Is wireless technology a good thing? right?

by shian ⌂, Saturday, August 29, 2020, 20:11 (31 days ago) @ shian

[image]Using wires to deliver electricity is not environment friendly, yet it can be monitored and controlled. i.e. the damage can be reduced to reasonable level.

Using electromagnetic radiation to deliver electricity is not environment friendly, and cannot be monitored and cannot be controlled. The amount of sources that transmit electromagnetic radiation is not countable.

Many decades ago it was clear that using the air as an electric conductive, instead of wires, will simply lead to extinction of all forms of lives on Earth. Because any living creature is also conductive and operates by electricity (nerves and tissues).

Some people distinguish between radioactive radiation and non-radioactive radiation, saying that the first is harmful and the last is not; yet in reality both are extremely harmful for any living creature. Non-radioactive radiation electrifies your body to the point that your body does not function normally, cannot function normally, and die.

OK. To sum up:

Using wireless technology, as it is done today without any monitoring, may annihilate humanity and most other forms of life, animals and plants, in few decades from now.

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