Rapid Euphoria 3.1.1

    The Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1.1 - A programming language that's powerful, easy to learn, free, and a lot more fun than other languages - for Windows, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD and more. Download it, and join a fun community.

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#1 2019-07-08 13:39:57

Administrator / Администратор

How to contribute new code to the Archive

Reply to this post and specify the following:

  1. Your Name

  2. Platform (GEN, DOS, WIN, LNX)

  3. Archive Section (optional)

  4. Code Title

  5. Code Description

  6. Link to the compressed 7-Zip file of your code (from Google Drive, Dropbox, or another reliable source)

  7. If you want to update an existing code, please send me an email, with details, so I can somehow verify that this is your code... neutral

Please submit code which is compatible with Rapid Euphoria version 3.1.1.
Thank you,

P.s. it's a bit clumsy way, yet practical...


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