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    The Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1.1 - A programming language that's powerful, easy to learn, free, and a lot more fun than other languages - for Windows, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD and more. Download it, and join a fun community.

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#1 2019-07-18 15:14:49

Administrator / Администратор

64-bit Rapid Euphoria 3.1.1 !

I've asked Rob about his opinion - is it feasible to compile Euphoria 3.1.1 as a 64-bit executable? - even just the interpreters for Windows and Linux: exw.exe, exwc.exe and exu (non-compressed); while keeping everything as it is now, especially 31-bit integer.

I wish to quote Rob's answer:

Hi Shian,

Yes I think it would be fairly straightforward to do it, but I am not going to do it. Someone with some knowledge of C or C++ and an appropriate compiler could do it. It would be worthwhile.

-- Rob

This is enough for me.

Since I'm not a C programmer, and some of you are masters in C, we are looking for a C programmer that can and want to do it for us.

64-bit Euphoria 3.1.1 Interpreters will allow CGI programming on modern servers; no clashes with Windows-10; and less clashes with Canonical that will drop 32-bit support in Ubuntu 20.04...

More then Worthwhile !


#2 2019-08-01 07:37:56

Administrator / Администратор

Re: 64-bit Rapid Euphoria 3.1.1 !

By the way,

The OpenWatcom V2 project, https://github.com/open-watcom, are working on a 64-Bit Version of the Watcom Compiler, for Windows and Linux (and for DOS with long-file-name support - LFN).

It may help.


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