WiGig - The "new Wi-Fi" - IS Disease X! Joe Imbriano (5G)

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Joe Imbriano exposing the playbook on COVID-19 Coronavirus, Disease X, 5G, WiGiG, vaccines - The Fullerton Informer

The big industrial corporations are planning to replace the home Wi-Fi with a "new Wi-Fi" called WiGig.

The WiGig is using 60GHz frequency instead of 2.45GHz or sometimes 5GHz (that Wi-Fi is using now).

60GHz frequency, together with 5G technology, will kill you by suffocation.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, buy WiGig, or any "new" replacement for Wi-Fi !!!
and Do Not use Wi-Fi at all - use network cables instead.

WiGig is "Disease X"


"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

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