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📄 Euphoria 3.1.1 documentation

Note: if you are not familiar with the DOS operating system and not intending to use DOS, then you can safely skip instructions which are related to DOS only (there are quite a few).
  1. Euphoria Reference Manual
  2. Euphoria Library Routines
  3. The ReadMe file
  4. Instructions for installing Euphoria
  5. Supported platforms and interfaces with C libraries
  6. The Euphoria To C Translator
  7. Common problems and their solutions
  8. Performance tips
  9. Propaganda aimed at C/C++ programmers
  10. Overview of all Documents
  11. CGI (Web) Applications in Euphoria
  12. Getting started with Euphoria
  13. The Euphoria Database System (EDS)
  14. The standard Euphoria editor
  15. Binding and Shrouding
  16. Release notes of current and previous releases
  17. Multitasking in Euphoria
  18. Interpreter Benchmark Results
  19. License Agreement

📄 Lib2 v1.41 documentation for Euphoria 3.1.1

  1. 🆕 Release Notes
  2. Machine2.doc
  3. String.doc
  4. Math.doc
  5. Datetime.doc
  6. Random.doc
  7. UTF8.doc
  8. JAPI.doc

📄 Other documentation for Euphoria 3.1.1

  1. DOS File System (DFS)

💿 Offline HTML Documentation

  1. The original HTML manuals in English - by Rapid Deployment Software (RDS).
  2. A Beginners Guide To Euphoria in English - HTML version of David Gay's tutorial, by Jules Davy.
  3. Полный комплект документации HTML на русском для изучения EU3.1.1 вне линии - manuals in Russian, by Igor Kachan, using Windows-1251 encoding.
  4. プログラミング言語 Euphoria version 3.1 リファレンスマニュアル - HTML manuals in Japanese, by Ninetailfox Software (日本語版担当), using Japanese Shift_JIS encoding.