What's the Best Programming Language to Learn First? (General)

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What's the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

Did you ever ask this or a similar question? such as...:

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Well, life is short (seriously.), so if you're looking for fame and money join Hollywood or rob a bank.

I like Rapid Euphoria since it is really much more simple then BASIC, and it is much more powerful then OOP (Object Oriented Programming) languages such as C++ or Java (not to mention far more friendly...!). And Euphoria looks like a language - not like Morse code.

The thing is that Euphoria never became a commercial product, used by giant corporations like NASA or Google, therefore it does not have fancy development environment where you move the mouse left and right and Boom! - you've just created a word processor that runs on Android, iPhone, and on a Microsoft's spaceship.
Euphoria also doesn't have a ready made library for any purpose (just like Java, C, C++, or Python [etc] have).

To sum up:
if you like programming, the same way you like to listen to music, swim, reading books or anything else - this is what Euphoria is all about: programming.

If you like money, power, respect and control - sell your soul to the devil and you'll get much of it.

New does not mean better. Certainly to be obsessed about new technologies is a modern illness, worse then cancer. 5G "technology" is your simple proof.

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

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