book | 31K | Wolfgang Fritz | Feb 24/99 |
    an address book database program using Win32Lib.
  301. WIN | Animation Test | 66K | Greg Harris | Feb 9/99 |
    a test of Euphoria's ability to run animations in WIN32. It uses a sprite engine that's under development.
  302. WIN | Bundle of Windows Goodies | 62K | Patrick Quist | Jan 22/99 |
    an impressive bundle containing several Win32Lib-based programs, including: Quick Program Launcher, Euro Currency Converter, Music Database, Telephone List, Euphoria Documentation Browser, Menu System.
  303. WIN | Multiplication Quiz for 3rd Grade | 175K | Hecnor | Jan 9/99 |
    a cute program to help a 3rd grader learn her multiplication tables. He's got very nice graphics and sounds (.WAV and .MID). It's his first program in Euphoria.
  304. WIN | Hex File Viewer | 51K | Jacques Deschenes | Jan 5/99 |
    a nice looking multi-document file viewer with hex/decimal/text modes and a help file.
  305. WIN | Decision Helper | 2K | Lewis Townsend | Dec 12/98 |
    a program that helps you to make decisions. The link takes you to his site where you can get the latest version from his downloads page.
  306. WIN | Decimal/Hex Calculator | 36K | Jerome Nichols | Nov 28/98 |
    a handy decimal and hex calculator using David Cuny's Win32Lib.
  307. WIN | Calendar | 35K | DaJaRo | Oct 11/98 |
    a Win32Lib-based program that displays the calendar for any month of any year - past, present or future.
  308. WIN | Screen Capture | 32K | Dajaro | Sep 1/98 |
    A program that captures the screen and puts it on the clipboard.
  309. WIN | Random Phrase Generator | 2K | James Begley | Aug 13/98 |
    a DOS32 program and a WIN32 program for outputting random phrases.
  310. WIN | Help Desk Utilities | 63K | Michael Raley | Jul 2/98 |
    two different utilities developed using David Cuny's Win32Lib. One is a count-down reminder program. The other is a help-desk utility.
  311. WIN | Port Access | 12K | Monty King | Jul 2/98 |
    a simple demo that shows how to call C routines in a .DLL file. The .DLL contains code for accessing I/O ports, especially the parallel port.
  312. WIN | Newtonian Telescope Spot Diagrams | 36K | Kenneth Roger | May 16/98 |
    He included both a DOS32 and a WIN32 version of this program. It shows various settings for telescope lenses. You can select a setting using the mouse. The WIN32 version makes good use of David Cuny's Win32Lib.
  313. WIN | Hex Viewer | 16K | Maurizio Moroni | Apr 2/98 |
    A WIN32 hex viewer that lets you examine the bytes of a file
  314. WIN | DLL Setup Technique | 10K | Colin Taylor | Mar 29/98 |
    A convenient method for automatically generating the DLL linkage and constants for a WIN32 Euphoria program. Mar 29: better documentation
  315. WIN | WIN32 Screen Saver | 6K | Jacques Deschenes | Mar 1/98 |
    a program that shows us how to make a Windows screen saver using Euphoria for WIN32. Many people have asked about this.
  316. WIN | Convert MS Word Dialogs to Euphoria | 18K | Michael J. Raley | Jan 9/98 |
    a utility that converts the output of macrode.exe into a WIN32 Euphoria program. macrode.exe is a visual GUI-making tool supplied with MS Word. The Euphoria program that he creates uses David Cuny's win32lib.ew file to display the dialog.
  317. WIN | Customized WIN32 DLL | 120K | Francis Bussiere | Dec 12/97 |
    a DLL that can be easily used by Euphoria programs.