Are Euphoria 3 and C very similar programming languages?

No. For comparison:

Euphoria 3 is not part of the Smartphone/AI generation!

Euphoria 3.1.1 is not part of the Smartphone/AI Degeneration. Good.

Yet 5G and IoT is the future!

5G is NOT a communication network. It is designed, side by side with other technologies, such as LED lights, for the purpose of Global Depopulation.

IoT (Internet of things) is a very sophisticated spying network de facto. It collects and stores incredible amount of data about every single person on Earth.

Few reliable YouTube sources about 5G (7-Dec-2019):

Why are you still using Euphoria 3.1.1?

Since I cannot fall into the trap of false prosperity.

I just like programming, and this is what Euphoria 3 is all about - programming.

Most other programming languages do not have the qualities of Euphoria 3.1.1, since they are bound to false prosperity, such as the IoT deadly delusion, which is the very definition of what "Trojan Horse" is.

Can I run Euphoria 3.1.1 on Windows-10 64-bit?

Yes, with the 32-bit Windows interpreters exwc.exe or exw.exe (not with ex.exe).

Why nobody is using Euphoria 3.1.1?

Why God created this evil world?

Why did you create this site, and who are you?

My name is shian. I've created this site after informing Robert Craig of Rapid Deployment Software, whom is the author of the Euphoria programming language. I like art and Rapid Euphoria is a masterpiece.

  • Education: 5-6 years of elementary school.
  • Hobbies:   music, Taekwondo, programming.
  • Work:      little insurance due to bad accident.
  • Age:       born on January, 1969.
  • Books:     D.A.T, Bible, Amir.
  • Meaning:   God, Jesus.

Can I create GUI with Euphoria 3.1.1?

Yes. If you are new to programming or to Rapid Euphoria try the Quick & Dirty JAPI GUI library, from Lib2. (we may provide an advanced GUI library sometime soon).
Some JAPI GUI (Graphical User Interface) snapshots:

edu1 edu2
edu5 edu7
edu11 edu12

How to run Euphoria 3.1.1 in DOSBox?


  1. The official Rapid Euphoria site by RDS - This site provides the latest info on Euphoria - a programming language that's powerful, easy to learn, and a lot more fun than other languages. (June 2019: The server is in read-only mode).
  2. DeepL - a good online translator for documents.
  3. Google Translate - Google's online translator for documents.
  4. Microsoft API and reference catalog - Microsoft's on-line description of the WIN32 API. It gives you an overview, then it leads you into the full set of functions and data structures.
  5. The x86 Interrupt List - aka "Ralf Brown's Interrupt List", "RBIL" (DOS).
  6. HelpPC Reference Library - by David Jurgens (DOS).
  7. DJGPP - a complete 32-bit C/C++ development system for Intel 80386 (and higher) PCs running DOS. (The latest version works better on FreeDOS...).
  8. Open Watcom V2 - This is the v2 fork of the Open Watcom suite of compilers and tools. Open Watcom is ported to 64-bit hosts (Win64, Linux x64).
  9. mingw-w64 - an advancement of the original project, created to support the GCC compiler on Windows systems. Supports 64 bits and new APIs.
  10. PCjs: Microsoft Programmer's Library 1.3 - part of the Microsoft Programmer’s Library 1.3 CD-ROM.
  11. WinWorld - from the past, to the present, for the future. (use the "Search" feature!).
  12. Linux Mint - modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use.
  13. FreeDOS - an open source DOS-compatible operating system.
    See also: FreeDOS 1.1 Bootable USB Image.
  14. DOSBox - a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms.
  15. 7-Zip - (7z) is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
  16. UPX - a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats.
  17. Geany - a powerful, stable, cross-platform, and lightweight programmer's text editor that provides tons of useful features without bogging down your workflow.
    Find also in the Archive: Euphoria 3.1.1 Syntax highlighting for Geany editor, by Shian.
  18. VETUSWARE.COM - Che Guevara never used Windows.
    See also: Euphoria Programming Language + Lib2 & Japi.
  19. Recommended Books by Rob:
    C Programming Language, 2nd Edition - This is the standard book on C programming. Since Euphoria can interface with C in various ways, and since the Euphoria back-end is written in C, it may be helpful to know a bit about C. This book is concise, complete, well-written and authoritative.
    Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition (Developer Reference) - This book teaches you low-level Windows programming using C and the WIN32 API. What you learn can be easily adapted to Euphoria. Most other books focus on high-level object-oriented programming with C++ and MFC.
    With Euphoria's Win32Lib or wxEuphoria anyone can write simple Windows Euphoria programs, but if you want to become a Guru, you'll need a book like this.
    Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything - Euphoria is now an open source project. This book talks not only about how open source software is changing everything, but how mass collaboration in many other areas is shaking things up.