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Some say that The Euphoria Programming Language is dead...(???)

I just say, more and more, people are walking dead, zombies.
Not just about programming, but about all aspects of their lives.

Euphoria 3.1.1 is a masterpiece, fun and interesting to use.

This forum is dedicated to The Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1.1,
feel free to enjoy programming for a change.
To be creative without competing with others.
To forget about the "cutting edge" and just be a normal human being.

Rapid Euphoria is a very unique programming language, much more simple then BASIC, and far more rapid then other programming languages, thanks to the only sequence & atom data types (Euphoria Reference Manual).


-- Tutorial - Print Hello World on the Screen :-)

-- Step 1: Just to be neat - we'll clear the screen.

-- Step 2: Let's position the cursor at line 10, column 30
position(10, 30)

-- Step 3: Display the text:
puts(1, "Hello World")

-- Step 4 Output 2 blank lines and we're done
puts(1, "\n\n")


This forum is the new version of rapideuphoria311.com (I got very frustrated from the previous attempts...!!!). Sorry if anyone got frustrated by me... (especially 'useful'...).
I hope that the AI spam-bots will not kill us!!!

You can download Euphoria from the 'Download' menu on top.

Have fun.

By the way, I don't use a smartphone (See 5G menu on top).

Thanks for joining (especially the bots...), shian.

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

What is Euphoria?

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Wednesday, February 05, 2020, 08:05 (21 days ago) @ shian
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Euphoria is a simple, fun, flexible, and easy-to-learn programming language. It lets you quickly and easily develop programs for Windows, DOS, Linux and FreeBSD. Euphoria was first released in 1993. Since then Rapid Deployment Software has been steadily improving it with the help of a growing number of enthusiastic users. Although Euphoria provides subscript checking, uninitialized variable checking and numerous other run-time checks, it is extremely fast. People use it to develop Windows GUI programs, high-speed DOS games, and Linux/FreeBSD X Windows programs. It is also very useful for CGI (Web-based) programming.

The Euphoria package is now completely free, and the download package even includes the full, open source code.

Let me add thanks to the author of the Euphoria programming language Robert Craig.


[ From: What Is Euphoria? ]

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

What's the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Wednesday, February 05, 2020, 17:27 (21 days ago) @ shian

What's the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

Did you ever ask this or a similar question? such as...:

10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 (for Job & Future)
Which programming language should you learn first in 2020
Top 7 Modern programming languages to learn now
What Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn
Best Programming Languages to Learn: Choosing the Right One

Well, life is short (seriously.), so if you're looking for fame and money join Hollywood or rob a bank.

I like Rapid Euphoria since it is really much more simple then BASIC, and it is much more powerful then OOP (Object Oriented Programming) languages such as C++ or Java (not to mention far more friendly...!). And Euphoria looks like a language - not like Morse code.

The thing is that Euphoria never became a commercial product, used by giant corporations like NASA or Google, therefore it does not have fancy development environment where you move the mouse left and right and Boom! - you've just created a word processor that runs on Android, iPhone, and on a Microsoft's spaceship.
Euphoria also doesn't have a ready made library for any purpose (just like Java, C, C++, or Python [etc] have).

To sum up:
if you like programming, the same way you like to listen to music, swim, reading books or anything else - this is what Euphoria is all about: programming.

If you like money, power, respect and control - sell your soul to the devil and you'll get much of it.

New does not mean better. Certainly to be obsessed about new technologies is a modern illness, worse then cancer. 5G "technology" is your simple proof.

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

Q&A (Questions and Answers)

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 10:20 (14 days ago) @ shian
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Well I didn't graduate elementary school but I'll try to be a good boy.

