[Relatively] Simple lessons in Euphoria (Code)

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Thursday, February 06, 2020, 16:30 (20 days ago)
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Here I want to add relatively simple lessons or example programs in Euphoria 3.1.1.

Read the Euphoria Reference Manual to learn more.

I assume that you've already downloaded Euphoria from the 'Download' menu at the top, and that you've already installed it correctly (don't forget to add the euphoria's 'bin' directory to your PATH environment variable, and don't forget to add the 'euphoria' directory to EUDIR environment variable). Read the documentation if you have a problem to install Euphoria.

OK, so just use your intuition, copy/paste the code to a text file, run it and learn more about it.

The examples are for beginners in Euphoria and/or in programming.

You should run the examples in the hostile "black-box" (the terminal/console/shell. In Windows it's called 'cmd' or 'power shell'. In Linux it's usually called 'Bash'. In DOS it's usually called DOS.).
By the way: the best "black-box" is DOSBox, with support for graphics and much much more! download it from the 'Download' menu on top - it's the best way to learn programming IMHO.

You better download also Lib2 from the 'Download' menu, and use the 'edu' editor for programming in Euphoria 3.1.1 (it's simple and has context-sensitive-help for keywords using control-K).

Any questions, hope I can help.


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