Windows 10 - Example batch file for running DOS in Qemu

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I'm using this batch file to run "fdos12.img" on Windows-10:

REM File name: DOS.BAT
REM I'm Using qemu-system-x86_64 --version
REM QEMU emulator version 5.1.0 (v5.1.0-11824-g8699890d91-dirty)
REM On Windows-10 64-bit
REM ==============================================================
REM When you start qemu:
REM --------------------
REM Press control-alt-f to toggle full screen mode
REM Press control-alt-g to (toggle) grab the keyboard & mouse into DOS
REM Press control-alt-0 or control-alt-minus or control-alt-plus to zoom best-fit/out/in
REM To share files with a FAT-16 or FAT-32 (DOS) formatted USB stick, append
REM also the following command (change "/dev/sdb" if needed to your USB stick path):
REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
REM    -drive file="/dev/sdb",format=raw,if=ide,media=disk
REM You can also specify old PC speaker <name>: -machine pcspk-audiodev=<name>
REM Remeber to set path for Qemu (Once per session): SET PATH=C:\Program Files\qemu;%PATH%
REM - or just set the path permanently in Windows-10's settings (environment variables).

qemu-system-x86_64 -drive file="fdos12.img",format=raw,if=ide,media=disk -boot order=c -m 1024 -k en-us -rtc base=localtime -device adlib -device sb16 -vga std -no-quit -name "FreeDOS 1.2"

Short description:

-drive is a disk to add to DOS.
-boot tells qemu which disk to boot from (in order).
-m is memory to use (1024 = 1GB since Euphoria 3 is running in protected mode it's useful).
-k is keyboard (English-US is the standard keyboard)
-rtc is the clock
-device adlib -device sb16 is sound hardware to emulate (sb16,adlib,pcspk are common for many DOS programs).
-vga is type of screen (standard VGA)
-no-quit disable the option to close the qemu window by clicking the [x] on title bar
-name will appear at the title bar of qemu

Note: if using USB stick, then do NOT remove it until you exit Qemu.

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