  • Is the Bible (Old Testament) true?
    Yes. It is written by the Jews.
  • Is the New Testament true?
    Yes. It is written by the Jews who followed and believed in Jesus Christ.
  • Is Jesus the promised Messiah of the world?
    Yes according to the Bible, the Old and New Testaments.
  • Will Jesus Christ return the second time?
    Yes. Soon. First he came to Save the world; Second he'll come to judge the world.
  • Why should I believe or trust you?
    Don't. Find the answers by yourself.
  • Are the Jews evil? Do they drink blood of children?
    This is the Jesuits plan to blame the Jews for what the Jesuits are actually doing. Learn History.
  • What is the connection between the Bible and programming?
    A real human being is made of emotions, wills and intellect. There is no such thing "Programmer". Nobody lives alone on Mars isolated from reality.
  • Some say that the Bible is a fraud!
    They must be religious people. They don't understand what the Bible is all about: Jesus Christ the saver and redeemer of the whole world. The entire Bible prepares you for this truth.
  • I am Jewish - why should I believe in human being such as Jesus?
    Read the prophet Isaiah, it's all about Jesus Christ. Isaiah calls him God. (Chapter 9).
  • But as a Jewish I'm not supposed to believe in Jesus!!!
    I'm Jewish too. Grand grandson of Simcha Bunim of Peshischa, and I believe in Jesus Christ because I'm not retarded.
  • I'm a Muslim and we believe in Jesus!
    No you don't. You are brainwashed to the core by the Roman Catholic Church which created Islam out of thin air. Sorry.
  • Where did you hear about Jesus?
    Nowhere special. I'm just honest with myself. Certainly the Jews dislike me because I believe in Him, and the Christians dislike me as well because most of them are Roman Catholic (pagans who worship a Satanic murderer, the Pope of Rome).
  • Do you believe in the Kabbalah or Talmud?
    NO. That's man made nonsense/bullshit.
  • Are you religious?
    NO. Religion is man made nonsense.
  • So what do you believe in?
    I believe in God and Jesus Christ, which is the real definition of true love.
  • What do you think about technology?
    Another religion disguised as common sense.
  • I hate the Jews, what can I do about it?
    Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ which the Jews gave you for saving your soul.
  • What is Zionist?
    A real Zionist is someone like my dad, a USSR combat officer during WWII, then member of the Jewish underground from 1946 to 1949, then serves in the IDF until the end.
    A fake Zionist is a Jesuit who calls himself "Israeli" - a traitor who works for the Vatican.
  • Why Israel - why not Palestine?
    The land belongs to God only. But some history to start with:
    Jerusalem Dateline - Debunking Myths: Who Owns the Holy Land? - March 4, 2016
    Jerusalem Dateline: 03/10/17 The Real Story Behind History’s Oldest Land Dispute
  • Who controls the world?
    The Jesuits, the Vatican, they control USA, Russia, China, Japan, England, Germany, etc, and even Israel. Basically they control any government on Earth. Yet, God is the creator of all things, so there is a deadline.
  • Who was Adolf Hitler?
    A Jesuit. The biggest enemy and hater of the German people ever. A sadist murderer just like his commander, the Pope of Rome.
  • Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?
    No. His allies: USA, England, USSR and Japan, all controlled by the Vatican/Jesuits took him and his sadist scientists to a safe place, where they continued their work against humanity for the Jesuits.
  • I work very hard - where all the money goes?
    The money goes to pay interest to the central banks (which is a global fraud). The Vatican alone can feed the entire world with that interest which all governments are paying, yet they intend to starve you.
  • Who are you going to vote for in the coming Israeli elections?
    Both Left & Right parties in Israel are invaded by the Jesuits (Globalists/Cabal), just like in USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan, etc - who can I vote for? I ask you. I vote for God only.
  • Who do you miss?
    Jesus Christ, she-knows, dad, teacher:
  • What breaks your heart?
    Pain of others (all living beings). Especially a crying girl.
  • Are we too late to save the world from the Globalists?
    Yes. How could dead people, zombies, save the world anyway?
    Believe in Jesus Christ in your heart and at least save yourself.

(no more space in post)

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

OK, Why am I doing this site?

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Sunday, February 23, 2020, 13:38 (3 days ago) @ shian
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First and foremost this site is actually dedicated to the Euphoria programming language which I really like.

Yet, since dad was a witness to the torture and slaughter of millions during WWII, including most of his family, especially by the Nazi regime, but not only, also by Stalin and crazy soldiers and crazy mob, and ALL OF IT WAS DESIGNED BY THE JESUITS, AND IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN RIGHT NOW, AGAIN BY THE SAME JESUITS SATANISTS, it is a duty to warn everybody, including those who are serving the Jesuits directly or indirectly, especially in the intelligence community around the world, THAT THE BIBLE TOLD US ABOUT THESE DAYS AND THE JUDGMENT FOR THOSE WHO WILL SERVE THE EVIL ONE.



Dad was 16, he said that people called him "crazy", only because he warned them. they said that it's impossible. that he is "crazy". Thank you Lord that my dad was crazy.

Special thanks to Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins, for his firm fight against evil and lie.
תודה מכל הלב אריק.

EJP Personal Letter to President Donald Trump on Jesuit Conspiracy against America

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

What's happening in our world?

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 14:58 (7 days ago) @ shian

Guys, I like programming, but now it's not the 60's or the 90's, now it's 2020.

Do you know the Boiling frog fable?

OK, from Wifipedia:

"The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly."

That's what happening in our world today.

The premise of the Jesuits is that if they push their agenda very very slowly by the media, governments, non-profit organizations, human rights movements, etc - you, the frog, will not notice any significant difference - until you'll find yourself dead in an extermination camp, or by 5G, vaccine, food, etc.

The Boiling frog is NOT a fable when it comes to us, human beings, since we far far more stupid, selfish, ignorant, twisted and evil then a frog.

A group of Satan possessed monsters, the Jesuits, is about to kill everyone and you're asking me why I'm not focused on programming? ...you'll be dead before you realize what's going on in your world today.

Call me crazy if you like. You're just standing first in line to be exterminated. (Don't forget what I've just told you). Some of you even will write or did write already the software to facilitate the extermination of humanity. Great work! Hope that your code is readable with lots of comments, so when you're dead together with the rest of us - the ghosts will be able to understand and maintain your code.

Call me crazy just as they called my dad when he was 16 and joined Stalin's army. He was not crazy - neither am I.

The Boiling frog is NOT a fable when it comes to us, human beings.

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

Did we land on the moon?

by shian ⌂ @, Israel, Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 15:37 (7 days ago) @ shian
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Good and advanced question!

Let's see how they do it today, with supercomputers and advanced physics.

Why don't they do it again? Now it must be million times easier, isn't it?

So...???? Can't they? NASA? Mafia? NaSA?

OK. Good Job Guys. You've landed on the moon. exposed to thousands degrees Celsius and electromagnetic fields that will cook metal in less then a second. You Did It!!!

Not only that you've landed on the moon! You've managed to come back!!! In the 60's!!!


Yea sure, we've landed on the moon. We have videos, Walkie-talkie recordings... what else do you need?

I'm not being sarcastic. I believe every word these liars are telling us for the last 100 years. How can I question the governments and the scientists??? They tell us that the Big Bang created everything but they don't tell us what created the Big Bang. How can I even doubt the religion of science???

I used to watch boxing and wrestling in the idiot box when I was a little child, with my dad, and he always said: "it is staged". As a child... I could never understand what he means.

Ground Control to Major Tom - David Bowie

"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).


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That's painful, we all somehow owe Alex something. I guess.
But let's listen to The Fullerton Informer and see what he's got to say.
I personally stopped listening to Alex few years ago since my faith in God, in Jesus Christ, did not find a place in his shows. (What else can I say?).

WHO IS ALEX JONES - The Fullerton Informer

ALEX JONES - The Fullerton Informer (playlist)

InfoWars - Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
PrisonPlanet - Prison Planet.com


"Everyone knows the truth about himself, except the fool who considers himself wise". (www.y-dat.com).

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